Sunday, 19 February 2017


No. God is not in our image and likeness. Nor is the reverse true. Not even a god adorning the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, no matter how beautiful. But there is one thing we do share with the Divine: the intangible, ephemeral yet indestructible energy of Consciousness.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another,” according to Einstein.

Your Unconscious, your potential, is God. Or at least a minuscule expression though indivisible quintessence of God. Your Consciousness is the Son of God, and there is none other. God is the state of being. Unlimited, eternal, infinite, hence indefinable state of Being. We are the fractal expressions of Totality. So it the rest of the Universe. Or Muliverse—also an expression of infinity.
And yet, from time immemorial, men searched for an Overlord who’d dispense life and death, reward and punishment, over their creation. Not having found one, we continue to create gods in our image. We start slowly. We admire our Hollywood idols, then people endowed with titles, finally some politicians, plutocrats, and even generals and admirals.
And yet, none of these overlords are real. They wield power over the ephemeral, transient, even illusory products of our egos. Our true Selves remain inviolate, inaccessible, impervious to their imaginary authority. Their power, like everything else in the phenomenal universe, is transient and hence illusory. They come and go… the presidents, prime ministers, kings and queens, popes, and billionaires.
Sic transit Gloria Mundi.
Their power is illusory.
Yet we continue. The real I AM is immortal, impervious, eternal, indivisible from  that which we regard and God. Indivisible from the omnipresent, omnipotent, eternal energy. “My Father and I are one,” remember?
Aren’t we lucky?
To repeat, anything and everything that we can perceive with our (very limited) senses is ‘artificial’. It consists of energy at such low rates of vibration that it is only suitable for recycling. It is not part of the permanent reality. It is a transient construct of our minds. As already stated, our reality is no more than energy at different rates of vibration.
We will have reached our present evolutionary task when we merge consciousness expressed by our Ego and our Self into a Singularity. When the Potential and Its expression become One. Like a Black Hole? And then we might choose to explode into a new Universe…

And this brings me to my book. A reviewer wrote: “With frequent sprinkling of humor and considerable intellectual prowess, the author exposes DELUSIONS masquerading under the guise of science and religion.”

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Saturday, 11 February 2017


“Each man receives according to his ability to receive”. The saying originates in the Bible with the story of talents, and is picked up, if a little inaccurately though surprisingly, by Karl Marx. The point is, however, that neither Bible nor Marx affirms that this is a truism derived from nature. The saying teaches neither religion, nor even social justice, but simply conveys the manner in which the universe works. It is true of man, of all animals, all fauna and even flora. Every living creature can only absorb the gifts that nature has to offer according to the evolutionary level that it, or he, or she, has reached.
There is no good or evil in nature. There is only a state of balance which we must restore after each venture into new territories of endeavour.
After all, we are all states of consciousness. No less, and no more. As is all creation. We are forms of energy vibrating at different rates. Only the rate of vibration of consciousness is infinite, hence omnipresent.
As for right or wrong—what is right for one may not be right for another. Again, this is true of men, of animals, of all living entities including plants and trees. Within the context of genera, or any division of fauna and flora, the only quality which determines its ‘righteousness’ or departure from it is the loss of the state of balance.
This is not to say that we should stay put in the old, tried out way. Just the opposite. Life, the essence of life, relies on the ability we develop through oscillating to and from the Event Horizon, from the state of balance, hovering precariously between being and becoming.
There is no death, of course.
There is only stasis and movement.
Stasis is potential, movement is life.
However, the Universal Laws demand that we do not venture too far from the “straight and narrow”, from the Event Horizon. From this vantage point, or line, or this state of consciousness, we must venture out, experiment, try out and conquer new challenges, ever maintaining contact with our departure point. We must all venture out according to our ability or talent, with which evolution equipped us.
We are instruments, biological robots, through which the Omnipresent Intelligence reaches out to ever more challenging pastures. All ideas already exist in their potential form within the Source. Life is the energy which enables those ideas to manifest at different rates of vibration, up to and including the most transient, the most ephemeral form of the phenomenal Universe.

BEYOND RELIGION Essays examine other aspects of our perception of reality. Below a few 5 STAR blurbs about the 3 collections:

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An Inquiry into the Nature of Reality

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Friday, 3 February 2017

Heaven & Earth & Hell

Most of us remember the saying: “Many are called, but Few are chosen.” First, we must ask what of the many, many, more who have not been called, who never heard the Word. What is to happen to them? I call them the Third Party. It seems that the nomenclature needs elucidation.
Those who rely on biblical statements and who heard the Word are, reputedly, amongst those that have been called. The question is, what word have they heard. If they rely on scriptural statements that are veiled in symbolic meanings to protect them, “lest the pearls be cast among the swine”, then they must decipher ancient symbolism. If not, then whatever they heard is relatively close to nonsense. People like Richard Dawkins ridicule the word, as they are totally ignorant of their symbolic meaning.
Yet even those who have heard and understood it, still have a choice to put the knowledge into practice or to ignore it. Only those who actually practice the word are among the ‘Few’. Very, very Few…
The rest, the vast majority, are the Third Party.
If this vast majority reacts to the dictates of nature, they cannot be blamed. After all good and evil is a purely human invention. We forget that what is good for some, might well be bad, let alone evil, for someone else. Democrats and Republicans will attest to that.
No. There is only a state of balance.
After all, “strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leads unto life”. And here comes symbolism. There was no nomenclature available 2000 years ago, to explain the issue. The gate is the narrow range of alpha brainwaves through which we can enter the inner reality. As for the “narrow way” — it corresponds to the Event Horizon. It is the narrow path from which we can either fall into the dissolution (the black hole), or spread our wings to increase the diversity of the Infinite Potential, of which we are but tiny individualizations.  After all, “as above, so below…”

These subjects are both elaborated in my books. The secret doctrine can be studied with the aid of my DICTIONARY OF BIBLICAL SYMBOLISM. As for the Event Horizon, AWAKENING, book 3 of the Avatar Trilogy, delves into the reality of Heavens. The inner realities begin in our subconscious and end in infinity. Even our scientists, some of them avowed atheist, accept the concept of infinity with amagnanimous gesture. Until recently,  only God was infinite. God, the Infinite Potential in the timeless condition of being. Now, the stage of becoming joined the divine. And becoming is Life itself.

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Avatar Syndrome, Headless World, and Awakening take us on a trip from phenomenal reality to First Heaven. Let me know what you think, preferably in a review on Amazon. I need your thoughts.

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Thursday, 26 January 2017


Regrettably, few of us heard about the Universal Laws, and fewer still decided to follow them. Hence, some evolve, and the vast majority sustains the status quo. The difference between the two groups is the degree to which they manage to sublimate their ego to free their individual Self.
Not an easy proposition.
There is another problem. At each stage of evolution, we think that we, or at least some of us, have reached the stage wherein the truth we have gained is absolute. That we have “the word of God”, and hence nothing can possibly improve it, adjust it, or add to it.
Not so.
Thousands of years ago people thought they arrived at the truth. Thousands of years later they thought the Earth was flat. Now we are told that there is no matter, that all is energy. In another thousand years, we might learn that all is just consciousness, and the reality we experience is no more than our vision of it. Who can tell what ‘truth’ humanity, or any other intelligent embodiments of consciousness, might arrive at, a million or two, let alone a billion years from now? After all, the latest we hear from the scientists that the Big Bang was a false alarm, that even the phenomenal universe might be renewing itself in an eternal cycle.
We live and learn, but only if we do not pretend that we have already arrived at the truth.
Science, to quote Carl Sagan, “is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.” The absorption of truth requires an open mind, not one stuck in a fundamentalist doctrine of either religion or science. 

Each creative act is experimental and therefore transient. We, the instruments of creation, the mobile self-replicating biological computers, achieve best results when not distracted by the propensities imposed by the struggle of physical existence. The mystics and great artists insist that such creativity can only take place when we completely negate our egos. Only then we can draw on the Source, on our unconscious, to initiate a creative process.

As we advance along the taxing steps of evolution, the scope of our creative endeavours increase proportionally to our awareness of our purpose. The scope of our responsibilities increases even as our consciousness expands. After all, we are gods. Well, potential gods. Gods in waiting.
The Winston Trilogy takes us through various stages of evolution. We begin low, increase our influence through indirect means, invariably staying in the shadows. Gradually we might rise to planetary if not galactic realms, guiding and serving ever greater multitudes.

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Books 2 and 3 of the Trilogy collected similar accolades. Find out for yourself, and then share your thoughts on Amazon.
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Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Most people still seem unaware that their true self, the consciousness that constitutes and defines the individuality of their being, that takes part in becoming, is not generated by their physical body, but rather by an energy at such high rate of vibrations that is undetectable to our physical, emotional nor even mental awareness.
This should come as no surprise to us, as we are unable to see in the infrared range, cannot see nor feel radio waves, are quite unaware of cosmic radiation, nor can we detect countless other energies of which our Universe consists. Our true consciousness is synonymous with the energy of life. In the past people referred to it as spiritual energy, making it undetectable by definition.
This is not to dismiss the value of our phenomenal bodies. Such, although transient and made up of energies at their lowest rates of vibration, serve to illustrate the consequences of our attempts to translate various aspects of infinite potential resting in our unconscious, into kinetic manifestation. It is only when we become fully aware of the results of our creative endeavours that we can judge their efficacy.
As for consciousness generated by our bodies, principally by the 100 billion neurons of our brains, those serve, principally, to maintain our physical bodies in a good working order. After all, our true Selves need biological robots, i.e. to experience and enrich the countless phenomenal universes which contribute to our reality of becoming. They, the robots, also generate our egos, necessary for the survival in the transient phenomenal form.

The ancients seemed well aware of the essence of our being. The Gospel of Thomas is a perfect illustration of this. Only recently, however, thanks to a number of scientists, we have learned that the universe consists exclusively of indestructible energy at different rates of vibration. This offers us a new vocabulary to explain the past knowledge. They, the ancients, seemed well aware of the difficulty we all face in understanding the reality in which we live.

The Gospel of Thomas states: “Whosoever finds the explanation of these words shall not taste death.” We are endowed with the gene of immortality. Our genome can endure thousands, perhaps millions of years. But what of our consciousness?
My book offers us the Key to Immortality.

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 Exegesis: Gospel of Thomas

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

AWAKENING—The Event Horizon

Consciousness is like Spirit. In a way, all-powerful. It creates realities. It is omnipresent. You think of the moon and, in your mind, you’re there. You might as well think of Andromeda. Or the French Riviera. In your mind, they are equal distance apart. Almost. Your mind is not the same as your Consciousness, but it’s the next best thing. Your Consciousness is already there—your mind takes you there—in no time at all. One day we shall learn to increase our rate of vibrations and manifest there physically.
Consciousness is all inclusive. It is replete with infinite potential. Like everything in the Universe, it is the source of quanta and vibrations.
We are Its individualizations.
What gives us personality is our will, our decision where and how to place our attention. Two people regarding exactly the same object, reading the same book, listening to the same song sang by a bird, a rock-band, or played by a symphony orchestra, will receive them all in a completely different way. We create our realities by the way we interpret the potential wheeling within us and without us. And then we become the consequences of the way we place and exercise our attention.
In this sense we are gods. Almighty.
It is all up to us. Up to our attention.
Attention is what builds our individuality, our soul. The grand total of our experience is stored in our subconscious. When we leave the transient, illusory, phenomenal reality, the incredible storehouse of subconscious gives us our illusion of heaven. There, we no longer suffer the consequences of our mistakes. There we know that our reality is no more than an echo of our transient experiences; that all is but a manifestation of the energy of consciousness, which we can mold through diverse rates of vibration, into endless forms, into endless realities.
Yet only at the slowest vibration, we can experience the consequences of our actions. It is the fastest way to learn.

And yet, though our Consciousness is already there; it’s a long journey. We are creatures of habit—shifting attention is not easy. We start with the AVATAR SYNDROME, perhaps by unifying the two hemispheres of our brain?
 Here are a few 5 STAR blurbs on the Amazon:

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And continues in HEADLESS WORLD…

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And finally, there comes AWAKENING. The awareness of who and what we really are. We hover at the Event Horizon until…

… well, find out for yourself…

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Book Three of the Avatar Trilogy

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