Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Question of Balance

It seems apparent that a dualistic reality cannot exist without a state that gravitates towards equilibrium. The centripetal and centrifugal forces must maintain perfect balance, or Earth would either fly into the interstellar cold of outer space, or spiral into the heart of our sun. Neither prospect seems desirable.
The same can be said of our flora and fauna. Ignoring for a moment the wonton destruction that the human kind inflicts on nature, unless the herbivores didn’t trim our flora, and the carnivores our herbivorous fauna, one or the other would overrun the Earth. Again, the nature is designed, by evolution or accident, to maintain a relative state of balance.
So much for the physical aspects of our reality.
I suspect that exactly the same laws are imposed on our non-physical state of being/becoming. Evil, in other words that which strays too far from the neutral center, must be balanced by an equal and opposite force acting in the other direction. That is to say, good is balanced with evil, evil with good.
What I am really saying is that that which some of us call God, or Lao Tsu, Tao, is in fact that which the opposites have in common.

If we accept the above premise, then the next step is to realize that, on occasion, a single “great good” could, in fact must, balance a great number of relatively “small evils”, ever assuming that both good and evil are departures from the state of balance.
Thus the few can balance the many.
However, since the vast majority of us tend to stray to one side of the great divide, it seems necessary for a relatively large number of “good” messengers to enter the human equation to restore balance. Hence, saviours, saints, perhaps great artists.

And then again, it seems to me that we are all cogs in the Cosmic Wheel, which uses us to restore equilibrium.
Those who scream the loudest about the corporations exporting jobs out of the USA, seem completely unaware that those very jobs are desperately needed in places which receive them. But, of course, to think in those terms one has to be a humanitarian, not an “americanian”. That first group is shrinking in direct proportion to the degree that “Americanians” got spoilt. I’m fairly sure the same is true of the British, the French, and a bunch of other overfed ladies and gentlemen of west European nations. And thus, unbeknownst to us, the corporations might just prove to be bigger cogs in the universal order of things.
And yet, whether we like it or not, the state of balance must, and will be restored throughout this ball of dust we all call home. Perhaps one day we shall learn that our concept of freewill is not as free as we imagined. The universal laws will not be broken.

And talking of “Americanisms” let me quote from the Foreword of my Beyond Religion III: “It seems to me that there is but one dominant purpose to the study of reality. It is exemplified in the American Constitution: The Pursuit of Happiness”. All else follows. 

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