Monday, 24 July 2017

AWAKENING—Event Horizon

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” said Hermes Trismegistus. It is still true.
We, or most of us, imagine that in order to absorb the benefits which will improve, indeed sustain, our lives, we must eat them. We eat animals, vegetables, and whatever doesn’t kill us. This misguided concept originates from a subliminal belief that, since in essence we are ONE, and only through the Universal Law of Creative Diversity we became fragmented, we must recombine the elements which made us what we are, to make us whole again.
There is a tiny grain of truth in this supposition.
We are fragmented; we are essentially ONE; but the creative process is not intended to divide us but to convert more Potential into Manifestation.
Potential is always static. It represents our Being. God is, not was or will be, but IS. We, and the whole phenomenal Universe is a means of Becoming. Where we went wrong, some billions of years ago, was that we strayed too far from the Event Horizon.
We know that whatever is too close to the “Black Hole”, the unknown and unknowable center of Being, we shall fall into it, be absorbed, and thus lose our individuality. On the other hand, if we stray too far from the Event Horizon, we shall drift into territories, mental, emotional (and physical for that matter), where the centripetal force has hardly any effect on us. There, on the very periphery of Becoming, we drift, rudderless, forgetting what is our purpose.
It is imperative to remember the axiom stated by Hermes Trismegistus: “As above so below”. We must remember that the reverse is also true. “As below, so above”. Thus, the definition of the Event Horizon specified by our physicists applies not only to the phenomenal (unreal and transient) universe, but to all other aspects of our individualization.
We should experiment, create, contribute, elaborate, venture into unknown, but never drift too far from the “Straight and Narrow”, from the mental and emotional Event Horizon. We must diversify without losing our identity of being ONE. We must never forget Yeshûa’s words: “My Father and I are one”. This applies to everyone of us. Within us is the centre of our Being. Without us, the totality of our Becoming. The two remain forever, irrevocably ONE.

AWAKENING—The Event Horizon, Book Three of the Avatar Trilogy, offers practical consequences of this premise. Our heroes are among the select ‘Few’, who survive cataclysmic events that befall the whole Earth. They awaken to a new Eden with unprecedented powers yet to be explored.

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“The Event Horizon—The Promise We were Given?”

There is more. Much more. You decide. And then, please, let others know with a review on Amazon. And elsewhere. And then look forward to a new Eden.


Event Horizon

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