Monday, 22 June 2015

Universal Laws

Once we accept that the physical world is illusory, is Maya, we realize that the Universal Laws do not concern the Universe we consider ‘real’. We become aware that the physical Universe is the result, or the consequence, of energies that took part in its creation. Hence, since most ‘human’ laws deal with the consequence and not with the underlying cause of that which they are intended to control, they are redundant.
Universal Laws are concerned with the Cause NOT with the Effect. The effect, by definition, is the inevitable consequence of the creative process being used, or abused, by the creators.
 That’s us. You and me.

Two thousand years ago we have been told that it is not the physical behaviour that gathers negative Karma, but the creative process leading to a negative result, (Mathew 5:28). This Law, as most others, has been ignored. Instead it had been usurped by religions, threatening ‘punishment’ after death, rather than bearing consequences “here and now”.
Pity. People have been suffering ever since.
To this day I see no evidence that people accepted this Universal Law.

We are the sole creators of the physical universe. Although we spend here but a fraction of eternity, we have chosen to create conditions, a reality, in which we can readily observe the consequences of the choices we make. Gradually, incredibly slowly, painstakingly, arduously, we learn how to be ‘gods’.
We are reluctant “gods in the making”.  
We’re indeed lucky that we are immortal.
All Universal Laws have evolved to facilitate life and to advance our progress. Mystics of the past knew that and listed traits we must develop to earn the next step in our evolution. Without these Laws we can only walk in circles, repeating the same mistakes, though apparently expecting different results.
According to Einstein that’s insane.
Welcome to the universal asylum.
It might be wise to recall that the famed Codex of Hammurabi, praised by many as humanity’s finest hour, was in fact the beginning of descent of our growth. It dealt with the results, which, by definition are the past, not with the creative process, which can enhance our becoming. (Essay #21, “Cycles”, BEYOND RELIGION I)

The Laws are intended to free us, not restrain us.
But most of all Laws protect us from missing out on the joys and excitement of swimming in the Universal Ocean of Consciousness. We must learn the Laws not just to enjoy the realities to the full, but so as not to get hurt in doing so. The Universe in which we find our becoming is benevolent and incredibly generous. Barring willful mistakes, it is also forgiving. But first…


Regrettably, we are unlikely to find them in books, except veiled in symbolic language.  
We must remember that no great mystic ever created a religion. They did little more than share with us the wisdom they’ve discovered within. The wisdom of the ages.
Of Eternity.
Of the timeless Present. 

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