Monday, 11 December 2017


Life is a strange paradox. Purportedly, a Great, Infinitely Benevolent Being is looking after us all, yet… bad things happen.
Fancy that!
It turns out that all the unpleasant, taxing, or downright horrible things that happened in my life, often a number of years ago, turned out to have been for my own good. Some were details of everyday life, some more serious affairs, requiring years to prove their efficacy. But all of them, all the events, the trials or tribulations, invariably turned out for my benefit.
Eventually, it came to me that, as we are the instruments through which the Creative Energy finds Its manifestation, it stands to reason that It would seek to form the best possible means for self-expression.
One might think, sardonically, that the Universal Source is the epitome of selfishness. As I equate the Universal Source with what others call (and worship as) God, this puts me at odds with all religions.
Particularly because of one thing.
My “God” recognizes neither good nor evil. The only thing that counts is the ability and opportunity to advance the diversity of Creation. The stasis of Being (the Potential) cares only about the dynamic of Becoming.
All else are just the means.
Becoming does, however, contribute to the totality of what we can experience in our personal ‘heavens’, i.e. periods between reincarnations.
All past is stored in the Subconscious.
Be it Heaven or Hell.
Ah yes…
We do create our own Heavens or Hells!
And all other states of consciousness. Though those, too, are transient. Only the Amorphous Creative Energy in indestructible.

So why Secular Ethics?
Nature seems to have reached its exorbitant if prodigious redundancy with human semen. An average ejaculation furnishes about 250 million sperm. A single  one suffices to impregnate an egg.
But there, the overindulgence of nature, of the prolific excess, ends abruptly. The moment the egg is impregnated, the Creative Energy sets about producing a biological robot equipped with artificial intelligence sufficient to fulfill Its purpose.
And this is the punch line.
Every single one of us is given a unique body best suited to fulfill a specific task while occupying it. The body is tailor made, assuring physical, emotional, and mental uniqueness.
Among the 7.5 billion people on earth, that are no two of us alike. Even twins vary considerably.
Hence, we all must make sure that we discover our purpose, our dharma. Until we do, we shall continue to waste our superb, absolutely unique biological structures, designed to perform the task or tasks, which are indispensible to create diversity, and/or maintain or restore the state of equilibrium in the Universe. The moment of awareness is called Self-Realization. Some call it ‘awakening’*, others, ‘coming alive’*.
This is when our real life begins.
Nature (the totality of manifestation so far) itself takes care of most of diversity, of incredible profusion of new challenges. We are the gate keepers.
There is no “good or evil” involved. There is only a state of perfect balance.
Aren’t we lucky? 

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Monday, 4 December 2017

Key to Immortality

We look upon vermin with disdain. It is a lowlife, as low as you can get. It is below contempt. Disgusting. Vermin is defined as parasitic worms and insects. They are perceived by us a despicable and as causing problems for the rest of society.
Only one form of life is lower than vermin and those are the microbes. The unicellular organisms, bacteria. They live together, in groups, colonies, yet each cell supports all the processes needed to survive. When they multiply, they eat all there is to be eaten, then move to better pastures, or… die.
Just like us? Humans?
Surely, we are more than vermin. More than unicellular microbes. Than bacteria.

Yes. There are the Chosen Few who don’t live like that. There are many more that are called, that know they are doing wrong, but are too lazy, too weak, too selfish, to change.
And then there is the rest, the overwhelming majority who don’t know what they are doing. They are all nice people. They “support all the processes needed to survive,” but they don’t care. They are the ignorant ones. They multiply until there is nothing more to eat. Then they move to better pastures or… die.
Reminds you of anything?

We ONLY differ in the awareness of the potential within us. Every single human being has the potential to rise above the physical survival mode of biological infestation, and aspire to greater things. “Ad Majora natus sum,” said my patron saint, Stanislaw Kosta. “I was born for greater things.” We all were. Every single one of us. We all have the potential to be as gods.
There is a catch, though.
To be gods we must act as gods.
We must at least resemble them. We cannot resemble the lowest form of life that proliferates this earth. And yet…
And yet, even microbes seem to aspire to greater things. There are 10 times as many microbial cells in the human body as there are human cells. They keep us alive.
Thank you.
Thank you, microbes.
Is this what we do? How many strangers, or even different species, do we keep alive? Surely, we cannot be lower than vermin? Lower than lowly microbes.
Can we?
Are we?
Our biological potential stretches from microbial cells to Einsteinian hundreds of trillions synaptic complexities. Also, our evolutionary past is scrupulously recorded in our DNA, the physical reflection of our subconscious. Are we just biological robots equipped with artificial intelligence?
Think again… are we?
According to Buddha, only until we awaken. According to Yeshûa (Jesus), we remain dead, until we come alive—until we discover who we really are. Until we discover that we are not our bodies, but indestructible individualizations of the omnipresent energy of Consciousness using them, temporarily, to manifests the Potential within us.
Are you awake yet?
Are you sure you’re alive?

Commentary on the Gospel of Thomas

Monday, 27 November 2017

CONSCIOUSNESS —The Amorphous Energy

To repeat, there is no matter, there is only energy, has been said by Einstein, Feynman, and many other physicists. All bright scientists. Do we believe them, or do we think they all joined some new, mysterious cult with quasi-religious overtones.
Well, they’re all established scientists. Are we to believe them as our forefathers believed the learned priesthood of the hoary past?
Do we have a choice?
Let us assume that this time our  physicists are on the right track. That all IS ENERGY. And, and this is important, that there is nothing that isn’t. To help us along, this new theory was born in the heart of the Quantum Theory, which led directly to String Theory. String theory purports that everything that we recognize as matter, when reduced to quantum state, consists of incredibly tiny bits of vibrating energy known as strings. Vivek Keshore, a contributor to Quara, suggests that:
“…if the size of an electron is equal to the size of earth, then the string responsible for that electron would be not bigger than a three or four storey building.”
Michael Price, M.Sc. adds,
“if you blew a proton up to the size of our galaxy than a loop of string would be about a meter across.”
I wouldn’t try to imagine this, unless you want to drive  yourself a little mad. Well, perhaps more than a little… all these comparisons could enhance the reality of Alice in the Wonderland (which really is our world).

Let us break down the energy in a manner that effects us. The faster the rate of vibration, the faster the wave moves away from its source, in all directions simultaneously. Hence quanta of sound are slower then those of light (photons), which in turn are slower than the quanta of emotions, which in turn are slower than the quanta of thought. All is energy, remember?
And here we come to the crux of the matter.
To repeat:
All is energy, hence there is nothing that isn’t.
At a certain point we arrive at the energy of Consciousness. Its rate of vibration is so fast that it mimics infinity. Correspondingly it moves from its source at an infinite velocity. Hence, wherever it moves, it is already there. Hence, Consciousness is omnipresent, and its nature displays both, Being and Becoming.

Since velocity is an aspect of time, then infinite velocity is beyond time. When you are already omnipresent, you don’t need to move from one place to another, hence time is redundant. While we continuously experience the mode of Becoming, we also continue in the condition of Being.
Being and Becoming are the two aspects of our reality. No wonder the ancient prophets called us gods. 

There is one other mystery that we must accept. All energies characterized by faster vibrations can be slowed down to become discernible to our physical senses. Hence the visible universe is… visible. Or, as the ancients put it, “the Word has become Flesh.”
Why? At the most fundamental level…
All is Consciousness. 

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Monday, 20 November 2017

Culture of Death

The Phenomenal World which we call home is now paying for the thoughts radiating from our minds. Thoughts of many. Few seem aware that thoughts are things; that thoughts alone are the building blocks of our reality. Of our future. Nothing, nothing at all, can happen without the energy of thought preceding it.
Hence, there are no accidents, no coincidences.
Every perfect idea must be energized by thought, enlivened with emotions before it can manifest in our phenomenal reality. The thought may be years old, or freshly crossing our mind, but it invariably results in consequences. That’s how our Universe came into being.
And then there is our Ego.
It has the power to twist those perfect ideas. To usurps  them from the intended purpose of benefiting all, to benefiting one, or just some, at the expense of all. Such thoughts are the products of greed.
And the consequence is the world we live in.

Let us look at our mindset.
On TV, we are mostly entertained by human depravity. We find it fun, entertaining, amusing. Look at the titles:
NCIS—fraud and murder
Lethal Weapon—robbery and homicide
Remember—death of family members
Murder—torture and revenge.
The Vietnam War
….and many more…

Every single “entertainment” deals with death.  

The Big Screen is not much better.

And then there is the abundant “literature” offered on Social Media. Murder, mayhem, suspense, distrust, sex, theft, crime of all sorts… are the only themes that our enlightened society seems to be interested in.
And the plethora of naked or semi-naked bodies, both male and female pimped on book covers, deny any literary value.

Also, there is the disease of hate. The admonition: “Love thy neighbour” has became a farce. A joke. Particularly among the Christians. And the Jews. And the Moslem. Yes. By commission or omission, we are all guilty. There is a global race for the ability to kill more people. Weapons of Mass Destruction are all the rage.

And finally, there is the demise of democracy.
In the richest country in the world, 3 men own more than 160,000,000 citizens combined. And in the nation we most admire the money goes to create more weapons for killing people than the next 16 nations combined, though in terms of %age of GDP, Saudi Arabia rules the world.

And this is the culture we are trying to spread around the world. Culture of death: physical, mental and emotional. We tell others how to live.
But not all is lost.
There are recurrent ice-ages, large meteors periodically smash into our planet, global floods, plagues, pandemics, occur now and then.
So, please, do not worry.
Perhaps soon the Universe will help us to eradicate our species, together with all our perversions, and begin, once again, with a new Eden. A few of us will survive, yet none will be wasted. Energy cannot be destroyed, just recycled. And, after all, we are all energy. That’s all there is. Energy. As is indestructible Consciousness.
Perhaps the next time Eden will meet with more success. 

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Monday, 13 November 2017

AWAKENING — Illusory Reality

Here, on Earth, in the illusory reality, when an idea crosses our mind, unless we follow it up with a number of steps including mental analysis, emotional involvement,  and physical action, the idea is unlikely to manifest in the phenomenal reality.
To become ‘real’.
Higher up, in realities defined by higher rates of vibrations, the effect is more immediate. There are infinite stages in-between but, ultimately, at the Source of all Universes, ideas are the only reality. They are the potential from which all Universes become manifest. They are the theories which we, and all sentient beings, must endeavour to make tangible.
This alone makes us gods. The magicians. The creators of tangible illusion of harmony, order, and beauty.
Why illusion?
Because all is energy. Only our individualized consciousness gives it reality.
Some-when, in the murky, hoary past, someone immensely more evolved, more advanced than we are, thought of a rose—a thing of beauty and delight. His creative thoughts gave the idea of a rose substance. Now, we enjoy it. We are the beneficiaries of the past. Now it’s our turn to lay foundations for such creative acts.

Here, on Earth, we are attending a kindergarten of all realities of conscious life. In Eden, we experienced becoming only in a reactive mode. We had little choice. We were the created, not the creators. Then Eve gave Adam an apple.
The rest is history.
Are we doing a good job of our creative impulse?
Perhaps we should continue to remain in a reactive mode. Like all wonderful animals. At least we would not endanger our beautiful planet.
But we can dream…
In dreams, we do not bear the consequences of our mistakes. It is like being in heaven. We still make mistakes, but we have the power to quickly dismiss them. In deep meditative state we can experience countless realities. (Remember Paul’s 3rd heaven?) And yet they are all here, now. They are within our reach. They are just states of consciousness. 

Power means only one thing. The ability to alter, hence create new reality. It applies to all aspects of creative endeavour. This alone makes us ‘gods’. We can wield it for the good or the bad of humanity, fauna, and flora. We can destroy our planet by extreme pollution, nuclear discharges, bacterial proliferation.
We can also create a new Eden.
We really are gods.

People who’d never experienced ‘heaven’ think of it as an eternal resting place. Such a horrible idea fills me with dread. It is equivalent to eternal boredom.
Gods don’t get bored. You sure you want to go to ‘heaven’? 

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Monday, 6 November 2017


Time is only here to stop things from happening all at once. Otherwise, it is an illusion. As most of us know, we all live in the eternal NOW. Awareness of time carries consequences. It only exists in the illusory reality outside Eden.
Most animals have never left Eden.
Although they were already given “skins”, i.e. physical bodies their consciousness inhabits, they still conform to the Universal Laws. They have not eaten the Apple. They still live in the present. They have not taken the evolutionary step of becoming apprentice gods. They live and act by reacting to their acquired knowledge, without the egotistical need to opposing it.
We do. We, humans, think that we know better.
While we are intended to live a proactive life, to reach out “where no man has been before,” we are not supposed to do so outside the Universal Laws.

We don’t teach animals love. They teach us. Each time a dog or a cat licks your hand it expresses the unity that they and you represent. You and they are One. That’s what real love is. The centrifugal force of diversification that sets us apart, submits to the centripetal force forever uniting us, no matter how far our human egos  have set up apart.
Animals don’t do that.
They do have personalities. They are all individualizations of the same Life force that gives us awareness of life, but they find a way of not doing it at another’s expense. Only sometimes, under our influence, they imitate our behavior and leave Eden to join us in “our valley of tears”. Yet there is absolutely no reason why we cannot return to Eden and enjoy the protection that billions of years of evolution affords us.
Our immune system is millions of years in development. Our ‘modern’ medicine, a few thousands at best. Which should we trust more?

Let us stop teaching animals human tricks, idiotic behavior, and go back to Eden. It is still back there, only now we call it Heaven. And Heaven, as we all know is within us. Deep in our subconscious. Now and forever. We can do so by learning from nature, once again,  how to live. Our pets will show us what true love is. It is a gateway to Paradise.

When we take that step, which requires humility, we shall discover that whatever happened in our lives, always happened for our good; for our edification. Trials and tribulations were there only to make us stronger. To show us that the seed of immortality is within us. That’s what life is for. It is a continuous learning process of balancing the new with the old. A process of continuous change. And it is eternal.
And, after all, isn’t this what Paradise is for?

We are immortal Beings in eternal process of Becoming. Without a beginning and without an end. We live in the eternal NOW, periodically changing our vehicles which take us towards the infinity hovering just beyond the horizon. This is what being gods is all about. Infinity.
Good luck.   

Monday, 30 October 2017

Life on Earth

To discuss Life on Earth,  we must define what we mean by Life. First and foremost, we must agree that is more than a biological infestation, ever bearing in mind that ALL is energy.

For me, life is a condition of Becoming, which coverts some of the infinite theoretical possibilities into equally infinite, though transient, manifestations. We, humans, are among the many species which partake  in this process, but only some of us have reached the stage of conscious participation.
Essentially, the process of becoming is characterized by the rate at which we witness, and hopefully learn from, the consequences of ideas becoming thoughts, emotions, and usually the ensuing actions or objects. The results of ‘wrong’ thinking, thinking without emotional and physical follow up, or any other shortcomings, are quickly visible on a temporal scale. We experience the consequences of missing the point or, what religious fraternity erroneously refer to as ‘sin’. What really happens is that we miss the object of the exercise which the creative energy of life place in our way.

When we leave our physical bodies (‘die’) we find ourselves in individualizations composed of energies vibrating at higher rates. (Think of bodies you use in your dreams.) Whereas nuclear energies vibrate so slowly as to be discernible to our physical senses, the bodies we enter on ‘dying’ are made up of quanta vibrating at a higher rate.
They could be made up of photons or other quanta not as yet identified by our primitive science.
Why primitive?
The solar system is approx. 4.54 billion years old. The Universe, as we know it, is rated to exist for 13.82 billions years. We must assume that there are individualized incarnations of the energy of Life (Intelligence with all its attendant characteristics) that are approximately 3 times older, hence, hopefully, 3 times more advanced than we are. Hopefully their evolution has taken them well beyond our present state of awareness.
Primitive beings might call them gods. After all, they may be amusing themselves by creating solar systems and seeding them with incipient units of intelligence.
Just to see what develops.
Whatever we assume, or choose to believe, the only thing that matters are the individualizations of the Universal Live Energy, which enable the state of Being to find fulfillment in the Process of Becoming, which we call life. By studying the Universal Laws we, humans, might grow in knowledge of how to partake in this Process consciously.
Until we do, we shall abide in a reactive condition, with the rest of flora and fauna, which might have been created by our elder brothers and sisters.
Elder by a few billion years.
Or trillion or two…

PS. According to Albert Einstein, (and a number of other physicists), all reality is made up of energy at different rates of vibration, which can metamorphose into different vibratory rates, but which cannot be destroyed.
Hence the Universe is eternal, infinite, and indestructible. We are the incipient units of the Universal Consciousness. 

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