Saturday, 22 October 2016


It’s all to do with the rates of vibration. Eastern mystics have known this for millennia. Yet the vast majority of us recognize the reality we live in as solid matter.
As… real.
The medical profession still relies on these erroneous premises. So do thousands of ‘scientists’ entrenched in materiality. Men of science. Men that have given us the Flat Earth Society. So do most other disciplines: teachers, professors, politicians, and, obviously, all men and women involved in armed forces, in the productions of arms, in killing their fellow men, women and…  children.
They don’t know that we are all immortal.
Not our bodies. Not the lowest vibratory rate of which our physical bodies consist of, but the higher rates which create our immortal identity.
They don’t understand that they cannot change the rate of vibration of the emotional energy with the physical rate of vibration. Nor can emotional rates of vibration influence on the state of mind.
The ancients knew that. They did the reverse. They used the higher vibrations to influence and change the lower ones. Their followers called their achievements miracles. Yet all they did was to affect the higher, much more malleable vibrations, and the rest just followed. The higher rates of vibration control all lower forms. The reverse doesn’t and cannot work. This used to be the  realm of the mystics. Now…
Below as few ‘converts’.

“Everything in Life is Vibration,” - Albert Einstein

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” - Nikola Tesla.

“If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet. Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real,” - Niels Bohr

“Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual,” - Richard Conn Henry, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University.

Once you fully accept these premises, you will perform miracles. You will convert ideas into mental, then emotional, then physical vibrations. In that order. That’s how the universe works. It always did. Only we are of little faith. Little faith in true reality. That is why, periodically, the world needs renewal. It did in the past, and it will again. You can call those periods ice-ages if you like. Or global cataclysms. Or by any other name. Then we’ll start again, and… slowly descend to our present, simplistic, puerile ideas.
Some of us, a Few, will grow.
But none of us will die. Some of us will awaken, the others will have their energies recycled. But we shall all continue. On and on. Until our Ego and our Self become One.

We shall start by restoring peace—a state of balance, then we’ll accept the unity of being. Then we shall awaken. Anne, the violin virtuoso, knew a great deal about vibrations. In Avatar Syndrome she takes the first steps. In Book Two, she reaches deeper. In Book Three, she awakens to higher reality.

Avatar Trilogy


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Friday, 14 October 2016

Hope for Humanity

People deprived of spiritual aspirations think that evolution consists of producing more technological gadgets; that though we started as monkeys, now, lo and behold, by the miracle of inexplicable forces of nature, we became human.
Well, my friends, I beg to differ.
Physical evolution might, just might, offer us a greater  chance for physical survival, assuming we don’t destroy our home, yes, including our planet, first. Since our capacity to do so rises from day to day, I’d respectfully define this ability as pathological devolution.
Let me assure you: the smarter our gadgets, the less we are required to think. Also, it is not enough to have 100 billion neurons—the art is in how we use them.
Some of us are regressing to such abysmal stupidity as only people designing and/or producing the so-called weapons of mass destruction can be proud of; and, of course, the evolutionary biologists who lost their raison d’être somewhere in the kindergarten, in which they apparently have chosen to remain.

Evolution, real evolution, consists of increasing our awareness of our true nature. Albert Einstein, and a number of other physicists since, have proven that “all is energy”, that matter at its most rudimentary level consists of infinitesimally small strings of vibrating energy. That means, dear friends, that physically you and I are also, at the most rudimentary level, little more than energy vibrating at whatever rate we are capable of experiencing it. We are not ‘advanced’ apes, as the biological evolutionary ‘scientists’ would have us believe, but vibrating strings of energy.
Before we devolved to our present state of ignorance, people had been more aware of their true nature. They called themselves ‘spiritual’ beings. That was before God gave us ‘skins’ (Genesis 3:21) with which we identify ever since. This means that the rate of vibrations within us have slowed down to the present level perceptible by our limited senses. However, thinking of ourselves as a direct result of the “energy of thought” brings us closer to the amorphous omnipresent energy of which we are incipient individualizations.
Another example of devolution is illustrated in the story of the “Tower of Babel”. It symbolizes the loss of our ability to communicate telepathically. We began to use words instead. You may be pleased to know that monkey, apes, and other animals, still possess this ability. We, the highly devolved humans, lost it long ago.
The “Tower” also symbolizes the stage at which we, the ‘devolving’ species, began to think that our brain would provide us with all the answers. Yet, every mother knows that her ability to face the challenges of raising children draws not only on her instinctive knowledge stored in her genes, but also on intuitive inspirations which originate in her unconscious.
Most others don’t know that. They devolved too far. Starting with the study of the Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism we might, just might, recover some of our knowledge. We can but try.
Many are called, although only Few choose to evolve. 


An Indispensable Tool for the Understanding of the
Hidden Meaning of Scriptures


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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Our Destiny

Every single one of us has an assigned destiny to fulfill. At times it is small, seemingly insignificant, on other occasions it may be one that changes the course of human history. What we do not seem to realize is that, no matter how small, our task is just as indispensible to the unfoldment of the Universe, to the advancement of Universal evolution. 
It could be compared to the purpose of every cell, every neuron, which forms integral part of the 100 billion cells which combine to form our brain. Each cell serves its purpose.
Even fewer of us seem able to accept that those who serve have a vastly superior task than those who rule. It is the service to others that lifts us above the mundane tasks of everyday life.

And so it was with Winston. The Trilogy which encompasses his life is an illustration what one can accomplish in a position of a Majordomo. He influenced lives of all who, from the social and economic point of view, towered well above him. Yet he, and he alone was the master of his destiny.
In Book One of the trilogy, Winston inspires Dr. Peter Thornton to accept his enigmatic gift of healing. In Book Two, he lurks in the shadows of Peter’s intensely personal journey of self-discovery through high stakes of international intrigue.
Finally, in Book Three of my trilogy the world takes gigantic steps in the fields of genetics, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology. Peter Thornton, the hapless hero of One Just Man, drifts still farther away from mundane reality. He is drawn into the machinations of Solidarity International, the Sino-Indian Block and the American Coalition, competing for World Domination. Yet again, Winston resolves the metaphysical puzzle in a masterly fashion.

As one reviewer stated,
“In truly Stan Law's style, this book is both: a bold exploration of human potential, and an international thriller. As an added bonus, Peter shows us the way to join him in the realm of man's ultimate destiny.” 

Below a few blurbs for Winston’s Kingdom from 5 STAR reviews on Amazon. There are many more stars awarded for “One Just Man” and “Elohim”.

Very Impressed!
Wonderful Trilogy!
Mind Bending Read!
Surpassed My Expectations!
A Stunning Projection of Man's Destiny!
Entrancing, as always with Stan I.S. Law!
A brave conclusion to an unforgettable trilogy!
A Taut Web of suspense and thrillers from a Master!

And many others…

The books can be read independently of each other, but it’s best to start with One Just Man. Let me know if you like them or, better still, say so on Amazon… Your thoughts are important to me.
Reviews are gratefully appreciated.


Winston Trilogy

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016


We all are, indeed all the phenomenal Universes are, individualizations of the Eternal Ubiquitous Amorphous Energy of Being. Being consists of Potential Energy suspended in the eternal Now. Life occurs when Potential Energy metamorphoses into Kinetic Energy.
Hence life applies not only to the human race but to every individualization possessed with higher or faster rates of vibration within the phenomenal universe—to every expression of flora and fauna. Other manifestations, those we refer to as inanimate matter also consist of energy at very low rates of vibration, but not yet aware of its nature. Not that many humans are. In fact, it seems, that many animals have a greater awareness of the singularity of Becoming than we are.
Life is a gift. Consciousness encapsulated in a bio or zoological life-form is the only self-perpetuating manifestation of the Omnipresent Amorphous Energy.
Our willingness and ability to participate in the act of becoming is left up to us. We can use it or waste it, such as the “Many that are called” yet but Few choose to take conscious part in the process called life. This process takes place principally at mental, emotional, and physical rates of vibration. All these include many sublevels, of which we are, as yet, not aware.
We can gain awareness of some of these energies through our dreams, principally through the so-called lucid dreams.
Do you recall ever switching on the light or putting on the heat, in your dreams? That should be a hint to you. When we awaken to our potential we  shall be able to see in infrared, perhaps other vibratory ranges, and generate enough heat to keep ourselves comfortable in all climes.
Some advanced yogis can already do so, just for the sheer fun or it. So can we, with a little (actually substantial) effort. There are other people in the world, people who keep a very low profile, who subsist on cosmic rays. Both men and women who neither ate nor drank anything for endless months, perhaps years, at a time. In one such case, an 83-year-old Prahlad Jani has twice attended a hospital to be watched round the clock by eminent doctors. He claims not to have drunk nor eaten anything for some 70 years.
We, humans, are still just beginning on our journey.

BEYOND RELIGION Essays examine other aspects of our perception of reality. Below a few 5 STAR comments about the 3 collections:

Brilliance at its Best!
Open Your Mind and Enjoy!
Fascinating and Thought Provoking!
Deep, reflective, and highly intellectual!

You must, of course, decide for yourself.
Your reviews, your thoughts, are important to me. Please be brief but explicit. You don’t have to agree with me!

An Inquiry into the Nature of Reality

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016


There are two types of immortality. The personal, which continues to develop and evolve forever in the phenomenal Universes, and the immortality which we attain within the subconscious of people who were, or had been through the ages, affected by our innumerable incarnations. These are the active and the passive aspects of our immortality.
After each incarnation, we remain embedded in the memories of other sentient beings, which includes a variety of members of other species. These memories maintain the energies produced by our particular incarnations, which effected the recipients of our deeds, thoughts, and emotions.
Having said this, the phenomenal immortality belongs in the category which is subject to eternal fluctuations, to energies at very high rates of vibrations continually adjusting themselves to conditions prevailing at the particular fragment of eternity.

The important thing is to realize that the two infinities, the Potential and the Manifested remain eternally in perfect balance. The Event Horizon acts as the bridge which continually and eternally restores and maintains this balance. Acceptance of this principle is sine qua non for participating in the workings of the Universe. All else are Delusions, created by people who have neither the courage, the will, the power, or the ability to face Reality. The reality that is as eternal as love, life, and the Potential which are their Source.
We must never forget that while the purpose of converting the Potential into Manifested reality is through the increase in diversity, such actions, imperative and unavoidable as they are, must never loose sight of the inherent Oneness of the Triumvirate. 
Ultimately the individualizations of the Omnipresent Consciousness can return to the Source to become once again integral with the Infinite Potential. The Potential will have grown in quality hence offering an ever greater choice to the individualizations stepping out on their journey through the phenomenal realities.

In the religious sense we are inseparable from the qualities which various religions assign to God. At the same time we must never forget the words of Baruch Spinoza which cost him his freedom: “To define God is to deny God”. Thus this concept must forever remain indefinable, inimitable, incomprehensible, yet omnipresent and infinite in Its Potential. It is that that IS, even as I am that I AM. We all are. Isn’t it time we shed at least some of our delusions? The book below might help you on your way.

With frequent sprinkling of humor and considerable intellectual prowess, the author exposes DELUSIONS masquerading under the guise of science and religion.

Some blurbs from 5 star reviews on Amazon:

Splendidly written!
Much to think about!
Intriguing and very brave!
Well deserving of a 5 star rating!
Well written and a fantastic read!
A mind-expanding philosophical joy ride!
I Love It When You Discover a Book Like This!!

And many more…

Let me know if you liked DELUSIONS, or better still, say so on Amazon… 
Reviews are gratefully appreciated.
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Monday, 12 September 2016

Bestseller in the Making.

Many, if not most of us, still imagine that the phenomenal world in which we live, in which we enjoy our temporal  becoming, is real. The scientists tell us that all is energy, that each atom is virtually empty space, that what we imagine is, or at least might become tangible in the reality in which we perceive with our limited senses as real, yet… most of us, behave as pawns bobbing up and down in the endless sea of infinite possibilities.
Most of us, but not all.
Didn’t someone once say: “Ye are Gods”?

Alec, a boy of exuberant imagination grew up to become a brilliant physicist, determined to unlock the secrets of the Universe. Yet, as pointed out in the short synopsis on the Amazon page,

“…his scientific training is at odds with the memories of his youthful exploits that draw him into the realm of irrepressible imagination, fantasy, and magic. As the echoes of his adolescent jaunts demand recognition, his mind and emotions are on a perilous collision course.”

He doesn’t give up, and what is fascinating is not just his destination, but the trip that leads him to it. Read for yourself. You won’t regret it.
Below a few 5 STAR blurbs from the Amazon:

You have to read!
Thought Provoking!
Fantastic Fantasy Novel!
Exceeded my expectations!
Another 5 Stars From Me!
Fascinating and Engaging!
The Perfect Successor To Alec!
A fantastic installment of the trilogy
Brilliant second installment in series!
Time and Space collide on an epic journey
A Feast of Information, Concepts and Philosophy

…and others…

But what is of vital importance is that today, September 12th., and only today, you might get a copy of Alexander for free. HURRY! It will only be free for a few hours. Keep your eyes open and don’t miss this golden opportunity. Hurry but don’t worry. Even tomorrow, you can download a copy for the price of a Caffè Latte at Starbucks, only your pleasure will last much, much longer. 
And then, please, share your thoughts in a review. Even a few words will do.
Your thoughts are important to me. 

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Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Inveterate Atheist

This will come as a great shock to many, and cataclysmically so to the vast majority of Christians. There is a single, unprepossessing statement in the Bible which overturns all presumptuous statements construed by various so-called Christian religions. It is recorded in the New Testament, Luke 2:52
“And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”
At the time, he was a boy who decided to learn and understand the meaning of Psalm 82:6 which states, unequivocally, that Ye are gods; … all of you…” Having been raised by the Essenes and thus steeped in the Torah, he realized early on that understanding of this single statement might, indeed would, yield an enormous power. Power, which indeed, only gods can wield.
After eighteen years of travel, listening to countless wise men, studying the conclusions of many past seekers, some of which led to the formation of other religions, he found what he was looking for.
He found the truth which has set him free.
Man always externalized divinity.
Yet the Psalmist was not talking about his ego. Nor about his body. Nor even about his personality. He was talking about the energies that fulminate in the depth of his consciousness. He realized that this truth alone answers man’s call to divinity; to immortality. He dismissed the death of his body as inconsequential. He realized that divine power lies within him, in that straight and narrow path of inimitable silence, within which the Infinite Potential is his to turn into Manifestation. The two sides of the divine coin. He also realized that this is true of all men—all men “that do the will of my Father”, of the consciousness that dwells within each one of us.
It was a long journey, yet it set him free.
He finally had a message to deliver to his people. Would they understand him? Do we?

What happened to Jesus during 18 years missing in the Bible? What did He do? Where did He go? Where did He hide? As the story unfolds Satia, the son of a wealthy caravan owner, meets the 12-year-old Yeshûa (Jesus) as the latter flees in rebellion from his Essenes teachers. The two become fast friends and stay that way for the 18 years not covered in the Bible - the years between the finding of Jesus in the Temple and the beginning of his short ministry.

A few blurbs from some 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Loved it!
Wonderful Read!
Loved this book!
Love in all of its aspects.
A Well Deserved Rating!
Recommend to everyone!
Inspiring and Enlightening!
Fascinating historical fiction
A truly fascinating and enlightening read
No matter what you believe, you will like this book!
Inspiring story, be enthralled by the character of Jesus!

And many more…

Let me know if you like it or, better still, say so on Amazon…
 Reviews are gratefully appreciated.
Your thoughts are important to me. 

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