Monday, 22 January 2018


This morning I had to face a conundrum. Seemingly a problem without a solution. I firmly believe that the Universe is the source of generosity which manifest in peoples’ lives. Yet, the problem remained.

Then, as so often, Yeshûa, a man who 2000 years ago knew truths to which I only now aspire, gave me the answer. People who refuse to take responsibility for their thoughts, let alone actions, claim that “Jesus saved them from a fate worse than death.”
Well… yes, but not in the way they imagine.
Yeshûa made His salvation contingent on us. He quite simply said: “As you sow, so shall you reap”. Or to put it more poetically, (in Galatians 6, King James Version),
Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”
And… He assures, “God cannot be mocked…”
So, my friends, Yeshûa did not save us by dying on the cross, but by giving us the knowledge which will assure our salvation. Not quite the same as religionists claim, though, in essence, he restated the Law of Karma. The Law of Cause and Effect.
As for people who assert Yeshûa’s divine nature, they are right, of course. There are a few phrases in the Bible, a source which they claim is infallible, which, nevertheless, demand attention.
First, Yeshûa claimed that everyone who conforms to the will of the father are children of the Most High. Hence He, and all people who obey the Universal Laws, are children of God.
Thus, surely, Yeshûa could be no less than a Son of God, allowing that God is his father, who is in heaven, which is within him and within each one of us.
All we need do is discover it within us.

In the religious sense, Yeshûa was a quintessential  atheist. He did not recognize any deity other than his father, in heaven, within the depth of his consciousness. His concept of the Creator was never externalized, and by asserting that “his father is in spirit”, he equated the Creative Force to omnipresent, eternal, inexhaustible, indestructible Energy. (See my blog dated 18/12/2017)

So does the Universe endow us with abundant, inexhaustible generosity out of inherent ‘goodness’? Or do we believe that such generosity is sine qua non characteristic of the omnipresent, eternal, inexhaustible, indestructible Creative Force which responds to the energy generated by acts of faith. It seems that the Creative Force can metamorphose into any rate of vibrations, resulting in any form of energy or matter. There is, however, one aspect of the Creative Energy that must be taken into account.
It is neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’.
It has no ‘human’ characteristics. Even as a knife can kill, or save lives in the hands of a surgeon, so the Energy can be used or misused. That is why Yeshûa warned us about the consequences. We can sow food or poison.
I merely sow seeds of faith in the generosity of the Universe. It works. Always. Moving mountains would seem easy…

However, there is a catch.
To be ‘god’, we must act like ‘God’, and that’s not as easy as it sounds. Inter alia, we must be able to consciously manipulate Energy of which all ‘things’ are made.
Yeshûa did.

Volumes One, Two, and Three.

Monday, 15 January 2018


Imagine the Earth spinning around the Sun just bit faster. Our orbit would drift a little farther from the Sun. Our climate would change. It would get cooler. Then, sooner or later, the centrifugal force would tear us away from the Sun’s attraction, and we’d drift off into space. Into the never-never of the near-absolute-zero domain.
Hell would freeze over.

On the other hand, we might be hit by an asteroid. Or comet. Our orbital velocity might slow down. We’d drift closer and closer to the Sun. It would get warmer By the time we’d get closer to Venus, our world would become uncomfortable. The average temperature on Venus is 462o Celsius (864o Fahrenheit). Our atmosphere would turn almost completely to carbon dioxide and the picturesque clouds would consist of sulfuric acid.
Images of Hell?

In fact, our present orbit is the only orbit where we might continue living a bit longer.
Because the centrifugal and centripetal forces sustain us in a perfect balance. There is no good or evil involved. No punishment or reward. No heaven or hell.
Just perfect balance.
Universal Equilibrium.

Equilibrium is the only state, the only condition, which assures our survival. And this brings me to the present tantrums on this Valley of Tears.
Equilibrium must be maintained in ALL aspect of ALL realities in which we find our becoming. We have a good example of what happens when men abuse their physical strength in relation to women. Sooner or later nature will put her foot down, and women will rise in opposition. They will say enough is enough.
Women will restore the balance.

Hopefully, for a while they’d maintain it or…
Unfortunately, as we all know, power corrupts. That’s what happened to men.
The moment women realize that they can do as they please, they’ll keep pushing men away from the trough of power. Soon, greed will be born, then grow, then wield its ugly head. They will go well past the stage of the indispensible balance and be unable to stop. Once tasted, power has a euphoric attraction. It is an aphrodisiac like no other.
Once again the balance will shift too far…
Guess what will happen.

In human life, as in all aspect of physical realities, equilibrium must be maintained. It is that Straight and Narrow path, the tremulous Event Horizon, that assures the survival of the phenomenal (or any other) reality. We are free to experiment, to try our luck, but if we drift too far in ANY direction, the Universal Laws will activate the restoration of balance.
Life is an ongoing process of movement and change. We advance by trial and error.
There is no good or evil, no punishment or reward. No carrot—no stick. No Hell nor Heaven. With or without men’s or women’s approval… These are all human inventions. Regardless of our likes or dislikes:
Equilibrium will be restored and sustained.
For as long as possible.
And then?
And then we’ll start all over again!


Monday, 8 January 2018

WINSTON TRILOGY—Ultimate Human Potential

Our only experience of life is the conversion of Infinite Potential into Transient Reality.

This is an eternal process.

God and Satan are human inventions. We see the world in dualistic terms, up and down, left and right, good and evil, hence, sooner or later, we had to invent a supreme source of good—God, and to balance this, a supreme source of evil—Satan.
Both, in our image, of course. 
Religions are based on duality. Good and evil are ingrained in our psyche. Religions speak of one God, yet persistently add Satan whom they endow with formidable powers.

…since science assures us that the Multiverse consists of energy, that has neither a beginning, nor can it be destroyed, Heaven and Hell must both be empty, or filled to capacity.

On the other hand...
…until recently, science taught us that our Universe was ‘born’ some 13.78 billion years ago.

Think of a ‘man’ born a few billion years ago.

Let us assume that a ‘man’ (generically speaking) would have reincarnated, every few thousand years. Hopefully, by now, he would be much more advanced in relation to us, than we are in relation of bed bugs. What is mystery to us, would be child’s play for him. Whereas we may be in charge of a family, a business, even a nation, he would be in charge of solar systems. He would be of virtually pure energy. His ‘body’ might be made up of tachyons, neutrino like massless particles, enabling him to travel through solids, as well as forwards and backwards in time.
This in no way contradict science.
His interest would not be in realities made up of transient particles, such as atoms, but only in the eternal evolutionary process. He would have probably created biological robots, endowed with artificial intelligence, able to support consciousness.
Consciousness is pure energy.
 The robots would help to translate his concepts into phenomenal reality. He would give his creation freedom of action just to increase diversity of creation.

We, in our abysmal ignorance, would call such a ‘man’ God, not aware that a billion or two years from now, we would also perform similar creative acts.
The concept of good and evil would be long gone. In sustaining phenomenal reality, the only thing that matters would be balance. Balance along the timeless path of the Event Horizon. A ‘man’ with billions of years of experience would balance the centripetal and centrifugal forces to allow solar systems to last long enough to have fun. To enjoy them. Even as we want to enjoy the toys we create. At least for a little while.
There would  be no need for good or evil.
Just balance to sustain our reality.
The Middle Path.
After reaching into the infinity of the unknown, we would return to the Event Horizon where peace rules. Peace beyond human understanding.
Peace of perfect, indestructible equilibrium.
 Winston is such a man.
He’d taken the first conscious steps to godhood. Perhaps you will be next?

Monday, 1 January 2018

EVOLUTION—Search for Secular Ethics

A Very Happy NEW YEAR to you all!

There are three possible ways in which our reality may have developed. There may be many others, but speculation about them is beyond the scope of this blog. Feel free to contribute your ideas.

The first option is the Religious way.
Before anything became, God was.
Out of nothing God created Heaven and Earth. Having created us, apparently in His image, He dumped us on Earth, just so that we might have some fun before retiring to be bored forever-after in Heaven, i.e. to enjoy eternal rest after doing next to nothing while on Earth.
Or to retire and suffer forever-after in Hell, for doing next to nothing while on Earth.

The second option is the Scientific way.
Before anything became there was a Big Bang.
Nothing exploded into a Universe. The Universe continued to expand. Suddenly evolution was initiated by force or forces unknown, which resulted in Flora and Fauna. Out of these the human species evolved, which continued to grow more and more stupid in direct proportion to technological advancements.

The third option is a Middle Ground.
All is Energy of Consciousness which always was.
It is omnipresent, amorphous (vide various scriptures, they call it Spirit) and indestructible (vide Einstein et alii). In its purest form, It is characterized by an infinite rate of vibration. As the rate of vibration slows down, the energy metamorphoses into different forms and characteristics, eventually acquiring mass.
The Energy of Consciousness displays two opposing forces. One—to expand (vide science), in which the rates of vibration change creating diversity (vide evolution); and two—to contract back into its original state (vide various scriptures and, science: black matter, black energy etc).
The permanent balance between these two forces is sustained at the Event Horizon. This is where the equilibrium allows for the changes in the rates of vibration to be sustained for the longest time.
We know this range of sustained rate of vibrations as life, manifested as Flora and Fauna.
After countless billions of years, this sustained rate at the Event Horizon resulted (evolved into) autonomous Individualizations of the Omnipresent Consciousness. Gradually these Units developed a rudimentary artificial intelligence (egos), which could advance or detract from the infinite possibilities inherent in the omnipresent Energy of Consciousness.
Periodically, such units were changed into more advanced species.
All of the above is an ongoing process.

The collections of blogs, below, attempt to analyze the countless events in our lives in the hope of arriving at Secular Ethics. Such would eliminate any need for fundamentalism in religions or in science.
Gradually, the autonomous biological robots housing the individualizations of the Omnipresent Consciousness would advance in knowledge of infinite possibilities inherent in the energy of Consciousness. Secular Ethics would allow for an ongoing process of learning, as diversity continued to increase. Gradually the robots would become conscious participators in the creative process of the Universe.

Feel free to contribute your observations. 

Volumes 1 - 4
In Search of Secular Ethics

Monday, 25 December 2017

ENIGMA of the Second Coming.

Very Merry Christmas to you all. 

People have a strange tendency to reduce everything to the level of their shallow understanding. Hence, we have preschool, primary school, secondary school and universities. If ratio hasn’t changed since 2010, of the 7.6 billion people only 6.7% have a college degree.
On the other hand, Albert Einstein made it clear that education begins when you forget everything you learned in school. Everything ingrained in your subconscious.
Hence, 93.3% of people have a head start.
Admittedly, they did not gain the advantage of having their gray cells subjected to rigorous training. On the other hand, they do not have to give up the acquired knowledge still lingering on the periphery of their consciousness, blocking access to the ‘unknown’.
Why should we forego the past?
Because in school they can only teach us what is already known. Stale, old, knowledge moldy with age. Yet the only knowledge they had been taught to rely on. On the other hand, learning from within, we cross new ground. Our imagination can take us beyond any knowledge already recorded. We can reach far, far beyond everything that is part of any curriculum in any high school or university. We must retain the technique of learning, but forego the theoretical substance. As Johann Sebastian Bach once said, “technique, technique, and technique, and then forget about it and… just play.” Just listen. Just learn. Just meet the knowledge within.

Genius manifests always from within.

But to achieve this, we must be willing to forget the past. To swim against the current of the so-called establishment. We cannot put “new wine into old skins.” What is even more difficult, we must be willing to discard recognition, fame, titles, and blaze a new trail.

To do that, we must start anew.

Start anew. Daily. To be prepared at all times, day and night, to accept new ideas making their way from the unconscious to the periphery of our consciousness. This alone crosses new ground. It initiates the process of converting potential into manifestation. Of converting an idea into the phenomenal reality.
To some of us, the “second coming” happens almost daily. A new idea, a new concept, awareness, an image, an ephemeral hypothesis, a transient postulation, can spring us along a road less travelled.
Artists are well acquainted with this.
Scientists less so.
The scientists are trained to guard, jealously, the knowledge they already possess. They accept the new ground, but only if it doesn’t contradict what they already think they know.

Second Coming is always from within.

It happens only to the Few. Once we learn to accept new knowledge from within, we begin to draw on infinite potential welling within us. The comings from within become a way of life. We rejoice in crossing new horizons.
Won’t you join us?
Each time we wake up in the morning, all of  us emerge from active periods spent in the reality of our subconscious. We call them dreams, yet they are no less real than anything we experience in a waken state. What is different is the rate of vibrations. We visit the antechamber of Heaven.

We are born again. Daily. 

Monday, 18 December 2017

YESHÛA —The Quintessential Atheist

We all know that atheists do not believe in God. They accept that the Universe happened by accident. That evolution is but a natural expression of Nature, which, although almighty, is not God. In fact they believe in science, as though it were God, though they are well aware that, over the years, the scientists have been proven wrong again and again.
Some… still believe in Flat Earth.*
And then there are the Scientific Laws which no one can deny, at least not until they are proven scientifically wrong. The scientists consistently confuse laws with theories, hence their laws are equally as transient as their theories.

Yeshûa, better known as Jesus, wasn’t like that. He did not believe in anything tangible, anything permanent, other than the Spirit, which, it seems, in his vernacular meant the omnipresent wondrous, unexplainable, almighty Consciousness. He didn’t refer to it as God, or even god with a small ‘g’, but as his father.
Because he was well aware that everything tangible is transient, malleable, in a way, not real.
The only reality he recognized as real was the Sprit.
The same spirit which we now recognize as the amorphous omnipresent energy which is the source of all transient realities.
The Omnipresent, Amorphous, Energy.
Energy that, according to Einstein, is indestructible.

Yeshûa knew that he was born of this omnipresent amorphous energy. Indeed, as we all are. There is no other source. He also knew that if he connected, consciously with this energy, he could channel it to perform creative acts incomprehensible to other people. He could change its rate of vibration, hence nature.
Furthermore, Yeshûa recognized that while his physical body is transient, the consciousness, the individualized consciousness that resides within it, is not. In fact it is one and the same, and inseparable, from the omnipresent Consciousness which individualized Itself in and through him.
No room for any type of God in such philosophy. The Amorphous Energy of Consciousness already was omnipresent, eternal hence immortal, and of infinite potential.

And now, some two thousand years later, a bunch of very learned, very famous, educated scientists came to the conclusion that… all is energy.

The Omnipresent, Amorphous, Energy? 

Energy which, nevertheless, by changing its rate of vibrations, can change its nature, its character, its density, so much so that it becomes perceptible to our primitive senses.
Why primitive?

This Amorphous Energy has neither beginning nor is likely to have an end. It, again according to Einstein, is Eternal. Hence we, the instruments through which it manifests are in a constant condition of movement, or growth, hopefully evolution, hence whatever level we reached today it is but puerile compared to what we shall become millions of years from now.
Being never changes. Becoming is ever-changing. Yeshûa managed to unite the Two. The potential is within us all. Good luck. 

Personal Memoir of the
Missing Years of Jesus