Monday, 28 August 2017

I AM—Being and Becoming

When the prophet of yore said “Ye are gods”, he was not referring to our bodies, or minds, or emotions, or any aspect of our transient “equipment”. He was referring to the divine presence of our Being—the static, immovable, eternal, amorphous energy that is manifested in us as the energy of Life.
I AM never changes.* I AM is the infinite, indestructible, immortal potential at the core of our Being. It is the Individualization of the Omnipresent Amorphous Energy we also know as God. It is the Source of our Becoming.
While, with luck, we are likely to spend up to about 100 years in our physical bodies, our true I AM is likely to be searching for individualizations suitable for our growth in countless universes. While it is more than likely that It’ll want to continue Its transient incarnation on Earth, at least for a while, no matter how uncomfortable, the Universes are Its to explore.

While for the next few hundred years we are unlikely to venture even to the outer planets, let alone other solar systems or galaxies, there is nothing to stop us from projecting our consciousness to faraway places with strange sounding names. We might be unable to do so in our waken states, but we can condition ourselves to do so in, what is known as, lucid dreams. In such we are not lumbered with the biological robot, magnificent though it is, but to reach out in our mental and emotional bodies.

This may sound like a fantasy. But surely, you too, at one time or another, experienced dreams, which you were hard-put to explain with normal terms of reference. Dreams denied time, gravity, distance, and most other aspect of our waken reality.
We all know it’s true.
Hence, all we need learn is how to retain our consciousness while dreaming. It can be done. And once you do it, the Universe is yours to explore. Trust me, there is nothing, absolutely nothing like it. And furthermore, if what you experience is not quite to your liking, you can adjust the reality you visit to be more congenial. There, and only there, is your true domain. Here, on Earth, our waken state is only a kindergarten where we can learn how to enter our Kingdom.

I hope that you will not delay in your efforts to awaken to the new realities. An endless number of them. There, in your Kingdom, you can fly, swim under water, cover vast distances in virtually no time, walk through fire unscathed, and generally act as you imagine gods would act. And why not? After all, we have been told for a number of generations that we are gods. Isn’t it time you claimed you private, personal Kingdom? It is waiting for you even now. Waiting… once in it, you can abide in the blessed state of Being and Becoming, in the eternal Now.

* [I first shared with you my concept of I AM on June 29th, 2014.  I hope you find this addition satisfying]

Monday, 21 August 2017

Witchcraft? Magic? Or a Gift of God?

The omnipresent Energy, endowed with creative potential and all qualities necessary to envision countless Universes, we, for the want of a better word, call God. This Omnipresent Amorphous Energy is the theoretical aspect of the Universes. Its infinite rate of vibration is differentiated into countless transient rates, in attempt to convert the theoretical into practical ideas.

Potential is theoretical, Manifestations is practical.
They are the substance of Being prior to Becoming.

Phenomenal Universe/Reality is an Eternal Laboratory.

They are the two aspects of the same coin. The edge is the straight and narrow, the Even Horizon. It is also called Life. Hence, by definition, Life is also omnipresent, inherent in the nature of both, Potential and Manifested Universes. We have the means of converting the Potential into the Practical. Some of us, the Chosen Few, do so at conscious level. Others, the Many, are often unwilling to explore their means.

Trying to concentrate or ‘shrink’ the totality of the Amorphous Creative Energy into a single entity or being, is as ludicrous as attempting to give “It, Him, or Her” human features. It is Its very omnipresence that fills the Universe we perceive with enchantment.
This Amorphous Energy creates order and harmony, the kinetic balance, the equilibrium that can sustain the transient phenomenal Universes for billions of years. It is the Consciousness that fosters wonder and beauty that begins among the stars and ends in the invisible, seemingly insignificant structure of subatomic particles… It is all the same Energy, the same Creative Force, that fills us with wondrous euphoria of creation.
This infinite Potential seems to harbor the need to perceive Itself, even if for a minute fraction of Eternity, in nature, in flowers, trees, mountains and clouds, in undulating waves of lustrous oceans.
In us.
We, the chosen few, we who decide to be chosen, have learned the art of sublimating our egos to become inseparable parts of this indestructible Amorphous Energy of the Creative Potential, which now and then uses us for Its purposes. For this reason we, our fourfold nature, has developed unto the image and likeness of the universe in which the Potential and the Manifestation, the Being and Becoming coexist in inseparable union of Immortality and Life.

And yet…
And yet with the present phenomenal Universe having began more than 13 billion years ago, life  must have been instilled in entities long, long ago… born of TAO a dozen billions years ago? Assuming there is evolutions, wouldn’t such entities qualify, by now, after a few billion reincarnations, to be gods of various planets, solar systems, galaxies, or even Universes of which Multiverse consists?
Amorphous Energy personified?
There must be countless gods walking countless planets in countless universes, all part of a single Whole, wherein the Infinite Potential is eternally striving to live in perfect harmony in eternal becoming.
This is also our potential. Our destiny. 

Such progress is suggested in my Winston Trilogy. Winston shows us the way. Some of us will follow him.

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Monday, 14 August 2017


A new supercomputer from China is the world's most powerful machines. The 93 petaflop Sunway TaihuLight is installed at the National Supercomputing Centre in Wuxi. At its peak, the computer can perform around 93,000 trillion calculations per second.
Close to AI?
We have 100 billion neurons. A typical neuron fires 5 - 50 times every second. Each individual neuron can form thousands of links with other neurons in this way, giving a typical brain well over 100 trillion synapses (up to 1,000 trillion, by some estimates).
Definitely AI.
So how do we differ from a computer?
As egos, we don’t, other than in the calculating capacity. There is a problem, however.
Should we succeed in creating (constructing) a technological computer which matches, let alone exceed, the total ability for such functions than our brain, we, the real we, the I AM within each and everyone of us, would immediately forsake our biological housing, and move into more auspicious premises.

And here’s the rub.
Too many of us equate ourselves with the biological robot, which is endowed with the ability to be both mobile and self-reproducing, though the latter with often dubious success. The brains and neurological system, supported by endocrinal input, gives an impression of being self-sufficient. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.
The biological computer described at the beginning of the sad tirade succeeded in little more than in creating an artificial intelligence with which we identify. A vast %age of the work performed by our neural system concerns itself with maintaining the biological housing for the brain, maintaining its mobility, growing the necessary and repairing the damaged parts, and organizing  the energy  necessary (food and drink), to sustain it in a working order. An quick injection of electrons from a nearby outlet simply would not do.
Nevertheless, the biological construct which we occupy, which took countless billions of years to develop, is a wonder beyond compare. Regrettably, I strongly suspect that it is but a step necessary to create the next model which would exceed our present expectations, which might, perhaps, be fed by cosmic rays or static electricity permeating the air all around us.

Listen to our scientists. They are not all mad.
And listen to the mystics.
Neither have anything to do with religion.

AI is generated by a computer, biological or otherwise, and is no more than an aspect of phenomenal, hence transient universe. It generates an ego which people assume to be their true nature. They are wrong. We, the real ‘WE’ are immortal.

The Gospel of Thomas states: “Whosoever finds the explanation of these words shall not taste death.” We are endowed with the gene of immortality. Our genome can endure thousands, perhaps millions of years. But what of our consciousness? The author offers us the Key to Immortality.

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Monday, 7 August 2017

YESHÛA—The Consummate Atheist?

No. This is not about Richard Dawkins FRS. Just the opposite. For some reason, anything that we cannot understand or embrace with our primitive senses, we assign to an Invisible Deity, or the Almighty Nature, as being responsible for most, if not all the rewards and miseries which befall us. In fact there is no Superman sitting on a celestial cloud, conducting the affairs of man. Nor is Nature Almighty.
Neither ever were.
The power to manifest good and evil, if there be such, rests entirely in our individual selves, who have evolved, thanks to older-than-time Universal Laws, which continue to evolve, unto individual images and likenesses of the Universe. Trillions of atoms, billions of cells, hoards of different species of microorganisms attest to that. Each indispensible to the Whole. To the Universe.
To each one of us.
From the day that Moses proclaimed to have brought us Commandments given him by I AM, and the ancient prophet acclaimed us to be gods, we, the rest of humanity, and particularly the self-proclaimed priesthood, chose to ignore them all.  

All is energy. Amorphous energy that is endowed with all imaginable and, as yet, unimaginable qualities, that rest in their potential form, ready to be tested through trial and error in a phenomenal reality by a process of temporary diversification, to test their efficacy for the betterment of the Universe. We know the process as evolution, though the word is grossly misleading. We do not evolve in an orderly progression imagined by our biological scientists, but rather bob up and down on an endless ocean of time and space, in the hope of being of some use to the Whole.
Moses, the Prophets and much later Yeshûa had known this, taking all their responsibilities upon themselves, without blaming any external sources.
There is a magnificent reason for this. They all recognized that the only source was within themselves. Within their higher state of consciousness. None other.
Hence… YESHÛA.

What happened to Yeshûa (Jesus) during 18 years missing in the Bible? What did He do? Where did He go? Where did He hide?
As the story unfolds Satia, the son of a wealthy caravan owner, meets the 12-year-old Yeshûa as the latter flees in rebellion from his Essenes teachers. The two become fast friends and stay that way for the 18 years not covered in the Bible - the years between the finding of Jesus in the Temple and the beginning of his short ministry.  The years of learning.

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