Sunday, 29 September 2013

We DO take it with us

Religions tell us that our future holds for us either heaven or hell. The Catholic Church throws in Purgatory, which is little more than euphemistic admission that we shall continue to reincarnate until we get it right.
Well, they didn’t get it right—not completely.
The problem with Purgatory is that our consciousness is immortal and it cannot be destroyed. It goes on and on, until we decide that we no longer wish to identify ourselves as individuals and choose to merge with the Whole, with All, thus enriching Reality with our contribution. We can only do so at complete and irrepressible loss of Self.
To be or not to be… perchance to dream no more… Perchance to awaken to true reality?
Well, for that we must cease becoming. We must allow our immortal I AM to be absorbed, even as a drop of water is absorbed in and by a mighty ocean. We cannot cease being, but we can stop identifying with I AM. It is more like WE ARE.
In a few billion years it may happen to some of us.

The only physical reality we are aware of is that which is projected by our mind. Reality in not real unless supported by our mind. We must accept it as real before it becomes integrated into our concept of reality.
Even the scientists who dismiss everything that they cannot measure with their senses, or gadgetry that is little more than extension of their senses, admit that physical reality is 99.9999999999999% empty space. To create the minute fragments that have mass takes an absurd amount of energy. Einstein had it right. Energy, he said, is equal to mass times the square of the velocity of light. Since nothing solid, no mass, can travel at the velocity of light without becoming infinite, the equation is no more than a philosophical conundrum.
Einstein’s greatness lay in philosophy, not in science, though scientists would never admit it!
Enough said that the world we recognize as solid is little more than projection of our minds. As a matter of fact, it seems that the latest observations of quasars indicate that the Big Bang theory has also gone up in flames—or sunk in the abysmal depth of universality, if you prefer.

Some years ago, I tried to analyze the reality of Becoming. While religionists, with the exception of Buddhists, will assure us that there is some sort of heaven, what really matters for us is not the destination, but the trip. What matters is the process of becoming. Why? Because we alone are the architects of our heaven. That is why the psalmist of yesteryear called us gods. Surely, we shall all agree, that only gods can create heaven, let alone the visible universe. My book might help you with the latter. The heaven part will be the unavoidable consequence of what we do here and now.

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