Monday, 31 July 2017

PETER & PAUL — Inherent Dichotomy

The dichotomy that appears to lie at the very root of our nature should be admired, not suppressed. The aspects of Being and Becoming, of the static and the kinetic, the eternal and the transient are no more than two sides of the same coin.
Regrettably, this inherent dichotomy is often, almost always misunderstood. We consider the static Divine, and the transient sinful. Although it often is—it doesn’t have to be. And this lies at the root of all my blogs: the duality which  inspired the whole series of Peter & Paul.

We, you and I, all of us, represent two sides of the divine coin. One side is the eternal, inexhaustible potential, the source of all our inspiration, and the other shows our ability to test these ideas in the  phenomenal, transient by its very nature, reality of eternal becoming. Even as the potential is inexhaustible, so must be the process of manifestation. Both are infinite, omnipresent, unavoidable, interdependent. In their very essence, they are ONE.
The problems start when we attempt to split them apart. Like good and evil. Like science and religion. This split existed through countless ages, but has been renewed with great intensity as soon as the man who attempted to unify our nature… died.
He was crucified.
His name was Yeshûa, later called Jesus. People were unable or unwilling to accept their own inner nature. Their own divinity. “I and my father are one,” claimed Yeshûa. “My potential and my physical transient enclosure are one”, he could have said. For the duration. For now.
We reject our own divinity.
They murdered Yeshûa for daring to affirm his own.

The story of PETER & PAUL begins soon after YESHÛA was gone. Times of agony, lonesomeness, murder, treachery, and destruction follow. The inhuman struggle to spread the Word among people set in pagan ways called for ultimate sacrifice. Yet love emerged victorious.

PETER & PAUL exemplify the Few (that are chosen) and the Many (that are called). Below, a few blurbs from some 5-STAR reviews:

Great Read!
Brought to life!
Very enjoyable!
Fascinating read!
Really enjoyed the book.
Historical fact dramatized.
We are all Spiritual Giants.
Historical Fiction Done Well.
Great feel for history and culture.
Fantastic exploration of early Christianity.
Excellent Look Into Peter and Paul's World.

And others…

The book also includes preliminary research, which led the author his conclusions. Let me know if you like it or, better still, say so on Amazon…
Reviews are gratefully appreciated.
And don’t forget the prequel: YESHÛA

Intuitive sequel to
Personal Memoir of the
Missing Years of Jesus

 on Amazon and Create Space

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