Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Evolution or Unfolding - The Eternal Journey

We often confuse the true reality and the illusory world in which we experience our becoming. That which is real cannot be destroyed by some two-bit general pressing the wrong button in Pentagon or Kremlin. That which is real is indestructible and eternal. Like I AM. Like the essence of you and me.
Hence, the evolution of individualized consciousness to which we often refer as ‘soul’. Even the word soul is often misunderstood. In the biblical scriptures the word is used to describe both, the subconscious (nephesh or “animal soul”), and the indomitable, eternal, unchangeable, individualized consciousness that cannot be set apart from its Source. The latter is also referred to as spirit, which has its being outside the confines of time or space. It is also referred to as the I AM.

One might well ask, what could possibly be the purpose of evolution that is both, infinite and eternal, and thus indestructible. Our incipient individualized consciousness needs. a tangible mechanism (a physical body) through which to experience the mode of becoming. It starts with a very limited vision. It is hardly aware of anything outside its own l, amoebic universe. Then, we expand our vision.
Gradually, we learn, that in the mode of becoming, only that is real which can be experienced through at least one of our senses. While in the potential form everything is perfect, when experienced only in part, it leaves the “soul” wanting. Hence evolution. A gradual unfolding of the infinite potential within us.
Physical evolution seems to expand along the lines of exponential diversity. Hence, it would be logical to assume that in the infinity of time there would be an infinite number of (illusory) creations. The purpose of consciousness is to experience al of them simultaneously, from infinite number of points of view.

As all that is experienced is stored in our subconscious, the consequences of such evolution would be to create an infinite number of universes, each contained within, but not limited by, the experiences stored in our memories. I note that scientists-cosmologists-theoretical-physicists are playing with similar theories—thoughts dressed in their “scientific” jargon. Although they would never admit it, my proposal fits in quite well with their hypothetical string and multiverse theory. The difference is that scientists need to have a beginning and end to everything. They are quite incapable of dealing with infinity, which for them remains ever-theoretical. For me infinity is a playground for my soul, for my individualized consciousness, to explore.
There are neither boundaries nor limits to infinity.

Perhaps our next evolutionary step will come from other intelligent beings, from other parts of our or neighbouring galaxy. One possibility and dangers attendant to such a step are suggested in my novel, The “Gift of Gamman”. You might not agree with it, but you’ll probably admit that salvation may come from most unexpected quarters. 

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Artificial Duality - The Mirror

I often wondered why so many of us seem so preoccupied with the future, the distant future, the time after we depart from this valley of shadows. John, in the apocryphal Acts made an interesting statement. He wrote:

A lamp am I to you that perceive me
A mirror am I to you that know me

I had been baffled for many years at this seemingly esoteric statement, until I remembered that all the scriptures, particularly of Gnostic origin, are written from the non-physical, non-material the point of view. In other words, it is not a man (or woman) who is addressing us with those words, but the entity that makes use of our physical/material body for a very short duration.
While John’s words are intended for the reflexive consciousness of the body, they serve as reassurance for our true self. In essence, I AM and our human consciousness is one and the same. Once we gain the awareness of this fact, our physical body serves as a mirror for I AM to see the fruit of Its labours.

This might sound like a complex metaphysical mumbo-jumbo, but what John is saying is that duality of body and spirit, is entirely the product of our mind.
It is completely artificial.
While the mirror has great value, not one of us would confuse the reflection with the “real thing”.
I AM has created a physical body, and continues to rejuvenate and rebuild it on a daily basis. The physical body with which we identify is little more that a mirror of the entity within us. The entity ‘within’ us is, of course, our true self. It is the I AM.
There is no ‘spirit’ floating around us, masquerading as a second-rate Hollywood movie ghost. Our bodies are representations of the totality of our consciousness. We must remember, however, that our ‘body’ consists of four components. We are physical, emotional, mental and pure consciousness (spirit if you like) entities, all expressed through the medium of our human form.

Attempting to decipher the wisdom of the past is becoming progressively more difficult. We are likely to come a step closer to the truth once we accept that we are regressing from entities of pure consciousness towards materiality. Day by day our scientists are telling us that we are little more than empty space, which our physical bodies, including our brains, mostly are. Yet, they say, this empty space is capable of generating ideas, thoughts and emotions.
This may be true of the scientists themselves, but as for myself I am an entity manifesting through four attributes, without which I could not claim to be human.

Practical implications of this thesis are illustrated in my novel “NOW—Being and Becoming”. It is a love story that transcends physical reality. The concept is not as far-fetched as you might imagine, it only proves that YOU and I are immortal. 

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Friday, 5 December 2014

Mysteries Unraveled

Symbolic shrouds continue to protect the Bible, Koran, Mahabharata, and virtually all ancient scriptures I studied. While there are archetypes common to all of the scriptures, each culture placed specific demands on the reader. Hence it is likely that most people in the West are more familiar with the Bible than with other scriptures.
Nevertheless, what amazes me is that, to my knowledge, not a single organized religion took to trouble to explain this fact, let alone the meaning of the symbols, to their faithful. Perhaps the learned doctors of theology were and still are ignorant of the symbolic meaning themselves. After all, none are so blind as those who have eyes yet cannot see. That’s right. Not those who cannot see objects but those who cannot see the meaning conveyed by the inspired mystics.
The problem, of course, was and is organized religion—as is organized science, for that matter. Great many learned scientists are equally as ignorant of scriptural symbolic meanings as the vast majority of priests and preachers. Yet abject ignorance never stopped the ‘scientists’ nor the ‘theologians’ from giving us the benefit of their ignorance.
I suppose there is no money in telling people the truth. The faithful would soon take off, on their own, and there would be no one to support the clergy.
Sometime ago I’d published a book entitled DELUSIONS—Pragmatic Realism, in which I compared the abysmal ignorance of fundamentalists in both sacerdotal and scientific fraternity. Surely, now that quantum mechanics is an accepted branch of science, both parties ought to consider espousing probabilities in lieu of absolutism.
Yet, both prefer to insist that they are right. ‘Absolutely’ became a favourite word even for the ‘masses’.

I offer an alternative.
You might know that, to this day, more than 3300 Hebrew and/or Ancient Greek words in the Bible remain not translated into English. While the experts in ancient languages seldom agree in the precise meaning of words, I made as many variations as I could find available to you, to make sure that YOU and you alone will choose those words which your inner voice, your intuition, will guide you to choose. Only then you will discern the true meaning of scriptures as they apply to YOU.
 Those who are evolved enough to stand on their own feet can try to make use of my Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism. While, as mentioned above, all scriptures have been written in a symbolic idiom, the Bible is most familiar document to people in our part of the world. Thus, with luck and perseverance, you might find out what the evangelists and the prophets really had in mind. The book will give you the necessary knowledge to decipher the ancient writings on your own.
Believe me, you will be enormously surprised.
Good luck. 

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Monday, 1 December 2014

A Vicious Circle

 Every time a coalition for power is formed, it is a sign that the time of drastic change is near. One of the principle characteristics of our dualistic reality is that when wielding power overtakes other considerations the days of those in power are nearing the end of their course. It is time for, what Wall Street plutocrats call, a correction. I call it a return to sanity.
There, however, lies the paradox.
According to the prophets of old, to advance on the evolutionary scale, we must become as gods. Gods, by definition yield virtually unlimited power — and unlimited power, as we all know, corrupts absolutely. Without recourse. Hence, a new beginning must take place. Thus, round and round we go. In the East, the ancients call it the Wheel of Awagawan.
A vicious circle.
Luckily, since consciousness originates from a Single Source, the characteristics of dualistic reality are completely artificial. It is not real. It consists of imaginary objects both, those that we call living (subject to rapid change) and those relatively inert, yet on closer analysis all of them consist of virtually empty space. That’s pure science. Quantum mechanics—if you like. It is knowledge as advanced as the human species’ ability to comprehend the physical Universe.
All else is Maya. Illusion.
To repeat—mostly empty space.

Yet power is NOT evil. Nor is a scalpel, which can both: save and take lives. It has been said that LOVE is the most powerful force in the Universe.
Yet… Power is the opposite of Love.
Used well, Love can restore balance in the Universe. It can restore its course to the middle path. Love is ennobling, redeeming and saving. While Power, as various religions or political factions, tends to set people apart, Love, like faith, draws us together. As we approach the condition of balance, “the straight and narrow path”, we become aware of Oneness, which draws us to a single state of mind. Single yet infinite in its diversity. We can claim to wield real power only when we can assure that each individual unit of that diversity is free to pursue its individuality.
It is a difficult task.
It seems that only eternity can assure our eventual success. Hence, we must assume or adopt traits necessary and indispensible to reach this ultimate goal. Others, those not as yet awake, will continue to wield earthly power, which is destined for unavoidable failure. All empires always collapsed and they always will. They are contrary to the force that holds this Universe together. “Earthly” power stands in direct opposition to that which makes us immortal.

This fact has been known for at least two millennia.  Yeshûa revealed this secret to Thomas, an ancient disciple, who recorded it in a Gnostic gospel. To protect its purity, it is veiled in esoteric symbolism. I attempted to lift the rim of the veil for all who are interested in being immortal. Good luck!


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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

7,000,000,000 Answers

Until the population of the world expands even more, there are about seven billion answers to the question: Why are we here. Judging by our apparent need for reproduction, this number will grow. Unless, of course, an apocalyptic event curtails our rampant proliferation.
The vast majority of us do not seem to be aware that without our participation, the Earth, as we know it, would not exist. It might have remained as Mars, or other planets, devoid of all life, or with just very rudimentary species, which could, one day, become conscious of their existence. They would not have to be anything like us—perhaps based on non-biological components—but endowed with a subconscious nevertheless.
And this is where the omnipresent Intelligence, the ubiquitous Consciousness if you prefer, affects our becoming. In the Acts of John, an early 2nd-century collection, a single idea suggests the answer. As it is of Gnostic origin, it was discarded by the Vatican.  It states:

A lamp am I to him that beholds me... A mirror am I to him that perceives me.”

In modern language it implies that the omnipresent Intelligence/Consciousness shows us the way, guides us, inspires us, until we take over.
Until the penny drops…
Until we become aware that we are but tiny shards of mirror reflecting the single Creative Power we are little more than half-blind men staggering in the persistent light striving to show us the way.
This is NOT a religious epiphany. It is a statement defining the evolutionary process. I am referring to the evolution of our consciousness, of our self-awareness, not of our ability to continuously invent gadgets, which over time, for the masses, will make creative thinking virtually obsolete. “Why think when you can press a button and a technologically enhanced machine can to it for you?” We don’t even need sabers or swords to kill our enemy. We just press a button and millions will die in the agonies of atomic radiation.
There isn’t a single man or woman wielding political/military power, capable of building an atom bomb. But they wield the power to press a button. To kill. Millions.
A pit of depravity?
An abyss of corruption?
We are holders of such power.

Again, we are no more than individualized fragments reflecting the omnipresent, irrepressible power. Some of us forget that others are still struggling in the light of a single lamp. An indestructible lamp that shines on the “good and the bad”, even as the rain that waters the gardens of all states of consciousness. We are One. Our sole purpose is to make Earth a better reality for those who will follow us.
Each one of us is an indispensible shard reflecting the totality of Consciousness. This we must learn. For no other reason were we born. For no other reason shall we die.
And if we fail in this life, don’t worry. We’ll just start again in the next. Better luck next time.

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Reaction versus Proaction

All humans are animals. There is, however, a single trait that distinguishes some humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. And that is the degree of self-awareness.
All animals think. They even store their experiences in their subconscious, even as we do, and have done over countless aeons. Yet there is a very subtle difference that sets some of us apart. Some of us become aware that we are aware. This single trait enables us to become proactive and not just reactive to our environment and conditioning. It does not make us better than animals. We merely become vaguely aware of our own abilities.  
Yet even this limited ability to be proactive gives us enormous power. We become as gods. Or… as devils incarnate.
We alone become capable of committing wholesale murder on members of our own species—such as no other animal would ever do. Yet we think ourselves superior to others; to other animals. We are merely more advanced biological models capable of supporting a greater gamut of experiences. We become aware of our relatively free will.

What until now we recognized as ‘divinity’, as ‘god’, is transmuted to mean the Source of power on which we can draw and use for our own ends. The inexhaustible Source remains non-judgmental, (“the Father judges no one”, John 5:22), infinite in Its potential.
The rest is up to us.
Those who have not reached this stage of self-awareness, Buddha called asleep, and later, Yeshûa called them dead. Both referred to the fact that they were not consciously aware of their potential. Of their incredible power. That was why Yeshûa advocated love as a prerequisite of a being human. It is the balancing force. Hitler and Stalin and a number of contemporary leaders illustrate this point. Devoid of love they all murdered millions.

While still part of the animal kingdom, we no longer have to conform. We can be proactive in all our endeavours. We, as gods, are embodiments of power. We can act according to our will.
We continue, however, to bear consequences, as does the rest of the animal kingdom of our actions. In fact, more so. Other animals cannot act against their nature. If they do, they die. They react to their genetic programming (subconscious) and their environment. We, humans, change our environment and act against the experience and conditioning we have gathered over millions of years.
We have the power to destroy our bodies, our emotions, our minds. We have the power to store in our memories deeds of such perversions, that, after we leave our physical bodies we spend thousand of years in a self-made hell.
We also have the power to create heaven on Earth.
Our choice.
Your choice.  

My three collections of Essays discuss at length the Nature of Being, both reactive and proactive. You might enjoy them.
As always—your choice. 

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Sunday, 16 November 2014

PANDAEMONIUM—is Paradise Lost?

They destroyed my TV. I used to enjoy a good movie, even some distorted one-sided-parochial news bulletins; or even a good satire by some bright, over-sarcastic host.
No more!
A handful of moronic, stone-deaf, self-centered, money-grabbing, retarded producers, appealing to the lowest common denominator, have willfully sabotaged my pleasure. They ruined perfectly good programs by superimposing excruciating pandemonium on virtually all plots. They allowed noisy, screechy, grating, jarring soundtracks to overpower the often-talented authors, actors, and composers.
Noise prevails during conversations, driving through wild forests, in the depth of oceans, in outer space… everywhere. No respect for artists, drama, music, not even for the sounds of nature. They kill them all.  

Around 1652 John Milton has composed an epic poem, “Paradise Lost”. In it, he refers to the capital of Hell as Pandaemonium: the place where noise is ubiquitous, drowning the divine silence from which all beauty, indeed the whole Universe emerged. Before the Big Bang, if there were such, there was Nothing. This Nothing was filled with divine silence. It was the abode of GOD. Not the god of religions that sits upon a cloud and controls us with carrots and sticks. The real GOD. The GOD of Infinite Potential.
if music be the food of love…
Music, too, was born of Divine Silence.

It was downhill ever since. The present day TV producers are the final coffin nails. For music and drama to survive we must kill TV. Or to kill the producers—perhaps stretching their thick skins over the ubiquitous percussive instruments of torture. Unfortunately, I suspect, that might be illegal.

Milton had lost his eyesight. Completely. He composed Paradise Lost entirely through dictation. Had there been noise while he was dictating, amanuenses and friends would have missed some of the poetry. It would have been lost due to noise, like on TV, the modern gates of hell.  
No more… ’Tis not as sweet now as it was before…
Each time I clicked on the TV set I was drawn into the depth of human depravity. Murder, theft, explicit sex and noise. Constant NOISE. Whenever anyone talked, a veritable pandemonium accompanied his or her every word. Evidently the producers thought that actors’ words were not worth listening to. Conversely, the dissonant ‘music’ was so bad, so lacking in beauty, that someone talking while the ‘music’ played was of no consequence.
Lately the noise of the soundtrack talk began to drown all conversation. They added machinegun fire, exploding bombs, screech of tires and other extraneous deafening sound-effects to further obliterate any pleasure one might have derived from either music or lackadaisical conversation. Even ludicrous “laugh-track” drowned the actors’ speech.
Instead there was continuous, ongoing pandemonium. They invited us to Hell and made us pay for the trip.

Yet some of us retained the power to create music, real music, which makes heaven on earth. Ann Howell was one such person. When she played no one dared to speak. They listened. Find out for yourself. 

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