Thursday, 21 May 2015

Big Bang

Universe originated in a Big Bang. Astrophysicists also tell us that before the Big Bang there was no space—hence no time, no energy—hence no matter. There was only Void which was eminently unstable.
The Void must thus be endowed with Infinite Potential—meaning that everything already exists in the Void in its potential form.
The rest is history!

I call the process of converting the potential into manifested universe Individualization. Once potential becomes individualized, it becomes quantifiable. Evolution means gradual conversion of perfect-potential idea into ever-improving manifested form.

As before the Big Bang there was no space, Void was omnipresent. There was nothing to define its location. The Big Bang initiated the process of Becoming. Being and Becoming remain the dual nature of our reality. Hence the creative process is continuous.
Physicists propose that due to the law of gravity (which is basic property of matter), subatomic particles can be created out of empty space. They seem to forget that before the Big Bang there was neither space nor matter. Surely stories about heaven and hell make more sense than the mumbo jumbo of quantum theory experts suggest.
To get over the problem, the scientists resorted to ‘virtual’ particles, which probably circulate in their virtual brains. Richard Feynman, the 1965 Nobel laureate for physics, is said to have said that:
 If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics.”
Agree. I don’t.
I would suggest, however, that philosophy and logic is likely to provide more correct image of our reality than fulminating equations.

If we accept that the pre-Big Bang reality was only Void, then Big Bang not only took place everywhere, but continues and will continue its activity ad infinitum. For this to make sense we must accept Albert Einstein’s postulate that in our Universe nothing can ever be destroyed, eliminated, or terminated. Hence everything we detect, or ever will detect with our senses, already must exist somewhere. I suggest that it exists in its potential form in the Void.
We, humans, are the expressions of both realities, the Being and Becoming; i.e.: in the static-potential and the active-manifested form. We convert the unquantifiable energy of Consciousness into quantifiable energies of which our Universe consists. I think this meets Einstein’s prerequisites.
The cheerful thought is that if we were to identify with our Self and not with the body It occupies, then the prospect of a new, more efficient body and Universe would fill us with joy. Many aspects of this philosophy are still hidden from us. There are infinite possibilities. It seems that our journey truly is eternal. A fragment of such journey is described in my novel Enigma of the Second Coming.

A voyage from within and without, this novel transports us to the frontiers of an existence that knows no frontiers, where physics and metaphysics merge into a timeless, seamless whole. Enigma...”
J. Garwood, Ph.D.

See if you agree. And if you don’t you can still enjoy it!

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