Monday, 23 April 2018


Power is neither good nor bad. It is those who wield power that impose their own character on its quality. All gods are powerful, yet only Satan is the model of choice for most people wielding power. Those who place their own safety before the safety of others suffer from catch-22. They strive for that which will ultimately destroy them. Always. They display a condition of separation rather than of unity. Separation from the rest of the Universe.

This alone is Catch-22.  

Power can both: separate and unite. To create and destroy. Regrettably,  more often than not, power is used to set us apart. To create “us and them”.
We were all born to gain power. To gain power we die only to be born again. And again. And… again.
After all - gods wield power.
Often, they exercise their power through us. Through you and me, the moment we are ready to assume power. The moment we can wield it over fauna and flora. Unfortunately, some of us also wield it over other people, often too weak to protect themselves.
And that is our downfall. Abuse of power is our deadly mistake. Why?


When we attain power we consider ourselves superior to others.
To wield power as gods do, we must act as gods in all other respects. And gods have a very peculiar trait. They do not differentiate between diverse forms of creation. After all, everything ensued from a Singularity. There is an inveterate oneness with all forms of life. Yes… all men, women and all other living creatures.
Animals, birds, even lower forms of life forms.

The Energy of Life is the greatest unifying factor in all creation. It is also responsible for our Becoming. Even non-sentient creations are subject to this power. Amongst us, it is called Love. It is the centripetal force that draws us back together towards an undifferentiated Singularity. Towards the singular Source that enables us to partake in the eternal process of converting the Infinite Potential of the Omnipresent, Amorphous, Consciousness into a phenomenal reality.
Sometimes, we call this evolution.

We also need power to restore balance. To restore equilibrium. To restore peace gain beyond human understanding.

HEADLESS WORLDThe Vatican Incident, illustrates what desire for power can lead to. It also shows what power can restore a reality of balance - all thanks to a single person.
Surely, the latter is the real power?
This is a novel, but examples of people seeking power proliferate our history. Let us hope those of the present day will quickly learn of the Catch-22; that misused power destroys those who wield it.
In this life or the next.
Such is the Universal Law. 

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Monday, 16 April 2018

YESHÛA—The Power of Knowledge

In essence, we are all energy. We are quanta of light, which, when the rate of vibration is reduced, tend to retain their original expression. Assuming Yeshûa’s resurrection was actual and not symbolic, this would account for him retaining his previous appearance, including the wounds he sustained on the cross.
Of course, light also symbolizes knowledge, but even knowledge is organized in quanta of energy.
As is everything.
The eminent mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose suggested that: the “Discovery of Quantum Vibrations in ‘Microtubules’ inside Brain Neurons Confirms Controversial 20-Year-Old Theory of Consciousness”, (although is it self-evident that not vibrations cause consciousness, only consciousness causes vibrations).
Scientists often confuse the cause with the effect.

Later, one can only imagine, in realities of higher rates of vibration, the ‘Self’ (quanta of consciousness individualized in phenomenal reality) could change its phenomenal form. The essence remains in true Being that is motivating our Becoming. For more on rates of vibration of energy see Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman and other physicists.
Apparently, beyond the quanta of light, the quanta of thought begin to lose the perceptions of their identity. In other words, the phenomenal individualization of Omnipresent Consciousness can assume other forms of expression. They begin to blend with the Source, from which they materialized as Light, and later as atomic structures.
This accounts for the variety of visions many mystics (of all religions) enjoy.
The ability of an individualized consciousness to manipulate the rates of vibration of diverse energies produces, what is commonly referred to as, miracles. This includes spontaneous healings and other phenomena.
I was deeply surprised, if not shocked, when I realized that Albert Einstein’s indestructible, omnipresent energy corresponds virtually  exactly to the ancient, as well as present chi, prana, holy spirit, manna, ether, orgone, biomagnetism, and zero-point, and some 40 other concepts. This is further elaborated in the book soon to be published by Dr. Rita Louise, “Emerging from Eden”.
This brings us to my novel:
Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus”

Some two thousand years ago people as advanced as Jesus and a number of his immediate followers, acquired the ability to manipulate the rates of vibrations of energy. They may have been drawing on their subconscious, if not unconscious knowledge, which, with the exception of Jesus, has not as yet reached their conscious awareness.
Their subliminal ability to manipulate energy had been referred to as “faith”. Yeshûa assured his followers:
“…if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move.”
And then he made a monumental statement. He equated us with our latent potential of being gods:

“Nothing will be impossible for you.”

This promise is the absolute, unmitigated, categorical definition of our true nature. The rest is up to us. Faith is an amalgam of energies generated by knowledge and emotions. Together they have an effect on the images visualized by our will.
Good luck. 

Monday, 9 April 2018

PETER & PAUL - The reality of illusion.

When you’re immortal, your Being exists only in the eternal Now. It stretches in both directions into infinity. Your Becoming, on the other hand, is illusory.
 Nothing is set in stone.
Everything manifested i.e. observable, is transient, ephemeral, unreal, as though accruing in a dream, which, in a way, it is. A deep, deep sleep.
We only think we’re awake, and for us, whatever we ‘think’ becomes real. For a while. A very short while. Yet, it does seem real to us. After all, we have science to prove it!
Except that scientific theories come and go. Even Universal Laws get expounded upon - they take on a new meaning. Reality - though its potential always was and remains infinite - its manifestations never ceases to take on new forms, new expression, new opportunities for the Infinite Potential to experience new Becoming.
That’s the problem with infinity.
The truth doesn’t change, but it expands. Like the Universe. Or Multiverse. No matter how many realities they contain. Absorb. Metamorphose.

And evolution?
Well, this also expands. Not our bodies, those grow weaker. They collapse. Not even our minds - we hardly use those at all; but, and this is precisely the point, it is our ability to use our equipment that grows, not the equipment itself.
The equipment, namely all instrumentation to convert potential into manifestation already exists within us in… in potential form.
Hence, immortality.
It goes on and on. In fact, it never ends.
Only our egos give up. We continue forever.

And this is where Peter and Paul differed. Peter knew he was immortal. He witnessed his Master rising from the grave, and assuming a new phenomenal body imitating his previous physique (it’s easier than building a fresh one from higher vibrations). He knew that his physical body was but an illusion, to be shed in a few years.
Paul didn’t know that.
At least, not until the very end.
Paul thought he must build a church to follow his image of what Peter’s Master was teaching. A sort of Kingdom. Only Paul was trying to build it on Earth. OF brick and mortar. And marble. And all things transient. An illusory kingdom in an illusory reality.
He didn’t learn the truth until the very end.
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Monday, 2 April 2018

INFINITY—The need for Symbolism

We seem to find it hard to accept that our understanding of various concepts change, diametrically, when we observe new realities materializing from Potential to Phenomenal. Infinity, like a Black Hole, makes logical thinking near-impossible.
For instance.
If you travel at infinite velocity, then you are everywhere simultaneously. If your energy is characterized by an infinite rate of vibrations, then it is also static. If you are immortal, then you were also never born.

Infinity is, by definition, eternal, omnipresent, omnipotent, indestructible. It is subject, nevertheless, to the irresistible force of constant metamorphosis. 

Infinity cannot be defined, but it can be, at least in part, described. Definition, as used by our scientists, invariably set limits to the object or concept defined. Hence science invariably places limitations on absolutely everything in the phenomenal world.
Description does no more than to attempt to fathom the unfathomable, to attempt to imagine, to perceive, to sense that which is beyond all sensual perceptions.
 Hence it is the Infinite.
You can call it God, if you like. But it would be a god that is infinite in all potentials, and infinitely impartial to any of its phenomenal manifestations. Like evolution, It would seek expression through the process of trial and error.
It would be a god that is not created in our image and likeness. No long beard.

Beyond concepts of good and evil.

Concerned only with eternally manifesting its infinite potential. It can change its form, metamorphose into an infinite number of its parts, yet the parts would forever remain indivisible from the Whole.

The Old and the New Testaments attempt to deal with infinity. They lack modern verbiage, terminology or scientific precision. We now know that energy cannot be destroyed. That’s pure science. Hence, it is eternal. Like the God of the Old Testament. It is also omnipresent.
We also now know that this Energy, “Divine Spirit” if you prefer, exists in a dual form. First, as the static amorphous form of infinite potential. We can think of It as Being. The second form is dynamic. It is in a constantly changing process of manifesting Itself in a phenomenal reality. The condition of Becoming.


The two forms are never apart, though the phenomenal form is always subservient to the presence of the potential ‘within’. In as much as the potential is infinite, the phenomenal form is likewise without limits, though is manifested in a continuous condition of expansion. The balance is maintained by recycling the ‘unsuccessful’ attempts of converting the perfect potential into a phenomenal expression. The scientists would call this “falling into a Black Hole”.
Finally, the creative process of converting the potential into a phenomenal form takes place in the “Straight and Narrow” path of the Event Horizon. We can witness the creative process by accessing it through the alpha waves of our brain.

No wonder the ancients had to resort to symbolism to describe their understanding of reality.
Now, we can go a tiny step further. 

An indispensible tool for the understanding of Scriptures

Monday, 26 March 2018

WINSTON TRILOGY—Keeping the World Spinning

The maintenance of little things that have already been made is up to us. Up to the artificial intelligence generated by our brain. The big things are set on automatic. AI also energizes the process of our Becoming—our physical, mental and emotional “bodies”. I use inverted commas because, we know from science, all our bodies are made up of energy. In fact, everything else is an illusion. A very transient illusion.
The creative aspect belongs to the Consciousness that resides in our unconscious. Our job is to partake in the trial-and-error experiments.

It is hoped that once we become cognizant of how the Universe works we shall learn to draw upon the Energy of the Source, the All-inclusive Potential Energy, and apply it to our transient reality. All that can be, or could be, or ever was, already IS there in its potential, i.e. theoretical form. For countless eons, your and my prototypes were, are, and always will remain there in undifferentiated form.
Once individualized, we embark on the journey to unify our states of Being and Becoming.
To become Avatars.
Only then the original Source, the Amorphous Energy of Consciousness, that which people refer to as Spirit or God, begins, and forever-after continues to manifest through us. It inspires eternal diversification.
We become, One with the Source. 

There is one other Universal Law that is sine qua non. The Law of Balance. While as the instruments of the Creative Energy we are intended to reach out into the unknown, we must never lose touch with the source of Being within us. We must travel the straight and narrow path, not straying too far from the Event Horizon. Should we do so, we might drift beyond the point of no return in either direction. Should that happen, we would begin, once again, as pure energy, and gradually diversify into more advanced forms, through the process we know as evolution.
In a way, nothing is lost, but our ego. Sooner or later, we’d leave our ego behind anyway. After all, ego is what sets us apart, and, we now know that at the essence of Being, we are all ONE.

For megalomaniacs, I regret to assure them that they will never be a God, but we all have the potential to become one with God. One with Infinite Potential. But only if we give up our individuality.

Winston knew that. He also knew that the highest aspiration of a man is to serve others. It is the first step towards awareness of Self.
He was also aware of the infinity of time, and hence of the snail’s pace of progress. Nevertheless, as we became aware that the joy of Becoming, we realize that life itself is the reward for our hardships. Once we realize what magnificent gift life is, no matter how ephemeral, we begin to live in a euphoric state of gratitude. We also find peace beyond human understanding.

Monday, 19 March 2018

OF GODS AND MEN?—Aquarius Trilogy

Let us assume that the Galactic seasons do not destroy humanity, only refresh it through global upheavals, advancing the Few, refreshing the Many, and recycling the Rest.
If the Universe had neither beginning nor end, than, lo and behold, somewhere, perhaps many, many galaxies away, there must have been some individualizations of the Infinite, Omnipresent, Amorphous, Consciousness, that survived in one form or another countless millennia of evolution. Compared to us, they would be as gods.
After all, they would be no less advanced beyond our present state than we are beyond an amoeba.
There are reasons for this thesis.
There are countless myths adorning our past that state, quite univocally, that an abundance of gods had been responsible for our evolutionary advancement. Those gods were not beings of pristine perfection, but individuals of great power, which they used quite indiscriminately, often for their own benefit at the expense of others. Such powers often enabled them to move through space and time, change their appearance, in fact to manipulate the phenomenal reality at will. They could also communicate with us, the less advanced being, at telepathic levels, a little as many animals communicate on earth today.
This suggest how much we may have lost since leaving Eden, to gain knowledge of the phenomenal, the “unreal reality”.
In short, they were gods.

At some point in history we, humans, had been judged worthy to be left alone, to create our own reality, according to the teaching of gods who visited our environs. The Gods of the past, perhaps those portrayed in our ancient myths, have departed to more fertile grounds, where our embryonic freewill did not interfere with their magnificent powers.
As for us, being immortal, we have countless millennia to catch up with them, at least partially; to develop powers lying deep within our incipient psyches.
We shall see.
In a few thousand years, or so.
Perhaps after two or three cleansing periods such as Ice-Ages, or Great Floods, or other “mishaps” that would separate the Few who are ready to continue, from the masses that are not.
We shall see.

One thing is certain. Whatever our past, here and now we have reached the stage of being responsible for our thoughts, actions, and for the results of our behavior. We, and we alone are the creators of our, no matter how transient reality.
“As a man sows, so shall he reap…”
No matter what. The Universal Laws demands that all debts will be paid, that balance will be restored. Physically, emotionally, and mentally.
Balance is a Universal Law that cannot be broken. “Infinite mercy” will enable us to make countless mistakes. “Infinite justice” will extract the restoration of balance. The gods of Olympus knew that and now it is our turn.

We are fast approaching the next cleansing period. Its possible effects are suggested in my Aquarius Trilogy. Some of us will survive and move onto a higher state of awareness. Awareness of the potential within us. Make sure you are among the Few.
Good luck.

Monday, 12 March 2018

DELUSIONS about Heaven and Earth.

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…” starts the Torah. And it goes on to assures us that the earth was formless and empty. This suggests a monolithic energy all vibrating at the same rate.
Then came the light…
This was the beginning of the differentiation in the rate of vibration. Still amorphous but vibrating at a different rate.
Please note that although all of the above deals with energy, there is no talk of movement or rotation. That, too, came later. Nevertheless, the first change in the rate of vibration provided dynamism which initiated evolution.
Heavens represents the Potential. Earth the Manifestation. The Potential is Energy vibrating at an infinite rate, resulting in inherent omnipresence, and inclusive of all the possibilities, hence of Infinite Potential.
Infinity is always all-inclusive.

Surely we are aware that the ancients may not have had the benefit of Einstein’s perspicacity, experience, and thus knowledge. Nor did they have the terminology to describe the phenomenal reality with words that our present conceptualization, steeped in materiality, could possibly understand. Yet, in their own way, inspired by their unconscious mind (our link to the Potential with us) they told us how our phenomenal reality may have come about.

We should pay close attention to the difference between the Potential and the Manifestation. Originally both, “heaven and earth”, were but formless ideas. Then came movement.
Once initiated, the dynamic of movement cannot be contained. To do so, we’d have to increase it’s rate of vibration to infinity, hence reverting to primordial intangible stasis.
This cannot be done.
It would be like walking uphill in order to get down from the mountain. While changes in the rate of vibration of energy give us the diverse reality in which we conduct our becoming (in which we live), the reverse process would mean the total obliteration of the phenomenal world. Not a nice prospect.
It seems that the Eternal, Omnipresent, Creative Force, the Force I describe as Consciousness, devised a way out of the dilemma. We, humans, (and all life-forms aware of their Potential), are the agents, the means, the entities in which Being and Becoming coexists, thus negating the necessity of total dissolution. We can rest assured that neither Potential nor the process of Manifestations will ever come to an end.

The Universal Laws, which Einstein called “the thoughts of God”, are not concerned with what is already made, but only with the Creative Process itself. The Laws govern the unfoldment of the infinite possibilities that can become manifest through diversification of the rate of vibration while remaining in the indispensable accord between Being and Becoming.
That is all.
Thoughts, emotions, feelings of any kind, and many other intangible energies such as love, are subject to those Laws.
Love, the most powerful force in the Universe, is the centripetal force that stops the Universe from falling apart. It is also that which draws us together, which unifies us, which gives us the awareness of Oneness.
All else are delusions. 

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