Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Blavatsky and other Esoteric Ideas.

The idea of 7th Race (Book Three of my forthcoming Aquarius Trilogy) originates in Secret Doctrine, a book written some time ago by Helena P. Blavatsky. It is a multi-volume work, which, as I mentioned some time ago, Einstein perused in search of inspiration to sate his gnawing hunger for knowledge of how the world works. Since an idea invariably precedes action, or any physical manifestation, Blavatsky had the prestigious distinction of feeding inspiration of the world’s foremost mind.
And now, in all humility, she also serves to inspire my limited grasp of the nature of the Universe. I found my kernel of inspiration in her translation of the ancient Sanskrit stanzas of Esoteric Buddhism dealing with the many Races of the Human kind.

In direct contrast to the positivism of The Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism, the Vatican Church seldom (if ever) served as an example of how to behave, how to act, let alone how to think; it excelled above all other organizations in illustrating by word, deed, and policy what NOT to do. Let us remember that 9 out of 10 Commandments of the Decalogue, the “thou shalt nots” overwhelmingly dominate “thou shalts”. It seems that the Holy and Apostolic Church of Rome took it upon itself to illustrate this method with its actions and policies. Throughout its history it served with a myriad examples of what not to do, how not to act, how not to behave.
As such it provided by far the best example and inspiration for the “faithful” to set out on their own in their search for the truth. Even among its own “lower ranks”.
Those who did set out on their own found that life, biological life, is not an end it itself. It is only, yes ONLY, a means to an end. He who discovers the true purpose of ‘life’ on this Earth, discovers Life Itself. He who does not, remains in hibernate state until something occurs in his or her life to wake them up.
Not to worry. Buddha assures us that we are all Buddhas in waiting—merely, as yet, unawakened. Our time will come. And, hopefully, for a number of us, it will come as members of the 7th Race.
Thus, unless we wish to engross ourselves in Blavatsky’s masterwork on theosophy, The Secret Doctrine, “covering cosmic, planetary, and human evolution, as well as science, religion, and mythology,” that are based on the Stanzas of Dzyan, with corroborating testimony from over 1,200 sources,” we might do worse than to enjoy my forthcoming Aquarius Trilogy. I promise not to compete with theosophy, but to attempt to describe its possible consequences. And those, for many of us, will be staggering beyond our wildest imagination.
One man’s journey is described in my novel Yeshûa—Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus. Hopefully we shall all find easier ways to fulfill our destiny. 

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