Friday, 29 May 2015


We are either incredibly fast learners, or we store, somewhere, all memories of at least the last few hundred, if not thousand, years. If we accept that there is such a thing as evolution, and that we know more than a fly on the wall, then the knowledge we gained from the time that we had been flies on the wall had to be stored somewhere—if for no other reason, but to enable the fly to ultimately reach our illustrious evolutionary level. This ‘somewhere’ is our Subconscious, which the ancient (biblical) ‘scientists’ called ‘soul’, or to be more precise “animal soul”, which is the meaning of Hebrew word nephesh, erroneously translated into English as ‘soul’.
Our Self is pure Consciousness. Once energy is quantifiable, it becomes transient. Consciousness is ubiquitous, hence cannot be quantified.

So now we know how come we’re so clever. We also know how come Mozart could play the piano at the age of five. Why so many of the wunderkind children are endowed with such amazing gifts.
I’ll tell you a secret.
We were all wunderkind.
We were all child prodigies—incredible miracles of biological engineering; products of billions of years of evolution. (see also Beyond Religion II)
What we do not know is how our parents managed to kill our memories before we were old enough to stabilize them in our heads. Perhaps the truth was too wonderful for them to accept?  

When we ultimately vacate our decrepit bodies, we do not take our egos with us to the exclusion of all achievements of our past. What we do is to add the achievements of our latest incarnation to our Subconscious. There, and only there, we hold the sum-total of all our incarnations.
Judging by lucid dreams and other OBE experiences, all our past memories are available to us in our “out of body” experiences. You can actually find this out for yourself.
So when we ‘die’, or withdraw our Consciousness to unite it with our Subconscious, we do not immortalize our egos but add valuable experiences to the totality of memory of all our experiences from the beginning of time. From… ever? In one form or another we existed as inseparable ingredients of Omnipresent Eternal Consciousness, before we became aware of individualizing ourselves into transient forms.
Thus, our bodies die, but the positive experiences they had become part of our Self. The rest are examined and—this includes our physical, mental, and emotional vibrations—are discarded to be recycled for future experiments.
And this goes on forever…
How do I know? Because observing the past, this is the only theory that makes sense. What is more, it stands up to the definition of scientific theory. How? Because no one has as yet disproved it. I strongly suspect, no one ever will.
And if you ever find a theory that makes more sense, and you can prove it, please, let me know. Or make up your own that makes you happier than I am. 

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Monday, 25 May 2015


  We should never confuse Consciousness—the energy which keeps us alive—with awareness, which is our subjective image of the Universe.
The two are as far apart as cause and effect.

Energy of Consciousness is ubiquitous hence unquantifiable. It can, however, be individualized. We recognize other energies by the rate of their vibration. As the vibration slows down, it takes on different forms, ultimately allowing our senses to perceive them as thought, emotions, light, heat, gasses, liquids, or solids. All individualized energies are quantifiable and retain their rate of vibration. As vibrations change, so do the forms of energy.
This characteristic enables us to manipulate and shape our universe. At our primitive level we do so, mostly, by changing the end product. More advanced method is to change their rates of vibrations. At this stage of our evolution we regard this method as miraculous, although nature does so all the time. It converts one form of energy into another. The end product is, of course, that which can be recognized by our senses, or by mechanical devises we designed.
And thus, to alter the reality in which we experience our becoming, we should retreat to the form of energy that is more malleable. The less dense, i.e. the higher the vibrations, the easier it is to manipulate. All forms of energy originate with Consciousness, which is the primary essence of all energies. Consciousness energizes the mental and emotional realm, where it takes on theoretical form propitious to carrying out its purpose. 

Our bodies illustrate this principle.
Usually symptoms of a sickness are caused by emotional or mental stress, which must be eliminated for the body to heal itself. Our magnificent immunological system is capable to keep our bodies healthy. The omnipresent Consciousness is continually striving to keep us at peek efficiency. Flooding our body with various drugs might remove the symptoms, but seldom the cause of the disease. The analgesics can be useful, often necessary. They can remove some of the symptoms but only our state of consciousness can affect the healing.

Consciousness is everything.
Our awareness of this fact affects all the lower realities. It can heal, correct, and restore the original perfect design of mind, emotions and body.
Every creative act follows exactly the same pattern. Idea activates the mind, which activates the emotions. Finally, the vibrations of energy are slowed down sufficiently to take on a form perceptible to our senses.
It is also possible to stop anywhere along the creative corridor. Music remains a mental pattern mixed with emotional energy without slowing the vibrations any further. Regrettably the process of converting it into audible form perceptible to our senses often detracts from the original intent. This, in fact, is the scourge of the present era.
Likewise, emotions can veer from their original intent, producing negative result. It’s all up to us. We are indeed gods.

Humanity is only just becoming aware of the nature of the Universe. My novel suggests where evolution has taken others.  Enjoy!

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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Big Bang

Universe originated in a Big Bang. Astrophysicists also tell us that before the Big Bang there was no space—hence no time, no energy—hence no matter. There was only Void which was eminently unstable.
The Void must thus be endowed with Infinite Potential—meaning that everything already exists in the Void in its potential form.
The rest is history!

I call the process of converting the potential into manifested universe Individualization. Once potential becomes individualized, it becomes quantifiable. Evolution means gradual conversion of perfect-potential idea into ever-improving manifested form.

As before the Big Bang there was no space, Void was omnipresent. There was nothing to define its location. The Big Bang initiated the process of Becoming. Being and Becoming remain the dual nature of our reality. Hence the creative process is continuous.
Physicists propose that due to the law of gravity (which is basic property of matter), subatomic particles can be created out of empty space. They seem to forget that before the Big Bang there was neither space nor matter. Surely stories about heaven and hell make more sense than the mumbo jumbo of quantum theory experts suggest.
To get over the problem, the scientists resorted to ‘virtual’ particles, which probably circulate in their virtual brains. Richard Feynman, the 1965 Nobel laureate for physics, is said to have said that:
 If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics.”
Agree. I don’t.
I would suggest, however, that philosophy and logic is likely to provide more correct image of our reality than fulminating equations.

If we accept that the pre-Big Bang reality was only Void, then Big Bang not only took place everywhere, but continues and will continue its activity ad infinitum. For this to make sense we must accept Albert Einstein’s postulate that in our Universe nothing can ever be destroyed, eliminated, or terminated. Hence everything we detect, or ever will detect with our senses, already must exist somewhere. I suggest that it exists in its potential form in the Void.
We, humans, are the expressions of both realities, the Being and Becoming; i.e.: in the static-potential and the active-manifested form. We convert the unquantifiable energy of Consciousness into quantifiable energies of which our Universe consists. I think this meets Einstein’s prerequisites.
The cheerful thought is that if we were to identify with our Self and not with the body It occupies, then the prospect of a new, more efficient body and Universe would fill us with joy. Many aspects of this philosophy are still hidden from us. There are infinite possibilities. It seems that our journey truly is eternal. A fragment of such journey is described in my novel Enigma of the Second Coming.

A voyage from within and without, this novel transports us to the frontiers of an existence that knows no frontiers, where physics and metaphysics merge into a timeless, seamless whole. Enigma...”
J. Garwood, Ph.D.

See if you agree. And if you don’t you can still enjoy it!

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Sunday, 17 May 2015

War and Peace

As everything has is reason, though hard to believe, there is a reason for war and peace. Sustained peace ultimately leads to stagnation. War stirs the creative juices in every man and woman, with the desire to survive greatly amplified. War also increases exponentially the potential hidden deep within us—for good, bad, or abject indifference.
“I would thou wert cold or hot…” remember?
We must never forget that hidden potential. After all we had been told that “we are gods”—gods in waiting, even if sometimes waiting for millions of years. When one’s immortal, time is of no consequence. It is the Becoming that matters. In all of us.
I’d suggest that most of us would regard people advanced by a few million years beyond our present level as gods. The power they would wield over their environment would seem truly miraculous. Divine?

Hard though it might be to accept, for most people wars force us to draw on our potential and thus accelerate our learning process. Some make gigantic steps forward, stimulated by conditions calling for imagination, compassion, courage and generosity. Some learn, in no uncertain terms, that all along they were travelling on the wrong path. Wars also illustrate the futility of indifference.
“War is an axe for the frozen sea within us”.
Kafka used this simile for a book.

Ultimately, reincarnations cleanse our mental, emotional, and physical energies that serve to test the practicality of ideas emanating from the Source. Wars tend to accelerate this process. Once cleansed, our “inner bodies” are reused for the conversion of new ideas into objective form. Nothing can be wasted in the Potential Universe; nor can anything be wasted in the phenomenal reality. Both are eternal.
This system is responsible for evolution of the means that serve the Cause.

Our emotions  continuously wage war on phenomenal reality.
Slower vibrations of energy result in greater density, thus are less subject to change. Hence, water is more likely to be affected by changes in our mental and emotional states than rock. Volcanic eruptions are produced by gaseous and liquid energies such as magma. Movement of rock is the result, not the cause.
Similarly climatic changes are the consequences of energies of even lesser densities, heat and gases, and thus are more apt to react to more rarified influences such as mental and emotional energies.

  With the exception of a few individuals whose activities have been described as miraculous, the rest of humanity is unlikely to put this knowledge to practical use for another few millennia. Nevertheless, the potential is there, inherent in every human being.
To repeat, everything has its purpose. Wars will continue until we find the answer that will lead us to peace within, not just without. Our immortality assures us of eventual success. Nevertheless, beware. Anyone who takes a single human life will answer for it in the course of time. The Universal Law of Karma is absolute.

My novel “Headless World” illustrates some of the premises above.

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Essence of Duality

Reality of Being is One, of Becoming—an infinite number. Even as 100 trillion cells make up an average human body, and those in turn are made up of approximately 7 x 1027 atoms, so the Singularity of Consciousness is made up of indivisible, (probably) infinite number of individualized fragments of consciousness. The fundamental difference between the two is that the Universal Consciousness is in a state of Being (static potential), while when individualized It takes on the attribute of Becoming (active i.e. live). The two are indivisible.
the Many and the ONE.
The infinity and omnipresence of Cosmic Consciousness can be misleading. Not only It manifests through the marginally advanced brain of a human being, but, in essence, it is present in every form of energy that makes up our image of reality. What differs is the awareness of it, not Its actual presence.
Conscious awareness of the Whole (nirvana) is the ultimate aim and purpose of individualization. However, the passive Potential exists throughout the infinity of (inner and) outer space.
The ancients claimed that from dust we came and to dust we shall return. This is true of the cycle, but it doesn’t go far enough. Granite, water and outer space with thinly distributed atoms, are all made up of energy vibrating at different rates. As density increases, the awareness of the Single Source decreases. No wonder we refer to some people as ‘dense’. The meaning is obvious. They have no idea of who or what they really are. However, the potential of discovery increases with the complexity of the quanta of energy formations. On Earth, no energy formation perceived by our senses, is as complex as human brain. Yet no matter how complex is the construct of individualized consciousness, the ‘Void’, the connection with the Unconscious, with the state of Being, always remains.

Hence, Ultimate Potential is seeded within all permutations of individualization. Nothing is unnecessary. Everything has its purpose. Everything, and everybody is an indivisible part of the Single Source. What differs, as already mentioned, is the degree of awareness of this fact.

However, as the Infinite Potential, though dormant, resides within each one of us, our scope is vast. We need to learn the rules of the game, the Cosmic Laws, and then do the best we can. As the reality is made up of infinite permutations of energy at different rates of vibrations, that gives us virtually infinite scope. We can create realties, Universes, indeed Multiverses, each our very own.
We know that physical reality perceptible to our senses is an illusion. But we must treat it with the same care, take it as seriously as a brilliant actor takes his/her role in a Command Performance. We must meet the demands of our audience—the Universe. Potential and Manifested. 

Don’t be fooled by the scientists who tell you that the world is made up of solid matter. Nor by priesthood who create gods in their own image and likeness. Listen to Einstein, instead.

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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Is Truth Flexible?

 Something happened to Jews and Christians. We seem to have retreated to pre Mosaic primitive paganism. The limitation of “an eye for an eye” no longer applies. Jews and Christians no longer live by the Code of Ethics—and we do so with absolute impunity.
The only thing that baffles me is, why do we continue to call ourselves Jews and Christians? In what way do we differ from the mobs that roamed the world before two advanced human beings established the (then) new, and now totally ignored Code of Ethics?
Our leaders have long given up on any Code.

“Don’t kill…” Why? Says who? Moses? Moses who? Yeshûa? Never heard of him. Wasn’t he a Jew, too?

As previously mentioned, it doesn’t really matter. The bodies we murder will be recycled and the Consciousness that inhabited them remains immortal. So the only question is, why do our leaders continue to perpetrate lies that no sane person would ever believe.
Why the pretense?
What do they think they’ll gain by such nonsense?

“Love your enemies.” You must be kidding, right? You thing I’m crazy?

I refuse to pass judgment. Perhaps our leaders have long given up on Mosaic and Christian Laws. Perhaps our leaders found something better, fairer, more loving, more generous…?
I doubt it, but I really don’t know. I just watch, observe, and ask questions. Perhaps they’d written new Laws on Capitol Hill? In Westminster? Ottawa? To help them out, I propose a slight adaptation of the original Mosaic Laws. Just to help out… you understand.

1. I am the Lord, thy God, (when I’m in deep trouble.)
2. Thou shall bring no false idols before me (except for plutocrats, generals, politicians and movie stars).
3. Do not take the name of the Lord in vain. (This is nonsense, we now have free speech).
4. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy (…wholly available for football, baseball, hockey or similar pastimes).
5. Honor thy father and thy mother. (Always! You might inherit something of value).
6.Thou shall not kill/murder, (unless you have military advantage or they have something you want, like oil?)
7. Thou shall not commit adultery, (unless you can get her on expense account).
8. Thou shall not steal, (unless you’re sure you can get away with it).
9. Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor (unless your lawyers can take care of it).
10. Thou shall not covet your neighbor's wife. (Unless her husband is out of town)

With these tiny adjustments “Jews and Christians” can honestly attest to their faith. And if we don’t want to adapt the faith, we can make changes to the world instead.
My heart is filled with joy. When we all sink low enough, we shall simply recycle the world and start all over again. Remember Lemuria? Atlantis? It happened before… And then, once again, we shall start in Eden.
Once more in Paradise!

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Remembering Einstein

Most people admire Albert Einstein for his scientific acumen. I admire him for his philosophy. He was after truth—math and physics were only a means, not an end in themselves.
There are people who, in spite of overwhelming scientific evidence, continue to regard our universe as fundamentalists regard their scriptures. They refuse to accept that the reality they experience with their senses is not what it seems. For the most part, scientists ignore their emotions—religionists ignore their minds.
They ought to get together—sometimes.
In my previous blogs I’d written about atoms being practically empty space, and that negatively charged electrons are the reason we don’t fall through our chairs and end up in Australia.  Many refuse to accept this.
“None are so blind as those who have eyes yet cannot see.”
Yeshûa was talking about people who are holding on to ignorance, unable or unwilling to free themselves from their fundamentalist upbringing. Or who are afraid that the knowledge that dwells deep within them might upset their flimsy, illusory, transient reality. Their sense of wellbeing.

Einstein tried to help.
“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong,” he said. “What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”
Oops! And he added:
“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”
This last has enormous consequences. In one form or another… it makes us immortal.

Yet our minds are stuck in a universe that winks in and out of existence so quickly that to our optic nerves it seems continuous, hence real. But, as Einstein said, it’s all just indestructible energy flowing from one vibration to another.

Let us go a step further.
Thoughts are energy. They are at the root of what I am writing here. They flow within us to energize our emotions. Over time, they slow down sufficiently to be regarded by our senses as matter. You’re reading them. Little black squiggles on your screen.
There is a consequence to this.
When great many people indulge in similar thoughts, great results ensue. The subjective thoughts become objective. The reverse is also true. If lots of people indulge, over a sufficiently long time, in negative, destructive thoughts, the consequences may result in energy entering destructive vortices which will affect still lower forms of energy. They may result in hurricanes, cataclysms, tornados, earthquakes and other unpredictable phenomena.
It’s all energy said Einstein. I believe him.
There is a Single Source. Physicists call it a Void, which exploded in a Big Bang. A void is inherently unstable, they say. Perhaps  Cosmic Consciousness also exploded from an Eternal Void?
It fills us with desire to pursue knowledge.
Einstein liked to inquire into the nature of being. So do I. He was motivated by Kindness, Beauty, and Truth. So am I. We can no longer join him, but we can pursue the same journey together, Beyond Religion.

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Friday, 1 May 2015

Retribution — Restoring the Balance

 Understanding how the universe works does not appear to be for everyone. Some manage to grasp its rudiments; some think about it, sometimes, and then get on with their lives. Others ignore it with a dash of contempt. Lao Tse had this to say about it.

When they hear of the Way,
The highest minds practice it;
The average minds think about it
And try it now and then;
The lowest minds laugh at it.
It they did not laugh at it,
It would not be the Way.

There is no mention of good or bad or evil or saintly in the sage’s words. It is just the Way. Tao. The System.
The Way the Universe works.
This is hard to accept for people who are brainwashed by millennia of religious indoctrination. Doubly so for those who think that our world is solid, ‘real’, created by some deity for our exclusive use and enjoyment.
It isn’t.
Scientists know it. Mystics know it. The ancient sages knew it at least 500 years before Christ—see the poem above. We… believe that ignorance is bliss.
It isn’t.
Flat Earth of yore has now become a flat Universe. Astrophysicists are asking us to believe it—to make their equations (triangulation) work.
It isn’t.
It seems that most people suffer the consequences of not having made adequate use of their brain in past lives.
Our biological computer contains about 100 billion neurons that fire up to 1000 electrochemical impulses per second. Are you sure you’re making the best possible use of it? If you don’t use it—you’ll lose it. This could be the underlying factor of the rapid growth of Alzheimer’s.
And “use it or loose” is the byway of every creature on Earth. Everything here, in our illusory transient reality, is only a means to test ideas emerging from the Unconscious. It has no other purpose, nor other reason, for being.
Human brain enabled people around 500 BC to come close to solving the mystery of our reality, and to learn how it works. The poem above attests to this. We can practice it, ignore it, or laugh at it. And then pay the consequences.
If we practice the Way, we fulfill our purpose.

Luckily, as regards other people, we needn’t worry about Retribution. After all, “vengeance is mine”, said the ‘Lord’. Higher powers, the Self, (Individualized Consciousness) take care of that. There are many ways at Its disposal. Asteroids can impact the Earth with 20-30 times the power that destroyed Hiroshima. There are also storms, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions...
Balance will be restored. That is part of the Way.
The ‘means’ will be recycled.
So don’t worry—Retribution will be taken care of.
We are all free to do our job, to serve our purpose. And remember, we’re all immortal. We’ll continue on our merry way until a better, more functional instrument will evolve to meet the requirements. And… it will.
For us.
To continue. 

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