Tuesday, 2 June 2015


People once accused me of equating Consciousness with the religious concept of God. Not so. Baruch Spinoza rightly affirmed that to define God is to deny God. I, on the other hand, am more than willing to define my concept of Consciousness.
In a nutshell, Consciousness is the ‘seat’ of Infinite Potential. It is omnipresent. Through Its attribute of individualization it embraces self-awareness. It manifests Its presence by an inexhaustible gamut of energies displaying different rates of vibration, thus creating the Universe and everything in it.
It manifests everywhere to the extend of the object aware of Its presence. It causes trees to grow, fish to swim, birds to fly, animals to populate the realities of lower vibrations. We see It in half-life radiation of a rock. It is literally omnipresent. It is beyond time and space yet within time and space.
Hence Ubiquitous.
You and I are alive thanks to Its presence within us. When Consciousness is withdrawn from us, we ‘die’. Or at least, our body does. We transfer our Consciousness to entities of higher vibrations in which, we gain access to experiences we gained in previous incarnations. We can see this in our dreams, particularly lucid dreams, wherein storehouse of memories in our subconscious seems to be accessible to us. You can experiment with this yourself.
Also, the ‘religious God’ is reputed to be good. Consciousness is characterized by being absolutely neutral. It is the Source of absolutely everything, not restricted by what the relatively feeble human minds consider ‘good’. Through Its ability to individualize Itself, It creates countless realities. Experience of eons seem to have proven that the only trait which assures a degree of stability to any reality created is a state of balance.
It maintains equilibrium between centripetal and centrifugal forces to sustain the reality of the Universe—the jewel in Its crown. It maintains balances of vibrations throughout all realities.
Even subjective notions of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are balanced. Lao Tsu comes to mind:

“The Tao of heaven is impartial.
It awards virtuous men all the time.”

Hence virtuous men are all who uphold the Universal Laws. Those must be studies to be obeyed. Experience indicates that balance is primary among them.
Thus, probably to the bitter disappointment of atheists and those steeped in religions, I am neither. I am an observer of physical, mental, and emotional reality—but most of all how Consciousness operates in the Eternal Present.
In the Eternal NOW.
Ancient myths indicate that our forefathers had greater access to this knowledge than we have. Perhaps they lacked words to express their conclusions and veiled them in symbolic language, but it was there.
My conclusions are similar to Lao Tsu’s and Einstein’s. Whoever learns the Universal Laws and plays the game of life according to them is richly rewarded. I most certainly am. I hope you are, too.

Finally, Consciousness employs scientific method of trial and error. It retains everything that works and discards everything that doesn’t.
That’s it!

NOW—Being and Becoming
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