Sunday, 16 April 2017


Every 2000 years or so, Zodiac rotates to initiate a new evolutionary Age. More precisely, every 2150 years… Hence Age of Aquarius.
Amazon defines my Trilogy as METAPHYSICAL, METAPHYSICAL/VISIONARY, and PARANORMAL. You decide if ROMANCE, SUSPENSE, and MYSTERY should also be on the list.

WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality, Book One, begins with an incident involving a wall, which took place some 2000 years ago when the Age of Pisces was just beginning. If you want to walk through walls, make love on a sun-drenched Greek island, traverse time and space in split second…  read this book.

A few blurbs from 5 STAR reviews on Amazon.

Love it!
Brain Food!
Must-read for OBE enthusiasts!
Reality or Fantasy? Don't Miss it!
Another mind-bending tale from Law!
Smart, compelling and absolutely original!
A Romance of the Physical and Metaphysical!
Explores Love, Sex, and Immortality Like No Other!

And others…

PLUTO EFFECT takes us a step further. Under the influence of Pluto, the world order is on the brink of collapse. Those who know about ancient prophecies will escape with their lives. Those who do not… will face the consequences.
Read this book carefully. It might save your life. 
Ambrosia implements Quantum Tunneling on a commercial scale. She and Simon become financially independent. They pursue their passions. Ambrosia delves into ancient Greek Myths. Simon’s team pursue hypnotic regression to reexamine historical ‘facts’.
Ancient history is drastically rewritten!
These are strange times of rapid and unprecedented change. Only a few will emerge unscathed. Others will be swept by the turbulent currents flooding the world. This is the onset of the power of the Zodiac—the Age of Aquarius.
PLUTO EFFECT cleanses the old to make room for the new. Physically, politically, economically, and sociologically, the world is in unprecedented upheaval.

A few more blurbs from 5 STAR reviews:

Amazing! Exciting! Illuminating! Wonderful Reading! A beautiful continuation! Book One Brought Me Here! Lovely, deep and exciting book! A fascinating philosophical novel! Only the best from Author Stan I.S. Law! Get ready to think and then be blown away!
And many more…

OLYMPUS—Of Gods and Men, takes us to the New Eden. Even as all hell breaks loose due to Pluto Effect, our heroes escape to beautiful Greek island of Milos. Only there they have a chance to survive apocalyptic global upheavals, caused by the reversal of polarity of magnetic poles.
Even as governments and social structures collapse, a small group of advanced beings protects the remnants of human heritage. Eventually, these Few awaken to the magnificent powers lying dormant within them. This could be… you!

More 5 STAR blurbs from Amazon:

Third book still has it!
A brilliant end to the trilogy
Captivating and thought-provoking!
A Fantastic Conclusion To A Great Trilogy!
WOW! Gorgeous conclusion to a brilliant series!

The time is at hand… Get these books with one click. NOW! 
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Saturday, 8 April 2017

A Journey towards the Stars

My Third "bestselling" Trilogy, (Books 1 and 2 have been Amazon bestsellers in 4 categories each!), explores the Potential fulminating in a precocious boy, ALEC, later known as ALEXANDER and his son SACHA. Alec’s unbridled imagination takes him into a word of fantasy and paranormal experience.
Alec grows up to be a famous physicist struggling to reconcile his early psychic episodes with pure science. His inexplicable  gifts swell to still greater powers in his son, Sacha, who is reminiscent of Robert Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land.” Unable to accept the reality of our world, Sacha longs to return to his previous realm, apparently inaccessible to mere mortals.

ALEC is a precocious boy, who is a daydreamer. His incredibly active mind wanders off, frequently taking him on imaginary adventures to places he has never seen.
Alec is coming of age.
He conquers the unconquerable, visits the unreachable, sails the seven seas. One day, in his room, he discovers Princess Sandra, a beautiful girl smiling back at him from the mirror. She is shrouded in mystery.
He also finds his first love. If you join him for the ride of your life you’ll feel young again.

ALEXANDER, a brilliant physicist, enters the realm of Fantasy, Black  Magic, Adventure, and Romance.
Alec, now Dr. Alexander Baldwin, has risen to unprecedented heights in his profession. He is determined to unlock the secrets of the Universe. All seems fine until his journey to the mysterious Machu Picchu. There, at the top of the world of the ancient Incas, Princess Sandra returns to claim her proper place in his life. Alexander refuses to give up his freedom without a struggle.

SACHA—The Way Back, has been characterized as “Amazing!” “Astounding!” “Phenomenal!”
You decide.
Every few thousand years a child is born whose destiny is to reawaken the spirit of man.
 Alexander’s son, Sacha’s life oscillates between normal, paranormal, and supernormal combining magic, mysticism, and wisdom leading to self-discovery.
Sacha is trying to figure out what he is doing in a human body. The mystery taunts him. He is obsessed with the idea that he’s not of this world; that he is here, on Earth, to carry out a specific mysterious mission. He also believes that he cannot go back to his own country until his enigmatic destiny is fulfilled.
Suspense mounts as Sacha discovers his destiny. Soon, all Hell breaks loose. Religions of the world unite against him, yet those who oppose him pay the ultimate price. The ending of the Trilogy is earth-shattering. The world will never be the same again!

A few blurbs from 5-STAR reviews for Book One.

Great Book
Engaging Fantasy
Fantasy that inspires
Must Read Adventure!
Adventures of the mind
Even better than I expected!
Another Stunner for Stan I. S. Law
Wonderful, beautiful Read! Loved it!
Very Well Written and Very Engaging!
Coming of Age as a Thinker and a Seeker.
A Wonderful Tale Of Adventure and Discovery!

And many more for Books Two and Three…

Let me know if you like it or say so on Amazon…
Reviews are gratefully appreciated


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Friday, 31 March 2017

The Power dormant within You.

For a while I will present books which illustrate the philosophy expressed in my blogs. The first Trilogy explores the Potential dormant in every man, woman and child, waiting to be discovered. The Omnipresent Potential is eternally manifesting through a endless variety of creative acts. We are the means, the instruments, through which some aspects of creation can, and occasionally does, manifest. The Trilogy deals with the Creative Potential within us.

In AVATAR SYNDROME, Book One of the Trilogy, we witness Anne, a troubled, taciturn girl, growing into a world-renowned violinist; from a misunderstood recluse she rises to a messiah of higher truth and beauty. Pain and pleasure, science, talent, and mysticism, combine into a symphony of fame, glory, and enchantment. They deliver a singular vision of what it could mean to be human.
In Book Two, HEADLESS WORLD, Anne, empowered by experiences of her youth, reaches out to help those who are judged beyond help by human standards. Ultimately her inimitable talents combine with her husband’s, Dr. Peter Brown’s, and the future Pope Gio, to save the world from the brink of global disaster. An Incident in Vatican plays a vital part in forestalling the sinister threat of World War III. 
Finally, in Book Three, AWAKENING—Event Horizon, Anne, Peter, Gio, and their closest friends survive cataclysmic events that befall the whole Earth. The global upheavals lead to an  unprecedented Ice-Age, which results in humanity succumbing to a state of hibernation. The few who awaken, find themselves in a New Eden, with mysterious powers waiting to be explored. Indeed, they awaken to Paradise.

A few blurbs from some 5-STAR reviews on Amazon.

Just Brilliant!
Fantastic Book
Very Good Book
Scientific and Spiritual
Endearing and Enlightening!
A tale of an extraordinary life
The marriage of creativity and genius
Thought-provoking and masterful work!
Another great spiritual journey from Law
Impressive, deep and intelligent! Loved it!

And many more…

Let me know if you like it or, better still, say so on Amazon…
Reviews are gratefully appreciated


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Thursday, 23 March 2017


What is surprising, almost stunning, about duality of reality, of cause and effect, is that contrary to assurances from our scientific fraternity, this duo is completely and absolutely inseparable. One cannot be, exist, without its other component. The two are invariably and inexorably One. Yet, most of us, the scientists in particular, insist on delving almost exclusively into the effect, ignoring, for the most part, the primary cause. They study the “world”, the stars that long ceased to exist, the subatomic quanta they can neither see nor detect with their best technology, yet forever ignoring what brought them into our reality.

Yet in Heaven, everything already exists in its Potential. It is there in a static form, in the eternal present, the immobile NOW where our I AM has its origins. From there It emerges, performs Its creative acts, and returns to the state of Being. This inherent duality can be observed in all aspects of manifested reality, in all aspects of the phenomenal world. Once its mission is accomplished, it reverts to the static form of Being, enriching the Potential with its experience of Becoming.
Yet, the State of Being is not truly static. It vibrates at a infinite rate, hence manifesting beyond time or space. It is omnipresent, eternal, indestructible.

Nothing anyone writes, or had ever written, or could write, would describe the totality of potential extant in the concept of God. God is a name we coined for the energy of Being endowed with infinite potential of everything, which finds its expression through kinetic energy. A human, and all kinetic creation, is the consequence of that omnipresent energy manifested through infinite rates of vibration.
A human who feels and acts in accord with the potential within him or her, is the biblical concept of the “beloved son”, or daughter of course, of the Potential within them. The biological computer (brain and neurological system), together with the endocrine (glandular system, taking care of our emotional body), and the sensory system (giving us awareness of the external vibratory rates of energy), generate a false consciousness known as Ego. While we tend to associate excesses of ego with negative aspects of our personality, it is necessary to sustain our individuality in the phenomenal Universe.
It is vital to accept that we, everyone of us, must reach the evolutionary stage of accepting our duality. We must accept that both, Being and Becoming are integral parts or our nature. The two make us whole. Complete.

The Gospel of Thomas states: “Whosoever finds the explanation of these words shall not taste death.” We are endowed with the gene of immortality. Our genome can endure thousands, perhaps millions of years. But what of our consciousness? The author offers us the Key to Immortality.

A few blurbs from some 5 STAR reviews below.

Fantastic Book!
Quality Analysis
Beautifully written…
Incredibly fascinating
A very unique perspective!
Religious Verbiage Decoded
Thought Provoking and Transforming!
Blew My Mind. An Incredible Gospel Finding

And many more…

Let me know if you like the KEY, or better still, say so on Amazon… Reviews are gratefully appreciated. 

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

ST. VALENTINE’S—In Search of Freedom

Frankly, it’s all Einstein’s fault. After all, it was he who defined our stupidity as infinite. Regrettably, this also applies to our celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day. To commemorate his martyrdom we stuff ourselves with chocolates and other sugar-loaded tidbits.
While there may have been a number of other SeƱor Valentinos who may have qualified as go-betweens for amorous adventurers in ancient times, perhaps we associate Saint Valentine’s Day with the man who performed forbidden wedding ceremonies for Roman soldiers, particularly if they wanted to marry Christians. St. Valentine had lost his head for his acts of kindness.
But only perhaps…
In fact, the first recorded celebrations of Saint Valentine’s Day go back only to the 14th Century, the times of Geoffrey Chaucer, when the tradition of flowers and confectionery was first recorded. The byproduct of this new tradition probably contributed to us getting obese to this day. So while marriages are no longer forbidden under the law, not even to Christians, we can at least blame Saint Valentine for making us fat. Or blame Geoffrey Chaucer. Or both?

Marvin Clark was the only Valentine Jocelyn ever had. The only man from whom she’d received chocolates, quietly, without witnesses. Marvin would certainly approve any surreptitious shows of affection, providing they were really surreptitious. If possible, delivered anonymously. Like a box of chocolates wrapped in brown paper. Delivered incognito, as if he had nothing to do with them. Marvin, a man as shy as he was retiring, assumed a cloak of invisibility to protect himself from vicissitudes of everyday life. The only escapes he enjoyed were into the inner worlds of his own making. Then, a beautiful woman entered his drab reality. Suddenly, the protective ramparts he’d erected so carefully began to crumble. Would she set him free?
Find out for yourself.
Of one thing you may be sure. Jocelyn was his Valentine like no other. She filled the immense emotional vacuum which Marvin diligently constructed to protect himself from the outside world. And then he searched for freedom behind the walls he’d erected.
As I was saying, find out for yourself. Others did. This is what they said with 5-star reviews:

I loved it!
Heart Warming!
Profoundly Moving
Beautiful Love Story!
Romance and Self Discovery!
Fantastic characters and story!
A classy read, fresh as they get!
Unlike any love story, I've read before!
A Classy and Wonderfully Written Love Story!

And many more…

Let me know what you think or, better still, say so on Amazon…  
Reviews are (very!) gratefully appreciated.

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Recently, more and more scientists, particularly astrophysicists, tend to aver that both time and space are infinite. Perhaps, if not in the physical or phenomenal sense, then at least so in its potential realm. If so, if they are right, then science is, once again, approaching the mystic background on which religions had been founded.
Go back a few trillion years.
Now imagine ‘people’, intelligent beings that existed then, perhaps continue to exist in some form unknown to us. People that had been born some trillions of years ago, of energies that coalesced in one form or another to be,  even for brief moments of history, bodies (individualizations) of our forefathers. If they didn’t destroy themselves but managed to survive the ages that separate us, they, if evolution truly exists, by any definition of our standards they would be gods.
Almighty, all-powerful, magnificent gods.
The bodies they occupied would have long passed the stage of using photons instead of atoms to define their personal enclosures in the phenomenal Universe. The eldest amongst them would have developed the ability to exist, as individuals, of pure consciousness. Of energy whose rate of vibrations is infinite, and thus omnipresent. Perhaps they would only manifest their presence wheresoever they chose to place their attention.
Would they not be as gods? And now think what may have happened on the Olympus...

And if they were still around, would they still be evolving? "World without end," as the priest of my youth would have said. World without end, a manifestation of the omnipresent amorphous energy of intelligence with infinite potential ever fulminating within the limitless confines of infinity.
Is your head spinning yet?
If not it might, in a million or two years from now. Don’t despair, as an individualization of omnipresent consciousness you are immortal. Isn’t it fun?

A few blurbs from 5 STAR REVIEWS below:

Love it!
Brain Food!
A must-read for OBE enthusiasts!
Reality or Fantasy? Don't Miss it!
Another mind-bending tale from Law!
Smart, compelling and absolutely original!
A Romance of the Physical and Metaphysical!
Explores Love, Sex, and Immortality Like No Other!

And many more for PLUTO and OLYMPUS.

Let me know if you liked the AQUARIUS Trilogy, or better still, say so on Amazon, and then enjoy the rest of the Trilogy. Reviews are gratefully appreciated.


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