Sunday, 29 September 2013

We DO take it with us

Religions tell us that our future holds for us either heaven or hell. The Catholic Church throws in Purgatory, which is little more than euphemistic admission that we shall continue to reincarnate until we get it right.
Well, they didn’t get it right—not completely.
The problem with Purgatory is that our consciousness is immortal and it cannot be destroyed. It goes on and on, until we decide that we no longer wish to identify ourselves as individuals and choose to merge with the Whole, with All, thus enriching Reality with our contribution. We can only do so at complete and irrepressible loss of Self.
To be or not to be… perchance to dream no more… Perchance to awaken to true reality?
Well, for that we must cease becoming. We must allow our immortal I AM to be absorbed, even as a drop of water is absorbed in and by a mighty ocean. We cannot cease being, but we can stop identifying with I AM. It is more like WE ARE.
In a few billion years it may happen to some of us.

The only physical reality we are aware of is that which is projected by our mind. Reality in not real unless supported by our mind. We must accept it as real before it becomes integrated into our concept of reality.
Even the scientists who dismiss everything that they cannot measure with their senses, or gadgetry that is little more than extension of their senses, admit that physical reality is 99.9999999999999% empty space. To create the minute fragments that have mass takes an absurd amount of energy. Einstein had it right. Energy, he said, is equal to mass times the square of the velocity of light. Since nothing solid, no mass, can travel at the velocity of light without becoming infinite, the equation is no more than a philosophical conundrum.
Einstein’s greatness lay in philosophy, not in science, though scientists would never admit it!
Enough said that the world we recognize as solid is little more than projection of our minds. As a matter of fact, it seems that the latest observations of quasars indicate that the Big Bang theory has also gone up in flames—or sunk in the abysmal depth of universality, if you prefer.

Some years ago, I tried to analyze the reality of Becoming. While religionists, with the exception of Buddhists, will assure us that there is some sort of heaven, what really matters for us is not the destination, but the trip. What matters is the process of becoming. Why? Because we alone are the architects of our heaven. That is why the psalmist of yesteryear called us gods. Surely, we shall all agree, that only gods can create heaven, let alone the visible universe. My book might help you with the latter. The heaven part will be the unavoidable consequence of what we do here and now.

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Yes, you can take it with You

We have been told, again and again, that we can’t take it with us. Not even if we invest in a fireproof belt. Well, the scaremongers have been and continue to be wrong. As so often, the blind were leading the blind. We not only can but WILL take ‘it’ with us, even if ‘it’ is something we dearly want to forget and leave behind.
What we take with us is our state of consciousness.
People, particularly the so-called scientists, tend to confuse the mind with the brain. They think that brain generates thoughts. It is like saying that if you sit in front of a computer, it will eventually ‘generate’ a book.
Alas, no such luck. The brain is what our mind uses to think, to translate ideas into symbols which we call words. By combining many words together, we manage, sometimes, to recreate the original ideas, which our minds “picked up” from our unconscious. Unconscious, in turn, is the omnipresent, inexhaustible Source of everything that was, is, or ever will be. It is what some people call God. And if you must use this term, then we must never forget that God is what the opposite have in common. Only such conceptualization enables us to think of God, or the Unconscious, as the Single source. Duality comes later. It is the characteristic of becoming—not of being.
Now let us return to that which we do take with us, i.e.: back to our subconscious.
The problem with the subconscious is not only that it doesn’t forget but that it records every thought we generate thus admitting it into our awareness. We can observe ‘things’ with relative immunity, providing we maintain total and absolute indifference to the object of our scrutiny. The moment, however, that we accept an idea and make it our own, it remains in our subconscious forever.
Hence, we take it with us.
We, the immortal individualized consciousness, the indivisible fragment of the omnipresent, eternal, indestructible consciousness permeating all realities, are enriched by the act of thought.
Some of us may not like the idea that we are little more than minute particles of the universe through which consciousness gathers new experiences through the process of becoming. But let me put it another way. The moment we identify our true nature, with our Selves, with being indivisible elements of Whole, from that moment on we become immortal. Forever and ever.
This is the real nature of I AM.
Hence, let us enjoy our process of becoming. It is our life. 

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Strange Mathematics

There is a strange twist that the governments of Western Powers impose on those that are weaker than they are. It seems to be fuelled by two principle considerations.
One—is that killing thousands of children by missiles, by tearing them apart limb from limb, is a lesser crime than killing hundreds in their sleep.
And two—is that the weaker must do as the stronger say, not as they do.
This type of behaviour is variously called bullying, psychopathic, or just plain stupid, particularly when those practicing this sort of behaviour accuse their weaker opponents of just those traits.
But… perhaps that’s just my opinion.
Evidently, the leaders of our great Western Powers never heard the expression, “Judge not lest you also be judged.” They, the blind and deaf ones, are too busy criticizing others to see the errors of their own ways. For some reason completely unknown to me, they consider themselves to be on a higher moral ground. A moral ground some 30,000 feet up in the air from which height they recently bombed hundreds of thousands of innocent people; people who have never done them any harm. When they did it, they had the effrontery to call it collateral damage. It wouldn’t be so pathetic if only they wouldn’t call themselves Christians. “My peace I give unto you….” Remember?

It doesn’t have to be like this.
We, the people, have the power to unseat the deranged psychopaths from their thrones. We the people, the Many that are Called, must, and will, come to change this course. But contrary to our leaders, we shall not murder them. But we would protect the rest of humanity from their perversions. Perhaps we’d send them to a distant desert island, in the middle of nowhere, where they could bomb each other to their little hearts’ content.
We might also remind them that we are in this world but not of this world. This is NOT a religious dogma. In fact, few if any statements in the Bible are. Try my Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism. They are merely suggestions how we can all lead a much, much happier life. Here and now. You and I. All of us. In perfect unison. Yes, also in Perfect Union. And we can leave the dead to bury the dead.

In my “Winston Trilogy”, I describe possible courses that humanity might take to free itself from the cataclysmic descent into oblivion. In my novels there are no wars. No mass murders. Yet they all illustrate human potential. The Winston Trilogy consists of One Just Man, Elohim, and Winston’s Kingdom. I’ve given away more then 10,000 free downloads of Part One. I hope that people who took advantage of my giveaway will follow up with Parts Two and Three. You might like what you read a lot more than the world you live in today. Let me know. Please. 

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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Democracy is Dead

Socialism has taken over what used to be called the Land of the Free. Well, perhaps not quite. The rich continue to be free. But only the rich. The not so rich are not even allowed to speak the truth.
Now the rich, the “Chosen Few”, are bailed out, their mistakes hidden, forgiven, paid for by the “Many that are Called”. Called by the government that serves the few. Exactly as it used to be under communism. All the errors committed by the ‘regime’, by the Communist Party had been quickly hidden and the losses covered by the national treasury. Remind you of anything? Of anyone? Of England, or the USA, or France, or Germany… of the today?
Now this policy continues to apply in the West, but only towards the rich. The Chosen Few. Much, much less then 15. Only their mistakes are hidden, paid for by the masses. By the Many that are Called…
Yes, this is true socialism.
Socialism of the rich.

Few people seem to realize that loving one’s neighbrour is a prerequisite to democracy. Unless we are willing to share our wealth with those who have less, for which, surely, love is required, democracy will remain dead. People will remain unequal. And the collateral of this sentiment is that in a two-class society the word democracy is a misnomer. The rich and the poor cannot coexist for long. Look at the past. The laws of the universe which demand of us to love our neighbor, to identify with his or her plight, will not permit this.
There is still time, but we are quickly running out of Universal tolerance. Even stars explode, that have used up their usefulness. Other suns become red dwarfs. Communism also died. Dictatorships and oligarchies have dissolved into forgotten past. The few rich are destroying the Earth at an alarming rate—the Earth that evolution has designed to sustain the Many. For the Many live in comfort in which we could all cultivate our true nature. Our spiritual nature. Our creativity—our love of beauty and each other. Now the Few are destroying it. Shall the Many tolerate it for long?
I doubt it.
You will see the possible consequences of the present trend in my next novel, The Pluto Effect. In the meantime read how the Chosen Few and the Many that are Called were supposed to function. 

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Monday, 9 September 2013


Do I do things—OR—am I an instrument through which things are done? In other words, am I an animal at the top of the food chain, which or who controls the fate of the world I live in, or am I an instrument of the Whole which is responsible for the total Universe and not just the tiny portion of it which represents my life.
Whether we recognize the Whole as the Universe, or as Humanity, or as the Benevolence permeating the whole reality of which we are aware, or even as an omnipresent all-powerful God—is of no consequence. Likewise, it is of no consequence if we regard the above thesis as a matter of faith or intuition.
What does matter is that if we sublimate our ego for the good of ALL, and the wider, the greater, the more inclusive ALL we recognize as our reality, the greater our contribution to it is likely to be.
Most of us appear to forget that not so long ago we were all amoebae bathing in primeval slime. It took millions of years before we advanced to the status of a monkey, let alone an ape, during which time we had absolutely nothing to do with the evolution of the transient species we inhabited. At best, we have been commissioned by power or powers unknown to aid in our survival.
There are some poets who suggest that extraterrestrials, or Elohim, meaning “objects of worship”, (that’s right, in the Bible Elohim—credited with the creation of the world—is plural), fashioned us from clay and then breathed a soul into our inert ceramic body.
Your choice.
The fact remains that be it evolution which I must assume is a built-in Attribute of the world we live in, (or as some religious people would suggest of the whole universe with the exception of our Earth), or some other Agencies which accelerated our advancement, I prefer to identify with that incredibly magnificent Agency than with my puny, frequently erroneous, puerile, ego-driven brain.

If we all did that, we would achieve unity. Unity of thought, of purpose, of progress, that surely, would translate into love. Perhaps Universal Love?
On the other hand, it seems that we are empowered to use what we consider “free will” to negate the Laws of the Universe. We can die in the process—as we are doing at present by polluting the Earth to within the last breath of it being able to support life. That is our choice, of course. We can cooperate or die.
Let us remember that we are individuals. And individual in Latin means indivisible.
Good Luck. 

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Thou shalt not kill?

“None are so deaf as those who have ears yet cannot hear.” It is as though our leaders spoke a different language. They call themselves Christians or followers of the Judeo-Christian tradition. I don’t mean just those in London or Washington or even Vatican. None of them seem to be able to hear.
“Thou shalt not kill” is not a polite request. It is not a gentle suggestion. It doesn’t say, “Please, don’t kill unless someone or something threatens your life.” Or “unless I need your oil;” or… your gold, or anything that will feed my insatiable greed.
The Commandment is NOT conditional.
This holds true regardless of what any pope, or any prime minister or any president, or boss, or teacher or even our parents command us to do. Their opinions do not matter. Unless… unless they are NOT Christians, or adherents to the Jewish faith. Then and only then they can murder in the name of any god they chose to believe in… or not to believe in.
It seems that most people, the “ordinary people”, of most countries know that; only their leaders don’t. Are there no Christian or Jewish leaders in the world? Are they all masquerading under some strange guise their citizens don’t know about?
Yet, I repeat: most people know the Commandment. Why are their leaders pretending to be of Judeo-Christian persuasion? Can’t they tell us who they really are? Shouldn’t we tell them that if they must kill, then at least they shouldn’t call themselves Christian or Jewish?
Obviously, they can’t be either—nor Buddhists nor Hindu for that matter.

Again, this is the question of the “Few that are chosen” and the “Many that are called” as in my historical novel Peter and Paul, only this time the Many seem to be so much closer to the truth. Perhaps this, too, is the sign of the Age of Aquarius.

Although it appears that we are facing another murderous spree, this blog has nothing to do with politics. Some people never learn. Although all the recent wars, regardless of who initiated them, brought absolutely no good to either side, some people want to kill other people in order to save them from a fate worse than death. Perhaps it is up to us, the “Many that are called,” to set the record straight. Perhaps we must demand that no one kills in our name. Perhaps we ought to refuse to kill for others, the multimillionaires, those sitting in comfortable armchairs, sipping Martinis and giving orders.
 We cannot kill that which is immortal but we can erase our own soul from the annals of Eternity by even wanting to kill others. Don’t they know that, those Chosen Few? 

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