Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Eternal NOW

Most of my books have a tendency to play with the concept of time. I am not alone.

We are forced to accept the assurances of our physicists that time doesn’t really exist. Although both Aristotle and Newton believed in absolute time, later scientists put dents in the previous theories. First, Einstein showed time’s relativity to movement (velocity) and space, and later, Stephen Hawking elaborated on its fluctuations and other disturbing properties.”

The above quotation is from my book “VISUALIZATION” (non-fiction). For aficionados of mixed marriages, in Visualization, as well as in my latest novel, “AWAKENING”, you’ll find that science and religion are not as far apart as we imagined. After all, in the days of pharaohs, priests had been the sole keepers of knowledge. Only later science and religion succumbed to an acrimonious divorce. Yet Albert Einstein continued to claim that, “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” I’d suggest that he was not really referring to various religions as such, but the knowledge offered us by the great mystics, on which later religions were loosely based. I say loosely for a reason. E.g., Yeshûa, known later as Jesus, said that “heaven is within you.” Practitioners of religions, on the other hand, claim that you “go to heaven”, after you die. That would imply that you have to spend eternity in a corpse.
Religions have drifted far from the original teaching. Yet, they can only obfuscate science, they cannot deny it.

       Since, according to the man whom many regard as God, heaven is within us, I decided to explore such a condition in my novel (frankly, in most of my novels). But in “NOW—Being and Becoming”, I compromised. I didn’t allow my universal traveler to die, but to enter his inner world in a state of coma. I allowed the hero to explore his memories which, surely, made up the reality of his own, personal ‘heaven’. From the beginning of time.
Ultimately, my hero had to decide if he’d rather stay in heaven, wherein no danger could ever befall him, or return to the state of Becoming, with the attendant dangers, problems, and… opportunities of adding substance to the heaven he’d leave behind.
You, too, may be faced with such a Hobson’s choice. 

My novel reinforces science by accepting the medical and psychological truth that deep within the comatose patients consciousness exists. I also reinforced religion by accepting that there is ‘life’ or at least a state of consciousness, beyond time and space. Surely, we must define consciousness as life itself. Let me know if you agree. After all, it might happen to you, yet, after you read my book you might no longer be afraid. You might even look forward to such a possibility. It might be fun. Or… well…
Please, let me know.

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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Mystery of Trinity and Immortality

On January 31, 2001, I published essay “TRINITY”, which later became Essay #51, in Volume III of my BEYOND RELIGION Collection of Essays. The first paragraphs reads :

“It probably all started with the sacred syllable AUM, the Medic Trimurti. The secret sound conceals the unrevealed Deity, the Swayambhouva, That which is That, That which has Its Being in and of Itself. Emanating from this ineffable Deity, the initial Source, the germ of the universe, are the three-in-one trinities forming a Supreme Whole. From AUM thus emanate the Nara, Nari and Viradyi, the initial triad. The Agni, Vaya and Sourya, the manifested triad that follows is still secret, intangible, esoteric.”

Trimurti gave birth to virtually all later religions.
Trimurti is Sanskrit from tri meaning three, and mûrrti meaning body or shape. The rest of the inspired Triads is explained in the essay. The influence of the Trimurti on various future religions, ending with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost is self-evident.
And then I came across a strange statement by Meister Eckhart. He said that: “One who speaks about the Trinity lies!”
Too complex?
It got me thinking.
After long mental acrobatics, I concluded that for Meister’s Eckhart splitting Divinity into three aspects was not acceptable. His need for the Singularity was so strong that he couldn’t contemplate any division of the concept of the Singular Source, most of us refer to as God. Indeed, over the years, the concept of monotheism became prevalent in all major religions.

This concept served us well until our leading scientists, to wit, Albert Einstein, affirmed that there the universe we perceive with our senses is imaginary. That there is no matter, that at the quantum level all that we perceive as solid is made up of infinitely small, one-dimensional fragments of pulsating energy. This led, to what became known as the String Theory, initially developed by Gabriele Veneziano. And now we inherited a new problem. Even as religion tried hard to give meaning to the Universe, so did our scientists. Instead of God, they invented a Black Hole. Once it exploded from the initial void, things began to give problems. In science, what goes up, must come down. However, the scientists couldn’t find any force that would pull ‘it’ down. They invented Black Matter. Then Black Energy. They kept inventing concepts until they run out of concepts. To compensate, they converted the Universe into Multiverse or an agglomeration of universes. The more the merrier.
Still… no joy.

And that’s when it struck me. I remembered the saying “as above, so below”. Good, but not accurate enough. The truth lay in the expression: “As within so without,” and vice versa. “As without so within.” Suddenly all mystery unfolded itself. All fragments of vibrating energy fell into place. There was just one problem. I am neither a scientist nor a theologian. Eureka I murmured, and sat down to write “AWAKENING—Event Horizon”. It became a euphoric marriage of science and ancient myth.


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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

About Killing

“Thou shalt not kill!” we cry dropping bombs from 30,000 feet up in the air. We are safe up there. The women and children down below do not have land-to-air missiles.
“Love thy enemies,” added an unknown man by the name Yeshûa. Who might he have been? Love our enemies? He must have been kidding. Surely, if we loved them they’d no longer be our enemies. Didn’t he know that?
There are others who never heard of either man. Neither of Moses nor of Yeshûa. Anyway, they’ve been driven to the edge of insanity. They lost their country, their homes, often their families. There is no one left to love.
A young man shrugged his shoulders. Last night he saw a James Bond movie. If those long-dead men had been right, then those who kill are not 007. They are just 00. The real killers are those who give orders to kill. Does not each action precipitate an equal opposite reaction?
How can people love those who drop bombs on their homes, he mused? How can one love those mass murderers?

Even as individualized consciousness evolves, it grows and increases in diversity. Bacteria are very similar to each other. Flies begin to differentiate. Birds already sing different songs… and so forth.
Humans are never the same. At human level of evolution, each one of us has a different duty to perform. A different purpose. Regimentation into obedience to a single idea, a government, or an organization, is in direct opposition to the purpose of evolutionary diversity. Thus, by definition, individualization remains the prerogative of individuals. Each one of us is individually responsible for disobeying universal laws. Laws that try to maintain the balance of the final product; of the phenomenal reality.

Every government has dominion over its subjects. They rule, control, introduce new laws, enforce the previous ones to preserve peace. They have no authority to order anyone to kill anyone. Life is consciousness, manifesting through energies vibrating at different rates. Those energies include thoughts, emotions, and those at the lowest level which we perceive with our physical senses. Our physical bodies are not life—they are the transient result of forces manifested through us. The final result of that which is perceived and created by our consciousness. And our consciousness is no more than an individualization of the Single, omnipresent, indestructible Consciousness which is replete with Infinite Creative Potential.
The energy of Life is embodied in us and in all flora and fauna. You cannot kill life. Life is indestructible. By killing a body, any body, you destroy the final product of billions of years of evolution. Perhaps we really should not kill.

After 18 years of research Yeshûa, later known as Jesus, reached this conclusion. You might care to read how he arrived at it. They didn’t agree with Him then. And for some reason, His teaching is ignored by our governments and by the rest of us even today. We are a species of killers. What a pity. 

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Those who rely on the Bible often think that we have been put in charge of the animal kingdom to do with as we wish. They think that they are masters of life and death of all that walks, flies, and swims in our oceans. They seem to think that we have been given carte blanche, a free reign, to murder all living things so that we might live.
No so.
There is another biblical ‘item’ we must consider. In the Bible, the Hebrew word ‘nephesh’ is invariably translated as ‘soul’. On closer examination we learn that it should have been translated as animal soul. And this concept, in turn, means the subconscious, or the sum-total of all memories in a specific individualization that manifests life. And, if you choose to rely on the Bible, then rest assured that ALL animals are souls. Yes, including you and me. As individualized Consciousness continues to reincarnate, It advances to ever higher realization, until It arrives at conclusion that It, and It alone, is at the root of the Creative Process we call life. Eventually we all realize that, as the prophets of old have foretold, we are gods.

And then there is another item.
Genesis 1:30 states:
“To every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat.”

I assume that there is life within you. If yes, then this admonition applies to you. You must find your ‘meat’ within the green herb. Or… don’t claim to have anything to do with Judeo-Christian ethic. And don’t say that Yeshûa has eaten meat. So has Buddha, rather than let it go to waste. And Yeshûa produced fish from an ‘empty’ basket to feed 5000 people.
And if you discard the Bible as a source of accumulated knowledge, then Homer stated it quite convincingly in his Odyssey: “Of all creatures that breathe and move upon the earth, nothing is bred that is weaker than man.”
Yes, this applies to bacteria and viruses, that often are much stronger than we are. Here’s hoping that humans are more advanced on the scale of evolution than the microscopic bugs. Are you? Or do you still eat other animals. (I, too, still cheat on occasion).
We have been given husbandry, not license to murder.

And this brings us to cats and dogs. To their minds and souls. Every single story has been dictated to me by my friends. They don’t always come out quite right, but, well, nothing is perfect in this world. One day they, too, will eat only ‘green meat”. As we do.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces

Essentially, Marvin Clark is a love story. A story in which two people are united for reasons they cannot readily explain. And this brings us directly to the energies involved in the most misunderstood word in English language: LOVE. I said energies because according to our physicists the Universe is composed exclusively of energies oscillating at different rates of vibration. They can also metamorphose from one vibratory rate to another.
And so it is with love.
We become aware of this energy at hormonal level. For reasons we cannot define, we are attracted to another person. At this level we react to purely animalistic conditioning.
At phase two, we become aware of emotional attraction, which draws us to the object of our interest.
Finally, we begin to lose the false feeling of separation, of the “us and them” concept, and we begin to accept the inexplicable oneness which binds us together within a Singularity, where energy exists in its potential, or pre-manifested form. Scientists, who rebel at the very thought of metaphysics, often call this a Black Hole, without ever defining what it is.
Few of us seem to realize that Universe exists only because the oscillations of centrifugal and centripetal energies are maintained in balance. While the centrifugal force assures expansion, diversification, change, and thus life—the centripetal force continues to pull us in, to assure the Oneness of the Universe. These forces act at all levels of our awareness, although we seldom become conscious of them.

This concept would be much easier to accept if people stopped assigning human characteristics to deities. They invariably assert that God is good, and, to restore the necessary balance, they affirm that Satan is bad—yet they also claim that God is the only creator, and thus must also be responsible for the delinquencies of Satan. This is why, inter alia, I’ve published DELUSIONS, in which 1 point out the folly of fundamentalism in both science and religions.
In fact, the only “divine state” that truly exists is the state of BALANCE. In the phenomenal sense it is identified by scientists as the Event Horizon. As everything in the phenomenal Universe is only a reflection of forces at ‘pre-phenomenal’ rates of vibration, the state of balance can also be observed at high levels of consciousness, which has been experienced by some saints and mystics. Most of us hardly even heard about the concept of “peace beyond human understanding,” yet this condition is achievable to all of us. You might enjoy reading AWAKENING, a novel in which I discuss various states of consciousness.
While subliminally we are encouraged to step outside the Event Horizon, to experiment with the diverse creative potential available to us—straying too far from the state of balance is as dangerous as being pulled into the heart of a Black Hole.

We can think of MARVIN CLARK as taking the initial steps  in search for FREEDOM, which state of consciousness within the Event Horizon offers.
Remember! Ye are Gods!

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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The GATE: Things my Mother told me

A short while ago, we celebrated Mother’s day. Such celebrations do not stop, even if your mother is no longer alive. The thoughts of her, as she is, was, and for most of us forever will be, remain filled with joy and gratitude.
One cannot stop loving. We like our mothers for the many gifts they bestowed on us. Gift of wisdom, of kindness, of patience… gifts which to this day we are trying to emulate. But love reaches beyond liking. We often love in spite of things, not because of them. We love because it gives us conscious awareness of a strange unifying force that joins us and the loved one into a singular entity.
We become One.
My mother was a very old-fashioned lady. She lived by the precepts of the teaching of the Catholic Church. Yet, as all of us, she had a personal idiosyncrasy that she maintained till the last day. She believed that each time she did the ‘right’ thing, said the ‘right’ word, the Gate which led her to heaven opened a little wider. Finally, although she was ready to go much sooner, as she turned 100, she walked through the Gate with a smile on her face. At long last she found the Gate wide open.

It has been said that the GATE offers an intriguing and captivating look at the last sixty years of western culture. While witnessing hilarious life in an Old Peoples’ home, you learn about Alzheimer’s and Dementia. This is your chance to prepare for old age with subtle wit, compassion, faith, and lots of laughter.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Destiny and Fulfillment

I met many people who couldn’t make up their mind what they should do, what trade or profession to practice, even what studies to undertake.
Well, it simply doesn’t matter.
If we listens to our inner voice (10 minutes/day of relaxation, physical and mental, and ‘listening’), we will invariably be guided, by our own unconscious, towards the fulfillment of our destiny. It may be a winding road, but it will get us there.
We often forget that it is not our ego but our highest consciousness, normally referred to as Higher Self, that is, or should be, the boss of our lives. Ego is necessary for our transient survival in a physical body, which is no more than a means, through which we can fulfill our destiny. We have to look after it the way we look after any other material object which enhances our becoming. But our body is not the essence of our Being. All that really matters is our Consciousness. While all other aspects of our personality, including the energies of mind and emotions, can metamorphose into other forms, Consciousness alone straddles the Straight and Narrow Path, in which Being and Becoming coexist in perfect balance.
Hence it is only our Higher Consciousness that can guide us to fulfill our purpose in this transient reality. Once we learn to listen to It, we’re on our way back home.

SACHA’s life, (in book 3 of the Alexander Trilogy), hovers between normal, paranormal, and supernormal realities. He is uncomfortable in his body. His physical, material body. He’s obsessed with finding purpose in his life. Finally his mysterious mission is revealed to him. He learns how to fulfill his destiny. Strangely, his success results in dire consequences to those who dared to oppose him. The will of the Higher Self must not be ignored.

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