Thursday, 26 January 2017


Regrettably, few of us heard about the Universal Laws, and fewer still decided to follow them. Hence, some evolve, and the vast majority sustains the status quo. The difference between the two groups is the degree to which they manage to sublimate their ego to free their individual Self.
Not an easy proposition.
There is another problem. At each stage of evolution, we think that we, or at least some of us, have reached the stage wherein the truth we have gained is absolute. That we have “the word of God”, and hence nothing can possibly improve it, adjust it, or add to it.
Not so.
Thousands of years ago people thought they arrived at the truth. Thousands of years later they thought the Earth was flat. Now we are told that there is no matter, that all is energy. In another thousand years, we might learn that all is just consciousness, and the reality we experience is no more than our vision of it. Who can tell what ‘truth’ humanity, or any other intelligent embodiments of consciousness, might arrive at, a million or two, let alone a billion years from now? After all, the latest we hear from the scientists that the Big Bang was a false alarm, that even the phenomenal universe might be renewing itself in an eternal cycle.
We live and learn, but only if we do not pretend that we have already arrived at the truth.
Science, to quote Carl Sagan, “is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.” The absorption of truth requires an open mind, not one stuck in a fundamentalist doctrine of either religion or science. 

Each creative act is experimental and therefore transient. We, the instruments of creation, the mobile self-replicating biological computers, achieve best results when not distracted by the propensities imposed by the struggle of physical existence. The mystics and great artists insist that such creativity can only take place when we completely negate our egos. Only then we can draw on the Source, on our unconscious, to initiate a creative process.

As we advance along the taxing steps of evolution, the scope of our creative endeavours increase proportionally to our awareness of our purpose. The scope of our responsibilities increases even as our consciousness expands. After all, we are gods. Well, potential gods. Gods in waiting.
The Winston Trilogy takes us through various stages of evolution. We begin low, increase our influence through indirect means, invariably staying in the shadows. Gradually we might rise to planetary if not galactic realms, guiding and serving ever greater multitudes.

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Most people still seem unaware that their true self, the consciousness that constitutes and defines the individuality of their being, that takes part in becoming, is not generated by their physical body, but rather by an energy at such high rate of vibrations that is undetectable to our physical, emotional nor even mental awareness.
This should come as no surprise to us, as we are unable to see in the infrared range, cannot see nor feel radio waves, are quite unaware of cosmic radiation, nor can we detect countless other energies of which our Universe consists. Our true consciousness is synonymous with the energy of life. In the past people referred to it as spiritual energy, making it undetectable by definition.
This is not to dismiss the value of our phenomenal bodies. Such, although transient and made up of energies at their lowest rates of vibration, serve to illustrate the consequences of our attempts to translate various aspects of infinite potential resting in our unconscious, into kinetic manifestation. It is only when we become fully aware of the results of our creative endeavours that we can judge their efficacy.
As for consciousness generated by our bodies, principally by the 100 billion neurons of our brains, those serve, principally, to maintain our physical bodies in a good working order. After all, our true Selves need biological robots, i.e. to experience and enrich the countless phenomenal universes which contribute to our reality of becoming. They, the robots, also generate our egos, necessary for the survival in the transient phenomenal form.

The ancients seemed well aware of the essence of our being. The Gospel of Thomas is a perfect illustration of this. Only recently, however, thanks to a number of scientists, we have learned that the universe consists exclusively of indestructible energy at different rates of vibration. This offers us a new vocabulary to explain the past knowledge. They, the ancients, seemed well aware of the difficulty we all face in understanding the reality in which we live.

The Gospel of Thomas states: “Whosoever finds the explanation of these words shall not taste death.” We are endowed with the gene of immortality. Our genome can endure thousands, perhaps millions of years. But what of our consciousness?
My book offers us the Key to Immortality.

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 Exegesis: Gospel of Thomas

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

AWAKENING—The Event Horizon

Consciousness is like Spirit. In a way, all-powerful. It creates realities. It is omnipresent. You think of the moon and, in your mind, you’re there. You might as well think of Andromeda. Or the French Riviera. In your mind, they are equal distance apart. Almost. Your mind is not the same as your Consciousness, but it’s the next best thing. Your Consciousness is already there—your mind takes you there—in no time at all. One day we shall learn to increase our rate of vibrations and manifest there physically.
Consciousness is all inclusive. It is replete with infinite potential. Like everything in the Universe, it is the source of quanta and vibrations.
We are Its individualizations.
What gives us personality is our will, our decision where and how to place our attention. Two people regarding exactly the same object, reading the same book, listening to the same song sang by a bird, a rock-band, or played by a symphony orchestra, will receive them all in a completely different way. We create our realities by the way we interpret the potential wheeling within us and without us. And then we become the consequences of the way we place and exercise our attention.
In this sense we are gods. Almighty.
It is all up to us. Up to our attention.
Attention is what builds our individuality, our soul. The grand total of our experience is stored in our subconscious. When we leave the transient, illusory, phenomenal reality, the incredible storehouse of subconscious gives us our illusion of heaven. There, we no longer suffer the consequences of our mistakes. There we know that our reality is no more than an echo of our transient experiences; that all is but a manifestation of the energy of consciousness, which we can mold through diverse rates of vibration, into endless forms, into endless realities.
Yet only at the slowest vibration, we can experience the consequences of our actions. It is the fastest way to learn.

And yet, though our Consciousness is already there; it’s a long journey. We are creatures of habit—shifting attention is not easy. We start with the AVATAR SYNDROME, perhaps by unifying the two hemispheres of our brain?
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And finally, there comes AWAKENING. The awareness of who and what we really are. We hover at the Event Horizon until…

… well, find out for yourself…

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Monday, 2 January 2017


Ray Kurzweil, the renowned futurist, warns us that the onset of AI is at hand. Steven Hawkins, even more famous physicist, insists that AI is bound to spell doom for the human race.
They are both right.
We seem to forget, that AI already exists. We, humans, are biological robots endowed with artificial intelligence. We seem quite unaware that we have created a brain, some 100 billion neurons, to generate artificial intelligence, which can, and does, control some 37.2 trillion cells of our body. Most of the time the brain is set to work automatically, responding to past experience, stored in our subconscious. This seems to suffice to maintain our bodies in good working order.
We do not seem to accept the fact that we are little more than very brief visitors in the constructs we had created, to experience and learn from the consequences of our creative acts. We achieved this, of course, through trial and error, better known as the evolutionary process.
And that is no mean achievement, although, over the infinity of time, we have created, and continue to create, endless transient universes. The only constant reality is the potential energy. All else is transient.
Our brain, a biological computer, is naturally disposed to experiment with diversity, a natural consequence of the singularity of its Source. Not singularity of space or time. In fact, just the opposite. Our Source is, eternal, ubiquitous, and amorphous. It is hardly surprising that the inherent desire of the Infinite Potential Energy is to diversify throughout space time, while maintaining its attributes throughout its creation. Each creative act is experimental and hence transient.

As for the destruction of the human race, well, we had a good innings. Our 200,000 years, with the last 6,000 being reasonably civilized, is long enough to prove that we are not doing a very good job with our biological computers. Even worse, some DNA tests suggest that we have split from the apes some six million years ago.
By contrast, our precursors, the dinosaurs, were around for some 65,000,000 years. They were much better behaved than we are. As for lizards, they were born some 320 million years ago and still around.
We completely forgot what is our purpose. Our egos, which were designed to serve, took over as masters.
Perhaps, at the very least, we shall contribute elements necessary for the creation of a new species, which will eliminate the negative traits of humanity. It is high time we did that, or at least before we destroy the planet which has shared its wealth with us. Planet created by anther species, some 4.5 billions years ago.

It seems that we no longer deserve it. Hopefully, the future individualizations diversifying the Omnipresent Amorphous Energy endowed with infinite creative potential will show greater awareness of their origins and purpose.
We, the real WE, shall see.

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