Monday, 19 February 2018


I’d like to offer you a different slant on our view of men and women.
Lately, relationships between the two sexes has been exacerbated by many real or perceived improprieties, misconducts, or even outrageous behavior. Whichever definition we assign to the conduct of men, so far society remains silent regarding the behaviour of women. We must assume that they are all collegial sisters of Mother Theresa, if not Virgin Mary, born, raised and evolved without ‘sin’.
We, men, really don’t know what makes them tick.
One thing is certain. They’ve grown way past being just one of Adam’s ribs. Way, way past…
For now, men, and men only are guilty.

And that’s as it should be.
From time immemorial, in a vast majority of cases, men were responsible for providing food and security necessary to sustain the human race. They had to fight the wild boar, tigers, lions, other carnivorous monsters, to feed their progeny. Sometimes they forgot whom they were fighting and their better halves were in danger of being on the wrong end of the stick.
Yet man soon discovered that it’s not easy to live with them, but near impossible to live without them.
Thus man, in order to restrain himself, had no choice but to place women on a pedestal. Women reciprocated by making themselves as beautiful and desirable as becomes divine creatures. The Greeks created a plethora of irresistible role models for women to follow.
The balance was restored.
Regrettably, only for a while…
Today, the skintight panties clinging to ladies’ (no longer quite so) shapely buttocks and cleavage descending to the bellybutton,  once again upset the equilibrium. This, however, is symptomatic of the human species descending to our abysmal evolutionary nadir.
No matter. Soon the devolutionary course will be reversed and we shall start again.
That’s easy.
We shall begin, again, as hermaphrodites, with a new cerebral equipment.

The new ‘Adam’ will have a neuronic structure that will permit the two cerebral halves of the brain to work in unison. When we began last time, in Eden, the brain had to be split into two halves. The sexual predispositions and characteristics followed. Each sex had both halves, but each had a distinct predisposition to use left or right hemisphere. Thus we remained indispensable to each other.
The Pons Varolli lies superior to the medulla oblongata and anterior to the cerebellum and connects the two halves of the brain. Should anyone attempt to use both halves of their brain to their full capacity simultaneously, his or her neurons would be cooked by the heat generated by 1000 trillion synapses firing at once.
So, in Eden, ‘nature’, in her wisdom, split Adam into two complementary halves, assuring a distinct predisposition for the use of left or right hemispheres.
Thus, as far as their neurological potential is concerned, Adam and Eve remained One. Or, as the ancients wrote so poetically:
“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24)

Volumes 1 - 4
In Search of Secular Ethics

Monday, 12 February 2018

Happy Valentine’s—A Love Story

This is for all the women I loved. Perhaps I, too, have been loved, but for some reason we have all chosen to hide our emotions. Marvin was also such a man. Perhaps he was a man In Search of Freedom.
Marvin Clark, a man as shy as he was retiring, assumed a cloak of invisibility to protect himself from vicissitudes of everyday life. The only escapes he enjoyed were into the inner worlds of his own making. Then, a beautiful woman entered his drab reality. Suddenly, the protective ramparts Marvin erected so carefully began to crumble. Will she set him free?

 “Riveting to the very end, with memorable and unique characters. I will definitely be reading more from this author as he has created a highly-entertaining, remarkably unique and well-written novel.” Monica LaSarre, Author.

“This is easily one of Law's best books. The author never ceases to amaze me with his imagination, wit, and seemingly endless talent. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great love story.” Kevin Lintner, Author.

“Stan I. S. Law has captured my heart and my imagination with this wonderful story. For a rich and rewarding read, I highly recommend it!” Ally McMahon, Author.

There are quite a few more like that…  Below, some blurbs from 5 star reviews on Amazon.

I loved it!
Heart Warming!
Profoundly Moving
Timeless love story!
Beautiful Love Story!
Whimsical Love Story!
Romance and Self Discovery!
Fantastic characters and story!
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A Classy and Wonderfully Written Love Story!

And many more…

There are countless love stories that unite people. When you can no longer distinguish between yourself and the “significant other”—you found the secret hidden in your heart. The binding force is love, the most powerful force in the Universe. This is just one such story, as unique as all the others.
You can give a copy of Marvin Clark to her (or to him), or get one just for yourself and enjoy vicarious pleasure. I did.
Let me know if you also liked it or, better still, say so on Amazon, or wherever you got it.
Reviews are gratefully appreciated. 

Monday, 5 February 2018

ALEXANDER TRILOGY—Love, Magic, and Adventure

The trilogy illustrates the profound changes that take place in men when they become aware of the potential abiding within their consciousness. The old expression “sky is the limit”, takes on a new meaning. Read this trilogy carefully; your time may be just around the corner. And remember, miracles of today are but normal abilities of our ultimate potential.
The trilogy begins with extraordinary adventures of Alec, a teenaged boy with a vivid imagination, in a world of fantasy and paranormal experience. 
We follow him from his early youth to maturity, in which the adventures of boyhood take on a very different meaning. Normal and paranormal realities blend until they become manifest in Alec’s son as supernormal phenomena.
Amazon description states:
“Stan I.S. Law’s inimitable style breathes life into the unforgettable characters and adventures that Alec, Alexander, and Sacha would meet in their journeys.
Join them in this magnificent and exceptionally well-written story that will tickle your mind as well as your heart.”

Alexander Trilogy is a fascinating tale for both young and old in the world of paranormal and supernormal phenomena.

In Book One: ALEC is a dreamer and an adventurer. He’s coming of age. He conquers the unconquerable, visits the unreachable, sails the seven seas, and finally meets his own Self among the stars. He also finds his first love.

Join him for the ride of your life! 
You’ll feel young again!!!

In Book Two: Alec is now Dr. ALEXANDER Baldwin, a brilliant physicist, who had risen to unprecedented heights in his profession. He is determined to unlock the secrets of the Universe. All seems fine until his journey to the mysterious Machu Picchu. There, at the top of the world of the ancient Incas, Sandra, his inner Self, the Princess of his youth, returns to claim her proper place in his life. Alexander refuses to give up his freedom without a struggle.

Join Alexander in the realm of fantasy, Black Magic, Adventure, and Romance.

Finally, in Book Three of the Trilogy, SACHA, Alexander's son, cuts his own history. His life hovers between normal, paranormal, and supernormal. He is uncomfortable in his body. There are echoes here of Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land”. Sacha is obsessed with finding purpose in his life. Finally, his mysterious mission is revealed to him. Strangely, his success results in dire consequences to those who dare to oppose him.

A few blurbs from some 5-STAR reviews on Amazon.

Amazing! Astounding! High Stakes! Candy for my mind!! Stan I.S. Law does it again! Moving and Memorable Conclusion! A Perfect Way To Wrap Up A Trilogy! Fantastic ending to Alexander Trilogy Series! Phenomenal Book That Gets You Thinking, Must Read!!
If you value a life of romance, magic, and adventure… Don’t delay. 

Monday, 29 January 2018

AQUARIUS TRILOGY—A Matter of Survival

WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality. What more could one possibly want? At core, this is a love story between two characters; between human experience and what lies beyond our perceived barriers. There is a heady mix of myth, religion, physics, history, espionage, adventure, romance and philosophy woven throughout a compelling story.
A few  5-star blurbs:

Love it! - Beautiful! - Masterful! - A Romance of the Physical and Metaphysical! - Smart, compelling, and absolutely original! - Finally a romance for thinkers!- Another mind-bending tale from Law! - A must-read for OBE enthusiasts!

And then all hell breaks loose!

Under the PLUTO EFFECT the world order is on the brink of total collapse. Those who know about ancient prophecies will escape with their lives. Those who do not will have to face the consequences.

A few more  5-star blurbs:

Exiting! - Amazing! - Illuminating! - Wonderful Reading! - Only the best from Stan I.S. Law! - Beautiful Continuation! - Lovely, deep and exciting book! - Get ready to think and be blown away!

This is the most apocalyptic period in human history. Shouldn’t you protect yourself?

Finally, at OLYMPUS—Of Gods and Men, where only gods dare to tread, under the aegis of Ambrosia and her family, the chosen few survive apocalyptic global upheavals, caused by reversal of polarity of magnetic poles. As governments and social structures collapse, Ambrosia reaches out for the powers dormant within her. They are stunning!

And another few: 5-star blurbs:

Perfection!!! - Unbelievable! - Wonderful!!!! - Unforgettable! - Third book still has it! - A brilliant end to the trilogy! - Captivating and thought-provoking! - A Fantastic Conclusion To A Great Trilogy!
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Aquarius Trilogy is fiction, but… make no mistake. There are goddesses mingling amongst us. Keep your eyes wide open—she might be standing next to you in a crowd. And should your eyes meet, she’ll enslave you and offer you Love, Sex, and Immortality…
…if you’re lucky!

Please, let me know if you liked the books, or, better still, write me a review. Thanks!

WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality
OLYMPUS—Of Gods and Men

Monday, 22 January 2018


This morning I had to face a conundrum. Seemingly a problem without a solution. I firmly believe that the Universe is the source of generosity which manifest in peoples’ lives. Yet, the problem remained.

Then, as so often, Yeshûa, a man who 2000 years ago knew truths to which I only now aspire, gave me the answer. People who refuse to take responsibility for their thoughts, let alone actions, claim that “Jesus saved them from a fate worse than death.”
Well… yes, but not in the way they imagine.
Yeshûa made His salvation contingent on us. He quite simply said: “As you sow, so shall you reap”. Or to put it more poetically, (in Galatians 6, King James Version),
Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”
And… He assures, “God cannot be mocked…”
So, my friends, Yeshûa did not save us by dying on the cross, but by giving us the knowledge which will assure our salvation. Not quite the same as religionists claim, though, in essence, he restated the Law of Karma. The Law of Cause and Effect.
As for people who assert Yeshûa’s divine nature, they are right, of course. There are a few phrases in the Bible, a source which they claim is infallible, which, nevertheless, demand attention.
First, Yeshûa claimed that everyone who conforms to the will of the father are children of the Most High. Hence He, and all people who obey the Universal Laws, are children of God.
Thus, surely, Yeshûa could be no less than a Son of God, allowing that God is his father, who is in heaven, which is within him and within each one of us.
All we need do is discover it within us.

In the religious sense, Yeshûa was a quintessential  atheist. He did not recognize any deity other than his father, in heaven, within the depth of his consciousness. His concept of the Creator was never externalized, and by asserting that “his father is in spirit”, he equated the Creative Force to omnipresent, eternal, inexhaustible, indestructible Energy. (See my blog dated 18/12/2017)

So does the Universe endow us with abundant, inexhaustible generosity out of inherent ‘goodness’? Or do we believe that such generosity is sine qua non characteristic of the omnipresent, eternal, inexhaustible, indestructible Creative Force which responds to the energy generated by acts of faith. It seems that the Creative Force can metamorphose into any rate of vibrations, resulting in any form of energy or matter. There is, however, one aspect of the Creative Energy that must be taken into account.
It is neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’.
It has no ‘human’ characteristics. Even as a knife can kill, or save lives in the hands of a surgeon, so the Energy can be used or misused. That is why Yeshûa warned us about the consequences. We can sow food or poison.
I merely sow seeds of faith in the generosity of the Universe. It works. Always. Moving mountains would seem easy…

However, there is a catch.
To be ‘god’, we must act like ‘God’, and that’s not as easy as it sounds. Inter alia, we must be able to consciously manipulate Energy of which all ‘things’ are made.
Yeshûa did.

Volumes One, Two, and Three.

Monday, 15 January 2018


Imagine the Earth spinning around the Sun just bit faster. Our orbit would drift a little farther from the Sun. Our climate would change. It would get cooler. Then, sooner or later, the centrifugal force would tear us away from the Sun’s attraction, and we’d drift off into space. Into the never-never of the near-absolute-zero domain.
Hell would freeze over.

On the other hand, we might be hit by an asteroid. Or comet. Our orbital velocity might slow down. We’d drift closer and closer to the Sun. It would get warmer By the time we’d get closer to Venus, our world would become uncomfortable. The average temperature on Venus is 462o Celsius (864o Fahrenheit). Our atmosphere would turn almost completely to carbon dioxide and the picturesque clouds would consist of sulfuric acid.
Images of Hell?

In fact, our present orbit is the only orbit where we might continue living a bit longer.
Because the centrifugal and centripetal forces sustain us in a perfect balance. There is no good or evil involved. No punishment or reward. No heaven or hell.
Just perfect balance.
Universal Equilibrium.

Equilibrium is the only state, the only condition, which assures our survival. And this brings me to the present tantrums on this Valley of Tears.
Equilibrium must be maintained in ALL aspect of ALL realities in which we find our becoming. We have a good example of what happens when men abuse their physical strength in relation to women. Sooner or later nature will put her foot down, and women will rise in opposition. They will say enough is enough.
Women will restore the balance.

Hopefully, for a while they’d maintain it or…
Unfortunately, as we all know, power corrupts. That’s what happened to men.
The moment women realize that they can do as they please, they’ll keep pushing men away from the trough of power. Soon, greed will be born, then grow, then wield its ugly head. They will go well past the stage of the indispensible balance and be unable to stop. Once tasted, power has a euphoric attraction. It is an aphrodisiac like no other.
Once again the balance will shift too far…
Guess what will happen.

In human life, as in all aspect of physical realities, equilibrium must be maintained. It is that Straight and Narrow path, the tremulous Event Horizon, that assures the survival of the phenomenal (or any other) reality. We are free to experiment, to try our luck, but if we drift too far in ANY direction, the Universal Laws will activate the restoration of balance.
Life is an ongoing process of movement and change. We advance by trial and error.
There is no good or evil, no punishment or reward. No carrot—no stick. No Hell nor Heaven. With or without men’s or women’s approval… These are all human inventions. Regardless of our likes or dislikes:
Equilibrium will be restored and sustained.
For as long as possible.
And then?
And then we’ll start all over again!


Monday, 8 January 2018

WINSTON TRILOGY—Ultimate Human Potential

Our only experience of life is the conversion of Infinite Potential into Transient Reality.

This is an eternal process.

God and Satan are human inventions. We see the world in dualistic terms, up and down, left and right, good and evil, hence, sooner or later, we had to invent a supreme source of good—God, and to balance this, a supreme source of evil—Satan.
Both, in our image, of course. 
Religions are based on duality. Good and evil are ingrained in our psyche. Religions speak of one God, yet persistently add Satan whom they endow with formidable powers.

…since science assures us that the Multiverse consists of energy, that has neither a beginning, nor can it be destroyed, Heaven and Hell must both be empty, or filled to capacity.

On the other hand...
…until recently, science taught us that our Universe was ‘born’ some 13.78 billion years ago.

Think of a ‘man’ born a few billion years ago.

Let us assume that a ‘man’ (generically speaking) would have reincarnated, every few thousand years. Hopefully, by now, he would be much more advanced in relation to us, than we are in relation of bed bugs. What is mystery to us, would be child’s play for him. Whereas we may be in charge of a family, a business, even a nation, he would be in charge of solar systems. He would be of virtually pure energy. His ‘body’ might be made up of tachyons, neutrino like massless particles, enabling him to travel through solids, as well as forwards and backwards in time.
This in no way contradict science.
His interest would not be in realities made up of transient particles, such as atoms, but only in the eternal evolutionary process. He would have probably created biological robots, endowed with artificial intelligence, able to support consciousness.
Consciousness is pure energy.
 The robots would help to translate his concepts into phenomenal reality. He would give his creation freedom of action just to increase diversity of creation.

We, in our abysmal ignorance, would call such a ‘man’ God, not aware that a billion or two years from now, we would also perform similar creative acts.
The concept of good and evil would be long gone. In sustaining phenomenal reality, the only thing that matters would be balance. Balance along the timeless path of the Event Horizon. A ‘man’ with billions of years of experience would balance the centripetal and centrifugal forces to allow solar systems to last long enough to have fun. To enjoy them. Even as we want to enjoy the toys we create. At least for a little while.
There would  be no need for good or evil.
Just balance to sustain our reality.
The Middle Path.
After reaching into the infinity of the unknown, we would return to the Event Horizon where peace rules. Peace beyond human understanding.
Peace of perfect, indestructible equilibrium.
 Winston is such a man.
He’d taken the first conscious steps to godhood. Perhaps you will be next?