Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Thou shalt not kill?

“None are so deaf as those who have ears yet cannot hear.” It is as though our leaders spoke a different language. They call themselves Christians or followers of the Judeo-Christian tradition. I don’t mean just those in London or Washington or even Vatican. None of them seem to be able to hear.
“Thou shalt not kill” is not a polite request. It is not a gentle suggestion. It doesn’t say, “Please, don’t kill unless someone or something threatens your life.” Or “unless I need your oil;” or… your gold, or anything that will feed my insatiable greed.
The Commandment is NOT conditional.
This holds true regardless of what any pope, or any prime minister or any president, or boss, or teacher or even our parents command us to do. Their opinions do not matter. Unless… unless they are NOT Christians, or adherents to the Jewish faith. Then and only then they can murder in the name of any god they chose to believe in… or not to believe in.
It seems that most people, the “ordinary people”, of most countries know that; only their leaders don’t. Are there no Christian or Jewish leaders in the world? Are they all masquerading under some strange guise their citizens don’t know about?
Yet, I repeat: most people know the Commandment. Why are their leaders pretending to be of Judeo-Christian persuasion? Can’t they tell us who they really are? Shouldn’t we tell them that if they must kill, then at least they shouldn’t call themselves Christian or Jewish?
Obviously, they can’t be either—nor Buddhists nor Hindu for that matter.

Again, this is the question of the “Few that are chosen” and the “Many that are called” as in my historical novel Peter and Paul, only this time the Many seem to be so much closer to the truth. Perhaps this, too, is the sign of the Age of Aquarius.

Although it appears that we are facing another murderous spree, this blog has nothing to do with politics. Some people never learn. Although all the recent wars, regardless of who initiated them, brought absolutely no good to either side, some people want to kill other people in order to save them from a fate worse than death. Perhaps it is up to us, the “Many that are called,” to set the record straight. Perhaps we must demand that no one kills in our name. Perhaps we ought to refuse to kill for others, the multimillionaires, those sitting in comfortable armchairs, sipping Martinis and giving orders.
 We cannot kill that which is immortal but we can erase our own soul from the annals of Eternity by even wanting to kill others. Don’t they know that, those Chosen Few? 

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  1. Even though Moses got the commandment to not kill, nevertheless he instructed Joshua when he went into strange countries to kill. So who wrote the commandments? God or Moses?

  2. I do not question the Commandments, nor their origin, only the veracity of people who claim to be Jewish or Christian. In my view, you can't have it both ways and remain honest.