Monday, 13 November 2017

AWAKENING — Illusory Reality

Here, on Earth, in the illusory reality, when an idea crosses our mind, unless we follow it up with a number of steps including mental analysis, emotional involvement,  and physical action, the idea is unlikely to manifest in the phenomenal reality.
To become ‘real’.
Higher up, in realities defined by higher rates of vibrations, the effect is more immediate. There are infinite stages in-between but, ultimately, at the Source of all Universes, ideas are the only reality. They are the potential from which all Universes become manifest. They are the theories which we, and all sentient beings, must endeavour to make tangible.
This alone makes us gods. The magicians. The creators of tangible illusion of harmony, order, and beauty.
Why illusion?
Because all is energy. Only our individualized consciousness gives it reality.
Some-when, in the murky, hoary past, someone immensely more evolved, more advanced than we are, thought of a rose—a thing of beauty and delight. His creative thoughts gave the idea of a rose substance. Now, we enjoy it. We are the beneficiaries of the past. Now it’s our turn to lay foundations for such creative acts.

Here, on Earth, we are attending a kindergarten of all realities of conscious life. In Eden, we experienced becoming only in a reactive mode. We had little choice. We were the created, not the creators. Then Eve gave Adam an apple.
The rest is history.
Are we doing a good job of our creative impulse?
Perhaps we should continue to remain in a reactive mode. Like all wonderful animals. At least we would not endanger our beautiful planet.
But we can dream…
In dreams, we do not bear the consequences of our mistakes. It is like being in heaven. We still make mistakes, but we have the power to quickly dismiss them. In deep meditative state we can experience countless realities. (Remember Paul’s 3rd heaven?) And yet they are all here, now. They are within our reach. They are just states of consciousness. 

Power means only one thing. The ability to alter, hence create new reality. It applies to all aspects of creative endeavour. This alone makes us ‘gods’. We can wield it for the good or the bad of humanity, fauna, and flora. We can destroy our planet by extreme pollution, nuclear discharges, bacterial proliferation.
We can also create a new Eden.
We really are gods.

People who’d never experienced ‘heaven’ think of it as an eternal resting place. Such a horrible idea fills me with dread. It is equivalent to eternal boredom.
Gods don’t get bored. You sure you want to go to ‘heaven’? 

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Monday, 6 November 2017


Time is only here to stop things from happening all at once. Otherwise, it is an illusion. As most of us know, we all live in the eternal NOW. Awareness of time carries consequences. It only exists in the illusory reality outside Eden.
Most animals have never left Eden.
Although they were already given “skins”, i.e. physical bodies their consciousness inhabits, they still conform to the Universal Laws. They have not eaten the Apple. They still live in the present. They have not taken the evolutionary step of becoming apprentice gods. They live and act by reacting to their acquired knowledge, without the egotistical need to opposing it.
We do. We, humans, think that we know better.
While we are intended to live a proactive life, to reach out “where no man has been before,” we are not supposed to do so outside the Universal Laws.

We don’t teach animals love. They teach us. Each time a dog or a cat licks your hand it expresses the unity that they and you represent. You and they are One. That’s what real love is. The centrifugal force of diversification that sets us apart, submits to the centripetal force forever uniting us, no matter how far our human egos  have set up apart.
Animals don’t do that.
They do have personalities. They are all individualizations of the same Life force that gives us awareness of life, but they find a way of not doing it at another’s expense. Only sometimes, under our influence, they imitate our behavior and leave Eden to join us in “our valley of tears”. Yet there is absolutely no reason why we cannot return to Eden and enjoy the protection that billions of years of evolution affords us.
Our immune system is millions of years in development. Our ‘modern’ medicine, a few thousands at best. Which should we trust more?

Let us stop teaching animals human tricks, idiotic behavior, and go back to Eden. It is still back there, only now we call it Heaven. And Heaven, as we all know is within us. Deep in our subconscious. Now and forever. We can do so by learning from nature, once again,  how to live. Our pets will show us what true love is. It is a gateway to Paradise.

When we take that step, which requires humility, we shall discover that whatever happened in our lives, always happened for our good; for our edification. Trials and tribulations were there only to make us stronger. To show us that the seed of immortality is within us. That’s what life is for. It is a continuous learning process of balancing the new with the old. A process of continuous change. And it is eternal.
And, after all, isn’t this what Paradise is for?

We are immortal Beings in eternal process of Becoming. Without a beginning and without an end. We live in the eternal NOW, periodically changing our vehicles which take us towards the infinity hovering just beyond the horizon. This is what being gods is all about. Infinity.
Good luck.   

Monday, 30 October 2017

Life on Earth

To discuss Life on Earth,  we must define what we mean by Life. First and foremost, we must agree that is more than a biological infestation, ever bearing in mind that ALL is energy.

For me, life is a condition of Becoming, which coverts some of the infinite theoretical possibilities into equally infinite, though transient, manifestations. We, humans, are among the many species which partake  in this process, but only some of us have reached the stage of conscious participation.
Essentially, the process of becoming is characterized by the rate at which we witness, and hopefully learn from, the consequences of ideas becoming thoughts, emotions, and usually the ensuing actions or objects. The results of ‘wrong’ thinking, thinking without emotional and physical follow up, or any other shortcomings, are quickly visible on a temporal scale. We experience the consequences of missing the point or, what religious fraternity erroneously refer to as ‘sin’. What really happens is that we miss the object of the exercise which the creative energy of life place in our way.

When we leave our physical bodies (‘die’) we find ourselves in individualizations composed of energies vibrating at higher rates. (Think of bodies you use in your dreams.) Whereas nuclear energies vibrate so slowly as to be discernible to our physical senses, the bodies we enter on ‘dying’ are made up of quanta vibrating at a higher rate.
They could be made up of photons or other quanta not as yet identified by our primitive science.
Why primitive?
The solar system is approx. 4.54 billion years old. The Universe, as we know it, is rated to exist for 13.82 billions years. We must assume that there are individualized incarnations of the energy of Life (Intelligence with all its attendant characteristics) that are approximately 3 times older, hence, hopefully, 3 times more advanced than we are. Hopefully their evolution has taken them well beyond our present state of awareness.
Primitive beings might call them gods. After all, they may be amusing themselves by creating solar systems and seeding them with incipient units of intelligence.
Just to see what develops.
Whatever we assume, or choose to believe, the only thing that matters are the individualizations of the Universal Live Energy, which enable the state of Being to find fulfillment in the Process of Becoming, which we call life. By studying the Universal Laws we, humans, might grow in knowledge of how to partake in this Process consciously.
Until we do, we shall abide in a reactive condition, with the rest of flora and fauna, which might have been created by our elder brothers and sisters.
Elder by a few billion years.
Or trillion or two…

PS. According to Albert Einstein, (and a number of other physicists), all reality is made up of energy at different rates of vibration, which can metamorphose into different vibratory rates, but which cannot be destroyed.
Hence the Universe is eternal, infinite, and indestructible. We are the incipient units of the Universal Consciousness. 

In Search of Secular Ethics

Monday, 23 October 2017

The Brave and the Cowardly

Heaven is for the brave. It takes a lot more courage to be humble, to be “poor at heart”, than to be proud, overpowering, looking down on others.
Winston Smith, the hero of my Winston Trilogy, was a butler. A majordomo. A servant. He offers an example of service being the most noble profession. It really doesn’t matter how we serve. What is vital is that we contribute to the wealth of the universe. Those who are here for a free ride will be greatly disappointed.
And contributions to this wealth can be of manifold. Instead of creating something new Winston Smith had chosen to serve those who would do so. And he did so by completely dismissing any credit for his own contribution.

The politics of today present the very opposite picture. They seem based on the principle that the bullies must rule, rather than help the weaker amongst us. The very fact that the richest country in the world spends more money on means of destruction, on legalized murder, than the next 7 largest military budgets combined, shows the depth of depravity to which this nation has sunk. Paradoxically, this same country has by far the greatest external debt. They kill others with borrowed money.
However, every effect has its cause.
The reason for this deplorable condition is that it suits those in power. And those in power are a group of people completely deprived of any religious, social, or secular ethics. The “I don’t care what your predicament is, I’m OK,” is the only dictum they follow. As always, there may be one or two exceptions to this rule, but the majority of the “ruling class” are a reflection of the nation on its approaching downfall.
Empires fall, and cowards, those who carry guns to protect themselves and not others, will fall with it. Such is the Universal Law.
“No man is an island unto himself”.
We are One. Those who reached this understanding are but the Few. The Many also know the truth, but are too lazy, or too cowardly, to follow it. As for the vast remainder, they will be forgiven, for “they know not what they do.”
Winston Smith knew precisely the purpose that man is to serve on Earth. He knew precisely what function he is to perform in this phenomenal reality, which is little more than a kindergarten for a very young species who only recently gained self-awareness. Fewer still have gained the awareness of Self.
Surely, what we must all learn is that Heaven is for the brave. It is a state of consciousness wherein the courage is derived from absolute conviction of one’s immortality and of intrinsic Oneness of Self.
The rest will be recycled.
Again and again.
In Vicious Circles. 

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Monday, 16 October 2017

YESHÛA —The Quintessential Avatar

“To define God is to deny God,” said Baruch Spinoza. Definitions set limitations. And yet definition can also stipulate their absence. So what of the Essence of Being?
Some people call it God. Others use the term “King of Kings”, or “Lord of Lords”, or “Lord of the Hosts”. It, or He, perhaps She, assuming the concept is not androgynous although I’m told YHWH stands for male and female principles underscoring the reality we live in. The concept has also been referred to as Father or Abba. Others refer to It as the Most High, and by Hebrew names such as Jehovah, Adonai, Elohim, El-Shaddai, and Yahweh. Some Quakers refer to God as The Light. Indeed, there are countless names dating back to the times of Levantine, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Elamite and other ancient religions.
To transliterate Shakespeare: “Is not God a God by any other name?” Would God, by any other name not be just as divine?

There are at least as many gods as there are, ever had been, or ever will be people on Earth, or on any other planet. Or other solar systems… or universes. Yeshûa, later known as Jesus, referred to God as Father, assuring every one that He and the Father were one. Furthermore, he insisted that the Father is in Heaven and that Heaven is within him, and every one of us. This Heaven is a state of consciousness deep within our psyche.
I think of God as Amorphous, Impersonal, Eternal Energy. Being Omnipresent it is both, within me and without me; hence, within in you and me, and everyone, regardless or in spite of, their religious affiliation.

Life is an eternal process of creation. Of converting the Infinite Potential into transient Manifestation.
It is a magnificent game.
It is a game gods play at the rarified heights of the Olympus. At higher planes of awareness (higher rates of vibration), we experience a greater affinity with the energies which coalesce to form our physical bodies, which we create in order to experience the consequences of our creative impulses.

“Ye are gods” had been said thousands of years ago, yet to this day people search for divinity beyond their own being. Not finding God within themselves, they seem to continue their search somewhere in the sky. But they’ll never find God in a church, or “up there” in the azure hovering over the Vatican, or Mecca, or Olympus, or mingling amongst the starry firmament of the sky.
We are both, Being and Becoming. Being,  the eternal Potential, and Becoming the eternal, transient Process of Manifestation. The two are inseparable. The Potential and the Manifestation are One.

Our immortal, indestructible energy of consciousness resides within us, and whence It radiates Its timeless omnipresence. When we fully identify with the divinity within us, we become Avatars. Moses knew that. So did Yeshûa. Do you?

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Monday, 9 October 2017

Cats & Dogs—Sense of Humor

There is a problem with giving ‘good’ advice. The problem is that the good stuff is like evergreen melodies. We’ve all heard them, but we forgot that we have forgotten them. The fact is that the truth lies in the heart of every man, every woman. What blocks us from it is our ego.
No. Ego is not an evil sister. We need ego to survive in the phenomenal reality. Yet knowing that this reality is not real, that is it ephemeral and thus transient, or, as Albert Einstein would say: “there is no matter all is energy”, likewise our ego is not real. It is a temporary prop to stimulate us to action along the narrow path of the Event Horizon.*

There is a way out of this dilemma. It is called Sense of Humor. As long as we do not take our ego seriously, we are safe. After all, ego is what sets us apart from others, from other people, even the ‘loved ones’. Hence, we know that it cannot be real. After all, we are all One. A single energy individualized into countless rates of vibrations to stimulate the potential for infinite diversity.
The Founding Fathers of the good ‘ol USA knew that. Only, as with most truth, they’d forgotten. The Fathers had said, “In Pluribus Unum”. No one told them that. They knew it intuitively. The knowledge had come from within. From their unconscious. And now it sounds like a long-forgotten evergreen melody. Yet, truth doesn’t age.

Strangely, the egos in animals are much less developed. While they all certainly aware of their individuality, they seem to have a greater affinity for being part of the Whole. Most of them still spend most of their earthly time in Eden.
 In Paradise.
So can we, if only we didn’t take ourselves so seriously. Our individualization, while possibly lasting millions of years, it's still transient. Essentially, we are still One. We are the means, not the end in itself. Love, the centripetal force that pulls us together, seems extant in most animals to a greater degree than in humans. It certainly is in cats and dogs. Find out for yourself!

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*The “short and narrow path” (or “the Gate”) refers to the activation of the alpha waves of the brain, which are the entry to deeper states of consciousness.

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Monday, 2 October 2017

More on Creativity —In Search of Secular Ethics

Johann Sebastian Bach was the father of no less than twenty children. I had no idea if he was a sex maniac, but he had to find a way to feed them. He found it necessary to be very industrious, and hence successful.
But here we’re concerned with his creativity other than sexual prowess. He had to produce a great deal of music to feed the hungry mouths. He found that if the music is melodious and filled with feeling, it sold better. He concentrated on that aspect of his compositions.
Once, had been asked how he managed to be so prolific yet retain such popularity. “That’s easy,” he replied, “you need just three elements to achieve success.”
The admirer listened more attentively. Bach smiled:
“All you need is technique, technique, and technique,” the master replied.
“But, Sir,” the student was flabbergasted. “Your music is known for an incredible emotional content…”
“Ah, yes. Once you have the three elements you can forget about them, and just play…”
Just play, compose, and feed the children.
And this brings us once again to creativity. There are artists who copy the beauty of nature, of the human form, of objects of beauty. They are not creative. They are talented students acquiring technique. Perhaps, in their next life, they will be born with the technique, as the greatest artists were, to be creative. Not by reproducing in two or three dimensions what already exists, but to use their technique to bring something new to the universe.
That is the difference.
Michelangelo did not have models suspended in the air from whom he could copy or reproduce the contours of God or Adam. The images came from within him. From his unconscious. He didn’t think of the anatomy of human form but just painted.
And that’s what we all need.

There are many great artists who reproduce various aspects of phenomenal reality. They paint, and sculpt, and write, and build, and sing, and interpret other peoples’ creations. They enhance our lives with their talents. They are the lucky people who, most probably, will be born “creators” in their next lives. As for now, I shall always be grateful to them for sharing their talents. They are often hardworking, dedicated artists. They try to imagine what was in the composer’s mind, his heart, his or her emotions, and then do their best to do them justice. Often, they do, and for that alone I love them.
But to be truly creative, to enrich the Universe, the reality we all share, we must develop techniques to enable the creative spirit, the creative energy within us to manifest itself outside. Only then we can share it with others. Only then we become true instruments of the Creative Spirit, which many call God.
And let us never forget that it may have taken a thousand or more reincarnations to produce Leonardo Da Vinci. Your turn will come. There are many such thoughts I share with you in the Vicious Circle. I hope you enjoy them. Please, let me know.

In Search of Secular Ethics

Monday, 25 September 2017

Event Horizon—Avatar Trilogy

There seems to be a paradox in a Universal Law. It limits us to the Straight and Narrow, or as I call it,  the Event Horizon, yet, to evolve, we need diversity. A broad spectrum?
Scientists limit their laws to a very narrow range. Reductio ad absurdum? Reductionism. Newton’s Laws are an example of such an attitude.
Newton's First Law states that an object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force.
It’s a good start.
It is apparent that the Universe doesn’t work like that. Universal Laws are broad, with vast consequences for ignoring them. Countless rates of vibration of energy are involved.
What if the temperature of the object changes? What if the object is a biological entity which changes within and without? What if time erodes it’s qualities… etc, etc. All these factors would affect the stasis or velocity of the object without ANY external force acting upon it.
This sad quality affects the vast majority of ‘scientific’ postulates. Scientists seem to reduce the question to it’s most basic form, the only form they seem to understand. Complexity is left to the philosophers.
And yet, the Universe is not simple.
It’s complexity remains beyond our understanding. The only way we can approach its character is by studying the cause, perhaps the purpose, and not the effect. This is imperative because the results of various kinetic activities are always transient.
Having said that, let us never forget that we, inter alia, are the instruments of causality. Just instruments, mind you. The real cause are the Universal Laws. Yet, it seems, that even those undergo constant change, due to the Law of Evolution, which continues to increase diversity of expression of the eternal, unchangeable Cause. Hence, Being and Becoming. While Becoming offers us life, Being is the inexhaustible inspiration to create ever-new realities. And, if we are very lucky, and, perhaps, humble, we might be able to become aware of some of them.
It seems that we should never forget that only Being is constant, whereas Becoming is the eternal expression of creation and therefore movement. And this movement is not restricted by any of Newton’s laws. Or any other laws that do not cover a broad spectrum of Universality.
The next time we create our Universe, let us try to remember that. All is transient except for Being and Becoming. The Potential and the Creativity. The results are always transient.
Good luck.

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