Thursday, 23 March 2017


What is surprising, almost stunning, about duality of reality, of cause and effect, is that contrary to assurances from our scientific fraternity, this duo is completely and absolutely inseparable. One cannot be, exist, without its other component. The two are invariably and inexorably One. Yet, most of us, the scientists in particular, insist on delving almost exclusively into the effect, ignoring, for the most part, the primary cause. They study the “world”, the stars that long ceased to exist, the subatomic quanta they can neither see nor detect with their best technology, yet forever ignoring what brought them into our reality.

Yet in Heaven, everything already exists in its Potential. It is there in a static form, in the eternal present, the immobile NOW where our I AM has its origins. From there It emerges, performs Its creative acts, and returns to the state of Being. This inherent duality can be observed in all aspects of manifested reality, in all aspects of the phenomenal world. Once its mission is accomplished, it reverts to the static form of Being, enriching the Potential with its experience of Becoming.
Yet, the State of Being is not truly static. It vibrates at a infinite rate, hence manifesting beyond time or space. It is omnipresent, eternal, indestructible.

Nothing anyone writes, or had ever written, or could write, would describe the totality of potential extant in the concept of God. God is a name we coined for the energy of Being endowed with infinite potential of everything, which finds its expression through kinetic energy. A human, and all kinetic creation, is the consequence of that omnipresent energy manifested through infinite rates of vibration.
A human who feels and acts in accord with the potential within him or her, is the biblical concept of the “beloved son”, or daughter of course, of the Potential within them. The biological computer (brain and neurological system), together with the endocrine (glandular system, taking care of our emotional body), and the sensory system (giving us awareness of the external vibratory rates of energy), generate a false consciousness known as Ego. While we tend to associate excesses of ego with negative aspects of our personality, it is necessary to sustain our individuality in the phenomenal Universe.
It is vital to accept that we, everyone of us, must reach the evolutionary stage of accepting our duality. We must accept that both, Being and Becoming are integral parts or our nature. The two make us whole. Complete.

The Gospel of Thomas states: “Whosoever finds the explanation of these words shall not taste death.” We are endowed with the gene of immortality. Our genome can endure thousands, perhaps millions of years. But what of our consciousness? The author offers us the Key to Immortality.

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

ST. VALENTINE’S—In Search of Freedom

Frankly, it’s all Einstein’s fault. After all, it was he who defined our stupidity as infinite. Regrettably, this also applies to our celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day. To commemorate his martyrdom we stuff ourselves with chocolates and other sugar-loaded tidbits.
While there may have been a number of other SeƱor Valentinos who may have qualified as go-betweens for amorous adventurers in ancient times, perhaps we associate Saint Valentine’s Day with the man who performed forbidden wedding ceremonies for Roman soldiers, particularly if they wanted to marry Christians. St. Valentine had lost his head for his acts of kindness.
But only perhaps…
In fact, the first recorded celebrations of Saint Valentine’s Day go back only to the 14th Century, the times of Geoffrey Chaucer, when the tradition of flowers and confectionery was first recorded. The byproduct of this new tradition probably contributed to us getting obese to this day. So while marriages are no longer forbidden under the law, not even to Christians, we can at least blame Saint Valentine for making us fat. Or blame Geoffrey Chaucer. Or both?

Marvin Clark was the only Valentine Jocelyn ever had. The only man from whom she’d received chocolates, quietly, without witnesses. Marvin would certainly approve any surreptitious shows of affection, providing they were really surreptitious. If possible, delivered anonymously. Like a box of chocolates wrapped in brown paper. Delivered incognito, as if he had nothing to do with them. Marvin, a man as shy as he was retiring, assumed a cloak of invisibility to protect himself from vicissitudes of everyday life. The only escapes he enjoyed were into the inner worlds of his own making. Then, a beautiful woman entered his drab reality. Suddenly, the protective ramparts he’d erected so carefully began to crumble. Would she set him free?
Find out for yourself.
Of one thing you may be sure. Jocelyn was his Valentine like no other. She filled the immense emotional vacuum which Marvin diligently constructed to protect himself from the outside world. And then he searched for freedom behind the walls he’d erected.
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Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Recently, more and more scientists, particularly astrophysicists, tend to aver that both time and space are infinite. Perhaps, if not in the physical or phenomenal sense, then at least so in its potential realm. If so, if they are right, then science is, once again, approaching the mystic background on which religions had been founded.
Go back a few trillion years.
Now imagine ‘people’, intelligent beings that existed then, perhaps continue to exist in some form unknown to us. People that had been born some trillions of years ago, of energies that coalesced in one form or another to be,  even for brief moments of history, bodies (individualizations) of our forefathers. If they didn’t destroy themselves but managed to survive the ages that separate us, they, if evolution truly exists, by any definition of our standards they would be gods.
Almighty, all-powerful, magnificent gods.
The bodies they occupied would have long passed the stage of using photons instead of atoms to define their personal enclosures in the phenomenal Universe. The eldest amongst them would have developed the ability to exist, as individuals, of pure consciousness. Of energy whose rate of vibrations is infinite, and thus omnipresent. Perhaps they would only manifest their presence wheresoever they chose to place their attention.
Would they not be as gods? And now think what may have happened on the Olympus...

And if they were still around, would they still be evolving? "World without end," as the priest of my youth would have said. World without end, a manifestation of the omnipresent amorphous energy of intelligence with infinite potential ever fulminating within the limitless confines of infinity.
Is your head spinning yet?
If not it might, in a million or two years from now. Don’t despair, as an individualization of omnipresent consciousness you are immortal. Isn’t it fun?

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Monday, 27 February 2017


It is embarrassing to realize that Einstein was right on both counts. (See below.) After some 4 billion years of “evolution”, we have reached the understanding of reality equivalent to that of an ameba. We surround ourselves with things, items we can perceive with our primitive senses, decorate our names with titles, and having saturated our minds with knowledge of the past, we seldom allow any new idea to penetrate our protective intellectual barriers. We rest on our laurels.
There is one other Albert’s quotation that I’d like to share: Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.”
After 4 billion years of education we, the homo extremely-non-sapient continue to emulate our bacterial origins by destroying the environment, which feeds us. Even grass and trees have learned more than we have in the last few billion years.
Traditions are at the root of this phenomenon. We are taught by our elders, to repeat the errors of the past, preferably by making them just a little more regressive than our parents did. We are not evolving. Our bodies might be, as might the nature that surrounds us, but men and women, with very few exceptions, are going down the drain of stupidity.

Yet… there are a Few that are Chosen. 
No, I cannot count myself among the Few, although I do claim to be among the Many that are called. The masses, the 90+% of the human race, is not included. Regrettably, evolution advances at a rate best defined as between dead slow and dead slow.
And this will continue until the next Ice Age. Or until the next meteor or asteroid strikes our still semi-verdant planet. But don’t worry. Nothing is lost in the phenomenal universe. We are all energy. Our bodies will be recycled until Omnipresent Creative Consciousness that permeates all reality with amorphous presence begins, once again, to individualize Itself. That which is omnipresent can only aspire to become diversified in the endless realities, to regard Itself from within and without.
This ubiquitous Energy remains eternally in a state of eternal Being. It is static, and all its attributes remain in their Potential capacity. We, the species endowed with biological computers, tend to call it God, yet it is neither good nor bad, neither saintly nor evil. It just IS. “My Father cannot behold evil,” remember? And when we close our eyes and manage to detach ourselves from the input of our senses, we can actually experience the awareness of that which IS. In such moments we can but whisper silently I AM.
I AM that I AM.
Not the “I am” that accumulates things of transient value, but the I AM that identifies with the infinite, immortal, indestructible, yes… even omnipresent that manifests within us. In such moments we might even begin to perceive what evolution is all about.
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Sunday, 19 February 2017


No. God is not in our image and likeness. Nor is the reverse true. Not even a god adorning the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, no matter how beautiful. But there is one thing we do share with the Divine: the intangible, ephemeral yet indestructible energy of Consciousness.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another,” according to Einstein.

Your Unconscious, your potential, is God. Or at least a minuscule expression though indivisible quintessence of God. Your Consciousness is the Son of God, and there is none other. God is the state of being. Unlimited, eternal, infinite, hence indefinable state of Being. We are the fractal expressions of Totality. So it the rest of the Universe. Or Muliverse—also an expression of infinity.
And yet, from time immemorial, men searched for an Overlord who’d dispense life and death, reward and punishment, over their creation. Not having found one, we continue to create gods in our image. We start slowly. We admire our Hollywood idols, then people endowed with titles, finally some politicians, plutocrats, and even generals and admirals.
And yet, none of these overlords are real. They wield power over the ephemeral, transient, even illusory products of our egos. Our true Selves remain inviolate, inaccessible, impervious to their imaginary authority. Their power, like everything else in the phenomenal universe, is transient and hence illusory. They come and go… the presidents, prime ministers, kings and queens, popes, and billionaires.
Sic transit Gloria Mundi.
Their power is illusory.
Yet we continue. The real I AM is immortal, impervious, eternal, indivisible from  that which we regard and God. Indivisible from the omnipresent, omnipotent, eternal energy. “My Father and I are one,” remember?
Aren’t we lucky?
To repeat, anything and everything that we can perceive with our (very limited) senses is ‘artificial’. It consists of energy at such low rates of vibration that it is only suitable for recycling. It is not part of the permanent reality. It is a transient construct of our minds. As already stated, our reality is no more than energy at different rates of vibration.
We will have reached our present evolutionary task when we merge consciousness expressed by our Ego and our Self into a Singularity. When the Potential and Its expression become One. Like a Black Hole? And then we might choose to explode into a new Universe…

And this brings me to my book. A reviewer wrote: “With frequent sprinkling of humor and considerable intellectual prowess, the author exposes DELUSIONS masquerading under the guise of science and religion.”

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Saturday, 11 February 2017


“Each man receives according to his ability to receive”. The saying originates in the Bible with the story of talents, and is picked up, if a little inaccurately though surprisingly, by Karl Marx. The point is, however, that neither Bible nor Marx affirms that this is a truism derived from nature. The saying teaches neither religion, nor even social justice, but simply conveys the manner in which the universe works. It is true of man, of all animals, all fauna and even flora. Every living creature can only absorb the gifts that nature has to offer according to the evolutionary level that it, or he, or she, has reached.
There is no good or evil in nature. There is only a state of balance which we must restore after each venture into new territories of endeavour.
After all, we are all states of consciousness. No less, and no more. As is all creation. We are forms of energy vibrating at different rates. Only the rate of vibration of consciousness is infinite, hence omnipresent.
As for right or wrong—what is right for one may not be right for another. Again, this is true of men, of animals, of all living entities including plants and trees. Within the context of genera, or any division of fauna and flora, the only quality which determines its ‘righteousness’ or departure from it is the loss of the state of balance.
This is not to say that we should stay put in the old, tried out way. Just the opposite. Life, the essence of life, relies on the ability we develop through oscillating to and from the Event Horizon, from the state of balance, hovering precariously between being and becoming.
There is no death, of course.
There is only stasis and movement.
Stasis is potential, movement is life.
However, the Universal Laws demand that we do not venture too far from the “straight and narrow”, from the Event Horizon. From this vantage point, or line, or this state of consciousness, we must venture out, experiment, try out and conquer new challenges, ever maintaining contact with our departure point. We must all venture out according to our ability or talent, with which evolution equipped us.
We are instruments, biological robots, through which the Omnipresent Intelligence reaches out to ever more challenging pastures. All ideas already exist in their potential form within the Source. Life is the energy which enables those ideas to manifest at different rates of vibration, up to and including the most transient, the most ephemeral form of the phenomenal Universe.

BEYOND RELIGION Essays examine other aspects of our perception of reality. Below a few 5 STAR blurbs about the 3 collections:

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An Inquiry into the Nature of Reality

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