Monday, 18 June 2018

SCI-FI Series 1 & 2

Remaining with science-fiction, these are Short Stories. Four in Series 1, and three in 2. If after you read them you feel hunger for more, don’t worry. You have 2 full-length sci-fi novels to sate your hunger:

And if you are still hungry, there are 4 e-box-sets filled with fantasy and a dose of science attached. Look at 
But let’s start with the short stories:
If you suddenly feel an enormous weight pressing down on you, it’s probably too late. Your Umph is already inside an alien’s body. This should not scare you… That’s how it starts…

“Absolutely brilliant! … a real classic, which leaves the reader wondering if we do really live on Planet Earth!” (Louisa Middleton-Blake, author, UK).
"Thirsty Work is absolutely hilarious! A weird and twisty tale the likes I have not seen in many a year. Reminds me of Ray Bradbury's early work before he got all dark and serious... I will be looking at more of your writing, sir!" (Thaddeus Howze, author)
The other stories are about the love of life and the planet Earth. 

In the far distant future as in our distant past, human emotions continue to place the same demands on the human heart as they do at the present time. The same is also true of the species inhabiting the distant planets, which we, humans, are destined to reach one day, for whatever reason. These are but a few examples of what we might expect:
The Simulator took me where no woman has been before—I could really identify with Astrid (what a beautiful name!). Little Angels were more amazing than I could ever imagine. And Esperanza made me shed a tear, both of sadness and, perhaps, of joy. I hope there's more in the series. (H.K. Loda, 5 Stars on Smashwords)

The stories also collected some 5-STAR blurbs:

Great sci-fi!
Superb writing!
Very, Very Good!
Highly Enjoyable!
Absolutely Brilliant!
Excellent Collection!
What a Creative Imagination!
!!Worth More than Five Stars!

I loved everything about this collection of stories!

Let me know if you like the stories, or better still, say so in writing, wherever you got them. I need to know what you think. Please? Thank you

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

ENIGMA—Of the Second Coming

Just imagine how smart we would be if we were to live for a few thousand years. (Well, some of us, lol). Not in the same, aging, dilapidating physical body, of course. Each new body we design, then supervise its construction is, hopefully, a more advanced model evolving to better serve the purpose for which we created it.
Don’t forget:
The Creator (within us) is immortal.
Each time we occupy a new biological model, endowed with artificial intelligence, we are a minute step closer to the time when we and our model will act as ONE. Ultimately I AM and the model through which It functions will act purely for the benefit of the Creative Source within us, the Source which is the essence of our life.
Others, less advanced embodiments, will take over our present functions, probably that of venturing into the unknown.
Some of us imagine that, one day, the smartest amongst us will come back to show us the error of our ways. In Christianity, this is known as the Second Coming. One can but wish that such an event would apply not only to the Christ, abut also to Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, as well as Lao Tsu, Socrates, Plato, not to mention Mozart, Beethoven, and a dozen or so of other great composers, artists, as well as philosophers and mystics.
Wouldn’t that be nice?
On the other hand, wouldn’t that just repeat previous achievements of humanity? Aren’t we intended to cross new grounds, reach beyond the old horizons, old perceived limitations? After all, the Creative Potential within us is infinite, hence, shouldn’t we reach out towards the unknown?
Surely, the Second Coming takes place within us.
Within our Consciousness.

Unfortunately we make mistakes.
Many mistakes.
When those endanger the functioning of life on our plant, the Universal Laws step in to eliminate the cause, and, possibly, to find a better model to continue venturing into new realities.

The only other option is to hope that the great Souls that trod this ball of dirt before us might find a way to give us a helping hand in other ways. This is where ENIGMA steps in. Whether ‘they’ do so physically, or by influencing our thoughts, remains to be seen. Perhaps they’ll find even more creative ways.
ENIGMA—Of the Second Coming tackles the problem of saving humanity from ourselves. It seems that we reached the stage of having too much power, not enough love. The novel might also explain the mystery of PLUTO, which most astronomers no longer recognize as a planet. So… what might it be?

Below, what others thought of my novel:

Awakened Sci Fi!
Brilliant and Captivating!
This author never lets me down!
My favorite by this author, so far…
Another amazing story from Stan Law
Challenges Conventional Frames Of Mind
A State of Consciousness Can Open Up the Entire World

…and more…

Please, let me know what you think. 

Monday, 4 June 2018


Priesthood of yesteryear, of the distant past, were the only scientists of their day. Their education, such as it was, enabled them to attempt to understand the reality in which they lived. When they discovered the creative power that hibernates within us, their findings had been turned into a religion. This delusion persists to this day. And this in spite of great mystics who attempted to set us right.
The day I realized the above, I walked to the library of Religious Studies at McGill University, in Montreal. Eight months, and some 40 mega-volumes later, I put together my DICTIONARY OF BIBLICAL SYMBOLISM. I realized that various scriptures had nothing to do with any religion, but were compilations of knowledge of the day, expressed without modern nomenclature to describe the observations of priests/scientists. My DICTIONARY illustrates how much the meaning of various words had changed or evolved since the scribes put their superiors’ wisdom on parchment. If you want to know what the great minds of the past meant by the scriptures, you’ll find my DICTIONARY an indispensable tool. The real meaning will surprise you, and free you from the delusion fed to us by the present day priesthood.

Well, only now the scientists of the present day are beginning to catch up with the knowledge of the past. Mind over matter is slowly, very slowly, coming into its own.
Good luck to all who are beginning to awake to the power that wells within them. Ye are gods, indeed!

For thousands of years we, the human species, have lived, and apparently, continue to live under the carrot and stick philosophy. A philosophy that applies, at best, to children, and even then it is of dubious value. Isn’t it time we grew up and started living as adults and accepted that every cause has a predictable effect?
The ancient’s called it Karma. Isaac Newton calls it Principia, or the laws of motion. Motion is the essential constituent of life.

We can be sure of one thing. The Earth, the reality, in which we find our being is a direct result of us, of people living on this planet. We cannot blame God, or Satan any imaginary super-being for our lot. We created this Earth, we are its keeper, and we shall bear the consequences of the condition in which we live.
To repeat, we really are gods, and we have no one to blame.
As Buddha would say, WAKE UP!

So if you really want to free yourself from people who want to control your mind, from the blind who for countless generations have been leading the blind, get my DICTIONARY and decide for yourself. Below a few blurbs what others found out:

A must-have!
So intriguing!
Great Resource!
Huge Eye Opener
An Invaluable Resource
Discover the untold story
Brilliant for seeing deeper
Unparalleled in terms of its usefulness
Perfect Companion for Spiritual Enlightenment!

And many more…

Let me know what you think, on Amazon, or wherever you got it. Reviews are gratefully appreciated. 

Monday, 28 May 2018


Though I began writing Essays in November 1996, the first collection was published only in 2011. Some of my friends convinced me that they should be published.
“Because,” they said, “the essays will stimulate people’s minds. They’ll encourage the readers to think for themselves. To stand up on their own feet.”
Isn’t this what growing up is all about?
Surely, we are born in order to grow up.
Yet, most people seem to rely on past experience to decide on their future action. There is a reason for that. It is the safe, the secure thing to do. One is most unlikely to make a fool of oneself trying something new.
By that thinking, Christopher Columbus would have never discovered America.
At least he tried.
In fact, half a millennium before Columbus, Leif Eriksson trod on American soil, but, well, propaganda, or false news as it is now called, assigned the credit to Christopher.
But that is of no consequence. They both forsook the safety to explore, to dare, to take a risk and, hopefully, to discover something new.

Heaven is for the brave. The daring.

The only reason why we were born is to convert the theoretical potential inherent in the Universe into phenomenal reality. This is why every one of us has been accorded the creative gift of the mind. The mind which picks up ideas from the unconscious, analyzes them, energizes with emotions, and converts them into reality.
It doesn’t have to be earth-shuttering. Nor immortal.
You might not be a great composer but you might help someone become one. That would make you indispensable to the Universe. Or you might be able to ignite a smile in people who were sad, who would then become creative. Or you might feed the hungry birds which would awaken people from a mental or emotional stupor—people who forgot their purpose. We were born to do something that no one else is doing, just to sustain the reality in which we might abide a little longer.
And there’s the rub.
We are so inept with our gifts that we abide in a reality for a minutest fragment of eternity. The reality we sustain with our thoughts is ephemeral, transient, virtually insignificant.
Because ideas last the longest. Emotions for a shorter time. People shorter still. And things… well, things have no life of their own. They are only there, or here, to show us the results of our labours.
Yet it is only the labours count. 

Each one of us must find the purpose for our life. The purpose that no one else can fulfill.
The purpose that makes every one of us unique.

We must make every effort to discovers one’s particular individuality, one’s particular talent, and then apply it. To repeat old mistakes is to waste one’s most precious gift—the gift of life.

Hence, BEYOND RELIGION. Although all religions exist only to sustain status quo, Secular Ethics would guide us into the unknown. My essays endeavour to explore the Universal Laws. As for our mistakes, we must deal with those ourselves. After all:

“Ye are gods,” remember?

Volumes One, Two, and Three.

Monday, 21 May 2018

PLUTO EFFECT—Aquarius Trilogy

For some reason, people refuse to recognize the characteristics inherent in the Age of Aquarius. In the past, for countless generations, only those “in power” could and did control the reality in which the masses conducted their lives. Relatively small groups of completely amoral people influenced events in such a way as to derive personal benefits at the expense of others, millions, later billions of people.
There had been a number of attempts to reverse this course. Communism, even rampant nationalism such as Nazism,  left their mark on the organization of the “ruling classes”.
Yet, those who gained power through those means fell into the same trap. The trap of greed. Even today, with the annual world median family income hovering around $10,000, there are select groups of plutocrats who usurp millions of dollars in their annual salaries. The CEOs of the 350 largest U.S. public companies now average $16,300,000 in compensation, in addition to annual bonuses, regardless of the efficacy of their performance.

According to Forbes 2018 rich list, there are a record 2,208 billionaires in the world today.

Unbeknownst to the ‘masses’, those select plutocrats, the world over, run our planet. They decide on our future, including the progress or regress of world economies, the allocation of money from taxation, and even wars and wholesale murders.

So what is about to happen?
The Age of Aquarius is initiated, or preceded, by a cleansing process known as the PLUTO EFFECT. We do not know how it came to be, but it is reasonable to assume that there are entities in the world that are millions if not billions of years more advanced than we are. Perhaps they originated the system of the progression of the Zodiac, as the only method that can maintain the evolution consisting of converting the Infinite Potential into Phenomenal Manifestation.
It seems that for them, for those advanced beings, the process is the only thing that matter, and restoration of an evolutionary equilibrium is foremost on their agenda.

My novel, the PLUTO EFFECT, suggests how such a process might unveil. Whatever influences those advanced entities, (we could call them gods), might have on our physical environment, we know that while throughout history there have been ice-ages, planetary collisions, global upheavals including shifting of tectonic plates, and suchlike, there is also evidence of substantial disturbances, in human evolution. Whether we evolved from chimpanzees, gorillas or orangutans, is academic. There were hominids of many kinds.
Whatever happened in the hoary past of one thing we can be sure. The individuality of man was always at the forefront of the evolutionary process.

Now, during the Age of Aquarius, each individual will be empowered to stand up against the few under whose whip they abided for countless generations. It does not mean that everyone will take up arms, but they will be empowered to do so. Individual people will be empowered to restore the balance upset by human greed.
Read how this might happen. NOW! It might save your life.

Book Two of the Aquarius Trilogy

Monday, 14 May 2018

AVATARS v. Pandemonium

In my youth, when we heard music we stopped talking, often stopped whatever we were doing, and waited until the sonata, the symphony, a concerto, or a particular aria, or even popular music stopped, before we uttered a sound. We did this because we listened to music.
Those day are over.
At least on TV, there is no more music.
Instead, we are offered noise.
Nobody stops talking, they wiggle, or gyrate in animalistic convulsions, in rhythm to the noise produced by instruments which once served to produce music. Now, the instruments are limited to guitars and percussion, with an occasional enhancement of cowbells.
I hope cows like it.
I do NOT.

Nowadays, in lieu of music, by far the highest form of art, we are presented with discords which provide background noise, to accompany the inability of speakers, directors, or even writers to produce anything remotely interesting to sustain our attention to the exclusion of everything else. They call it a sound-truck, when in fact it is nothing other than a noise-track. Even popular-science programs on TV that are supposed to edify us, are instead shamelessly insulted by noise that is having a winning battle for the attention of the listener.
Even some news programs are embroiled in noise.
Remember Shakespeare?
“If music be the food of love, play on…”
Those days really are over. We gave up on music. Judging by the western politicians, we also gave up on love.

My friend once said that “Music is the scourge of our era.” A agree. Only it is not music that is the scourge but the noise that purports to be music. It is the pandemonium that, as John Milton so aptly observed in Paradise Lost, is only fit to be played in the capital of Hell.

It was very different once. To see, almost hear, what music could be, what it once was, read the AVATAR SYNDROME. Therein you are reminded that music is, and remains, akin to the nectar of the gods.

Imagine a troubled, taciturn girl growing into a world-renowned violinist; from misunderstood recluse, to messiah of a higher truth and beauty. Pain and pleasure, science, talent, and mysticism, combine into a symphony of fame, glory, and enchantment.
She delivers a singular vision of what it could mean to be human. Such people truly are the Messengers of God.

A few blurbs from some 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Just Brilliant!
Fantastic Book
Very Good Book
Scientific and Spiritual
Endearing and Enlightening!
A tale of an extraordinary life
The marriage of creativity and genius
Thought-provoking and masterful work!
Another great spiritual journey from Law
Impressive, deep and intelligent! Loved it!

And many more…

Let me know if you like it or, better still, add your stars to the 15 FIVE-STAR reviews already on the Amazon.
Get it NOW and ENJOY!

The Messengers of God
Book One of the Avatar Trilogy

Monday, 7 May 2018

NOW— Being & Becoming

As suggested in my book DELUSIONS—Pragmatic Realism, we labour under many delusions as regarding our reality. In the past, I discussed the synonymity between Eternity and NOW. Once we accept that whatever age, historical period, or projected future we imagine, our definition of reality is always limited to the Present. To the eternal, inexhaustible NOW.
The next logical step is to accept the premise that nothing can be or happen, or “come about” as the result of nothing. The Laws of Cause and Effect are sufficiently defined by Isaac Newton. Our scientists would have us believe that the Big Bang took place from, literarily, nothing. That there was neither time nor space before it took place.
Well, my friends, I beg to differ.

Everything already exists in its Potential Form.

Everything. This includes all ideas which may or many not be, ultimately, converted to the transient phenomenal reality. They exist in the Eternal Now, and if and when they do become manifest in the ‘physical’ world, their temporal existence would not change.
Perhaps we should be reminded that, according to the best physicists that ever graced our reality, all is energy. Hence there is nothing that isn’t. The only difference between the tangible and non-tangible manifestations of energy is the rate of vibration of the energy involved in the manifestation in our reality.
If we begin with the all-encompassing, amorphous, infinite Potential (i.e.: energy vibrating at an infinite rate, hence being omnipresent), we must conclude that only in the infinity of the Eternal Now can such be manifested in the phenomenal reality.
Also, we must accept that the same event can be observed by different observers at different ‘times’, hence for each of the observers only NOW presents any concept of reality.
Readers interested in the deeper concept of time, I refer to my book VISUALIZATION—Creating Your Own Universe, in which I discuss time from both, the philosophical and scientific point of view.

To sum up:
Everything already exists in its potential form. The eternal NOW is the platform wherein and when-in the potential is manifested in its phenomenal form. The physical universe consists of the successful manipulation of the rates of vibration of energy, which, nevertheless are transient in terms of eternity.

And this brings me to my novel, which illustrates the practical implications of this philosophy. NOW—Being and Becoming is a paranormal love story with 17 FIVE-STAR reviews. You might care to add your own.
“A man wraps his car around a lamppost. The next instant he's looking down at his body lying in a ditch. He wonders why he doesn't feel any pain. What follows are "300 spellbinding pages!"

A few blurbs from some 5-star reviews.

Get Immersed!
Exceptional Experience!
Spellbinding and mind-opening!
A supreme exploration of mortality
Could Not Put This Down! Love this book!
Just read it and follow the flow - a brilliant novel!

And many more… You’ll find my book on Amazon and/or Smashwords by clicking on the titles below.