Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The GATE: Things my Mother told me

A short while ago, we celebrated Mother’s day. Such celebrations do not stop, even if your mother is no longer alive. The thoughts of her, as she is, was, and for most of us forever will be, remain filled with joy and gratitude.
One cannot stop loving. We like our mothers for the many gifts they bestowed on us. Gift of wisdom, of kindness, of patience… gifts which to this day we are trying to emulate. But love reaches beyond liking. We often love in spite of things, not because of them. We love because it gives us conscious awareness of a strange unifying force that joins us and the loved one into a singular entity.
We become One.
My mother was a very old-fashioned lady. She lived by the precepts of the teaching of the Catholic Church. Yet, as all of us, she had a personal idiosyncrasy that she maintained till the last day. She believed that each time she did the ‘right’ thing, said the ‘right’ word, the Gate which led her to heaven opened a little wider. Finally, although she was ready to go much sooner, as she turned 100, she walked through the Gate with a smile on her face. At long last she found the Gate wide open.

It has been said that the GATE offers an intriguing and captivating look at the last sixty years of western culture. While witnessing hilarious life in an Old Peoples’ home, you learn about Alzheimer’s and Dementia. This is your chance to prepare for old age with subtle wit, compassion, faith, and lots of laughter.

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The Gate - a must
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Beautiful story of older years
The Gate - A haunting, contemplative work
A novel that deserves to be read by millions of people!

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Destiny and Fulfillment

I met many people who couldn’t make up their mind what they should do, what trade or profession to practice, even what studies to undertake.
Well, it simply doesn’t matter.
If we listens to our inner voice (10 minutes/day of relaxation, physical and mental, and ‘listening’), we will invariably be guided, by our own unconscious, towards the fulfillment of our destiny. It may be a winding road, but it will get us there.
We often forget that it is not our ego but our highest consciousness, normally referred to as Higher Self, that is, or should be, the boss of our lives. Ego is necessary for our transient survival in a physical body, which is no more than a means, through which we can fulfill our destiny. We have to look after it the way we look after any other material object which enhances our becoming. But our body is not the essence of our Being. All that really matters is our Consciousness. While all other aspects of our personality, including the energies of mind and emotions, can metamorphose into other forms, Consciousness alone straddles the Straight and Narrow Path, in which Being and Becoming coexist in perfect balance.
Hence it is only our Higher Consciousness that can guide us to fulfill our purpose in this transient reality. Once we learn to listen to It, we’re on our way back home.

SACHA’s life, (in book 3 of the Alexander Trilogy), hovers between normal, paranormal, and supernormal realities. He is uncomfortable in his body. His physical, material body. He’s obsessed with finding purpose in his life. Finally his mysterious mission is revealed to him. He learns how to fulfill his destiny. Strangely, his success results in dire consequences to those who dared to oppose him. The will of the Higher Self must not be ignored.

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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Creating Your Own Universe

Last time I shared the subject of Visualization with you was in December last year. And yet, Visualization can save you from laziness, boredom, poverty, bad health, and even premature dying. Try it. If Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and a number of other physicists are right, then the world is little more than a temporal vortex, consisting of countless smaller vortices of energy, spinning in near-abandon, in an attempt to maintain balance between centripetal and centrifugal forces. People have learned to manipulate those vortices. So can you. The important thing is to assure that you contribute, rather than detract, from the intent of the Universal Laws.
One thing is certain. We cannot meet our ultimate potential without visualization. The creative process demands of us to visualize, often at subliminal level, the purpose, the event, or an object to which we aspire, for the rest of the creative process to take place. Such process is often initiated at subliminal level, often in our dreams, before we become consciously aware of it.

This book will help you stand on your own feet with such confidence that nothing will ever upset your balance.

Stanislaw Kapuscinski draws on his extensive experience to share with us his unique perspective on the world we live in. He asserts his Perception of Reality in terms of historical, sociological, religious, scientific and philosophical context.

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Become a Master of Your Domain
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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Who are You?

For some reason, many people I’ve met seem happy deluding themselves about almost everything. They often pretend that they are what they are not. They lay claims to traits, attributes of character, even possessions, which they do not possess.  They insist on being endowed with abilities which they neither practice nor manifest. And most of all, they delude themselves that they can break Universal Laws with impunity. They even delude themselves that their egos are immortal.
What a pity.
They all have hidden talents they’d failed to discover. Real talents, in which they can excel.
We were all born for one, single, reason. The Omnipresent Amorphous Energy of Life manifests Itself through specific men or women for very specific reasons. Each one of us has a singular purpose in our life. We must discover what that purpose is and then do our very best to fulfill it. We can have more than one passion, but we can only move on to the next one if and when we’ve reach our limits in the previous one.
Anything short of that is a wasted life. The unsuccessful lives are recycled like the rest of nature. Like whole Universes between the various, restorative, Big Bangs. Traits developed in successful lives are Immortal. By definition, they cannot be destroyed.

My book DELUSIONS—Pragmatic Realism is only step one. With frequent sprinkling of humor I try to expose delusions masquerading under the guise of science and religion. The rest is up to you. Or at least, up to the Potential latent within you. Within all of us.

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I Love It When You Discover a Book Like This!!

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Friday, 22 April 2016


 All is energy. We can change the fundamental nature of things by changing their rate of vibration. It is best done at the  fundamental level, i.e. in the state of pure Consciousness at the center of our Being. This is how healing is done, how records are broken, how great compositions are written, how we become as gods. That’s what gods do. And this power lies latent within all of us. All is energy and all energy has a specific rate of vibrations. None can be created, none can be destroyed. All can be transformed.

There is a natural progression. Some things we can change at illusory level of the phenomenal reality.
At emotional reality we can go deeper. There we can stop hating, stop being lazy, stop complaining, start being grateful. These are all stimulated by emotions which use imagination to recognize a better reality.
Finally, once your body and emotions are mobilized, you can enter the realm of the mind. There you can consolidate all of the above, and actually use higher rates of vibrations to restore balance which is the essence of the highest realms of Consciousness. The energy of the mind is the executive arm of the Creative Force.

And now we come to the Event Horizon ever present in the centre of our Being. In this reality we AWAKEN to the awareness that NOTHING is impossible. This is the state of consciousness which the prophets assigned to gods. It is the state of Being, hovering on the brink of Becoming. It is a reality known as the Straight and Narrow.
It’s perfectly alright to kill and be killed if this is the evolutionary level you’ve reached. Dog eat dog is a necessary step assuring your physical survival. It is also the barrier which negates any aspirations you might have to immortality.
Imagine, what traits of character, what qualities or talents you’d want to keep forever. Or a million years from now. A billion years? Which of your personal attributes would enrich the Whole Universe. The Whole Reality. Only those traits are immortal.

EVENT HORIZON is the Straight and Narrow sphere, where the centripetal and centrifugal forces are in perfect balance. 

In the AVATAR SYNDROME and HEADLESS WORLD, Anne Howell and her friends push the envelope of evolution to utter limits. In Book Three of the Trilogy, I explore different rates of vibrations extant in the Creative Potential within us. I will take you to the brink of the greatest evolutionary leap in human history.

AWAKENING offers the next gigantic step in the development of Human Potential.

Book III of the Anne Howell Trilogy
C O M I N G   S O O N
C O M I N G   S O O N

sequel to

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Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Mathematics of War

A Swedish Think Tank recently announced that World military spending has grown to $1.7 trillion in 2015. To illustrate the efficacy of this statistic, at a $1 per bullet, we must divide $1,700,000,000,000 by world population of 7,404,976,783. Result:

229 bullets for every human being on Earth.

As the Pentagon spends more on armaments than any other country, they evidently intend to either kill more people than any other nation, or are very bad shots.  However, no matter how badly trained is the army of any country, I’d humbly suggest that not even the congenital idiots who spend our money on armaments would need 229 bullets per person, to kill every individual on Earth. A total of $1.7 trillion bullets.
I know…
They waste our money not just on bullets. On the other hand, the sum of $1.7 trillion is just for ONE YEAR. They already produced multiple instruments through which the murderous missiles can be delivered. There already have bombs, planes, u-boats, aircraft-carriers, artillery, and other implements of killing devised and produced by homicidal brains. They’ve been producing them for years and years.
It is safe to assume that any person connected in any way with the production of arms cannot be called a Christian. Likewise any church which blesses killing of other human beings are, by definition, in denial of the dictum of loving one’s enemies. Hence, such religions are also non-Christian. It stands to reason that the admonition to love one’s enemies precludes the concept of killing them.
And now a surprise.
Very soon, any semi-intelligent person will be able to learn to produce, in his or her proverbial basement or garage, a mini-atom-bomb. If by that time we do not teach the whole generation of mankind to love one-another, it will be the last generation.

Below I offer the Key to Immortality, the exegesis of the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas. I can wholeheartedly assure all people connected with arms industry that they have long forsaken any entitlement, any hope, or any right to claim Immortality. They’ve been dead for a long time already. This book is for those who have not yet given up on Eternal Life.  Eternal Becoming. As for others… to use Yeshûa’s words, perhaps we should: Let the dead bury the dead.
The Gospel of Thomas states: “Whosoever finds the explanation of these words shall not taste death.” We are endowed with the gene of immortality. Our genome can endure thousands, perhaps millions of years. But what of our consciousness? The author offers us the Key to Immortality.

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Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Question of Salvation

For some incomprehensible reason, most Christians seem to have decided that they can lie, steal, rape, murder and… lo and behold, Jesus died for them on the Cross and therefore they will be ‘saved’. This perversion also enables politicians to murder wholesale their enemies with impunity—the enemies they have been commanded to love.
What utter balderdash!
Yeshûa, or Yehoshûa, (Jesus’ real name) made the question of salvation abundantly clear. “As you sow, so shall you reap.” This has been also stated with equal clarity, some 500 years before Yeshûa was born, by Gautama Buddha, who likewise assured us that: “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”
The concept of Infinite Mercy lies in the understanding of our true nature. We are NOT our bodies. We are Consciousness that resides within our bodies which has at Its disposal physical, emotional, and mental attributes. Those, in turn, enable our Consciousness to experiment with the Infinite Creative Potential that is available for the Individualizations of the Omnipresent Consciousness.
It is only the Consciousness that is immortal. What can be ‘saved’ are our individual contributions to that Potential, which only takes place when we give up our individuality, also known as ego, and merge with the Source from which we emerged.
It may come as solace to some of us to know that the Source abides in duality. The Potential and the Manifestation are two sides of the same coin. They are both infinite and immortal. One is Being, the other Becoming. We should never forget, however, that Becoming is always transient, fulminating, metamorphosing, and hence cannot be immortal in the same sense as the Potential is. Luckily, to quote Albert Einstein, there is no matter—all is energy.
Hence, if we really want to understand the dual nature of Reality, we must accept that the manifested, or the ‘living’, aspect of the Potential is a PROCESS.
Both the Process and the Potential are immortal and omnipresent. This truth will set us free and assure our immortality. 

YESHUA—Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus”, attempts to illustrate how one man reached the above conclusions. What religions did with them later is another story. To read about that, you have to suffer through another of my novels, PETER & PAUL, an intuitive sequel to YESHUA, which shows how incredibly difficult it must have been for Yeshûa’s followers to accept his teaching. Evidently, this difficulty remains to this day.

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Love in all of its aspects.
A Well Deserved Rating!
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No matter what you believe, you will like this book!

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