Friday, 1 May 2015

Retribution — Restoring the Balance

 Understanding how the universe works does not appear to be for everyone. Some manage to grasp its rudiments; some think about it, sometimes, and then get on with their lives. Others ignore it with a dash of contempt. Lao Tse had this to say about it.

When they hear of the Way,
The highest minds practice it;
The average minds think about it
And try it now and then;
The lowest minds laugh at it.
It they did not laugh at it,
It would not be the Way.

There is no mention of good or bad or evil or saintly in the sage’s words. It is just the Way. Tao. The System.
The Way the Universe works.
This is hard to accept for people who are brainwashed by millennia of religious indoctrination. Doubly so for those who think that our world is solid, ‘real’, created by some deity for our exclusive use and enjoyment.
It isn’t.
Scientists know it. Mystics know it. The ancient sages knew it at least 500 years before Christ—see the poem above. We… believe that ignorance is bliss.
It isn’t.
Flat Earth of yore has now become a flat Universe. Astrophysicists are asking us to believe it—to make their equations (triangulation) work.
It isn’t.
It seems that most people suffer the consequences of not having made adequate use of their brain in past lives.
Our biological computer contains about 100 billion neurons that fire up to 1000 electrochemical impulses per second. Are you sure you’re making the best possible use of it? If you don’t use it—you’ll lose it. This could be the underlying factor of the rapid growth of Alzheimer’s.
And “use it or loose” is the byway of every creature on Earth. Everything here, in our illusory transient reality, is only a means to test ideas emerging from the Unconscious. It has no other purpose, nor other reason, for being.
Human brain enabled people around 500 BC to come close to solving the mystery of our reality, and to learn how it works. The poem above attests to this. We can practice it, ignore it, or laugh at it. And then pay the consequences.
If we practice the Way, we fulfill our purpose.

Luckily, as regards other people, we needn’t worry about Retribution. After all, “vengeance is mine”, said the ‘Lord’. Higher powers, the Self, (Individualized Consciousness) take care of that. There are many ways at Its disposal. Asteroids can impact the Earth with 20-30 times the power that destroyed Hiroshima. There are also storms, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions...
Balance will be restored. That is part of the Way.
The ‘means’ will be recycled.
So don’t worry—Retribution will be taken care of.
We are all free to do our job, to serve our purpose. And remember, we’re all immortal. We’ll continue on our merry way until a better, more functional instrument will evolve to meet the requirements. And… it will.
For us.
To continue. 

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  1. You are becoming more and more explicit. Does impatience sneak in, at the avoidance of the obvious? Unlike you, whose books are at least read, I confront daily the gulf between the messenger and the message. Hence putting the 'book that wrote the life' on trial for ITS life! Also getting more explicit! But trying not to shout.

    1. I’ve no choice. The veil has become so thick that, to use Kafka’s words, one needs an axe to break the frozen sea. At least some who are just entering the deeps will know that they are not alone.