Sunday, 17 May 2015

War and Peace

As everything has is reason, though hard to believe, there is a reason for war and peace. Sustained peace ultimately leads to stagnation. War stirs the creative juices in every man and woman, with the desire to survive greatly amplified. War also increases exponentially the potential hidden deep within us—for good, bad, or abject indifference.
“I would thou wert cold or hot…” remember?
We must never forget that hidden potential. After all we had been told that “we are gods”—gods in waiting, even if sometimes waiting for millions of years. When one’s immortal, time is of no consequence. It is the Becoming that matters. In all of us.
I’d suggest that most of us would regard people advanced by a few million years beyond our present level as gods. The power they would wield over their environment would seem truly miraculous. Divine?

Hard though it might be to accept, for most people wars force us to draw on our potential and thus accelerate our learning process. Some make gigantic steps forward, stimulated by conditions calling for imagination, compassion, courage and generosity. Some learn, in no uncertain terms, that all along they were travelling on the wrong path. Wars also illustrate the futility of indifference.
“War is an axe for the frozen sea within us”.
Kafka used this simile for a book.

Ultimately, reincarnations cleanse our mental, emotional, and physical energies that serve to test the practicality of ideas emanating from the Source. Wars tend to accelerate this process. Once cleansed, our “inner bodies” are reused for the conversion of new ideas into objective form. Nothing can be wasted in the Potential Universe; nor can anything be wasted in the phenomenal reality. Both are eternal.
This system is responsible for evolution of the means that serve the Cause.

Our emotions  continuously wage war on phenomenal reality.
Slower vibrations of energy result in greater density, thus are less subject to change. Hence, water is more likely to be affected by changes in our mental and emotional states than rock. Volcanic eruptions are produced by gaseous and liquid energies such as magma. Movement of rock is the result, not the cause.
Similarly climatic changes are the consequences of energies of even lesser densities, heat and gases, and thus are more apt to react to more rarified influences such as mental and emotional energies.

  With the exception of a few individuals whose activities have been described as miraculous, the rest of humanity is unlikely to put this knowledge to practical use for another few millennia. Nevertheless, the potential is there, inherent in every human being.
To repeat, everything has its purpose. Wars will continue until we find the answer that will lead us to peace within, not just without. Our immortality assures us of eventual success. Nevertheless, beware. Anyone who takes a single human life will answer for it in the course of time. The Universal Law of Karma is absolute.

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