Saturday, 27 August 2016

Bacteria and the Human Species

It is a matter of survival. No, I am not talking about a mad general, or homicidal psychopathic president, pressing a red button initiating global holocaust and making our Earth uninhabitable.
I am talking about us, the very ordinary, reputedly sane people, eating ourselves out of existence. First, encouraged by misguided churches, we continue to multiply in wild abandon, then we eat everything that is edible, and then… we shall die. 
For a while, some of us, might subsist by eating our brothers and sisters, but even that would not last. Soon we would be too fat, too obese, to be able to deprive our neighbour of his or her life, and prepare him or her to be masticated. 
Until recently, bacteria and viruses were the only species reproducing itself for as long as there was food to be absorbed. Then, being unable to cross to another oasis which would supply nourishment, they would die. At present, a man weighing say 70 kilos has roughly 40 trillion bacteria and 30 trillion human cells. This ratio will vary, but if we stop supplying bacteria with food, they’ll will die, and take us with them. Physically, we are their feeding ground. 
This is true of all people who identify with their physical bodies. I for one, treat my body as a temporal stop in my eternal becoming. Lucid dreams have confirmed this thesis on may occasions. I have been writing about them for may years now. Below an excerpt from Science News, Magazine issue: Vol. 189, No. 3, February 6, 2016, p. 6

Some of us, who refuse to remain ignorant for the duration of our reincarnation, experiment with our dreams achieving the first step of inner reality in, what is known as, “lucid dreams”. These are states of consciousness which are no longer limited by the slow rate of the phenomenal energies.

We can all achieve such freedom. And in doing so, we take the first step towards the divine condition of absolute balance, which resided only in the Even Horizon. There is neither good nor evil there. Those conditions are both the penalties and rewards of what we do with our potential. Divine Potential remains for ever neutral, while Karma restores the balance.

I find it gratifying that a Science Magazine finally confirms what I have been writing about for some 20  years. (Perhaps  they read my books, lol!) The  consolation is that the moment we shall destroy pasturelands for our domesticated microbes, we, the real we, the individualized units of consciousness shall create other means, other perhaps biological robots, through which we can verify our efforts of translating the infinite potential into manifestation.
And now, to repeat the statement on my Internet Page If you suspect you are more than flesh and bones, read Stan Law. If you want to be sure, read Stanislaw Kapuscinski.
To confirm your suspicions, read AWAKENING—Event Horizon. To be sure, read the book below. I hope you’ll enjoy both.

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Of all the gifts with which the Universe, in its infinite abundance, endowed us since the beginning of time, the greatest of all is the gift of immortality. The problem, however, is not so much how to retain the amorphous energy of consciousness which is, was, and for ever will be, immortal, but how to create and maintain a sustaining vessel, which will retain our individuality. While our physical bodies are transient, they remain the only means through which that which makes us different from each other can be expressed.
Our bodies are the homesteads of our egos. Ego, indispensible for individual survival, is what sets us apart from each other. We do not have to retain human characteristics to retain our individuality. The rate of vibrations which our mental body generates can produce any vessel necessary for the survival in a phenomenal reality. Such a vessel will house our consciousness, our mental and emotional bodies and, of course, the final, phenomenal expression of our individuality.
However, if in our search for individuality we forget that we are all expressions of a Single Source, we are apt to do more harm than good. Regrettably, this amnesia is already spreading throughout the world. Hence devolution.
There are many ways out.
There are religions and philosophies. There may even be gifts coming to us from afar…
See below…

A 243-year young astronaut and a beautiful lieutenant traverse the Void of Cosmos at 85% of the velocity of light. They meet people advanced 150,000 years beyond the human race. You will laugh and cry, but most of all, you will be amazed. Perhaps, flabbergasted! It will stretch your imagination to outer limits, and beyond.

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Thursday, 11 August 2016

AWAKENING—Event Horizon

We, you and I, and every single atom within and without our bodies are in the process of eternal recycling. They are made up of tiny strings of energy in a continuous condition of flux. They are the outer expression of what we are within. We whirl around and around until the centrifugal force throws us into the outer realms of the phenomenal Universe. Now and then we return to the Event Horizon and decide if we need more learning, or if we are ready to merge with the Source whence we came, to share our individuality, our acquired knowledge, with the others. Not just with the few, but with the totality of the Universe.
There is a paradox in our existence that most people appear to find hard to accept. In a number of religions, divinity has been assigned threefold attributes. In Christianity, we find the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. In Hinduism, there is the Trimurti, or the “three forms”, represented by Brahma—the creator, Vishnu—the preserver and Shiva—the destroyer or transformer. 
This Triad is as old as time itself. It is a Singularity that exhibits three attributes. In this sense the monotheistic religions are right. Regrettably…  only in this sense.
While the so-called divinity, or the Source, is but One, like, say, the omnipresent amorphous creative energy, it can best be understood as a single coin with two faces, with the third dimension, the edge, being the “straight and narrow”… the endless. The two faces express the two principal attributes of that which we call the divine: the Potential and the Manifestation. These are always maintained in perfect balance.
Whatever the Source, It must have existed before the Big Bang. It must have had Its nature in the absolute vacuum, in absolute silence, beyond time and space. Since the Source, by denotation, is immortal and omnipresent, those characteristics of existence must remain forever. Thanks to our scientists we find an echo of such a “pre-Big Bang” condition in the Event Horizon. There, and only there, we can find a state of consciousness which can retreat into the inexplicable potential of a Black Hole, or expand to the limitless realm of the phenomenal Universe, in endless attempts, trials, and tribulations, of translating the Infinite Potential into a manifested condition. The manifested condition suffers from a very slow rate of vibration, and inherent transience. Only the Potential remains changeless, eternal, incomprehensible, infinite, whereas the Event Horizon is the eternal birthing place of the Multiverse.
Hence, in a way, the concept of the Eternal Trimurti, the Divine Triune is right. But only if we do NOT attempt to put a human face on It. One we accept the consequence of this reality, humanity will take the next giant step in its evolution.

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Our Best Friends

In December last year, I wrote a blog in which I described the Few, the Many, and the Third Party. They defined the few people who practiced what they know, the larger group who heard about the Truth but choose to ignore it, and the vast masses who never heard about what makes us human.
Most of us are aware that the human species manifests a whole range of intelligence. I’d define intelligence as acumen necessary for survival. Our abilities in this field range from imbeciles to geniuses. Seemingly, we are not aware that the same range exists among other animals. The elephants have their matriarchs, lions and gorillas have their singular leaders, as do many herds of herbivorous species. The echelons of  migrating birds are led by the head of the V formations, the bees and even the ants have their queens.
Yes. We are not the only species which expresses exuberant diversity.
There is however, a fundamental difference between the human species and the rest of the animal kingdom. While physical survival is paramount among the general fauna, we, humans, have evolved not just to sustain our bodies, but also, and particularly, that which finds its expression through us.
I find it deeply gratifying to note that cats and dogs seem to be on the same evolutionary track. While still in the initial stages of their development, their ties of amity not only to the families with which they live but often to other animals of other species, are manifestations of love. The centripetal force that binds us all together is already vibrant within their psyche. They affirm, through their behaviour, that indeed we are all One.

And now we come to the crux of the matter. We are not independent units or self-centered entities. All men and women, males and females of all genres and all species, are just diversified expressions of the omnipresent Life Force. This ubiquitous Consciousness appears to develop or evolve Its theoretical potential into pragmatic, if still enigmatic to most if not all of us, purposes. Each and every one of us is an individualization of that single and Singular Force. The only difference between us and other species is that we, humans, are intended to consciously participate in this enigmatic plan. All other species also do so, though as yet only at subliminal or instinctive level. All of them.
Yet, cats and dogs appear to manifest conscious awareness of the power of love. Of the centripetal Force that draws us together into an omnipresent Singularity.
Perhaps that is why we love them with reciprocal passion.

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Gorillas, Chimpanzees, and other Primates

Some 50 years ago, Earth population was 3,329,122,479. Let us retreat a few more years to, say, 1950. In that year, the headcount hovered around 2.5 billion. Even this smaller number was greater than any in modern or ancient history. Today, in 2016, human population is reputed to have reached 7,404,976,783.  What is even more disturbing is that by the year 2062, we are estimated to will have crossed the 10 billion mark.

Let us assume that there is a finite number of ‘souls’ created (evolved?) to inhabit the human form. Surely, the number of souls incarnated into human body must have reached its apex long ago. Hence, even if periods between reincarnations last a lot longer than the time we spend on Earth, in this illusory, phenomenal reality, we must have run out ‘human’ souls long ago. Therefore, once the total number of souls allotted to human species has been reached, the new, some 5 billion additional humans, must have drawn on other sources. If we accept the concept of evolution, then it is reasonable to assume that great many ‘souls’ walking the Earth today are incarnated into a human form for the VERY FIRST TIME.
This would account for the comportment of the masses, who resemble monkeys (no offense to simians, they have their rights) a lot more than humans. One look at the behaviour of public attending countless TV shows, professional sports events, or even some political conventions, attest to this theory.
I’m sure that in a few millennia from now some of them, perhaps most, will resemble humans not only in external appearance but also in modus vivendi. Until then, however, we should not expect from them more than they are capable of offering. After all, we all began where they are now, a few billion of them—crossing the great divide from reactive to proactive life-forms.

On the other hand, taking into account that technology has equipped us with additional power in many fields of endeavour, and since power corrupts, we might be in serious trouble. We know that among primates, all alpha males fight for prominence. Recently, females have joined ranks of  those want their finger on the nuclear button.  
Due to the exemplary diligence with which we ignore the repeated advice of great mystics and philosophers, we are in grave danger of regressing to more primitive forms, perhaps below those of monkeys and other vertebrates. The chances that a baby born today will be equipped with a soul which gained previous human experience is nominal at best.

Many are called, but Few are chosen. The rest, some 5 billion people, have not yet entered the ranks of the Many, let alone the Few. They are the masses waiting to discover that they are not their bodies. Nor what their bodies were, are, or will be. There is ample evidence that the overwhelming majority of us have not discovered this fact. Those who have, embark on the most exhilarating journey towards infinity.
The journey is eternal.

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Sunday, 17 July 2016


On July 21st, for the second time this year, ALEC, Book One of the Alexander Trilogy, had been offered for free on the Amazon. I hope you got your copy. A few months ago, the book has achieved the distinction of being:

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 of Amazon Sales Rating. Since, Amazon has extended the novel to “young adult,” “mystery,” “new Adult & College” and a few other categories. ALEC, though essentially an adventure novel, also helps to illustrate the first steps we must all take towards discovering our true nature. The steps which lead to the eventual unification of our Self with our ego. The time when we become One. And now, lo and behold, the same three #1 placements had been achieved within just a few hours. Once again ALEC is a bestseller!

You will follow Alec Baldwin, a precocious lad with unbridled imaginations, as he explores the creative potential innate within his individuality. He even inspires his parents to reach out for their hopes, to fulfill their aspirations. Will they all succeed?
Alec expands his consciousness high enough to dwell, at times, in the realm of imagination. To him, as indeed to some of us, this realm is as real as our physical reality. For most of us it only occurs in dreams, when wittingly or not our brains enter alpha rhythm. But we can all do it. The potential is dormant within us.
Alec reaches out beyond that. He meets himself among the stars...
“The cosmic merging of Alec and Sandra (Alexandra?) is exceptional writing, even for you. It should touch every sensitive reader in their innermost centers,” wrote Kate Jones, Pasadena, USA.

Alec will take you on an adventure you’ll never forget. Below you can glance at some reactions from my readers. Just a few 5 STAR blurbs from the Amazon:

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Saturday, 9 July 2016

TERRORISTS - International Intrigue

A few days ago I made a half-hearted proposal on Facebook. The vital point was that for each woman or child, let alone man, our bombs kill, a new aspiring terrorist is born. After all, every action precipitates an equal yet opposite reaction. It restores—no matter how unpleasant—balance.
As for the rest of my proposal a:


I have been a little premature in my assumptions. Apparently in Fallujah (Iraq) the IS had engaged in large-scale improvised weapons production. Now that Fallujah has been retaken by friendly forces, there is no reason to believe that the terrorists have any other manufacturing capabilities.

As of now, we kid ourselves thinking that we can continue to make a fortune by selling arms, and defeat the enemy which is using them. Yet this seems to be the prevailing philosophy not only in the USA but in, Western Europe, Jordan, Turkey and other greedy nations. (We also export military vehicles to countries with abysmal Human Rights record).
To my knowledge, the men and women forming the haphazard ranks of various terrorist organizations do not own a single munitions factory. They also do not manufacture any vehicles, tanks, even motorcycles. Furthermore, there are no farmers amongst them, none of their members produce anything at all - except death. Every single item which they use to murder us, and their own people who do not show absolute obedience to the misguided version of their beliefs, is supplied to them by us. By the taxpayers of particularly the western nations. We alone are responsible for great many deaths. Until ‘ordinary’ people rise against their own plutocrats who grow rich out of murder, nothing will change.
We continue to support governments which indulge in international intrigues for the sole purpose of making money for the rich. This is not fiction. This is fact.

As for fiction, one such scenario of international intrigue is suggested in the novel ELOHIM, the sequel to ONE JUST MAN.  My publisher writes: “In truly Stan Law’s style, this book is both, a bold exploration of human potential, and an international thriller. As an added bonus, Peter Thornton shows us the way to join him in the realm of man’s ultimate destiny.”
People seem to like it.
"A sparkling novel that frames Dr. Peter Thornton's intensely personal journey of self-discovery in the best of high stakes international intrigue," wrote B. Symonds on Amazon.
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