Thursday, 20 November 2014

Reaction versus Proaction

All humans are animals. There is, however, a single trait that distinguishes some humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. And that is the degree of self-awareness.
All animals think. They even store their experiences in their subconscious, even as we do, and have done over countless aeons. Yet there is a very subtle difference that sets some of us apart. Some of us become aware that we are aware. This single trait enables us to become proactive and not just reactive to our environment and conditioning. It does not make us better than animals. We merely become vaguely aware of our own abilities.  
Yet even this limited ability to be proactive gives us enormous power. We become as gods. Or… as devils incarnate.
We alone become capable of committing wholesale murder on members of our own species—such as no other animal would ever do. Yet we think ourselves superior to others; to other animals. We are merely more advanced biological models capable of supporting a greater gamut of experiences. We become aware of our relatively free will.

What until now we recognized as ‘divinity’, as ‘god’, is transmuted to mean the Source of power on which we can draw and use for our own ends. The inexhaustible Source remains non-judgmental, (“the Father judges no one”, John 5:22), infinite in Its potential.
The rest is up to us.
Those who have not reached this stage of self-awareness, Buddha called asleep, and later, Yeshûa called them dead. Both referred to the fact that they were not consciously aware of their potential. Of their incredible power. That was why Yeshûa advocated love as a prerequisite of a being human. It is the balancing force. Hitler and Stalin and a number of contemporary leaders illustrate this point. Devoid of love they all murdered millions.

While still part of the animal kingdom, we no longer have to conform. We can be proactive in all our endeavours. We, as gods, are embodiments of power. We can act according to our will.
We continue, however, to bear consequences, as does the rest of the animal kingdom of our actions. In fact, more so. Other animals cannot act against their nature. If they do, they die. They react to their genetic programming (subconscious) and their environment. We, humans, change our environment and act against the experience and conditioning we have gathered over millions of years.
We have the power to destroy our bodies, our emotions, our minds. We have the power to store in our memories deeds of such perversions, that, after we leave our physical bodies we spend thousand of years in a self-made hell.
We also have the power to create heaven on Earth.
Our choice.
Your choice.  

My three collections of Essays discuss at length the Nature of Being, both reactive and proactive. You might enjoy them.
As always—your choice. 

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Sunday, 16 November 2014

PANDAEMONIUM—is Paradise Lost?

They destroyed my TV. I used to enjoy a good movie, even some distorted one-sided-parochial news bulletins; or even a good satire by some bright, over-sarcastic host.
No more!
A handful of moronic, stone-deaf, self-centered, money-grabbing, retarded producers, appealing to the lowest common denominator, have willfully sabotaged my pleasure. They ruined perfectly good programs by superimposing excruciating pandemonium on virtually all plots. They allowed noisy, screechy, grating, jarring soundtracks to overpower the often-talented authors, actors, and composers.
Noise prevails during conversations, driving through wild forests, in the depth of oceans, in outer space… everywhere. No respect for artists, drama, music, not even for the sounds of nature. They kill them all.  

Around 1652 John Milton has composed an epic poem, “Paradise Lost”. In it, he refers to the capital of Hell as Pandaemonium: the place where noise is ubiquitous, drowning the divine silence from which all beauty, indeed the whole Universe emerged. Before the Big Bang, if there were such, there was Nothing. This Nothing was filled with divine silence. It was the abode of GOD. Not the god of religions that sits upon a cloud and controls us with carrots and sticks. The real GOD. The GOD of Infinite Potential.
if music be the food of love…
Music, too, was born of Divine Silence.

It was downhill ever since. The present day TV producers are the final coffin nails. For music and drama to survive we must kill TV. Or to kill the producers—perhaps stretching their thick skins over the ubiquitous percussive instruments of torture. Unfortunately, I suspect, that might be illegal.

Milton had lost his eyesight. Completely. He composed Paradise Lost entirely through dictation. Had there been noise while he was dictating, amanuenses and friends would have missed some of the poetry. It would have been lost due to noise, like on TV, the modern gates of hell.  
No more… ’Tis not as sweet now as it was before…
Each time I clicked on the TV set I was drawn into the depth of human depravity. Murder, theft, explicit sex and noise. Constant NOISE. Whenever anyone talked, a veritable pandemonium accompanied his or her every word. Evidently the producers thought that actors’ words were not worth listening to. Conversely, the dissonant ‘music’ was so bad, so lacking in beauty, that someone talking while the ‘music’ played was of no consequence.
Lately the noise of the soundtrack talk began to drown all conversation. They added machinegun fire, exploding bombs, screech of tires and other extraneous deafening sound-effects to further obliterate any pleasure one might have derived from either music or lackadaisical conversation. Even ludicrous “laugh-track” drowned the actors’ speech.
Instead there was continuous, ongoing pandemonium. They invited us to Hell and made us pay for the trip.

Yet some of us retained the power to create music, real music, which makes heaven on earth. Ann Howell was one such person. When she played no one dared to speak. They listened. Find out for yourself. 

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Magnificent Robot

There is a strange saying in Mathew 18:20, which baffled me. “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” What could contact with my I AM, with my Higher Self, have to do with “two or three”? Isn’t it a one-on-one communication?
Well, usually it is.
Yet Evelyn Monahan thought otherwise. It takes, she wrote, two or three to do certain things. She took the scriptural sentence as practical advice, and instead of praying in a pew, she acted upon it. Having been blinded for nine years, she invited two or three friends to sit with her and employ a technique of visualization. After years of medical failure, she soon restored her long-gone vision. It took the concentrated effort of “two or three” of her friends, as well as her own, for the “miracle” to happen.
It did.
All who read my blogs/books must have noticed that I do not regard our physical body as the essence of our being. Perhaps an envelope, a means through which we find our expression? Yet it is more than that. It is a sounding board. It tells us if we are on the right track. And what I may have failed to mention was what a magnificent sounding board our body is.
Evelyn Monahan has proven that creative power fulminates within all of us. And while the creative force originates at the highest level of our consciousness, it is only the conscious mind, the aspect of our psyche that the scriptures refer to as the “son of god”, which initiates and conducts the actual creative act. Our physical body, indeed the physical reality, is the “proof of the pudding”. If we do things the right way, our intentions are manifested in the physical universe.
The process is relatively simple.
We “wake up” with an idea. We perceive the pattern (i.e. we think about it), we develop the idea through visualization, and, hopefully… we admire the result. The first phase involves the unconscious, the second the subconscious, and the third we can perceive and admire through our physical senses.
Sometimes we need a little help—hence two or three people visualizing the desired effect accelerate the process. We don’t seem to be aware that we, and we alone, are the sole creators of the magnificent robots we inhabit. We and we alone have spent millions upon millions of years trying to perfect this physical body. We also seem to forget that if something goes awry with our creation we have no one to blame but ourselves.

The creative process is discussed in greater length in Essay #17 [BEYOND RELIGION Vol. 1]. You may find other essays as interesting. They are subtitled “Inquiry Into The Nature of Being”.
Or you can go directly to visualization and start building your own universe. I did and so can you. Enjoy.

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Friday, 7 November 2014

Democracy—The Epicenter of Balance

For years our leaders have fooled us with their oratory. We have been told to walk on the left or on the right. All else was wrong. Evil. Sinful?
 Our leaders were wrong.
Democracy, like divinity, lies in a state of inexplicable, tremulous, ever-elusive balance. It is intangible, transient, ineffable. Always striving, reaching, hoping… It lies in the divine middle where the left and the right meld in a euphoric union. It does not recognize sides.
To paraphrase the expert in the field, “it rains on the just and on the unjust”. It remains ever-magnanimous. Like divinity, it remains neutral. Always.
Hence… Democracy is the Middle Path: neither on the left nor on the right. It strives to maintain equilibrium.

For more than two millennia, the concept of Democracy has been, and remains, grossly misunderstood. The purpose of Democracy is to assure that every single person living under its aegis retains his or her individual right to self-determination.
Unfortunately the socialists on one side, and authoritarian plutocrats on the other have usurped the concept of Democracy. They twisted it beyond recognition.
Democracy is impartial.
It is a precarious state of balance hovering on social, economic and political razor’s edge. It is precious, rare condition, envied by those who cannot benefit from even a poor imitation of the principles inherent in its concept.
Washington, Ottawa, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, and other western centers of governments, supposedly the epicenters of Democracy, have long distorted, nay destroyed, the essence of its most noble ideals. In the West, perhaps everywhere, Democracy is dead.

Today, the whole world suffers from extremes of duality. The sole purpose of our illusive, material reality is to show us what happens when we stray from the straight and narrow. We can reach out, but must remain centered. Both, socialism and capitalism can only work if they achieve and maintain a state of balance. Only then either of them can aspire to Democracy.
 All dictatorships led by an individual, or by any group of plutocrats of any political spectrum will fall. They have fallen, throughout history. Only a state of relative balance can be maintained.
When money decides who is elected to govern, we are approaching our death throes.  History shows that when plutocrats rule, the end is quite inevitable. No excesses of power have ever survived. Empires fell while plutocrats found their necks caressed by Madame Guillotine.

But we must NOT despair.
After each fall the elusive phoenix of Democracy rises from the ashes and begins its long flight towards social and political enlightenment. So it will this time.

Some 2000 years ago, one man tried to set us on the right track. Paul of Tarsus did his best to help him. For some reason, people converted the teaching into a religion. It wasn’t. It was just a set of rules to live by. We can still benefit from them. It is never too late.

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Monday, 3 November 2014

The Problem with Complexity

There may have been just Adam and Eve. Then, by the 100th monkey principle, the rest of us became freshly baked humanoids by picking up the idea and embarking on the long journey of becoming humans. (Most of us are still trying).
In time, we learned to apply objects as weapons that made hunting easier. Then came incipient agriculture. This led to an increased number of neurons free to pursue ideas not directly related to keeping “body and soul” together, and resulted in increasing complexity of ideas and the proliferation of objects.
 As we grew more knowledgeable our life became easier. It seemed that all was well—on the way to making our life heaven on earth. The complexity of ideas and objects advanced exponentially. The more ideas we had, the more new ideas we generated. All too soon, after a mere three million years or so, we have reached a critical mass. If we continued on the established path, we would not only increase our numbers to an unprecedented number, but our ideas would generate the means of making us progressively more lazy.
We have also reached the boundary of the “Diamond Rule”. The point of no return.

The “Diamond Rule”, the most precious and unbending of them all, is the Law of Balance. Whoever strays too far from this Law is heading down a slope that increases in steepness at flabbergasting rate. We forgot all about the Law of Balance. We even found justification for inventing weapons that can obliterate the whole human race. Empires have been built over many generations, over many centuries. They did so by increasing mental, social, military, economical and even biological complexity. Nevertheless, there were dangers inherent in such uncontrolled progress. Finally the industrial revolution, then technology, did our work and a lot of our thinking for us. The more gadgets we produced, the less thinking we had to do. We were, and are, heading for self-induced destruction. We have reached an evolutionary crisis. We are careering down a slope of wanton stupidity.
We have lost our sense of balance.
Complexity resulting from the use of additional neurons is very good thing. But the abuse of such complexity is as self-destructive as dropping a bombs on ours own heads. We have lost the essence of who we are, and for what purpose we are here, on Earth. Soon we shall reach a dead-end, luckily, to begin again. And again.
And…  again.
The Wheel of Awagawan.

The end of one of such cycles is described in my Aquarius Trilogy. If you really want to know what is about to happen in the world, read the three books. Due to conditioning of many years, the awareness of the protagonist, Simon Jones, grows slowly. While the problem is presented as fiction, we might be wise to heed the advice offered in the books.
You CAN survive, with impunity, but only if you awaken in time.
Good luck.

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Monday, 27 October 2014

The Mystery of Water

Someone once said that divinity is like water, that it always finds its lowest level. So it is with us, fragments of the eternal, omnipresent Consciousness.
Imagine a drop in an ocean. An ocean that reaches beyond all horizons. An ocean that is limitless—that stretches to infinity. Once, you and I were drops of water in that ocean. We’ve never experienced anything other than water, caressing us on all sides. We floated happily without a single care. For countless aeons we could only experience other drops, hovering, suspended all around us. And then a strange thing happened. We have been lifted, almost weightless, from our home. We evaporated.
For a while we wandered the blue yonder above, experiencing the warmth of the sun, gusts of wind. We have become rarified elements, suspended in an environment quite strange to us. No matter, there have been many before us visiting these environs.
Soon we combined, again, into drops. We gained weight and fell down as rain. Now really strange things began to unfold.
We penetrated the soil. Soon, we were absorbed by strange tendrils. Some of us were drawn up, through inner channels of these strange beings. Some of us rose up and gave leaves their vitality.
We gave them Life!
Gradually, over eons of time, rivers carried some of us back to the endless ocean. Some of us lingered behind. We evaporated again. We liked giving Life. Again, we have been absorbed by many plants.
And then an even stranger thing happened.
Even as we imbued Life to those plants, they were absorbed into absolute darkness. Over millions of years, we discovered that we have been assimilated by two legged biological robots. Soon, we formed 60% of their bodies. We concentrated our presence in an organ they called ‘brain’, in which we took over 75% of its volume. It helped us to control the robots.

After a long while some of the robots imagined that they were autonomous. They didn’t even know that they were robots kept alive by our presence. They called themselves humans.
Most of them still delude themselves that they are supreme creations of divine origin, masters of their own fate. Very few of them identify with the Life-Force within them. With us. No, not with water, but we the Life-Force that resides within us. Frankly, the Force is omnipresent ever on the look out for means of expressing Itself.
We, drops, are but the means; the cycle of Life ever coming and going, ever changing, becoming a new expression of Life, only to eventually return home. To the infinity of the Ocean.
In the Ocean we find our Being. Up there, beyond, we experience Becoming. It is the trip that matters—the eternal, magnificent journey of Life. It may be little more than a dream, but it’s a most wonderful illusion.
I see other drops smiling…
As we look back, we see that humans entertain many other illusions.

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Lucid Dreaming—Gateway to Your Subconscious

Most of us, without conscious awareness, had experienced Lucid Dreams. The Internet is full of explanations of what they are. Those explanations may be true for some, but for me lucid dreams are little more than the Antechamber of Heaven.
Yes. Your own, personal, heaven—a reality of your own making. After all, you can dream whatever you want. No limits. None at all.
I choose to call Lucid Dreams the “Antechamber of Heaven” because there is no limit on the states of consciousness you can achieve. We start with, what some call Astral World. It is a realm, a state of consciousness, wherein imagination is an added dimension. From there on we advance (and multiply the dimensions) until we eventually reunite with the original Source from which we emerged.
There is but single Consciousness.
We all create and enrich our heavens, our states of consciousness, in which we accept only that which we perceive as real. Considering that the material world is essentially empty space, this should come as no surprise.
Hence… lucid dreaming.

We spend a third of our life sleeping and dreaming. By the time we reach 60, we’d spent 20 years in slumber. As consciousness never sleeps, we missed out on 20 years. 
When we dream, we enter the realm of our subconscious. Billions upon billions of years of memories are stored there. We gain access to them, and can relive them at will. We can walk through walls, fly like a bird, swim like a fish. Even more so. Since once we had been disembodied entities (before “god gave us skins”), we can visit other planets, galaxies, realities in a timeless reality. We alone place limitations on our heaven.
There are no limitations on infinity.
In lucid dreams we can experiment. Our choices depend on our accumulated knowledge, on our willingness to enter realms that seem unknown. Make no mistake about it. Heaven is for the intrepid soldiers of fortune that dare to venture into the unknown. The seemingly unknown. We’ve been there before but without present awareness.
We’ve grown. Evolved?  
Lucid dreams are ours to explore. However, we must learn the rules, the laws, governing inner realities. If you don’t close your eyes when you walk through walls, you get a nasty bump on your head. Yes, even in lucid dreams. Our consciousness responds to our senses—wonderful, enhanced senses. There was a time when people, some people, knew that. Now… it all seems lost in the antiquity.
No more!
We can learn lucid dreaming, wherein we enter the true realities we’ve created over eons of existence. In dreams we enter our true kingdoms.

In my Aquarius Trilogy, consisting of “WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality”, followed by the “PLUTO EFFECT”, and the “OLYMPUS” below, Simon Jones struggles to achieve the understanding this very reality, in which we all enjoy our becoming. Eventually he succeeds. If you read the Trilogy, so might you. Good luck. 

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