Monday, 21 May 2018

PLUTO EFFECT—Aquarius Trilogy

For some reason, people refuse to recognize the characteristics inherent in the Age of Aquarius. In the past, for countless generations, only those “in power” could and did control the reality in which the masses conducted their lives. Relatively small groups of completely amoral people influenced events in such a way as to derive personal benefits at the expense of others, millions, later billions of people.
There had been a number of attempts to reverse this course. Communism, even rampant nationalism such as Nazism,  left their mark on the organization of the “ruling classes”.
Yet, those who gained power through those means fell into the same trap. The trap of greed. Even today, with the annual world median family income hovering around $10,000, there are select groups of plutocrats who usurp millions of dollars in their annual salaries. The CEOs of the 350 largest U.S. public companies now average $16,300,000 in compensation, in addition to annual bonuses, regardless of the efficacy of their performance.

According to Forbes 2018 rich list, there are a record 2,208 billionaires in the world today.

Unbeknownst to the ‘masses’, those select plutocrats, the world over, run our planet. They decide on our future, including the progress or regress of world economies, the allocation of money from taxation, and even wars and wholesale murders.

So what is about to happen?
The Age of Aquarius is initiated, or preceded, by a cleansing process known as the PLUTO EFFECT. We do not know how it came to be, but it is reasonable to assume that there are entities in the world that are millions if not billions of years more advanced than we are. Perhaps they originated the system of the progression of the Zodiac, as the only method that can maintain the evolution consisting of converting the Infinite Potential into Phenomenal Manifestation.
It seems that for them, for those advanced beings, the process is the only thing that matter, and restoration of an evolutionary equilibrium is foremost on their agenda.

My novel, the PLUTO EFFECT, suggests how such a process might unveil. Whatever influences those advanced entities, (we could call them gods), might have on our physical environment, we know that while throughout history there have been ice-ages, planetary collisions, global upheavals including shifting of tectonic plates, and suchlike, there is also evidence of substantial disturbances, in human evolution. Whether we evolved from chimpanzees, gorillas or orangutans, is academic. There were hominids of many kinds.
Whatever happened in the hoary past of one thing we can be sure. The individuality of man was always at the forefront of the evolutionary process.

Now, during the Age of Aquarius, each individual will be empowered to stand up against the few under whose whip they abided for countless generations. It does not mean that everyone will take up arms, but they will be empowered to do so. Individual people will be empowered to restore the balance upset by human greed.
Read how this might happen. NOW! It might save your life.

Book Two of the Aquarius Trilogy

Monday, 14 May 2018

AVATARS v. Pandemonium

In my youth, when we heard music we stopped talking, often stopped whatever we were doing, and waited until the sonata, the symphony, a concerto, or a particular aria, or even popular music stopped, before we uttered a sound. We did this because we listened to music.
Those day are over.
At least on TV, there is no more music.
Instead, we are offered noise.
Nobody stops talking, they wiggle, or gyrate in animalistic convulsions, in rhythm to the noise produced by instruments which once served to produce music. Now, the instruments are limited to guitars and percussion, with an occasional enhancement of cowbells.
I hope cows like it.
I do NOT.

Nowadays, in lieu of music, by far the highest form of art, we are presented with discords which provide background noise, to accompany the inability of speakers, directors, or even writers to produce anything remotely interesting to sustain our attention to the exclusion of everything else. They call it a sound-truck, when in fact it is nothing other than a noise-track. Even popular-science programs on TV that are supposed to edify us, are instead shamelessly insulted by noise that is having a winning battle for the attention of the listener.
Even some news programs are embroiled in noise.
Remember Shakespeare?
“If music be the food of love, play on…”
Those days really are over. We gave up on music. Judging by the western politicians, we also gave up on love.

My friend once said that “Music is the scourge of our era.” A agree. Only it is not music that is the scourge but the noise that purports to be music. It is the pandemonium that, as John Milton so aptly observed in Paradise Lost, is only fit to be played in the capital of Hell.

It was very different once. To see, almost hear, what music could be, what it once was, read the AVATAR SYNDROME. Therein you are reminded that music is, and remains, akin to the nectar of the gods.

Imagine a troubled, taciturn girl growing into a world-renowned violinist; from misunderstood recluse, to messiah of a higher truth and beauty. Pain and pleasure, science, talent, and mysticism, combine into a symphony of fame, glory, and enchantment.
She delivers a singular vision of what it could mean to be human. Such people truly are the Messengers of God.

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Let me know if you like it or, better still, add your stars to the 15 FIVE-STAR reviews already on the Amazon.
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The Messengers of God
Book One of the Avatar Trilogy

Monday, 7 May 2018

NOW— Being & Becoming

As suggested in my book DELUSIONS—Pragmatic Realism, we labour under many delusions as regarding our reality. In the past, I discussed the synonymity between Eternity and NOW. Once we accept that whatever age, historical period, or projected future we imagine, our definition of reality is always limited to the Present. To the eternal, inexhaustible NOW.
The next logical step is to accept the premise that nothing can be or happen, or “come about” as the result of nothing. The Laws of Cause and Effect are sufficiently defined by Isaac Newton. Our scientists would have us believe that the Big Bang took place from, literarily, nothing. That there was neither time nor space before it took place.
Well, my friends, I beg to differ.

Everything already exists in its Potential Form.

Everything. This includes all ideas which may or many not be, ultimately, converted to the transient phenomenal reality. They exist in the Eternal Now, and if and when they do become manifest in the ‘physical’ world, their temporal existence would not change.
Perhaps we should be reminded that, according to the best physicists that ever graced our reality, all is energy. Hence there is nothing that isn’t. The only difference between the tangible and non-tangible manifestations of energy is the rate of vibration of the energy involved in the manifestation in our reality.
If we begin with the all-encompassing, amorphous, infinite Potential (i.e.: energy vibrating at an infinite rate, hence being omnipresent), we must conclude that only in the infinity of the Eternal Now can such be manifested in the phenomenal reality.
Also, we must accept that the same event can be observed by different observers at different ‘times’, hence for each of the observers only NOW presents any concept of reality.
Readers interested in the deeper concept of time, I refer to my book VISUALIZATION—Creating Your Own Universe, in which I discuss time from both, the philosophical and scientific point of view.

To sum up:
Everything already exists in its potential form. The eternal NOW is the platform wherein and when-in the potential is manifested in its phenomenal form. The physical universe consists of the successful manipulation of the rates of vibration of energy, which, nevertheless are transient in terms of eternity.

And this brings me to my novel, which illustrates the practical implications of this philosophy. NOW—Being and Becoming is a paranormal love story with 17 FIVE-STAR reviews. You might care to add your own.
“A man wraps his car around a lamppost. The next instant he's looking down at his body lying in a ditch. He wonders why he doesn't feel any pain. What follows are "300 spellbinding pages!"

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Monday, 30 April 2018

DELUSIONS—Reviewers’ Fantasies

Some reviewers suffer from a phenomenal delusion. They think that their liking or disliking a novel determines the quality of the book. Likewise, the buyers don’t care if the reviewer liked it. What the buyer seems to like is the sheer number of reviews. That’s all. Well, that and, hopefully, they like the stars awarded to be higher than four.
The rest depends on the genre.
People who like action, mark down books offering a gentle relationship that matures slowly to a final conflagration.
People who like sex, mark down every book that is not sufficiently explicit to sate their frustrations.
People with dull lives look for escapes into fables of fantasy that give them a momentary escape from the dullness of their lives.
And then there are the egomaniacs who think that their opinions matter. The vast majority of people never read reviews. As mentioned, they look at the numbers. The more the merrier… No matter how insipid.

And then there are the most pathetic reviewers who, while quite unable to write an original word, take it upon themselves to criticize all writers who do not conform to their egocentric idea of what a book should be. Had the great writers of the past listened to their hackneyed platitudes, literature would never have introduced a new, original thought.

My thanks to those few who dared.
Like Franz Kafka.

And then, there are the saddest of them all who are only amused by killing, sadism, rape, and other demeaning traits of the lowest human species. Unless the writer spills blood on every page, unless women are mistreated, unless torture is described in minute detail, the book will get one or, at best, two stars. They call such books “slow”. I call such reviewers “perverts”.

And yet, we writers, need them.

No, not the perverts, nor the sexually frustrated spinsters, nor the dullest of the dull escapists, afraid to live their own lives to the full.
We need people who prefer literature to the reflection of banal writing on hundreds of TV channels. It is for them that we write. It is their opinion we long for.
So when all’s said and done, there are just two reasons for writing a review. One—to give pleasure and/or gratitude to the writer. And two—to try to destroy the book, or at least to diminish the writers’ usually, quite dismal incomes.

If you really suffer from delusions, please, read my book: Delusions—Pragmatic Realism. Delusions abound not just among reviewers but among the scientists and religionists who indulge in fundamentalism.
Creation ALWAYS means bringing something new to the phenomenal reality.
And originality is not appreciated by many. Hence, I write for the few, and to them, I shall remain forever grateful. Their reviews not only give me great pleasure but inspire me to keep writing. Such are many! 
Thank you.
Thanks to all of you.
You know who you are. 

Monday, 23 April 2018


Power is neither good nor bad. It is those who wield power that impose their own character on its quality. All gods are powerful, yet only Satan is the model of choice for most people wielding power. Those who place their own safety before the safety of others suffer from catch-22. They strive for that which will ultimately destroy them. Always. They display a condition of separation rather than of unity. Separation from the rest of the Universe.

This alone is Catch-22.  

Power can both: separate and unite. To create and destroy. Regrettably,  more often than not, power is used to set us apart. To create “us and them”.
We were all born to gain power. To gain power we die only to be born again. And again. And… again.
After all - gods wield power.
Often, they exercise their power through us. Through you and me, the moment we are ready to assume power. The moment we can wield it over fauna and flora. Unfortunately, some of us also wield it over other people, often too weak to protect themselves.
And that is our downfall. Abuse of power is our deadly mistake. Why?


When we attain power we consider ourselves superior to others.
To wield power as gods do, we must act as gods in all other respects. And gods have a very peculiar trait. They do not differentiate between diverse forms of creation. After all, everything ensued from a Singularity. There is an inveterate oneness with all forms of life. Yes… all men, women and all other living creatures.
Animals, birds, even lower forms of life forms.

The Energy of Life is the greatest unifying factor in all creation. It is also responsible for our Becoming. Even non-sentient creations are subject to this power. Amongst us, it is called Love. It is the centripetal force that draws us back together towards an undifferentiated Singularity. Towards the singular Source that enables us to partake in the eternal process of converting the Infinite Potential of the Omnipresent, Amorphous, Consciousness into a phenomenal reality.
Sometimes, we call this evolution.

We also need power to restore balance. To restore equilibrium. To restore peace gain beyond human understanding.

HEADLESS WORLDThe Vatican Incident, illustrates what desire for power can lead to. It also shows what power can restore a reality of balance - all thanks to a single person.
Surely, the latter is the real power?
This is a novel, but examples of people seeking power proliferate our history. Let us hope those of the present day will quickly learn of the Catch-22; that misused power destroys those who wield it.
In this life or the next.
Such is the Universal Law. 

Book Two of the Avatar Trilogy

Book One of the Avatar Trilogy

Book Three of the Avatar Trilogy

Monday, 16 April 2018

YESHÛA—The Power of Knowledge

In essence, we are all energy. We are quanta of light, which, when the rate of vibration is reduced, tend to retain their original expression. Assuming Yeshûa’s resurrection was actual and not symbolic, this would account for him retaining his previous appearance, including the wounds he sustained on the cross.
Of course, light also symbolizes knowledge, but even knowledge is organized in quanta of energy.
As is everything.
The eminent mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose suggested that: the “Discovery of Quantum Vibrations in ‘Microtubules’ inside Brain Neurons Confirms Controversial 20-Year-Old Theory of Consciousness”, (although is it self-evident that not vibrations cause consciousness, only consciousness causes vibrations).
Scientists often confuse the cause with the effect.

Later, one can only imagine, in realities of higher rates of vibration, the ‘Self’ (quanta of consciousness individualized in phenomenal reality) could change its phenomenal form. The essence remains in true Being that is motivating our Becoming. For more on rates of vibration of energy see Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman and other physicists.
Apparently, beyond the quanta of light, the quanta of thought begin to lose the perceptions of their identity. In other words, the phenomenal individualization of Omnipresent Consciousness can assume other forms of expression. They begin to blend with the Source, from which they materialized as Light, and later as atomic structures.
This accounts for the variety of visions many mystics (of all religions) enjoy.
The ability of an individualized consciousness to manipulate the rates of vibration of diverse energies produces, what is commonly referred to as, miracles. This includes spontaneous healings and other phenomena.
I was deeply surprised, if not shocked, when I realized that Albert Einstein’s indestructible, omnipresent energy corresponds virtually  exactly to the ancient, as well as present chi, prana, holy spirit, manna, ether, orgone, biomagnetism, and zero-point, and some 40 other concepts. This is further elaborated in the book soon to be published by Dr. Rita Louise, “Emerging from Eden”.
This brings us to my novel:
Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus”

Some two thousand years ago people as advanced as Jesus and a number of his immediate followers, acquired the ability to manipulate the rates of vibrations of energy. They may have been drawing on their subconscious, if not unconscious knowledge, which, with the exception of Jesus, has not as yet reached their conscious awareness.
Their subliminal ability to manipulate energy had been referred to as “faith”. Yeshûa assured his followers:
“…if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move.”
And then he made a monumental statement. He equated us with our latent potential of being gods:

“Nothing will be impossible for you.”

This promise is the absolute, unmitigated, categorical definition of our true nature. The rest is up to us. Faith is an amalgam of energies generated by knowledge and emotions. Together they have an effect on the images visualized by our will.
Good luck. 

Monday, 9 April 2018

PETER & PAUL - The reality of illusion.

When you’re immortal, your Being exists only in the eternal Now. It stretches in both directions into infinity. Your Becoming, on the other hand, is illusory.
 Nothing is set in stone.
Everything manifested i.e. observable, is transient, ephemeral, unreal, as though accruing in a dream, which, in a way, it is. A deep, deep sleep.
We only think we’re awake, and for us, whatever we ‘think’ becomes real. For a while. A very short while. Yet, it does seem real to us. After all, we have science to prove it!
Except that scientific theories come and go. Even Universal Laws get expounded upon - they take on a new meaning. Reality - though its potential always was and remains infinite - its manifestations never ceases to take on new forms, new expression, new opportunities for the Infinite Potential to experience new Becoming.
That’s the problem with infinity.
The truth doesn’t change, but it expands. Like the Universe. Or Multiverse. No matter how many realities they contain. Absorb. Metamorphose.

And evolution?
Well, this also expands. Not our bodies, those grow weaker. They collapse. Not even our minds - we hardly use those at all; but, and this is precisely the point, it is our ability to use our equipment that grows, not the equipment itself.
The equipment, namely all instrumentation to convert potential into manifestation already exists within us in… in potential form.
Hence, immortality.
It goes on and on. In fact, it never ends.
Only our egos give up. We continue forever.

And this is where Peter and Paul differed. Peter knew he was immortal. He witnessed his Master rising from the grave, and assuming a new phenomenal body imitating his previous physique (it’s easier than building a fresh one from higher vibrations). He knew that his physical body was but an illusion, to be shed in a few years.
Paul didn’t know that.
At least, not until the very end.
Paul thought he must build a church to follow his image of what Peter’s Master was teaching. A sort of Kingdom. Only Paul was trying to build it on Earth. OF brick and mortar. And marble. And all things transient. An illusory kingdom in an illusory reality.
He didn’t learn the truth until the very end.
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