Monday, 16 July 2018

NOW—Being and Becoming

The higher the rate of vibration, the more similar are the characteristics of our perceptions. The single amorphous omnipresent eternal energy vibrating at an infinite rate is the Source of all other rates of vibrations of the omnipresent Energy of Consciousness.
This Energy is beyond the limitations of time of space. Hence, It abides in the eternal state of Being. The slowing down of the rate of vibrations initiates differentiation, bringing about the condition of Becoming.
Briefly, the process converts the potential into manifestation.

Since continuity (immortality) leans heavily on the maintenance of the state of equilibrium, (the only state that assures and sustains continuity), the benefits of those who uphold this Universal Law are immeasurable.
The concept of the Chosen Few applies not to the religious, mental, or financial conditions, but to all, and everything, and everybody who restores and/or maintains balance. Anyone who upholds this immutable Universal Law survives to continue in next reincarnation at whatever plane (rate of vibration) they achieved. The energies that produced other transient forms of expression get recycled, by reintroducing them into new phenomenal entities to repair the damage created in their previous embodiments.
Being is the only permanent energy in nature. All else is transient, and serves only to increase diversity in with Being can express itself. The Universal Laws impose a condition of equilibrium which assures continuity of expansion. This applies to all aspects of the phenomenal Universe.

And this brings me to my novel: NOW—Being and Becoming.
We must always be aware that the Being within us, or the Energy vibrating at an infinite rate is indestructible. Hence, even when the rate of vibration slows down to create the phenomenal Universe, it likewise cannot be destroyed, though by altering its rate of vibration it can metamorphose into endless phenomenal forms.
The condition of coma is not a punitive condition.
 It is a remedial state which enables the recipient of such a ‘blessing’ to reexamine the past in order to restore the memories (Soul) of the incarnate entity (Individualization of Being), to make the right decisions on reentering a conscious state of the phenomenal body.
While this may sound complex, we must remember that the initial incarnations of the energy of Being, did not benefit from stored up memories. The subconscious was ‘empty’. It wasn’t formed yet; it had no memories as yet. Only through repetitive reincarnations entities which reached our evolutionary level can gain access to the experiences accumulated over millions or billions of years.
It might be reasonable to speculate that the myths of the Egyptians, Hindus, Greeks or the Bible, where Elohim, which in Hebrew means gods, not a single God. Those Elohim are credited with the creation on Earth, as well as life on Earth. Perhaps in the fullness of time we, too, will evolve to do likewise.
After all, the energies within us are indestructible. Hence, we are immortal.

These concepts are further developed in my Trilogies now available in e-Box Sets. You might enjoy WINSTON and AQUARIUS TRILOGIES with tackle such dilemmas at length. 

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Monday, 9 July 2018

AQUARIUS TRILOGY—Cycles of Devolution

 Jains had it right. Jainism, one of the three (in the West forgotten) religions of early India, has been continuously practiced since around the middle of the first millennium BC.
Jains”, a word derived from the Sanskrit word jina (victor) refers to those who won the battle of Armageddon. Evolution is for the very Few. The majority get recycled.

Even for the Few, evolution does not progress along a straight, upward slope. It does advance, but it follows the cycles of nature. We begin each cycle at a very high rate of vibration, then, gradually we slow down, in every way imaginable, to the reality of the phenomenal Universe. Gradually we begin to see things as permanent, as solids, as three-dimensional objects, limited by its apparent characteristics.
It is all reminiscent of the seasons, of the physical advance and decline of a human body. And not just our physical body. We do not just depreciate physically but, at least most of us, also lose our mental and emotional aptitudes.
And, since we all participate in the evolution of the Universe, it is only fit that we should follow its Laws. Even stars have their cycles, as do galaxies. In a way, we all progress in Vicious Circles, yet, due to our Divine (indestructible) origin, we survive the damage which we create.
Hence, some of us, continue on a rising curve, while others to whom I refer as the Third Party, get recycled. My Aquarius Trilogy serves to illustrate this premise.
After all, our physical bodies are made up of elements originating in the stars and, sooner or later, we must pay our dues. The energy which created all of us remains invulnerable.
Welcome to immortality.
It all depends, however, with which energies you associate yourself. The highest rate of vibrations is infinite, hence omnipresent.
We know it as Consciousness.

There are many traits we lose in the course of endless cycles. We are born (countless billions of years ago?) as individualizations of the Omnipresent Consciousness endowed with limitless abilities. Gradually, as our creative urge drives us to convert our potential ideas into a phenomenal reality, we tend to sacrifice many of them.
There are many examples:
For instance, we tend to assign the ability to communicate with speech as a sign of evolutionary progress. What nonsense! We fail to realize that telepathy is infinitely more advanced than speech. Before we were “given skins”, in Eden, we had been incorporeal beings (made up of energies at a much higher rate of vibration) communicating without speech, even without thoughts. We simply shared ideas even before they were organized into thought.
Strangely… most animals still do it!

No, my friends. There is no evolution. At least not the kind our scientists or even religions talk about. There is only an eternal creative process.
Hopefully, however, we evolve our ability to consciously convert infinite storehouse of ideas into countless phenomenal realities. Into the mirrors of who and what we really are.
And that is a very rare ability indeed. This is why the ancients called us gods.

Monday, 2 July 2018

PETER & PAUL and the Third Party

For some quite incomprehensible reason, words attributed to St. Paul became religious dogma. They have been raised to invulnerability reserved to the “Words of God”.
A small group of people usurped the wisdom of the Few, and the Many, led by Paul himself, made a religion out of it. A church. The “Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church”, to the exclusion of all others.
Paul had a vision on the way to Damascus, but, regrettably, it wasn’t enough. It sufficed to stop him in his tracks but didn’t point to the new direction with sufficient precision. Peter knew that Yeshûa’s Kingdom was NOT of this world. Paul didn’t. He tried to build it on Earth.

If we assume that all words originate in our unconscious, then, surely that is where the energy we recognize as spirit resides. Hence, whenever anyone speaks of what has not been spoken before, it is the “word of God.”
And this brings me to today’s subject matter. The Bible (original words, hence by the definition: “Words of God”), states that:
“Many are called, yet few are chosen.”
While God seems to have been explicit in this pronouncement, the expression is lacking when applied to the human race. While indeed Many may have heard the truth referred to above, some 90-95% of people, have not.

They are the
The vast majority.

It is not that they have not heard of the truth, it is just that they ignore it. A “Few” have chosen to listen and practice. Many more are tottering on the seesaw of understanding. And then there is the overwhelming majority of people have not been made privy to the essence of Universal Laws.
To what Einstein called, “The thoughts of God”.
Long before our illustrious physicists concluded that “all is energy”, Peter knew it and tried to apply it. Paul also heard, though second hand. He may have tried hard to fathom the mysteries, yet remained firmly grounded in the phenomenal universe. And the remaining 90-95% of people assume and act as if the phenomenal universe represented the permanent reality.

So we can assume that the Third Party members are still dead, or as Buddha would say, still asleep. They are neither good nor evil. They are like a very promising seed that has not yet sprouted.
Strangely enough, their potential is as incredible as that of all people who began to realize theirs. The great composers, artists, writers, inventors… they all begin in this fashion. And, trust me, it has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with religion. Philosophy yes. Philosophy is the love of wisdom. This trait is inherent in every one of us. Even if in some not yet fully awakened.
In politics, if you appeal to the Third Party, you win. Unfortunately, Paul did that. His church has gained tremendous worldly power. 

An Intuitive Sequel to Yeshûa
Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus.

Monday, 25 June 2018

On LIFE and WATER — In Search of Secular Ethics

We all walk in Vicious Circles. The saying that we are all born equal is total nonsense. We certainly are endowed with equal potential, after all, we are individualizations of “One God”, or a single Amorphous, Infinite, Energy, possessed of Infinite Creative Potential.
But that’s the limit of our equality.
Otherwise, it would be like saying that all racers have the same car, therefore they are equal drivers. Not so. The race began far, far in the distant past. Yes, billions and billions of years ago. In fact, the Energy which gives us the awareness of Life, of Self, is eternal. It has neither beginning nor end. But what It can do is to metamorphose Itself into endless diverse forms of expression.
Endless. Infinite in number.
And not all equal.

In fact, as different as possible.

Diversity is the sole purpose of life. You and I are unique individualizations. Every one of us. Life expresses itself in every bird, every fish in the sea. Every mammal, including human.
There is only one Energy of Life, expressed in endless variety. In both: flora and fauna. There is divinity in every flower, in every blade of grass. In every butterfly that alights on a lowly petal of a common weed.
There is only one Life. And Its Potential is inherent in all that lives.

And then there is WATER.
This great equalizer serves to illustrate how the Universal Laws work. First, they always tend to restore equality. It flows to the lowest level. It is just as comfortable as a liquid, as ice, or as steam. Sometimes it is even more rarified by becoming merely humidity. 

Divinity is like water.
It always finds its lowest level.
And divinity is within you, hence, also

Water is also of major importance to all living things; in some organisms, up to 90% of their body weight comes from water. Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. According to H.H. Mitchell, (Journal of Biological Chemistry #158, Dec. 2, 2016), our brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water.

And talking of brain, it brings us to my Collections of VICIOUS CIRCLES.
You have my wife to blame for them. She suggested that I jot down the whispers I hear in my daily contemplations on paper, or on today’s “paper” better known as the laptop. I cannot really take credit for them, as they came to me from the unknown, we refer to as the unconscious. Some of them became novels, some poems, other non-fiction attempts to define the reality in which we live.
So you can accept that you are just a bag of water with a few chemicals suspended in it. Or you can accept that your physical body is no more than a temporary abode which you can use to fulfill your dharma.
You be the judge.

And then, please, share your thoughts in a (brief?) review; to assure me that I am not just talking to myself.


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Monday, 18 June 2018

SCI-FI Series 1 & 2

Remaining with science-fiction, these are Short Stories. Four in Series 1, and three in 2. If after you read them you feel hunger for more, don’t worry. You have 2 full-length sci-fi novels to sate your hunger:

And if you are still hungry, there are 4 e-box-sets filled with fantasy and a dose of science attached. Look at 
But let’s start with the short stories:
If you suddenly feel an enormous weight pressing down on you, it’s probably too late. Your Umph is already inside an alien’s body. This should not scare you… That’s how it starts…

“Absolutely brilliant! … a real classic, which leaves the reader wondering if we do really live on Planet Earth!” (Louisa Middleton-Blake, author, UK).
"Thirsty Work is absolutely hilarious! A weird and twisty tale the likes I have not seen in many a year. Reminds me of Ray Bradbury's early work before he got all dark and serious... I will be looking at more of your writing, sir!" (Thaddeus Howze, author)
The other stories are about the love of life and the planet Earth. 

In the far distant future as in our distant past, human emotions continue to place the same demands on the human heart as they do at the present time. The same is also true of the species inhabiting the distant planets, which we, humans, are destined to reach one day, for whatever reason. These are but a few examples of what we might expect:
The Simulator took me where no woman has been before—I could really identify with Astrid (what a beautiful name!). Little Angels were more amazing than I could ever imagine. And Esperanza made me shed a tear, both of sadness and, perhaps, of joy. I hope there's more in the series. (H.K. Loda, 5 Stars on Smashwords)

The stories also collected some 5-STAR blurbs:

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I loved everything about this collection of stories!

Let me know if you like the stories, or better still, say so in writing, wherever you got them. I need to know what you think. Please? Thank you

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

ENIGMA—Of the Second Coming

Just imagine how smart we would be if we were to live for a few thousand years. (Well, some of us, lol). Not in the same, aging, dilapidating physical body, of course. Each new body we design, then supervise its construction is, hopefully, a more advanced model evolving to better serve the purpose for which we created it.
Don’t forget:
The Creator (within us) is immortal.
Each time we occupy a new biological model, endowed with artificial intelligence, we are a minute step closer to the time when we and our model will act as ONE. Ultimately I AM and the model through which It functions will act purely for the benefit of the Creative Source within us, the Source which is the essence of our life.
Others, less advanced embodiments, will take over our present functions, probably that of venturing into the unknown.
Some of us imagine that, one day, the smartest amongst us will come back to show us the error of our ways. In Christianity, this is known as the Second Coming. One can but wish that such an event would apply not only to the Christ, abut also to Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, as well as Lao Tsu, Socrates, Plato, not to mention Mozart, Beethoven, and a dozen or so of other great composers, artists, as well as philosophers and mystics.
Wouldn’t that be nice?
On the other hand, wouldn’t that just repeat previous achievements of humanity? Aren’t we intended to cross new grounds, reach beyond the old horizons, old perceived limitations? After all, the Creative Potential within us is infinite, hence, shouldn’t we reach out towards the unknown?
Surely, the Second Coming takes place within us.
Within our Consciousness.

Unfortunately we make mistakes.
Many mistakes.
When those endanger the functioning of life on our plant, the Universal Laws step in to eliminate the cause, and, possibly, to find a better model to continue venturing into new realities.

The only other option is to hope that the great Souls that trod this ball of dirt before us might find a way to give us a helping hand in other ways. This is where ENIGMA steps in. Whether ‘they’ do so physically, or by influencing our thoughts, remains to be seen. Perhaps they’ll find even more creative ways.
ENIGMA—Of the Second Coming tackles the problem of saving humanity from ourselves. It seems that we reached the stage of having too much power, not enough love. The novel might also explain the mystery of PLUTO, which most astronomers no longer recognize as a planet. So… what might it be?

Below, what others thought of my novel:

Awakened Sci Fi!
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This author never lets me down!
My favorite by this author, so far…
Another amazing story from Stan Law
Challenges Conventional Frames Of Mind
A State of Consciousness Can Open Up the Entire World

…and more…

Please, let me know what you think. 

Monday, 4 June 2018


Priesthood of yesteryear, of the distant past, were the only scientists of their day. Their education, such as it was, enabled them to attempt to understand the reality in which they lived. When they discovered the creative power that hibernates within us, their findings had been turned into a religion. This delusion persists to this day. And this in spite of great mystics who attempted to set us right.
The day I realized the above, I walked to the library of Religious Studies at McGill University, in Montreal. Eight months, and some 40 mega-volumes later, I put together my DICTIONARY OF BIBLICAL SYMBOLISM. I realized that various scriptures had nothing to do with any religion, but were compilations of knowledge of the day, expressed without modern nomenclature to describe the observations of priests/scientists. My DICTIONARY illustrates how much the meaning of various words had changed or evolved since the scribes put their superiors’ wisdom on parchment. If you want to know what the great minds of the past meant by the scriptures, you’ll find my DICTIONARY an indispensable tool. The real meaning will surprise you, and free you from the delusion fed to us by the present day priesthood.

Well, only now the scientists of the present day are beginning to catch up with the knowledge of the past. Mind over matter is slowly, very slowly, coming into its own.
Good luck to all who are beginning to awake to the power that wells within them. Ye are gods, indeed!

For thousands of years we, the human species, have lived, and apparently, continue to live under the carrot and stick philosophy. A philosophy that applies, at best, to children, and even then it is of dubious value. Isn’t it time we grew up and started living as adults and accepted that every cause has a predictable effect?
The ancient’s called it Karma. Isaac Newton calls it Principia, or the laws of motion. Motion is the essential constituent of life.

We can be sure of one thing. The Earth, the reality, in which we find our being is a direct result of us, of people living on this planet. We cannot blame God, or Satan any imaginary super-being for our lot. We created this Earth, we are its keeper, and we shall bear the consequences of the condition in which we live.
To repeat, we really are gods, and we have no one to blame.
As Buddha would say, WAKE UP!

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