Friday, 29 May 2015


We are either incredibly fast learners, or we store, somewhere, all memories of at least the last few hundred, if not thousand, years. If we accept that there is such a thing as evolution, and that we know more than a fly on the wall, then the knowledge we gained from the time that we had been flies on the wall had to be stored somewhere—if for no other reason, but to enable the fly to ultimately reach our illustrious evolutionary level. This ‘somewhere’ is our Subconscious, which the ancient (biblical) ‘scientists’ called ‘soul’, or to be more precise “animal soul”, which is the meaning of Hebrew word nephesh, erroneously translated into English as ‘soul’.
Our Self is pure Consciousness. Once energy is quantifiable, it becomes transient. Consciousness is ubiquitous, hence cannot be quantified.

So now we know how come we’re so clever. We also know how come Mozart could play the piano at the age of five. Why so many of the wunderkind children are endowed with such amazing gifts.
I’ll tell you a secret.
We were all wunderkind.
We were all child prodigies—incredible miracles of biological engineering; products of billions of years of evolution. (see also Beyond Religion II)
What we do not know is how our parents managed to kill our memories before we were old enough to stabilize them in our heads. Perhaps the truth was too wonderful for them to accept?  

When we ultimately vacate our decrepit bodies, we do not take our egos with us to the exclusion of all achievements of our past. What we do is to add the achievements of our latest incarnation to our Subconscious. There, and only there, we hold the sum-total of all our incarnations.
Judging by lucid dreams and other OBE experiences, all our past memories are available to us in our “out of body” experiences. You can actually find this out for yourself.
So when we ‘die’, or withdraw our Consciousness to unite it with our Subconscious, we do not immortalize our egos but add valuable experiences to the totality of memory of all our experiences from the beginning of time. From… ever? In one form or another we existed as inseparable ingredients of Omnipresent Eternal Consciousness, before we became aware of individualizing ourselves into transient forms.
Thus, our bodies die, but the positive experiences they had become part of our Self. The rest are examined and—this includes our physical, mental, and emotional vibrations—are discarded to be recycled for future experiments.
And this goes on forever…
How do I know? Because observing the past, this is the only theory that makes sense. What is more, it stands up to the definition of scientific theory. How? Because no one has as yet disproved it. I strongly suspect, no one ever will.
And if you ever find a theory that makes more sense, and you can prove it, please, let me know. Or make up your own that makes you happier than I am. 

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  1. I wrote a long comment/question and it disappeared. This often happens here! Perhaps it is queuing for approval?

    1. Please, PLEASE, in future make copies of your thoughts . I had letters disappear, now I keep them on Microsft until confirmed. There is such plethora of rubbish on Internet that things will only get worse.

    2. I merely said that you know I agree on all points made above BUT what exercised me was what the Wunderkinder do with memory to create the new adventure for the future. I asked the question as to whether 'youth' was a necessary ingredient when Beethoven ( relatively too late to be called a wunderkind) forged such an anticipation? That was about it!

    3. We are creatures of habit. As we grow older, we grow attached to the physical reality, at the expense of finer vibrations. Hence, it is much easier to recall finer vibrations (mental and emotional) from past incarnations while young. There are always exceptions, but Wunderkinder have a distinct advantage.