Sunday, 15 September 2013

Democracy is Dead

Socialism has taken over what used to be called the Land of the Free. Well, perhaps not quite. The rich continue to be free. But only the rich. The not so rich are not even allowed to speak the truth.
Now the rich, the “Chosen Few”, are bailed out, their mistakes hidden, forgiven, paid for by the “Many that are Called”. Called by the government that serves the few. Exactly as it used to be under communism. All the errors committed by the ‘regime’, by the Communist Party had been quickly hidden and the losses covered by the national treasury. Remind you of anything? Of anyone? Of England, or the USA, or France, or Germany… of the today?
Now this policy continues to apply in the West, but only towards the rich. The Chosen Few. Much, much less then 15. Only their mistakes are hidden, paid for by the masses. By the Many that are Called…
Yes, this is true socialism.
Socialism of the rich.

Few people seem to realize that loving one’s neighbrour is a prerequisite to democracy. Unless we are willing to share our wealth with those who have less, for which, surely, love is required, democracy will remain dead. People will remain unequal. And the collateral of this sentiment is that in a two-class society the word democracy is a misnomer. The rich and the poor cannot coexist for long. Look at the past. The laws of the universe which demand of us to love our neighbor, to identify with his or her plight, will not permit this.
There is still time, but we are quickly running out of Universal tolerance. Even stars explode, that have used up their usefulness. Other suns become red dwarfs. Communism also died. Dictatorships and oligarchies have dissolved into forgotten past. The few rich are destroying the Earth at an alarming rate—the Earth that evolution has designed to sustain the Many. For the Many live in comfort in which we could all cultivate our true nature. Our spiritual nature. Our creativity—our love of beauty and each other. Now the Few are destroying it. Shall the Many tolerate it for long?
I doubt it.
You will see the possible consequences of the present trend in my next novel, The Pluto Effect. In the meantime read how the Chosen Few and the Many that are Called were supposed to function. 

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