Monday, 28 August 2017

I AM—Being and Becoming

When the prophet of yore said “Ye are gods”, he was not referring to our bodies, or minds, or emotions, or any aspect of our transient “equipment”. He was referring to the divine presence of our Being—the static, immovable, eternal, amorphous energy that is manifested in us as the energy of Life.
I AM never changes.* I AM is the infinite, indestructible, immortal potential at the core of our Being. It is the Individualization of the Omnipresent Amorphous Energy we also know as God. It is the Source of our Becoming.
While, with luck, we are likely to spend up to about 100 years in our physical bodies, our true I AM is likely to be searching for individualizations suitable for our growth in countless universes. While it is more than likely that It’ll want to continue Its transient incarnation on Earth, at least for a while, no matter how uncomfortable, the Universes are Its to explore.

While for the next few hundred years we are unlikely to venture even to the outer planets, let alone other solar systems or galaxies, there is nothing to stop us from projecting our consciousness to faraway places with strange sounding names. We might be unable to do so in our waken states, but we can condition ourselves to do so in, what is known as, lucid dreams. In such we are not lumbered with the biological robot, magnificent though it is, but to reach out in our mental and emotional bodies.

This may sound like a fantasy. But surely, you too, at one time or another, experienced dreams, which you were hard-put to explain with normal terms of reference. Dreams denied time, gravity, distance, and most other aspect of our waken reality.
We all know it’s true.
Hence, all we need learn is how to retain our consciousness while dreaming. It can be done. And once you do it, the Universe is yours to explore. Trust me, there is nothing, absolutely nothing like it. And furthermore, if what you experience is not quite to your liking, you can adjust the reality you visit to be more congenial. There, and only there, is your true domain. Here, on Earth, our waken state is only a kindergarten where we can learn how to enter our Kingdom.

I hope that you will not delay in your efforts to awaken to the new realities. An endless number of them. There, in your Kingdom, you can fly, swim under water, cover vast distances in virtually no time, walk through fire unscathed, and generally act as you imagine gods would act. And why not? After all, we have been told for a number of generations that we are gods. Isn’t it time you claimed you private, personal Kingdom? It is waiting for you even now. Waiting… once in it, you can abide in the blessed state of Being and Becoming, in the eternal Now.

* [I first shared with you my concept of I AM on June 29th, 2014.  I hope you find this addition satisfying]

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