Thursday, 29 November 2012

Blogs from another World

Why from another world? Well, I often feel like a stranger here, on Earth; like a transient visitor who cannot quite figure out what is going on with our world. Perhaps that is why many of my books have metaphysical overtones.
Sue me!
As for blogs, I write them because more people read them than any of my books—and this in spite of the fact that, upon request, I am willing to offer any and all of my books for free. A request sent to my email ( will reward you with a coupon for a free download. Or downloads. Plural. All I ask in return is a short review on the Amazon.
Alas, you seem to prefer blogs.
Of course, the blogs are shorter. Perhaps like an aria, without being forced to listen to the whole opera. On the other hand, my books have chapters, and those are split into paragraphs. You might like to think of them as many blogs glued together. Would that help?

It would help if you liked the subjects that fascinate me. The genre. I write about Human Potential. About what we can achieve when we try. Or even in spite of ourselves. I write about that potential is resting in us, within each one of us, waiting to be discovered. Acknowledged. Recognized. Only then it can swell into a magnificent conflagration. Or spread out into an endless ocean. Or reach the stars. It’s all up to us.
Read my books and you’ll find out.

I’ll tell you what. Try one and we’ll see. I present you the whole spectrum for you to choose from. And remember, they won’t cost you a penny, or a cent, if you reside in North America. And the choice is your. Remember that Smashwords offers downloads to you computer and/or just about any electronic devise you can think of. You have more than 30 books to choose from.

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Indifferent

During the months preceding the elections in the great country south of our borders, I was amazed at the passion of the Democrats, and by their efforts to protect the rights of the (relatively) poor, perhaps even the indifferent. They did so bearing full wrath of the Republicans, who have proven on many occasions, with many public statements, that anyone who is against their policies is anti-American.
As an example, the friends I have outside the States recognize the Fox News as a source of daily humor. This opinion was broadly supported by great many of my FB friends who are very much US citizens. Not one of them took the news channel seriously. And yet they, the newscasters, insist on making a public spectacle of themselves, seemingly unaware of the effect they have on many people.
The Democrats, on the other hand, within a mere four years, managed to restore the respect, which the USA held throughout the world, yet which was virtually lost during the Bush years. Perhaps they managed to do so by showing respect for other people’s views, without treating them all as ‘anti-American’, just because they disagreed with them.
My problem is that, at heart, my sentiments lie with a group that has no hope of ever achieving hegemony in the States, a group called the Libertarians. In my insignificant way I support the concept of limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, honest money and many other aspects of Libertarian philosophy, though never at the expense of helping those which are in need. What I do not support is ignorance replacing common sense, rudeness replacing politeness, lies replacing the truth, hate replacing love, and other unfortunate traits which seem to have become dominant in the political environment.
I am sure there are exceptions. Yet the majority of my Republican friends seem completely oblivious to the observation mentioned above. Not so the Democrats.
Yet there are also men in the USA who have little to do with any of the parties mentions, who try to restore real democracy to their Great Country. Men like Chris Hedges, who, as an example, asks his compatriots to sign a petition to “Take profit out of war”. 
Perhaps the best example of the enigma that exists south of our border is Warren Buffet, who although a billionaire supports the Democratic cause. I am willing to bet all I have that he (like me) is also a Republican at heart. It would be a shame if he could not follow the dictates of his desires for reasons created by the media or, perhaps, some poorly chosen politicians.
On the personal side, my own paradox is that most of my friends south of the border are Republicans (or were friends until they read this), and they in no way support the image which their media had created for them. They are the nicest, friendliest, most generous people. They just choose questionably characters to lead them.

Or, perhaps, it’s all just a DELUSION

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Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Two-Edged Sword

We all get so much help from the Universe that most people, yes, most, feel compelled to create a wonderful god in their own image and likeness to justify the munificence that most of us experience.
And this in spite of the way most of us live.
Many of us tend to overeat; we don’t exercise; we breathe polluted air (which we have created); we cut down on restorative sleep short; we drink alcohol—often to excess and… yet, we continue living. When we can no longer cope with the consequences of our actions, we go to quacks—pardon me—physicians, who treat our symptoms but seldom if ever the causes of our self-induced delinquencies.
Let’s face it. The vast majority of us abuse the generosity with which the Universe endows us.

And when we can no longer cope with our physical condition created by our persistent peccadilloes, we blame others. Always others. Why didn’t the government tell us that we shouldn’t eat so much sugar (red meat, white flower, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes-cigars-pipes, etc., etc., etc.)? How were we supposed to know?
Eve had given us an apple to know good from bad. Why didn’t we listen?
That’s a parable. ‘Eve’ symbolizes our subconscious, our soul, the place where we store our knowledge acquired over millions of years. If human race survived to this day, that only means that we, the human race, had the knowledge to survive, before we had learned to treat symptoms rather than correct the root of the problems we create.
Linus Pauling (1901-1994), the only double Nobel Laureate, was the first to notice the dangers of relying on ‘medicine’. Since his time, a small group of physicians have joined the cause. Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Alan Fuhrman… there are a few others.

And yet, the Universe continues to support us with air, food, drink, and all other necessities of biological survival.
Nevertheless, in a world that is set on automatic (see my blog “Innocent”), the generosity of the Universe is a two-edged sword. While it supplies us with seemingly inexhaustible amounts of food, energy and other items, our superb immune system extends our life beyond our due. In fact, thanks to our immune system, long life is no longer a blessing. Rather it looks very much like punishment for our abuse of that generosity. We spend the last years paying for our errors. Dementia, Alzheimer’s, a variety of cancers…
This can be avoided if we learn to listen to our subconscious.

PS. The long promised historical novel, Peter and Paul, is finally published on Smashwords. For now you can download it for FREE. Please let me know if you enjoyed it with a brief review. Your input is important to me. 

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Friday, 23 November 2012

Generosity of the Universe

Sometime ago I shared some thoughts about the benevolence of the Universe. There I did little more than scratch the surface of reality. Now I wish to go further—into the realm of incredible, magnanimous, indescribable generosity of the Universe.
Yes, I am still talking about the same reality, our temporary home-away-from-home. Our real home is our state of consciousness, but when we peek outside, open our eyes, or perhaps our hearts, just a little wider, we cannot but be amazed by the gifts which the Universe bestows on us in a truly flabbergasting generosity. Suddenly we find ourselves in awe at the beauty that surrounds us.
First, there are the flowers.
Some colors are there, I am told, to attract various insects, supposedly to propagate its life. But if so, what is the butterflies’ excuse for competing with flowers with their plethora of carefully designed colorful patterns?
And talking of patterns of colors, did you ever dive into the Caribbean sea? The colors are mindboggling!
Yes, we are surrounded by an abundance of beauty.

And after we’re through admiring the symphony of hues and shades and pigments that fill us with euphoria, there are trees, and rock formations, and even shapes created by fleeting clouds. And then there are the sunrises. And as you sat after a day’s work bathed in the beauty of a sunset, did you ever watch a kitten play?
Or a puppy?
Or a deer peeking at you from behind a bush?
Or… ah yes, and sometimes—though this is much more subjective—even your own child at play?
And still later, did you gaze at the night sky that inspired thousands of poets?
 The question is why? Why such generosity? Is it but a foretaste of the heaven that awaits us?

Well, that’s precisely it.
The question remains why, and more precisely how, did the Universe supply us with such an abundance of, surely, gratuitous beauty? And what is perhaps an even greater mystery, what makes us aware of those gifts?
Unless, at some unfathomable depth of our psyche, of our consciousness, we, you and I, are its creators; are the creators of both, the beauty and of our ability to appreciate it. Unless even here, on Earth, we are all but trying to recreate the heaven that is eternally waiting for us to return. There, some say, the same beauty is multiplied manifold. And its sole purpose is to make us happy.
One thing is certain. Anyone sensitive to beauty, whose heart is not filled with gratitude is missing out on his or her perceptions of reality.
And one day, we shall all return home to enjoy the fruit of our labors. You can get a foretaste of it in my novel: NOW—Being and Becoming. You might enjoy it even as you enjoy the beauty of the Universe around you. Well… almost?

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Symbolism of Immortality

I’d referred to my Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism in a number of my blogs. But recently a strange thing happened. During recent weeks the sales of the Dictionary on Amazon Kindle equaled the sum total of all my other books put together. For some reason, people seem to yearn for biblical knowledge.
I find it particularly strange, as it is not an easy book. Most aspiring writers, (and this includes lovers of scriptures and scholars alike), who tackle any subject touching on the Bible, try to explain their version, their meaning of the scriptures.
I refuse to do that.
Since I insist that the bible is not a historical novel, not even a historical saga concocted by inspired scribes over the ages, but rather a compendium of knowledge on matters of consciousness, which people gathered over thousands of years, I leave it to each individual to find his or her own truth. What I do offer is a relatively short key to the understanding the symbolism, and an attempt to translate a few thousand words, which have never been translated into English.
There is a reason why the Bible is steeped in symbols.
Some time ago, a wonderful person named Emmet Fox (1886-1951), wrote a number of books in which he adamantly insisted that the Bible had been written by relatively simple people for the illiterate, simpleminded masses. As such, the need for learned scholars to explain the simple words is completely redundant. Fox went as far as suggesting a number of reasons why symbolism, employed in the Bible was necessary to protect their conclusions over the ages. It is also probable that symbolism, which seems mysterious to us, may have been perfectly obvious and understood in biblical times.
Fox’s contemporary, Carl Jung (1875-1961) asserted in his own writings, that the archetypes of symbols are ingrained deeply in our collective unconscious. Once given a key, we can all recognize them as a means to reach within our own subconscious, what the scribes called nephesh’s, or animal souls, to discover the truth.
The Dictionary (available on Amazon Kindle and on Smashwords) is intended as just such a stimulus to awaken the knowledge, which resides within all of us at the deepest levels of our psyche. Knowledge that we need to claim our immortality.

Monday, 19 November 2012

The Paradise Within

I mentioned this subject before. I am still trying to reconcile our conscious with our subconscious mind. It has been said that, “heaven is within you”. Assuming that heaven is a state of consciousness, then only the subconscious and the unconscious qualify to respond to that claim. And, rightly or wrongly, I cannot but qualify the unconscious by that which is not, or at the very least which is not, as yet, manifested. By being no more than, perhaps infinite, potential.
Thus, the subconscious answers to the claim of the heaven within. Of course the religionists will object to this thesis on ‘invisible’ grounds, and the atheists on purely literary. The first group cannot make any money out of something that is within us, (they have to externalize ‘god’ to become intermediaries), and the latter on the grounds that if they cannot touch it, or smell it, or make an equation about it, no matter how absurd, they do not recognize it as real.
Well, I am free. Although it is often hard to see, there is a line between religion and science that gravitates towards sanity.

There is a peculiarity about our (physical) reality that needs mentioning. While we always remain individuals, i.e. we all manifest a completely diverse image of the reality we claim as our own, here, on Earth, we have to navigate between the countless realities created by other people, as different from ours as ours are from theirs. Such other realities are often in complete denial of our own conclusions. Hence, different religions, different political parties, interests, and even the way we regard abstract forms such as the many arts.
This helps in our learning process.
When we leave our bodies, however, be it in a lucid dream or through an OBE experience, or when we do so permanently by what people call dying, we no longer face such diverse disparities. Only our own reality prevails in all that we experience. In a way, we finally see the truth about ourselves. Thanks to the consequences of our behavior pattern and creative activity in the dualistic (physical) reality, we can finally see what we really are. Often we don’t like it much. Thus, we come back, through the process of reincarnation, to try to improve our image of ourselves.
Sometimes we succeed.
If not, well, we just try again. And again. And…

If you wish to be amused on a lighter note, you will find it in Beyond Religion II, Essay #27, Heaven

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Primary Needs

Since I retired from my profession, I embarked on a turbulent trek in search of reality. I always suspected that our senses do not communicate the truth to our brain, our mind, not to mention to our consciousness. They don’t even seem to satisfy our emotions. Can a god be so ungodly as to allow suffering of little children? Well, nature allows it even as we do. We even practice it. Aren’t we supposed to be ‘gods’?
I found that I didn’t like the reality I’d inherited from most of my predecessors. Yes, not even from my parents. Hence, I embarked on my search.
It seems, that my readers participated and continue to participate in my search. To date, it took 14 novels, 7 non-fiction books, and a number of other publications, to show me where my readers’ needs lay. As of this blog, at least on the Amazon, they are buying exactly 3 times as many of my non-fiction books as fiction. I think my readers are missing a great deal, because my novels illustrate how my philosophy works in practice; but… I’ll take what I can get.
Of one thing I am sure. I do not, nor did I ever wish to upset the apple cart that my readers are dragging adamantly towards their grave, which many of them seem to equate with oblivion. If they continue to read my stuff, then, sooner or later, they will accept that, whether we like it or not, we are all immortal. This premise alone sets me apart from many literary shades.
Perhaps that is why people seem to search out my non-fiction books. Their hunger, their thirst, is made evident by their choices. The one consolation I can offer them is that there is no one, no one in the whole world, who will discover the true reality by reading other peoples’ books. Don’t get me wrong. The books will help enormously; I’d read hundreds, probably thousands of books. But ultimately if we don’t launch our own ship, our own consciousness, on the waters o life, the truth will elude us.
Absolutely no one can skip the journey. In many ways, the journey is all that really matters. Why? Because each one of us creates a different reality and only all of them, combined, approximate the Whole. We might overlap in our conclusions, share many traits of the heaven we are creating for ourselves, but make no mistake. We are individualizations of the Infinite, and as such it is this individuality that must add up to the Whole—not just hung on to It.
Try it. You’ll see.
Peter and Paul did it, although each of them travelled a completely different path. As you and I do. Yet… the Whole, by Its very nature, is but One. And that brings me back to my new historical novel Peter & Paul. It is heavily based on fact. Like my non-fiction. It is yours to enjoy. And for a week or two, you will be able to download it for free. 

It's almost ready

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Peter & Paul, the Novel

After many threats, or perhaps promises, my new historical novel is about to be published on Smashwords. Then, after its christening of fire, I hope to present it on Amazon Kindle, for people who look down upon other means of electronic perusal. I like them all, however, you’ll have your choice.
Even when writing this novel I was surprised how many times the two principle protagonists veered from one side of the theological argument to another, only to finish exactly in the middle, perhaps in the field which Rumi stretches out, “beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing.”
This may sound absurd, yet, if we observe dispassionately the consequences of recent election in the USA, is that not precisely what must happen? If they are to accomplish anything, must not the opposing parties meet in the middle, beyond the doing right or doing wrong?
We shall see. Perhaps they’ve grown up, a little.

It seems that when we really analyze the physical reality which we call our home, sooner or later we are led to conclude that nothing in this world is real, and that if we are to find the true reality we have to reach out not so much further out, but… further in. A strange inversion of logic, yet, it is only in the centre of a Black Hole that our scientists find themselves completely helpless. Yet we, if we persist, might well find there an abundance of light.
Since we are venturing beyond the reality most of us accept as ‘real’, (my Delusions disproves that), and we are interested what ‘really’ happens in the heart of a Black Hole, read my Gift of Gamman. In it, in my novel, John Galt, or Captain Blake, if you prefer, will show you exactly what happens. He should know, he’d been there.
You might even like it!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Question of Balance

It seems apparent that a dualistic reality cannot exist without a state that gravitates towards equilibrium. The centripetal and centrifugal forces must maintain perfect balance, or Earth would either fly into the interstellar cold of outer space, or spiral into the heart of our sun. Neither prospect seems desirable.
The same can be said of our flora and fauna. Ignoring for a moment the wonton destruction that the human kind inflicts on nature, unless the herbivores didn’t trim our flora, and the carnivores our herbivorous fauna, one or the other would overrun the Earth. Again, the nature is designed, by evolution or accident, to maintain a relative state of balance.
So much for the physical aspects of our reality.
I suspect that exactly the same laws are imposed on our non-physical state of being/becoming. Evil, in other words that which strays too far from the neutral center, must be balanced by an equal and opposite force acting in the other direction. That is to say, good is balanced with evil, evil with good.
What I am really saying is that that which some of us call God, or Lao Tsu, Tao, is in fact that which the opposites have in common.

If we accept the above premise, then the next step is to realize that, on occasion, a single “great good” could, in fact must, balance a great number of relatively “small evils”, ever assuming that both good and evil are departures from the state of balance.
Thus the few can balance the many.
However, since the vast majority of us tend to stray to one side of the great divide, it seems necessary for a relatively large number of “good” messengers to enter the human equation to restore balance. Hence, saviours, saints, perhaps great artists.

And then again, it seems to me that we are all cogs in the Cosmic Wheel, which uses us to restore equilibrium.
Those who scream the loudest about the corporations exporting jobs out of the USA, seem completely unaware that those very jobs are desperately needed in places which receive them. But, of course, to think in those terms one has to be a humanitarian, not an “americanian”. That first group is shrinking in direct proportion to the degree that “Americanians” got spoilt. I’m fairly sure the same is true of the British, the French, and a bunch of other overfed ladies and gentlemen of west European nations. And thus, unbeknownst to us, the corporations might just prove to be bigger cogs in the universal order of things.
And yet, whether we like it or not, the state of balance must, and will be restored throughout this ball of dust we all call home. Perhaps one day we shall learn that our concept of freewill is not as free as we imagined. The universal laws will not be broken.

And talking of “Americanisms” let me quote from the Foreword of my Beyond Religion III: “It seems to me that there is but one dominant purpose to the study of reality. It is exemplified in the American Constitution: The Pursuit of Happiness”. All else follows. 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Many and the Few

It may have started with Peter and Paul, but its echoes are visible in all aspects of the human existence. The Churches, the politics, science, trade, even education, is replete with examples of the few abusing the many. No wonder the Roman Church referred to many of us as sheep, a word which was intended to symbolize our thoughts, which were to be gathered under one roof on an enlightened state of consciousness, became bastardized into a mean of controlling and exploiting human mind. My Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism serves to expose many such willful misinterpretations, which during the last 2000 years were used by the few to control the many.
BBC reports that the “estimated price tag for the US elections in November is almost $6bn (£3.8bn)”. Six billion dollars spent by the few, on propaganda, while elsewhere millions are starving. Are we all members of the same species? Are we all human? Or are the few more human, or perhaps less so, than the others.
And now that the dust has settled, at long last, the multimillionaire will return to his White House, the contender to his billions, and the many other multimillionaires will return to their well-padded seats in the Senate to get richer still. Perhaps Karl Marx was right, after all.

And now it’s back to normal. The rich will get richer, the poor will lose even what little they have. It almost sounds biblical. However, during the last month or two, I received many hundreds of messages condemning the 1% who seem to exploit and suppress the 99%. The rich v. the poor?
Mathew, the evangelist, tells us that: “the rich get richer, poor get poorer…” It is also a catchphrase used by economists trying to justify inequality. It was what Karl Marx called the Law of Increasing Poverty. Now… it rules the United States of America. Perhaps the rest of the world, too.
There is only one problem.
Mathew, in his gospel, was referring to spiritual wealth, not to dollars and cents. Unfortunately spiritual truths are not reflected in material mentality, such as understood by many retrograde multimillionaires, by the very rich who don’t even notice the poor whose spiritual wealth might well vastly exceed theirs.
To each his and her own? There is a difference. The spiritual wealth you can take with you. The material? The material wealth will rot together with the corpse of the few, and then be recycled as though the rich have never lived. After all, they didn’t. Not really.
Only now, the roles will be reversed. The few who were truly wealthy will be chosen from among the many whose wealth was not of this world. Not of this twisted, greedy, egotistical reality.
And before we, and I refer to the memos I received, condemn all rich people, let us remember that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, and a number of other billionaires have given away billions to help the needy and the sick. 
       No matter what the law is, we are all individuals. 


Friday, 9 November 2012

One Nation under What?

So it’s finally over. The elections in the mightiest nation on Earth are done with. Slowly ‘things’ will return to normal. We had all suffered hundreds of speeches, arguments, statements often filled with lies or half-lies, telling us why should this or that aspirant ought to, or remain in, the White House. Not an easy job. It has been said that only a fool would want the job—only a saint would accept it. And in all these tirades we only heard arguments on how the prospective aspirant might improve our material wealth. Not one statement that deal exclusively with our spiritual riches. Not one!
So I repeat, One Nation under What?
Apparently under the Almighty Dollar.
Most certainly not under God—whatever you or I mean by the term, or by the concept, or “Being”, or Idea, or even by that Immortal Spark within us. Not one. Not one speech dealing with improving our non-material wealth.
There may have been a time when people cared about such things. I don’t mean the churches—they were always materialistic. I mean ordinary people. Like our grandparents perhaps? Our great-grandparents? Surely, there must have been a time when quality was more important than quantity. When we cared more about what we could give, rather then about what we could get.
“Ask not what your country can do for you…”
Remember? How many of us can, today, complete this sentence spoken only some 50 years ago. On Friday, January 20, 1961 to be precise. “What can we do for our country”, whatever country it might be? And what is much, much more important, “what can we do for humanity”. For the world we live in. Does anyone care?

Only quality has lasting power. Great art, great music, great poems, literature. Great acts of love, perhaps of sacrifice… of generosity.
The rest is transient, fluid, ephemeral. Like money or like many politicians in the Senate, or the Capitol Hill, or even the White House. Or anywhere. They come and go and only their smiles linger behind. Smiles, and often a bad taste. Thankfully, that too is transient.

Yet we all have the potential for greatness—potential for quality that can shine for generations to come; which can enlighten the journey of our solitude. We all have that potential: every single one of us. It lies dormant within us, waiting to be awakened. And if in doubt, think of the ancient psalm, which assures us that: “Ye are gods”. “Ye”, that’s you and I. Each and every one of us.
I described one such journey that began in great solitude and blossomed to conquer the world. The book is called The Avatar Syndrome. Try it. It might inspire you to join the immortals. Like Anne did. 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Blavatsky and other Esoteric Ideas.

The idea of 7th Race (Book Three of my forthcoming Aquarius Trilogy) originates in Secret Doctrine, a book written some time ago by Helena P. Blavatsky. It is a multi-volume work, which, as I mentioned some time ago, Einstein perused in search of inspiration to sate his gnawing hunger for knowledge of how the world works. Since an idea invariably precedes action, or any physical manifestation, Blavatsky had the prestigious distinction of feeding inspiration of the world’s foremost mind.
And now, in all humility, she also serves to inspire my limited grasp of the nature of the Universe. I found my kernel of inspiration in her translation of the ancient Sanskrit stanzas of Esoteric Buddhism dealing with the many Races of the Human kind.

In direct contrast to the positivism of The Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism, the Vatican Church seldom (if ever) served as an example of how to behave, how to act, let alone how to think; it excelled above all other organizations in illustrating by word, deed, and policy what NOT to do. Let us remember that 9 out of 10 Commandments of the Decalogue, the “thou shalt nots” overwhelmingly dominate “thou shalts”. It seems that the Holy and Apostolic Church of Rome took it upon itself to illustrate this method with its actions and policies. Throughout its history it served with a myriad examples of what not to do, how not to act, how not to behave.
As such it provided by far the best example and inspiration for the “faithful” to set out on their own in their search for the truth. Even among its own “lower ranks”.
Those who did set out on their own found that life, biological life, is not an end it itself. It is only, yes ONLY, a means to an end. He who discovers the true purpose of ‘life’ on this Earth, discovers Life Itself. He who does not, remains in hibernate state until something occurs in his or her life to wake them up.
Not to worry. Buddha assures us that we are all Buddhas in waiting—merely, as yet, unawakened. Our time will come. And, hopefully, for a number of us, it will come as members of the 7th Race.
Thus, unless we wish to engross ourselves in Blavatsky’s masterwork on theosophy, The Secret Doctrine, “covering cosmic, planetary, and human evolution, as well as science, religion, and mythology,” that are based on the Stanzas of Dzyan, with corroborating testimony from over 1,200 sources,” we might do worse than to enjoy my forthcoming Aquarius Trilogy. I promise not to compete with theosophy, but to attempt to describe its possible consequences. And those, for many of us, will be staggering beyond our wildest imagination.
One man’s journey is described in my novel Yeshûa—Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus. Hopefully we shall all find easier ways to fulfill our destiny. 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

More about Peter and Paul

 The Procession or cycle of the Zodiac includes the following signs: Lion, Cancer, Gemini, Bull, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, (or Man—that’s us, now) Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra and Virgo. While these represent the “Royal Arch of the Ages of the Zodiac”, corresponding to the 12 constellations, they rotate in seemingly never ending cycles. Everything works in cycles. We are born, we grow, mature, die and are born again. Ad infinitum?
I strongly suspect so. Infinity can last an awfully long time…
And then there are the major cycles, like the Zodiac. The Universe unfold on a schedule all of its own. For 2000 years evolution creeps forward in 1st gear; perhaps to give everyone a chance? Then, suddenly, a revolution occurs, as though in frustration at what little progress we’ve made. And, in little more than 100 years, it changes all—rapidly—giving no quarter to people who wasted two millennia.

In my forthcoming novel, the Pluto Effect, Simon Jackson, the hero of WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality, will continue to give lectures as a visiting professor, while coping with the trials and tribulations of the Pluto Effect. He’ll have the job of explaining that, which to most of us, is unexplainable. The changes that will ensue will match those of the greatest hurricane the world had ever witnessed.
And this brings us back to Peter & Paul. No matter how hard Peter would try, he couldn’t convey the higher truth to people who have not been, at least partially, ‘rinsed’ of the old beliefs, all erroneous axioms of whatever faith.
We can think of Paul’s contribution to evolution as the creation, once again, of a kindergarten. Of course, each Age has such new schools, and each will continue to form new ones, as our knowledge of the infinite realities advances. Anyone conversant with the despicable horrors perpetrated by the Roman Catholic Church throughout its history will be amazed how many great souls advanced in spite of it.
Hence Paul’s work was very necessary. He was teaching people to walk, before Peter could teach them to fly. And that is as it should be. To enter new realities we must learn its laws, its regulations, to be able to cope with the new environment, which, unbeknownst to us we, ourselves, have created, or are in the process of creating.
To be aware of such a condition we must be alive. In fact, we’d already learned from Yeshûa, that one must be “alive in order to live”. Needless to say, he was not referring to our transient biological existence, but to the awakening, to use Buddha’s term, to our true nature. 


Friday, 2 November 2012

Back to Peter and Paul

 If you remember, although it may not have been necessarily apparent, the purpose of the novel Peter and Paul (about to be published) was to illustrate the balance that needs to be maintained between quality and quantity. This ongoing struggle between the (chosen) ‘few’ and the ‘masses’ is a permanent feature of our species. It would diminish if the ‘few’ became aware that they, themselves, cannot advance beyond a certain level without ‘dragging’ the rest with them.
What the ‘few’ will find even more disturbing is that, ultimately, psyche is capable of incorporating all the individualized states of consciousness that constitute our reality. And that, dear friends, includes not only all the animals, birds, fish, and insects, but also the incredible diversity of our flora.
We are indeed all One.
All perceptible reality—reality as experienced by our senses—is a temporary, very transient out-picturing of states of consciousness. And even then, the material aspect of it is essentially empty space. See Delusions—Pragmatic Realism. It’s all there.
Imagine a world without any plants. Soon all the herbivores, (with whose carcasses we like to fill our triple-burgers), would die. We’d feed on fish, though with our eating habits we’d run out of those soon enough. Of course, those who already learned to absorb the energy directly from cosmic rays, would not have to face any problems though, as of today, there are not many such amongst us.
It will come…
Before we can become aware of our unity with the rest of fauna and flora, we should make a bigger effort to become more aware of the indivisible unity with our own species. It bears repeating, that each one of us has the capacity to create our own individual reality, which is built up and stored in our subconscious. As this ability is inherent in each and every individualized state of consciousness, we can only begin to imagine the enormity of the universes that surround us. And the endless potential is always there, ready to supply us with new ideas to be developed into yet another new reality.
As I said before, worlds without end.
Infinity is greater not only that we imagine, but greater than we can imagine. And we are all integral parts of it. Hence, Peter and Paul