Monday, 9 September 2013


Do I do things—OR—am I an instrument through which things are done? In other words, am I an animal at the top of the food chain, which or who controls the fate of the world I live in, or am I an instrument of the Whole which is responsible for the total Universe and not just the tiny portion of it which represents my life.
Whether we recognize the Whole as the Universe, or as Humanity, or as the Benevolence permeating the whole reality of which we are aware, or even as an omnipresent all-powerful God—is of no consequence. Likewise, it is of no consequence if we regard the above thesis as a matter of faith or intuition.
What does matter is that if we sublimate our ego for the good of ALL, and the wider, the greater, the more inclusive ALL we recognize as our reality, the greater our contribution to it is likely to be.
Most of us appear to forget that not so long ago we were all amoebae bathing in primeval slime. It took millions of years before we advanced to the status of a monkey, let alone an ape, during which time we had absolutely nothing to do with the evolution of the transient species we inhabited. At best, we have been commissioned by power or powers unknown to aid in our survival.
There are some poets who suggest that extraterrestrials, or Elohim, meaning “objects of worship”, (that’s right, in the Bible Elohim—credited with the creation of the world—is plural), fashioned us from clay and then breathed a soul into our inert ceramic body.
Your choice.
The fact remains that be it evolution which I must assume is a built-in Attribute of the world we live in, (or as some religious people would suggest of the whole universe with the exception of our Earth), or some other Agencies which accelerated our advancement, I prefer to identify with that incredibly magnificent Agency than with my puny, frequently erroneous, puerile, ego-driven brain.

If we all did that, we would achieve unity. Unity of thought, of purpose, of progress, that surely, would translate into love. Perhaps Universal Love?
On the other hand, it seems that we are empowered to use what we consider “free will” to negate the Laws of the Universe. We can die in the process—as we are doing at present by polluting the Earth to within the last breath of it being able to support life. That is our choice, of course. We can cooperate or die.
Let us remember that we are individuals. And individual in Latin means indivisible.
Good Luck. 

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