Monday, 7 August 2017

YESHÛA—The Consummate Atheist?

No. This is not about Richard Dawkins FRS. Just the opposite. For some reason, anything that we cannot understand or embrace with our primitive senses, we assign to an Invisible Deity, or the Almighty Nature, as being responsible for most, if not all the rewards and miseries which befall us. In fact there is no Superman sitting on a celestial cloud, conducting the affairs of man. Nor is Nature Almighty.
Neither ever were.
The power to manifest good and evil, if there be such, rests entirely in our individual selves, who have evolved, thanks to older-than-time Universal Laws, which continue to evolve, unto individual images and likenesses of the Universe. Trillions of atoms, billions of cells, hoards of different species of microorganisms attest to that. Each indispensible to the Whole. To the Universe.
To each one of us.
From the day that Moses proclaimed to have brought us Commandments given him by I AM, and the ancient prophet acclaimed us to be gods, we, the rest of humanity, and particularly the self-proclaimed priesthood, chose to ignore them all.  

All is energy. Amorphous energy that is endowed with all imaginable and, as yet, unimaginable qualities, that rest in their potential form, ready to be tested through trial and error in a phenomenal reality by a process of temporary diversification, to test their efficacy for the betterment of the Universe. We know the process as evolution, though the word is grossly misleading. We do not evolve in an orderly progression imagined by our biological scientists, but rather bob up and down on an endless ocean of time and space, in the hope of being of some use to the Whole.
Moses, the Prophets and much later Yeshûa had known this, taking all their responsibilities upon themselves, without blaming any external sources.
There is a magnificent reason for this. They all recognized that the only source was within themselves. Within their higher state of consciousness. None other.
Hence… YESHÛA.

What happened to Yeshûa (Jesus) during 18 years missing in the Bible? What did He do? Where did He go? Where did He hide?
As the story unfolds Satia, the son of a wealthy caravan owner, meets the 12-year-old Yeshûa as the latter flees in rebellion from his Essenes teachers. The two become fast friends and stay that way for the 18 years not covered in the Bible - the years between the finding of Jesus in the Temple and the beginning of his short ministry.  The years of learning.

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Personal Memoir of the
Missing Years of Jesus

Intuitive sequel to Yeshûa


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