Thursday, 29 November 2012

Blogs from another World

Why from another world? Well, I often feel like a stranger here, on Earth; like a transient visitor who cannot quite figure out what is going on with our world. Perhaps that is why many of my books have metaphysical overtones.
Sue me!
As for blogs, I write them because more people read them than any of my books—and this in spite of the fact that, upon request, I am willing to offer any and all of my books for free. A request sent to my email ( will reward you with a coupon for a free download. Or downloads. Plural. All I ask in return is a short review on the Amazon.
Alas, you seem to prefer blogs.
Of course, the blogs are shorter. Perhaps like an aria, without being forced to listen to the whole opera. On the other hand, my books have chapters, and those are split into paragraphs. You might like to think of them as many blogs glued together. Would that help?

It would help if you liked the subjects that fascinate me. The genre. I write about Human Potential. About what we can achieve when we try. Or even in spite of ourselves. I write about that potential is resting in us, within each one of us, waiting to be discovered. Acknowledged. Recognized. Only then it can swell into a magnificent conflagration. Or spread out into an endless ocean. Or reach the stars. It’s all up to us.
Read my books and you’ll find out.

I’ll tell you what. Try one and we’ll see. I present you the whole spectrum for you to choose from. And remember, they won’t cost you a penny, or a cent, if you reside in North America. And the choice is your. Remember that Smashwords offers downloads to you computer and/or just about any electronic devise you can think of. You have more than 30 books to choose from.

PS. Tell your friends!

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