Sunday, 14 June 2015

Walls, Fences, and Iron Curtains

We build Iron Curtains. We dig ditches and put up electrified fences—all to protect ourselves. Our motivation is invariably fear. Fear of the unknown, fear for our safety, fear of upsetting stability, predictability…
We build impenetrable Walls.
Yet no matter how we try to protect ourselves, the unknown keeps knocking on our doorsteps. It reaches us from our neighbours, from other countries, continents, from infinity of time and space. While our past provides us with a false security of the known and trusted, it does little to assure us about our futures.
We live in fear.
Our leaders, presidents, politicians, sometimes the rest of us, dig in our heels, and refuse to face the unknown. We want to protect what we have, forgetting that EVERYTHING in this Universe is transient. That everything in the world is in a state of Becoming—in constant flux. Churning. Convoluting. Energies flowing into each other, changing their rates of vibration; metamorphosing.
We want the world to be stable. Permanent.
We don’t want to see the Truth.
We forget that love is the energy of attraction, not division.

Some Walls that inhibit our progress may have been built years ago, or even during our previous temporal visits to the phenomenal reality. We may have constructed them to protect the knowledge we already had, dogmas we believed in, traditions that gave us an illusion of security.
Not so.
No matter how much we’d want to retreat to the spurious security of the past, we are destined to live only in the present. We can learn from the past—never repeat it. To do so would mean standing still—and stasis it the ultimate death. Physically it occurs at Absolute Zero (−273.15°C or −459.67°F). But what few of us seem to realize is that what applies to the phenomenal reality, to the world we call ‘real’, is merely an out-picturing of the inner realities. Absolute Zero speaks of the demise of our mind and emotions—and these two are the gateways to our true Self.
There is an old saying: “as above so below”. ‘Above’ is really ‘within’. If we close our minds and emotions to the flow of Consciousness, our mental and emotional energies ‘die’, no matter what our ‘physical’ bodies indicate. We become Zombies. We no longer function as instruments through which the Ubiquitous Consciousness replenishes the Universe with life, with beauty, with love.
With creative desire.
We must tear down the walls, and allow the energies to flow.

There is hope. Einstein assured us that no energy can be destroyed. Energies just change their rates of vibration and continue. I suggest the same is true of our mental and emotional states, bodies, which, surely, are also energies. They change, metamorphose, and come alive again. Some call it reincarnation, others Samsara—the Wheel of Life.
I call it immortality.
Surely, we must tear down the Walls and open our hearts. What matters is Self. And Self is immortal.
Welcome to the Present. To Infinity. 

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