Monday, 19 November 2012

The Paradise Within

I mentioned this subject before. I am still trying to reconcile our conscious with our subconscious mind. It has been said that, “heaven is within you”. Assuming that heaven is a state of consciousness, then only the subconscious and the unconscious qualify to respond to that claim. And, rightly or wrongly, I cannot but qualify the unconscious by that which is not, or at the very least which is not, as yet, manifested. By being no more than, perhaps infinite, potential.
Thus, the subconscious answers to the claim of the heaven within. Of course the religionists will object to this thesis on ‘invisible’ grounds, and the atheists on purely literary. The first group cannot make any money out of something that is within us, (they have to externalize ‘god’ to become intermediaries), and the latter on the grounds that if they cannot touch it, or smell it, or make an equation about it, no matter how absurd, they do not recognize it as real.
Well, I am free. Although it is often hard to see, there is a line between religion and science that gravitates towards sanity.

There is a peculiarity about our (physical) reality that needs mentioning. While we always remain individuals, i.e. we all manifest a completely diverse image of the reality we claim as our own, here, on Earth, we have to navigate between the countless realities created by other people, as different from ours as ours are from theirs. Such other realities are often in complete denial of our own conclusions. Hence, different religions, different political parties, interests, and even the way we regard abstract forms such as the many arts.
This helps in our learning process.
When we leave our bodies, however, be it in a lucid dream or through an OBE experience, or when we do so permanently by what people call dying, we no longer face such diverse disparities. Only our own reality prevails in all that we experience. In a way, we finally see the truth about ourselves. Thanks to the consequences of our behavior pattern and creative activity in the dualistic (physical) reality, we can finally see what we really are. Often we don’t like it much. Thus, we come back, through the process of reincarnation, to try to improve our image of ourselves.
Sometimes we succeed.
If not, well, we just try again. And again. And…

If you wish to be amused on a lighter note, you will find it in Beyond Religion II, Essay #27, Heaven

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