Monday, 29 May 2017

NOW—Being & Becoming (A Love Story)

This is a paranormal love story with 18 FIVE-STAR reviews. You can search far and wide for a story that is not based on love. Love makes the world go round.  Eternally. Drawing us ever closer by Centripetal Force that will not be denied. Ultimately we all have been and will always remain ONE in the everlasting NOW.
All else is an illusion.
Leave it to scientists—the unawakened. They are great at studying what was. Unfortunately what is, is subject to constant fluctuations, transient existence, ephemeral reality. So are they. And so it is with time.
“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once,” said Albert Einstein. Einstein was so much more than a scientist. First and foremost he was a lover of wisdom—a perfect amalgam of knowledge and love.
The point is that, contrary to the ‘scientific’ nonsense about the Big Bang, nothing can be created out of nothing. Hence, everything already exists at least in its potential form. Time allows us, individualizations of omnipresent consciousness, to slowly, very slowly, become aware of the infinite potential extant in the eternity of NOW.

We live and learn. Some of us. Others look only backwards, studying what had already been converted into transient phenomenal forms by others. Like the galaxies, and stars and… atoms. In truth, only energy exists in its diverse forms, all ensuing from the energy of consciousness vibrating at infinite rate and thus being omnipresent. All infinities are omnipresent and have their Being in the eternal NOW. Our awareness of this fact comes from I AM, the state of Being.

John Clarkson, the hero of NOW—Being & Becoming, gains a fragment of this knowledge by sheer accident. He wraps his car around a lamppost. The next instant he's looking down on his body lying in a ditch. He wonders why he doesn't feel any pain. What follows are “300 spellbinding pages!”

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Get Immersed!
Exceptional Experience!
Spellbinding and mind-opening!
A supreme exploration of mortality
Could Not Put This Down! Love this book!
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And many more…

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A Love Story

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Monday, 22 May 2017

EVENT HORIZON—Avatar Trilogy

Our scientists insist that the phenomenal world began with a Big Bang when nothing exploded into everything. There was no mass, no matter, no energy, no space. There was void. And suddenly, for no apparent reason, this nothing went bang! And, some 13.82 billions years later, but for the grace of Almighty Science, here we are, still talking scientific nonsense. Why? Science observes and learns from what is or was. I AM creates the future.
We are very, very slow learners.
Luckily, we, the real we, are immortal. Even as the Universe is. Whatever is eternal cannot have a beginning. It is a question of Universal balance. However, there is nothing to stop the Phenomenal Universe, (indeed Universes which we recognize as real), from changing form, renewing themselves, perhaps even starting from scratch.
From scratch, but not from nothing. Only scientists can do that—or so they appear to think. The Energy of Creative Potential is ever-present.

Scientists are trying hard to wiggle out of their theoretical predicament. Gravitational attraction of a Black Hole would remain the same as it was before its mass collapsed into one. A galaxy of say 100 billion suns compressed into a Black Hole would be a fraction of a light year, compared to the 100,000 light years whence it came.
The Black Holes, the scientist say, can also be tiny. “Exceedingly small.” “If the Earth was compressed into a black hole, it would be less than an inch in diameter.” As the Black Holes are so small, it is not easy to run into, let alone be swallowed, by one. Hence, the Event Horizon. It reaches out far away with its tentacles of attraction. It is also a narrow stretch of reality manifesting perfect balance. It is the “straight and narrow.” It is our base of operations.
It is a narrow path from which we can either fall into the dissolution (Black Hole), or spread our wings to increase the diversity of the Infinite Potential, of which we are but tiny individualizations.  After all, “as above, so below…”

Human Potential is deeply elaborated in my books. As for the Event Horizon, AWAKENING, book 3 of the Avatar Trilogy, ventures into the reality of Heavens. The inner realities begin in our subconscious and stretch into eternity. There are infinite states of consciousness waiting for us to explore. Infinite in the eternal NOW. We are immortal, remember? AWAKENING—Event Horizon describes the next gigantic step in human evolution. Read it and start on your journey. You don’t have to die in order to live.

A few blurbs from 5 STAR reviews for Avatar Syndrome:

Just Brilliant!
Fantastic Book
Very Good Book
Scientific and Spiritual
Endearing and Enlightening!
A tale of an extraordinary life
The marriage of creativity and genius
Thought-provoking and masterful work!
Another great spiritual journey from Law
Impressive, deep and intelligent! Loved it!

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Avatar Syndrome, Headless World, and Awakening take us on a trip from phenomenal reality to the First Heaven. Let me know what you think, preferably in a review on Amazon. I need your thoughts. 

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Monday, 15 May 2017

The Discovery of Self—ALEXANDER Trilogy

Both ALEC and ALEXANDER, had their moments of glory, bathing in the Amazon Sales rank of #1 in Metaphysical, Visionary, and Super Hero Fiction categories. Alas, even as empires fall, so do the crowds’ favorites. Even the Oxford University Press paperback Edition of the King James Bible had fallen to #1,740,879 Amazon Sales Rank. Who am I to compete?
Sic transit gloria mundi. 
So now we’re left with SACHA, Alexander and Suzy’s son, who finds being on Earth an enigmatic chore.
 In a way, we all should follow in his footsteps and try to find out what is our destiny. It is a humbling yet also flattering realization that in the infinity of stars sanding our Universe, you and I, and everyone of us, have a unique purpose, a unique function to perform. Until we find out what it is we remain vaguely asleep, hardly alive, deprived of the joy which only discovering our true destiny can offer. When we do, however, it comes with power.
The glory of each and every Self!
And even then we might not have the gumption to carry out our duty. We might have all the talent, all the ability, but the artificial intelligence emanating essentially from our brain continues to hamper our way. Ego, having a subliminal awareness of the bliss of immortality is displaying its instinct of self-preservation. It needs it to survive for even the briefest period in this elusive reality. Such is power of attraction of the illusory, phenomenal world we live in.
Yet there is one thing that must be made abundantly clear. Discovery of one’s Self is not the end—it is but a  humble beginning. The reality of Earth is little  more than a kindergarten, after which we continue on our eternal journey, through the endless individualized embodiments of the Omnipresent Consciousness, until we can no longer distinguish between our own Self and the Whole whence It came. Then we shall finally share the totality of our experience with the Universe.

Sacha’s life hovers between normal, paranormal, and supernormal. He is uncomfortable in his body. He’s obsessed with finding purpose in his life. Finally his mysterious mission is revealed to him. Strangely, his success results in dire consequences to those who dared to oppose him. The world will never be the same again!

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Must Read!
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Candy for my mind!!
Stan I. S. Law does it again!
Moving and Memorable Conclusion!
A Perfect Way To Wrap Up A Trilogy
Phenomenal Book That Gets You Thinking
Fantastic ending to Alexander Trilogy Series

And others…

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Monday, 8 May 2017


Let the dead bury the dead,” said the Master of Eternal Life. Anyone who gets out of his own grave, three days after burial, deserves this title.
But why? Why did he bother?
He had to make a point. Not just today but then, some 2000 years ago, there had been skeptics who insisted on proof of things which they were too limited, too primitive, to understand. Regrettably, most of us remain in this category to this day.
Yeshûa didn’t perform any miracles. He merely manipulated reality by changing the rates of vibrations of energy. Rather as the TV producers do when broadcasting plays and information through thin air. No more than 200 years ago such feats would have been considered miracles. So would radio, flying machines, and ships made of metal that don’t sink.
In every generations there are some of us who are simply more advanced than others. Today and 2000 years ago. For instance, there are people around the world who do not eat. They are called autothrophs.

“The term designates an organism that makes its own food. Autotrophs can go on hunger strikes for years and even decades.”

Superstition? Hearsay? Ravings of some lunatics? What if there are ample energies in the air to sustain us? Birds can fly, fish can swim under water, plants can draw energy from the sun. Every living thing needs energy in order to survive.

“We get this energy from the foods that we eat. Autotrophs get their energy from non-living sources such as the sun and carbon dioxide. During the process of photosynthesis, not only is sunlight turned into energy, but carbon dioxide is taken from the air and oxygen is released in its place.”

That’s what scientists say. Are they also wrong? Yet all this relates only to our physical bodies…

So, what is life?
Life is a kinetic expression of static potential. Hence, the ‘expression’ is related to time, transiency, and effort. The static potential that motivates us remains eternal, omnipresent, and inexhaustible. Ultimately, the potential and the fulfillment are inseparable. They are One.
Thus, people aware of their true nature, of the infinite potential dwelling within them, aware of the purpose of their life, are alive. Those who identify only with the end product, the transient physical individualization, are still not awakened, or, as Yeshûa put it, still dead.
To synthesize all of the above, we are individualized states of consciousness who have created mobile biological robots, endowed with artificial intelligence, for the purpose of discharging our dharma.
The rest is… history.

Below some 5-STAR blurbs on Amazon for Volumes I, II, and III of my Collected Essays.

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Deep, reflective, and highly intellectual!
Always an eye-opening journey with Law

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Monday, 1 May 2017

EMPTY SPACE—Yeshûa and Peter & Paul

First Einstein, then others, all theoretical physicists, by definition scientists, have proven beyond any doubt that to equate, to identify oneself with one’s physical body, is to identify oneself with (essentially) empty space.
We are energies at different rates of vibration. The slowest vibration we identify as matter: as the magnificent biological constructs, which we occupy for an infinitely small fragment of eternity. That we occupy in the eternal NOW.
We need those constructs, and that is precisely why we have created them. Yes. Unless you choose to believe that a human sperm, or egg, carries all the characteristics which define your being, then we must accept that every single one of us has created his or her body: calculated by volume 15 trillion cells: by weight about 70 trillion. Most accept 37.2 trillion as a fair estimate. Every cell ‘knows’ what to do, where to go, how to behave. On the top of that, it knows how to arrange itself into various organs, form and run biological systems working in perfect accord and harmony with each other, and that after it carries out various repairs, or rebuilds itself when injured.
Yet the so-called ‘atheists’ do not accept that consciousness controls our minds let alone our bodies. In their case, all the necessary knowledge is compressed into a microscopic sperm—from head to tail about 50 micrometers. That’s roughly 0.002 of an inch.
Perhaps this it true, especially of their brains.

And this brings us to YESHÛA and PETER & PAUL. Yeshûa, later known as Jesus, managed to convince Peter about what our theoretical physicists discovered 2000 years later. All is energy. Of course, Yeshûa included in this equation the energies of thought, belief, and consciousness. All are energy. Peter, though it took him a while, accepted the premise. He’d chosen to call consciousness ‘spirit’, as there was no ‘scientific’ name assigned to the power of this energy. Yet he saw, he witnessed, how Yeshûa used it at will. By changing vibrations of various energies he could heal people, convert water into wine, and even quicken the energies in a body already ‘dead’ to make it function as though alive.
Life, of course, is not a biological function, but yet another energy which manifests in all flora and fauna, in what we call, nature.

As it turned out, while Peter concerned himself with the energies ‘within’, Paul stuck in the quagmire of the energies ‘without’. Why quagmire? Because the perfect Potential lies within, and we shall spend eternity trying to convert this perfection into a phenomenal form. This function is called Life. Hence the static and the active aspects of reality.

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Love in all of its aspects.
A Well Deserved Rating!
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