Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Yes, you can take it with You

We have been told, again and again, that we can’t take it with us. Not even if we invest in a fireproof belt. Well, the scaremongers have been and continue to be wrong. As so often, the blind were leading the blind. We not only can but WILL take ‘it’ with us, even if ‘it’ is something we dearly want to forget and leave behind.
What we take with us is our state of consciousness.
People, particularly the so-called scientists, tend to confuse the mind with the brain. They think that brain generates thoughts. It is like saying that if you sit in front of a computer, it will eventually ‘generate’ a book.
Alas, no such luck. The brain is what our mind uses to think, to translate ideas into symbols which we call words. By combining many words together, we manage, sometimes, to recreate the original ideas, which our minds “picked up” from our unconscious. Unconscious, in turn, is the omnipresent, inexhaustible Source of everything that was, is, or ever will be. It is what some people call God. And if you must use this term, then we must never forget that God is what the opposite have in common. Only such conceptualization enables us to think of God, or the Unconscious, as the Single source. Duality comes later. It is the characteristic of becoming—not of being.
Now let us return to that which we do take with us, i.e.: back to our subconscious.
The problem with the subconscious is not only that it doesn’t forget but that it records every thought we generate thus admitting it into our awareness. We can observe ‘things’ with relative immunity, providing we maintain total and absolute indifference to the object of our scrutiny. The moment, however, that we accept an idea and make it our own, it remains in our subconscious forever.
Hence, we take it with us.
We, the immortal individualized consciousness, the indivisible fragment of the omnipresent, eternal, indestructible consciousness permeating all realities, are enriched by the act of thought.
Some of us may not like the idea that we are little more than minute particles of the universe through which consciousness gathers new experiences through the process of becoming. But let me put it another way. The moment we identify our true nature, with our Selves, with being indivisible elements of Whole, from that moment on we become immortal. Forever and ever.
This is the real nature of I AM.
Hence, let us enjoy our process of becoming. It is our life. 

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