Monday, 28 October 2013

All Debts are ALWAYS paid

Sometime ago I ‘pontificated’ (for which I apologize) about “Thou shalt not kill”. It is true that our glorious leaders—Fühers, Prime Ministers, and Presidents alike, had and continue to studiously ignore this commandment. Well, in one way, they are right.
That’s easy. We cannot kill the immortals. Thus, ‘killing’ a million men’s bodies is a statistic. After all, a good tsunami or a particularly exuberant volcanic eruption could do just as well. As I mentioned before, the physical reality is set on automatic, and we are to fend within its laws as best we can.
The world is an imperfect place, hence the need for evolution. Within the confines of physical reality we must always allow the dead to bury the dead. After all, those who kill others are still dead. Not yet awakened to their true nature. When the killers vacate their bodies, it is as though they hadn’t ‘lived’. They have wasted the only means by which they can build their own heaven: their own indestructible reality—their subconscious. No one can do it for them. “As we sow, so we shall reap”.
Here and forever.
That’s the problem with being immortal. When we finally vacate our physical bodies we look back at what we’ve accomplished. Not in terms of physical achievements, but how we’ve enriched whatever is incorruptible. Those traits that we take with us.
Some of us will just take corpses.

If we were individuals who are independent of each other it wouldn’t matter much. We’d ‘kill’, we’d ‘die’, no harm done. But we are all interconnected. Killing others we kill part of ourselves. Part of what we really are.
The killers—be they brave soldiers, the generals, prime ministers or presidents—don’t realize that we really are immortal. What they accomplish by killing, or giving orders to kill for whatever reason, is to take away from their victims the opportunity to build their own heaven.
However, the Universal Law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Hence the killers, or those who give orders to kill, will lose their own opportunities to build their own heaven. It will be as though they haven’t lived. From the annals of immortality, their names will be erased.
By ‘killing’ others, we can destroy our own future for millions of years to come. And this is not a religious superstition. This is pure science. Why do you think so may of us are born in such dismal circumstances? Just look at millions living for a dollar a day. Look into their past, into past thousands of years… And the worst thing of all is that, in essence, we are all One.  

I hint at the consequences of the Universal Law of Karma in my novel titled Sacha. It is Book Three of my Alexander Trilogy. In fact, you might enjoy all three of them. Alec, Alexander, and Sacha. Downloads are free for reviewers. Let me know. 

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Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Hidden Mirror

I suggest the Roman Church dismisses apocrypha because no one within its ranks can understand them. Officially, according to Wikipedia, “Apocrypha are statements or claims that are of dubious authenticity”. The word comes from Latin, meaning “secret or non-canonical”. In Greek the word comes from verb “to hide away”. The Greek meaning is not only the most original but also sounds to me by far the most true. Namely, it means “secret knowledge”, not open to the “masses” and kept only for the “few”.
In Gnostic Scriptures the mystery of reality is explained in Acts of John in a single sentence:

“A lamp am I to him that searches for me, a mirror to him that finds me”.

Many mystics had hinted at this sentiment before the scribes put their quill to Gnostic Scriptures. Statements such as “The perceiver and the perceived are one”. Or “I and my father are one,” speak for themselves.
We search for our true identity.
The problem with religions is that, by externalizing divinity, they separate us from true reality. We’ve been told that truth will set us free. The realization of unity with indomitable inseparability from the Whole is so overwhelming that most people cannot contain it within their consciousness.
And yet…
And yet this is the only truth that will set us free. Now, that the Age of Aquarius is upon us, that we are well into the throngs of the Pluto Effect that will destroy all old concepts, misdirection, twists, convolutions, lies, that our predecessors have introduced into a road that is, and always was, straight and narrow, are about to collapse. In this new Age, every man, every woman, will have to learn to rely on their own cognizance.
We shall have no one to blame but ourselves.
 No more will TV preachers bamboozle us with childish interpretations of various scriptures. 
All the accumulated knowledge of mankind was always intended to help us to serve as channels for the Single Consciousness that wants to enrich its own domain. The domain of heaven. The eternal state of being that we and we alone can create. Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap” is a simple statement of fact, which reiterates the Law of the Universe.


These are universal laws, identical in Russia, China, USA, or the darkest Africa. They are identical everywhere. Action equals an equal and opposite reaction. “Whatsoever we do to another, that also shall be done to us.” No matter how rich, powerful or exceptional we think we are.
When we shall learn this simple truth we shall overcome death itself. We shall no longer identify with our biological construct, magnificent though it is, but with the essence of life itself.
Good luck. 

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Instinct for Self Preservation?

We don’t have souls. Soul has us. Soul is the attribute of the infinite Consciousness to individualize Itself. Physically we are not really alive—unless we define life as biological constructs designed for a prolonged suicide, leading towards and unavoidable and inevitable demise. Termination. Whatever we are by this definition, we shall be no more. Ever.
What gives us awareness of life is individualized consciousness, which exploits the abilities of the bodies which it developed over millions (elsewhere billions) of years, to manifest the infinite potential within Itself. If we identify with our physical body that is destined for early corruption, we identify with a dying corpse. Arrigo Boito, using Iago’s monologue in Verdi’s Otello said it best:

Dalla viltà d'un germe o d'un atòmo, vile son nato,
Son scellerato….

[From the cowardice of a seed or of a vile atom I was born… …I feel the primitive mud in me.]

Iago identified with that that is corruptible. From dust to dust… We can do better. If we identify with life within us, we are immortal. What some of us find hard to accept is that physical universe is only a means to an end. It has no meaning in itself. Nevertheless, the means are extremely important. They serve to enrich the consciousness that dwells within us.

Perhaps in a few million years we shall no longer be quite as vile, as evil, as corruptible as all matter is. Perhaps we shall progress to identify with energy that holds the dust together, rather than with dust itself. Perhaps even with the life within and not with the skin it wears?
We spend billions of dollars to sustain and prolong our physical envelope’s ‘life’ only to spend the last few years in the throngs of Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Is it really worth it? Hasn’t Mozart done more with 35 years than most of us with 90 or a 100? We all know that he identified with his life within. When I listen to his Requiem, I am absolutely convinced of it.
And Yeshûa? He needed but 33 years to fulfill his mission. Perhaps long life is not an award, but punishment for us not doing our job we were intended to do. And thus we are sentenced to aches and pains and sicknesses of old age.
Or, perhaps, it is just our ignorance?
Deep, ingrained, abysmal ignorance?

It is not death we should fear. We should fear not fulfilling the purpose for which we have entered a human form and wasted all it has to offer. Then we might indeed live long and… suffer?

I did not invent this philosophy. Socrates drank hemlock rather that give up his beliefs. There were others. There is one book that attempts to explain life better than most others I’d read. It is the Gospel of Thomas from the Nag Hammadi Library. My exegesis is called Key to Immortality. It really is—for me. See if you agree. 

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A Lot of Hot Air

"And now"—to use Monty Python’s famous expression—"for something completely different."
There are more or less 7,000,000,000 people polluting the atmosphere. Yes, polluting. Also we are a contributory and persistent factor in the rise of global temperature. Every single one of us. EVERY ONE!!!
No. Not by driving automobiles when we could walk. Nor even by flying to faraway places to satisfy our curiosity, or lie, belly-up to bronze our over-fed torsos. That too, of course. And also by over-heating and over-cooling our habitats. All these are true. But there is one factor that seems to have been studiously ignored by our illustrious scientists.
Yes, faring.
Wikipedia insists that the English word fart is one of the oldest words in the English vocabulary. Considered vulgar, society substituted the word flatulence, which made it OK, although the odor remained.
 “Facts on Farts” by Brenna Lorenz assure us that: “On average, a person produces about half a liter of fart gas per day, distributed over an average of fourteen daily farts.”
Doesn’t sound like much, but… multiplied by seven billion, even if divided by half, comes to 3,500,000,000 liters per day. Now if we multiply this by 365 days (in a year, although most people fart more on Thanksgiving and their birthdays, mostly due to overeating), and a thirteen-year period, then in this present century alone we have expelled some 3,500,000,000 x 356 x 13 liters of hot air into the atmosphere. As the internal temperature of our body is warmer than external, we can safely assume that some 16,607,700,000,000 liters of hot air, around 400C or say 1040F, had been released into our atmosphere during this century alone.
Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is global warming.

16,607,700,000,000 liters of hot air!!!
Sixteen-point-six trillion liters. Enough to melt all the icebergs? Why, that about equals the USA national debt. Or is that also just a lot of hot air?

Since, for once, we are in a jocular mood, I offer you stories I overheard over the years from my favourite friends: my cats and dogs. They may not fart as much as we do, but they also have their problems. Find out for yourself. 

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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Kindergarten of the Earth

With our solar system being no more than 5 of some 13.8 billion years old that scientists claim the universe exists, it is hard to imagine that there wouldn’t be countless beings greatly more advanced than we are. If Darwin was right, and even if evolution advances at a snail’s pace, imagine how evolved we shall be in another 5 billion years.
Assuming, of course, that some bellicose maniac doesn’t press the red button that would blow us all up into smithereens first…
But assuming that we do survive the egos of our leaders, even such an evolutionary leap would still place us well behind others who had a billion-year start ahead of us.

Welcome to Universal Kindergarten.
That’s where we are—babes in arms of a benevolent universe. On occasion we display our tantrums. We indulge in World Wars, kill off some 20 million people, while other, more advanced races gaze at us and wonder…
We needn’t worry. We are not alone.
Such Kindergartens are spread throughout countless galaxies. Amongst the near infinite number of stars supporting habitable planets, the Universal Consciousness is continuously looking for means through which to express Itself and gather new experience. This is accomplished through the unique and as often-misunderstood concept of freewill. We, humans, do not enjoy freewill in the absolute sense. We are only capable of putting sufficient spanners in the works (more tantrums) to delay the inevitable that might, on occasion, result in unexpected consequences. The ultimate, or better-said lasting, results are always in the esoteric hands of the Infinite.
The cheering thought is that the Infinite and we are one. We are indivisible parts of the Single Consciousness, even of a single mind, which always did and always will search for new forms of expression. Even as a single drop is indivisible part of a mighty ocean yet can gather characteristics of its surroundings—it may splash on a nearby rock, or evaporate into the wild blue yonder—yet, sooner or later, it will return to its source.
Aren’t we lucky?

As for what happens to that which was already experienced, well, it’s anybody’s guess. One man found out while lying down in a coma. Not all comas are… bad? In a review of my book on Amazon, C.J. Good wrote that: "Now - Being & Becoming is an invaluable piece of literature." You might think so too. Try it. 

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Wednesday, 9 October 2013


We often tend to forget that we all originated from a single Source. The scientists call it the Big Bang, perhaps at the center of a gargantuan black hole, others “in the beginning God”. Only there was no beginning. There are only eternal cycles. That’s what infinity is all about. It has neither beginning nor end. It IS, even as I AM.
Even as WE ARE—expressions in infinite diversity of a Single Source—individualizations, yet never apart. Always One.
And then came fragmentation.
Even as later, much later, our physical bodies were made up from elements that originated in various stars, which went Nova in our and neighbouring galaxies. Cycles. Eternal cycles. No beginning. No end.
Those of us who enjoy the emotions of our pets, particularly of cat and dogs, know that given a choice they, those cats and dogs, invariably prefer to be close to the members of their clan. To us. To their family. It’s not much but at least, for them, it is a feeling of being a part of a greater whole.
We all feel that, at times. Not just family but our neighbourhood, our town, city, nation… some of us even aspire to be part of humanity. Just a few of us feel kinship with all nature. Flora and fauna. With a wild flower and a tree, and a deer ruminating nearby. We are tired of fragmentation, of being apart. Of not being complete.
Some of us continue to delude ourselves that we are separate from the rest of the universe, of Earth, of the human race. Not so. By emitting negative thoughts (vibrations) towards any of those, we hurt only ourselves.
It is time to stop deluding ourselves. We are all co-builders of the physical reality.

In truth, we are never apart. When we manage to still the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions within and without us, when we retire into the depth of our psyche, our soul, there and only there we find Oneness that is beyond human understanding. A serenity within which we are never alone. Within which we were never, nor even could ever be apart. A serenity in which we experience the euphoric realization of being ONE.

Sooner or later, we all embark on a search for this elusive realm that embraces all the universes. One such man searched and found it in the depth of his heart. His name was Yeshûa. It was then that he said, “I and my father are one”. “The created and the creator are one.” Euphoric state of consciousness? This domain is yours to find. I wish you luck and success on your journey. 

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Friday, 4 October 2013

Takers and Givers

I must express my gratitude. Many accuse the USA of many things. Not the Americans—just their leaders. Like all empires past their zenith, the leaders want to prolong their hegemony. They are extremely bellicose; they spy on people they call their friends; they manufacture more weapons of mass destruction than any other ten nations on Earth put together. It all seems so futile. Don’t they know that those who kill will come back to be killed?
But there is one trait that that sets the Americans apart.
The Americans are givers.
Amazon Kindle, an American Company, is now selling ebooks in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, India, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico. And you don’t have to be an American citizen to benefit from their prolific services.
And that’s not all.
All the countries put together, including the 1.2 billion citizens of India, does NOT buy as many of my books as my unknown friends do in the United States. Yes, I do consider the buyers of my books to be my friends. They give me pleasure. In a way, it’s a tit for tat proposition. Like a bunch of hedonists, we both give pleasure to each other. For this alone I shall always remain grateful for as long as I live.
True that with my particular interests, those of Human Potential, I shall never compete with the millions of ladies wrapped, or is it enwrapped, in raptures of erotica. Nor do I sate the desires for blood of all the vampire and werewolf aficionados. As mentioned, I deal in Human Potential. I explore the lands that are ours to discover, pinnacles to achieve, challenges to conquer. Not everybody’s cup of tea, nor perhaps, cup of ambrosia?
But there is more.
With the exception of three countries, the remaining eight have taken a good number of my free downloads.
Strangely, only the buyers tend to give 5 stars.
Returning to my original sentiment, I wish to thank all my American friends for supporting my literary aspirations. Without them I’d be writing just for my wife and… myself. It is so much more fun sharing my pleasure with others. Thank you, Americans. I’m so glad you are my friends.

In return, I make this pledge to you.
This month many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of you benefited from three of my books being offered as a free download. Henceforth, every month I shall make an effort to place at least one of my books on Kindle as a FREE download. I thank you again.

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