Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Indifferent

During the months preceding the elections in the great country south of our borders, I was amazed at the passion of the Democrats, and by their efforts to protect the rights of the (relatively) poor, perhaps even the indifferent. They did so bearing full wrath of the Republicans, who have proven on many occasions, with many public statements, that anyone who is against their policies is anti-American.
As an example, the friends I have outside the States recognize the Fox News as a source of daily humor. This opinion was broadly supported by great many of my FB friends who are very much US citizens. Not one of them took the news channel seriously. And yet they, the newscasters, insist on making a public spectacle of themselves, seemingly unaware of the effect they have on many people.
The Democrats, on the other hand, within a mere four years, managed to restore the respect, which the USA held throughout the world, yet which was virtually lost during the Bush years. Perhaps they managed to do so by showing respect for other people’s views, without treating them all as ‘anti-American’, just because they disagreed with them.
My problem is that, at heart, my sentiments lie with a group that has no hope of ever achieving hegemony in the States, a group called the Libertarians. In my insignificant way I support the concept of limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, honest money and many other aspects of Libertarian philosophy, though never at the expense of helping those which are in need. What I do not support is ignorance replacing common sense, rudeness replacing politeness, lies replacing the truth, hate replacing love, and other unfortunate traits which seem to have become dominant in the political environment.
I am sure there are exceptions. Yet the majority of my Republican friends seem completely oblivious to the observation mentioned above. Not so the Democrats.
Yet there are also men in the USA who have little to do with any of the parties mentions, who try to restore real democracy to their Great Country. Men like Chris Hedges, who, as an example, asks his compatriots to sign a petition to “Take profit out of war”. 
Perhaps the best example of the enigma that exists south of our border is Warren Buffet, who although a billionaire supports the Democratic cause. I am willing to bet all I have that he (like me) is also a Republican at heart. It would be a shame if he could not follow the dictates of his desires for reasons created by the media or, perhaps, some poorly chosen politicians.
On the personal side, my own paradox is that most of my friends south of the border are Republicans (or were friends until they read this), and they in no way support the image which their media had created for them. They are the nicest, friendliest, most generous people. They just choose questionably characters to lead them.

Or, perhaps, it’s all just a DELUSION

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