Sunday, 29 November 2015

Normal, Paranormal, Supernormal

Albert Einstein once said that Imagination is everything. That thinking gets you from A to B, but imaginations takes you far beyond. And this, surely, is true of Alec.
Alec, the future Alexander Baldwin Ph.D., was only thirteen when his story began. Not different from other boys except, perhaps, for his excessive shyness. That must have been why he escaped into a world of his dreams, conscious, inspiring dreams, where his aspirations could be fulfilled.
We all have access to Alec’s realm, yet few of us take advantage of it. In our dreams we can be anything we want to be. Unbeknownst to must of us, the feats we accomplish in the realm of our imagination are just as real, in that realm, as anything we could possibly accomplish here, in this illusory reality of the phenomenal Universe. Whatever we do is stored for future reference, for future use, in the indestructible memory storage of our Subconscious. The whole Universe benefits from the memories stored in each and everyone of us. We are all indispensible components of the phenomenal Universe. While it is transient, that which brought it into being remains forever.
Perhaps one of the must surprising aspects of memory is that, while in phenomenal reality (that’s here and now) we tend to take life fairly if not very seriously, in upper realms, and there’s an infinite number of them, we are indestructible. There is a most amazing consequence of this fact. Our indestructibility is directly responsible for the development of our sense of humour. People who know that they are immortal, cannot possibly not enjoy it. We can conduct our becoming in ‘normal’, everyday, illusory reality. Alternatively we can reach out to the paranormal, where TV ghosts, vampires, ghouls and disembodies entities hold sway. Finally we can reach higher up, or frankly deeper in, to reach the realm of the supernormal, where we actually become disembodied entities and nothing is impossible for us.

Alec did all three. While doing his best in the earthy reality he’d step out into transient, yet to him very real, dreams, wherein he matched conquests of Sir Galahad. And then, almost by accident, he reached out into the realm of the Supernormal. There, and only there, he found real freedom.
If you suspend your doubts and accept Einstein’s assurances of the importance of imagination, and also pay heed to his postulates that—although we call it ‘normal’—our earthly existence is NOT real; that matter does not exist, that all is energy; that NOTHING in this or any other world or realty can be destroyed, your life will change. It will change diametrically.
You’ll develop a divine sense of humour.
You’ll develop a sense of humour that is born from knowledge that you are omnipotent, invincible, and immortal. You’ll finally understand the ancient adage offered us thousands of years ago by King David who assures us that we are gods.
You’ll become a master of your Universe.
Welcome to Alec’s world. 

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Alexander Trilogy Book I

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Next Step of Evolution

It is ludicrous to assume that there is no evolution, that people a million years ago had the same ability to e.g. destroy all life on Earth as we have now. That’s one way to define evolution. Surely, sooner or later we, the human race, must take the next step in our upward, or perhaps inward, journey. Now that scientists assure us that “all is energy”, there is no reason to assume that constructs such as our brain cannot be formulated from quanta vibrating at higher rates, perhaps enabling us to perform more complex creative (or destructive, eg.: Novas and suchlike) acts than we can at present.
Contrary to popular belief, evolution does not consist of us inventing more complex technologies, which continue to reduce our inherent abilities. Instead, the next step will be related to the degree to which we have improved our capacity to use our innate talents and express them through the bodies we occupy. It has been suggested that at present most of us utilize only a fraction of our brain’s capacity. Some of the one hundred billion neurons are used by our Subconscious to run our physical bodies. The rest, we must assume, lie idle waiting for a better day.  
All of us are equipped with a brain we hardly use.
The phenomenal world  (the reality our senses record as ‘real’) will continue. New ideas incarnated into various life-forms will continue to increase exponentially the diversification of the creative potential in all realities.  Meanwhile, some of us will be given a chance to experience higher vibrations at conscious level. Only awareness of such rates of vibrations can offer experience of higher realities. To do so, we must accept that ideas, thoughts, and emotions are energies at higher rates of vibrations.

The creative process originates in the Unconscious, and gradually solidifies into illusory manifestations. This comes about by the slowing down of the rate of vibrations of the omnipresent amorphous energy. Ideas are transformed into thoughts (symbols of those ideas); then expand through imagination. Finally we ignite them with emotional energy. This process results in a phenomenal reality in which the rate of vibration of the original energy has been slowed down sufficiently to appear solid to our primitive senses.

To be given the privilege of taking part in the creative process, in Becoming, to face new challenges, to become aware of the creativity of other Individualizations of the Omnipresent Source, is the greatest gift we can experience.
It is the Gift of Life.
This single realization, advocated by Socrates more than two millennia ago with words, “Now thyself”, is the true beginning of our life—of real awareness of our Becoming. Until that auspicious day we remain only half-alive. Buddha would have called us asleep, Yeshûa… dead.
Please, please, wake up… and come alive.

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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Beyond Religion

By the subtitle of my “Beyond Religion” series I wanted to impress on the readers the two fundamental aspects of human nature, that of Being and Becoming. Heretofore, the overwhelming majority of us have been preoccupied only with Becoming. Yet, beyond the ever-changing realm of Becoming, of the reality we call 'life’, there is the oasis of absolute stillness, of irrepressible peace in which neither time nor space have any influence. Some call this reality God, some heaven. I call is the Source, of the Prime Cause of all that was, is, or even could be exists in its Potential Form.
This, of course, is not accurate. As Baruch Spinoza justly observed, neither God nor the Source can be defined. What is more, the Source of the amorphous energy from which all energies evolve, by definition has neither form nor sound, nor any characteristics that could be defined, and thus limited, by human terms.
It is the Realm of Being.
Being is real.
Becoming is a constantly changing illusory reality we produce from the ideas born in our Unconscious, which when stimulated by our subconscious (memory storage of previous experience), lead to a diversity of effects in the phenomenal Universe, perceptible to our physical senses. This latter reality is transient, and loses its perceptibility the moment we remove our attention from it.
Nothing we recognize with our senses is real. All is construct of energies at different rates of vibration. This includes our thoughts and emotions as well as those rates of vibrations our physicists define as ‘physical’.

These collections of essays deals not only with stepping Beyond Religion, but also with reaching out beyond the images of phenomenal reality, which heretofore was based on traditions that long ago have lost their usefulness. Even His Holiness, Pope Francis admits that “the traditional notion of God is outdated”. The problem with time is that it refuses to keep still, whereas our true nature, anchored in the inexhaustible Potential, never moves.
It cannot. It has no need.
It is already omnipresent—indivisible from that which was, is, and forever will be the only reality that never changes. People who call this reality God must be warned that it is NOT unto image of man. Nevertheless, the Source is omnipresent, hence also within man. The art is to detect it within oneself.

In essence, we are pure Consciousness inseparable from the Omnipresent Source. We find our expression through a diversity of forms. We partake in both. In Being and Becoming.
This is the secret of life.

Recently scientists gave us a helping hand. Having been told that our physical bodies are essentially empty space, and that there is no matter, that all is energy, pointed the prow of our ships in the right direction. Inwards. Only there we shall find the Source from which all energies flow, constantly combining and metamorphosing, to create transient images of inexhaustible ideas.

Inquiry into the Nature of Being.

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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Beyond Human Reality

There is only one field in which the human species is superior to the rest of the animal kingdom. We are the species of gadgeteers. We create gadgets for the sole purpose of avoiding the dictates of evolution while reducing us to lazy biological robots. The rest of animal kingdom seems superior to us in many ways.
Elephants are stronger. Tigers, leopards, cheetahs, and dozens of herbivores, run faster. Cats and dogs and many other species can smell better, hear better, climb better, hold better balance. Fish can swim faster and deeper; birds can fly higher; butterflies have evolved a GPS which enables them to find a specific tree thousand of miles away. Cockroaches, which walked the earth hundreds of millions of years ago are, by our standards, virtually immortal. As intelligence is often defined as the ability to survive, they leave us way behind! They can also live for weeks without their heads. Among humans only politicians can match this. They allocate billions of dollars to develop ways to kill other politicians, and hundreds of millions of other humans as collateral damage.
And the rest of us?
We produce gadgets.
Einstein feared that as electronic technology sweeps the world, humans are doomed to regress into a species of idiots. 
A whole generation of idiots!

The purpose of evolution is not to produce a single superior species, but to increase the creative diversity of the omnipresent amorphous energy. So far only humans devised a way to oppose Universal Laws. We even developed methods to make our planet uninhabitable. We, and only we, are that stupid, that obstreperous, that selfish, rowdy, truculent, riotous, undisciplined, and refractory as to destroy the home of all other species—just to sate our greed.
We do NOT live up to our potential.
Only the state of balance offers conditions from which progress ensues. Inventions motivated by belligerent, jingoistic, let alone militaristic aspirations, are always destructive.

The intent of the creative process is twofold. At the unconscious level we continue to improve our brains; secondly: we are intended to learn to use them. In the meantime, good ideas, not quite developed to their potential, are recycled through the process we know as reincarnation.
Our physical bodies are ground into dust. They have no substance. At present, as already mentioned, with the exception of very few individuals, the human species is devolving into a generations of idiots, while others animals, hopefully, continue to advance. 

And this brings us to our friends. We call them pets. We say we love them, yet, we often treat them as inferior species. It may be true that dogs have their masters, but those masters pick up their poop. As for cats… well, they don’t have masters. They have their staff. That’s us.
Buy it, read it, and say hello to your pets for me. They are endowed with telepathic powers. They’ll know who I am. And then say it on Amazon for others to know. 

What you can hear if you listen

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Friday, 13 November 2015

Headless World

Some of you may have read the Avatar Syndrome. I hope you enjoyed it. “Headless World” is the sequel though it may be enjoyed independently of the prequel. While part one concerns itself with the marriage of mind and emotions, or the consequence of uniting the left and right hemispheres of the brain, in Headless World I attempted to illustrate what might happen if the two aspects of our dualistic personality run amok.
The problem with what we regard as ‘divinity’ is that such concept wields power; ultimately, at least in theory, absolute power. And power, as we all know, corrupts. One look at the oligarchies throughout the world removes any doubt about this theses.
The problems ensue from our concept of ‘divinity’.  Religions have imposed their concept of good and evil, virtually ignoring Universal Laws. They also ignored the maxim expressed by in the phrase, “My Father cannot behold evil.” Indeed “good and evil” are purely human inventions. They originate from another ancient parable, that of the Apple of Eden, which resulted in the concept of dualistic reality, which in turn, contrary to popular opinion, is not real. The phenomenal universe is the final, decaying consequence of the creative process, i.e. in the way we convert ideas into thoughts, into emotions, and stimulate them with our imagination.
The process is real, whereas the consequences discernable to our physical senses are transient and illusory. According to physicists ‘matter’ is virtually empty space. Einstein assured us that matter does not exist at all—that all is energy at different rates of vibration.
And that’s the rub.
Emotions are the last phase of the creative process. The further we drift away from our Unconscious, the more emotionally inspired are the results. Emotions also drive our need for power. Power leads to wars. No directives such as “though shalt not kill,” or “love thy enemy”, had been ever taken seriously; neither by laic nor by ecclesiastic authorities. Power corrupted both equally.
To repeat, the further our egos drift away from the amorphous energy of the Unconscious the slower the rates of vibration, and the greater the separation from our true ethereal nature. No war had ever been initiated with our minds. Fighting, killing, usurping what is not ours is always of emotional motivation. Ego, pride, jealousy, greed are some of the underlying causes. People who start wars are always inferior intellectuals—as are all sociopath and psychopath.

The Vatican Incident reverts our corrupt ideas. Anne, the heroin of Avatar Syndrome, shows us the way and, through her inimitable ministrations turns the rudder on the intrigues of both, the Pentagon and Vatican. Gradually the actors in this global arena are brought back to their original mental and emotional reality. Slowly they’ll restore the snail’s pace of human progress. At long last devolution is stopped dead in its tracks. The Divine Balance, the prime directive of Universal Laws, is restored.
It is indeed as cathartic incident in the history of the human race. 

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Monday, 9 November 2015

Masters of the Universe

When the prophets of yesteryear told us that “We are Gods”, they didn’t deny other gods, such as Elohim, who created our world, but rather affirmed that we, too, have the power to create such reality as we manage to construct with our minds and emotions from the amorphous energies permeating the Universe.
We start slowly, manipulating energies, which have slowed down their rates of vibration to be perceived by us, apprentice gods, by or with our senses. That’s how Peter Thornton who, at subconscious level, became aware of his healing powers. Gradually, his powers would expand to greater control over his gifts.
Later his teacher, Winston Smith, who, as all great teachers do, assumed a most insignificant role of a butler, took him through his paces, until Peter was able to cope on his own. When his other charges matured, Winston departed to assume higher duties, to which we shall gradually all aspire. 
This in a nutshell is my Winston Trilogy.

The concept of our Earth, which we have inherited from our parents, is close to ridiculous. We now ‘know’ that our planet is has around 4.5 billion years, as against our galaxy, which is estimated to be some 13.21 billion years old. Our astrophysicists tell us that the universe popped into phenomenal existence some 14 billion years ago, only a fraction older than our galaxy. Any reasonable person will guess that this must be blatant nonsense.  Any time now the scientists will add a few billion years to our Universe, to give it is some gravitas. In fact, they already ‘created’ other universes, calling them communally ‘multiverse’. Equating the age of the universe with that of our galaxy is as puerile as the geocentric philosophy of the middle ages. 
Hence, it is self evident that if within a mere 4.5 billion years our brains have reached our present abilities, ‘people’ some 3 or 4 billion years older than we are, must have made considerable advances over the use of our biological computers.
It stands to reason that the Omnipresent Intelligence, with infinite potential of creative power, is amusing Itself with developing individualizations of Itself by striving, endlessly, to diversify Its infinite Potential.
We, you and I, are but seedlings of yet another experiment, such as all animal life is, which has, or is gaining awareness of, yet another diversity. 

Winston’s Kingdom, Book Three of the Winston Trilogy goes through the paces of development of our immediate future, perhaps as little as a million years or so, when we shall develop the ability to use our ever-evolving brain to master greater responsibilities in this glorious Universe of ours. We shall develop transient realities we can’t as yet even dream about.
Later, when we grow stale, our abilities will be absorbed into the Whole. Later still, in the fullness of time that is beyond time, enriched by our experience, the Omnipresent Potential will start once again, this time on a higher spiral, the eternal process of diversification.
See you there. 

Book III of the
Winston Trilogy

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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Mystery of Consciousness

In ancient past, priests were the only keepers of scientific knowledge. Later religions changed all that. Today, it is not commonly known that we, humans, as indeed all living creatures, are NOT our bodies. We, all of us, are Individualized states of Omnipresent Consciousness which resides, considering our immortality, for a very short time in physical enclosures. We are no more bodies in which we walk than we are cars in which we drive, from place to place.
Furthermore, we are also not the apartments, condos, houses, villages, towns or cities in which we dwell.
Bible concerns itself with Consciousness. In the scriptures the scribes used various places of habitation to define, or at least suggest, a state of consciousness of people abiding therein—rather as we tend to describe, often judge people, by their physical appearance, by their houses, and their material domains. Hence, the meaning of the “name” is of utmost importance. Physical possessions do NOT define the Consciousness.
There is another problem.
In their day, the scribes amassed many books, and many more were lost. Even then, the Protestants claim 39 of them, the Catholics 46. The Hebrew canons is satisfied with just 24 books, one for each scroll for each of the scrolls on which these works had been written long, long ago. And then there are the Gnostic writings of the Nag Hammadi Library, the Dead Sea Scrolls…
Those who treat the Bible as a historical document are fighting a losing battle. With such diversity of numbers, many scholars, let alone fundamentalists, risk being wrong.

And then come the proper names. Every biblical name defines or at least describes the character of its bearer.
For example Yeshûa, also known as Yehoshûa, or later Jesus, conveys the idea that God (Yeho- or YHVH), and (“yasha” meaning “deliver, save or rescue”) delivers (his people). It should be noted that “Yeh-” (Yah-) or the Greek “Jeh-” can be seen in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Zechariah, or Halleluiah. It is not limited to Jesus alone. The names are intended to define peoples’ convictions or states of consciousness.
The same significance should be applied to many other designations, which define peoples’ convictions and/or modes of behaviour. Their meaning in English often changes the purported meaning of the scriptures.

It is vital to realize that all Scriptures deal with states of Consciousness—not with physical bodies, which those individualizations of Omnipresent Consciousness temporarily inhabit. When Yeshûa said: “let the dead bury the dead”, he was not referring their physical condition but rather to the state of consciousness of the men involved. Spiritual consciousness defines life, lack of it… death.
The same is true of all other facets of the Scriptures. We know from science that our transient material or phenomenal world is imaginary, and only the energies of the mind, soul (subconscious) and ultimately Consciousness lead to true REALITY. Soul is the attribute of the Omnipresent Consciousness, which makes it possible for IT to individualize Itself.
Welcome to the mystery of the Bible. 

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Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Mystery of Atheism

In the hoary past, priesthood had been the only keepers of scientific knowledge. Then religions changed all that. Today an increasing number of very vocal atheists is growing throughout the Western world. Judging by their modus vivendi, our politicians and other autocratic oligarchs also stock the fires of atheism. Lastly, the new breed of TV hosts are blowing their atheistic trumpets louder than those of Jericho, befalling the traditional walls of the religious dogma.
Not entirely.
Once, pretending to follow in the footsteps of Yeshûa would temper, even alleviate, the human psychopathic, let alone homicidal, nature. No more. A President of the most powerful country of the present era, forgot to love his enemies.
Browsing the Internet, I found this:

A new analysis of the total fatalities in the Iraq war during the presidency of George W. Bush demonstrates that the likely number is between 800,000 and 1.3 million. The analysis appears in The Nation (Feb. 16, 2009) and can also be read here.

This, as such, isn’t an exceptional achievement. Genghis Khan and Hitler were responsible for much greater numbers of deaths. But to my knowledge neither of those gentlemen called themselves “born-again Christians.” Also the ex-president is the only one still alive. So much for loving one’s enemies…

Most of the 2.6 billion Christians in the world today do not seem to realize that Jesus, the man they consider God, was in fact a Supreme Atheist. He even denied being good, let alone god. But most of all, he placed heaven, the only heaven he recognized, within himself and… everyone else.
Within every single one of us.
Also, to make sure there was no misunderstanding, he never referred to any God, or the Hebrew YHVH, YHWH, Jehovah, or Adonai, as the source of all power. When he finally added that his ”Father in heaven”, was the only source of all power, all goodness, all creativity, it became evident that to him, heaven is a state of consciousness.
Great mystics had always known this, but it took Yeshûa eighteen years of study and research to reach this momentous realization. He wasn’t born with this knowledge. According to Luke, the evangelist, (2:52)  “Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature, and in favour with God and man.” (Please note: for ‘God’ Luke used the Greek word “theos”, i.e.: “object of worship”. Also please note that plural of  theos” can refer to false gods). Hence, presumably, Yeshûa’s preference for “father”.
Having been trained by the Essenes, esoteric though they were, Yeshûa was forced to clear his mind of all the Hebrew traditions in order to arrive at the ancient Truth.
At long last he realized that the ancient knowledge of “I AM”, of the mystery of the prophets, had been lost by people who turned science into religion.

Alas, no man is a prophet in his own village, nor, apparently, in his own country. His people were not ready for Yeshûa’s revelation.
Sadly, nor are we.

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