Monday, 3 July 2017

WALL—A story of Love, Sex, and Immortality

Another love story? Well, certainly more than just a romance. A deep, fulminating, all consuming romance abounding in passion that grows inevitably into love. A romance that takes you out of this world. Literarily. It defies what some of us still recognize as breaking the laws of nature.
Not so. Laws of nature cannot be broken.
They are, as Einstein would call them, “Thoughts of God”. Our heroes do not break them, but they learn more about them than the present-day scientists. Our heroes walk through walls— even as St. Peter did, once. A long, long time ago. He didn’t break any laws either. Nor will you if you follow Simon and Ambrosia. I did, in my lucid dreams. They did it wide awake. So can you, once you learn how.
The world may collapse. In fact it does. Even now it is undergoing the purifying Pluto; a Zodiacal cleansing. But fear not. Love conquers all. At least for our heroes it does. Such is the power of love.

For a number of years I have been defining my books as visionary-metaphysical, with scientific and fantasy overtones. Well, I still do, but recently I came to a strange realization. The glue that holds all the stories together is not just romance but love of a man and a woman. They meet under different circumstances, their relation and attraction to each other may be immediate or progressive, but the growing emotions they share are long. Abiding. Never waning.
Have I authored some thirty books of romances?
And not just romances… Love, both as an emotion and as centripetal force drawing us together seems to dominate all my stories.
Or so it seems.
Contrary to all my previous assertions I had to face the fact that I write romances. Deep, sometimes disturbing, often enigmatic or problematic, but always romances. Amor vincit omnia maybe  an old Latin affirmation, but its just as true as it was in the days of Caesar. So  prepare yourself. WALL - Love, Sex, and Immortality is just. You will walk through walls, overcome  inhuman difficulties, but you will also make love on a sun-drenched Greek island. Then you will witness cataclysms such has haven’t happened for thousands of years, but, love will conquer all.  Some eighteen 5-STAR reviews attest to it.

Some blurbs on Amazon:

Loved it!
Brain Food!
Reality or Fantasy? Don't Miss it!
A must-read for OBE enthusiasts!
Another mind-bending tale from Law!
Smart, compelling and absolutely original!
A Romance of the Physical and Metaphysical!
Explores Love, Sex and Immortality Like No Other!

And many more…

Let me know if you liked the WALL, or better still, say so on Amazon, and then enjoy the rest of the Trilogy. The PLUTO EFFECT will test your resilience to survival, and OLYMPUS—Of Gods and Men will be your just rewards. If you survive, of course. Read the books carefully, all three of them, they might help…

Reviews are gratefully appreciated.
I need to know your thoughts. 


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