Monday, 1 May 2017

EMPTY SPACE—Yeshûa and Peter & Paul

First Einstein, then others, all theoretical physicists, by definition scientists, have proven beyond any doubt that to equate, to identify oneself with one’s physical body, is to identify oneself with (essentially) empty space.
We are energies at different rates of vibration. The slowest vibration we identify as matter: as the magnificent biological constructs, which we occupy for an infinitely small fragment of eternity. That we occupy in the eternal NOW.
We need those constructs, and that is precisely why we have created them. Yes. Unless you choose to believe that a human sperm, or egg, carries all the characteristics which define your being, then we must accept that every single one of us has created his or her body: calculated by volume 15 trillion cells: by weight about 70 trillion. Most accept 37.2 trillion as a fair estimate. Every cell ‘knows’ what to do, where to go, how to behave. On the top of that, it knows how to arrange itself into various organs, form and run biological systems working in perfect accord and harmony with each other, and that after it carries out various repairs, or rebuilds itself when injured.
Yet the so-called ‘atheists’ do not accept that consciousness controls our minds let alone our bodies. In their case, all the necessary knowledge is compressed into a microscopic sperm—from head to tail about 50 micrometers. That’s roughly 0.002 of an inch.
Perhaps this it true, especially of their brains.

And this brings us to YESHÛA and PETER & PAUL. Yeshûa, later known as Jesus, managed to convince Peter about what our theoretical physicists discovered 2000 years later. All is energy. Of course, Yeshûa included in this equation the energies of thought, belief, and consciousness. All are energy. Peter, though it took him a while, accepted the premise. He’d chosen to call consciousness ‘spirit’, as there was no ‘scientific’ name assigned to the power of this energy. Yet he saw, he witnessed, how Yeshûa used it at will. By changing vibrations of various energies he could heal people, convert water into wine, and even quicken the energies in a body already ‘dead’ to make it function as though alive.
Life, of course, is not a biological function, but yet another energy which manifests in all flora and fauna, in what we call, nature.

As it turned out, while Peter concerned himself with the energies ‘within’, Paul stuck in the quagmire of the energies ‘without’. Why quagmire? Because the perfect Potential lies within, and we shall spend eternity trying to convert this perfection into a phenomenal form. This function is called Life. Hence the static and the active aspects of reality.

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  1. (Even though a human egg is about 30 times bigger than sperm, this hardly compensates for running an organism of some 37 trillion cells).