Monday, 17 July 2017

OLYMPUS—Of Gods and Men

For some reason we love to create and adore idols, yet persistently forget that we are gods. Well, at the very least, we have the potential of gods. Or to put it in another way, if we do not find divinity within ourselves, we are eminently unlikely to find it outside. Up there, or down there, or anywhere other than in heaven. And, let us never forget that: “Heaven is within you”, hence, so is Infinite Potential. Hence…
You work it out.
Yeshûa did. “I and my Father are one”, he said. And as Moses had already stated, “Thou shalt have no other god before me”.  The ancient prophets also have known. “Ye are gods” they affirmed. And when Moses brought the Decalogue from the mountain, it had been given to him by I AM.
To a lesser degree, the ancient Greeks also had the right idea. They had a whole bunch of gods, residing at the top of Olympus. And what was the Olympus? A sort of heaven?
Well, not quite.
It was a high state of consciousness wherein all gods abide. Yes, all gods. Including those within you and me.
As I was saying, you work it out.

And this brings us, again, to my AQUARIUS TRILOGY. We all climb the mountain, the often steep slopes of consciousness, to rise to that which resides within us. Those who do it consciously, get there faster. Those who don’t also get there, though it might take them a few million years. Or… a few billion years. Time is just a figment of our imagination, which only makes sense in this imaginary, ephemeral, illusory reality in which we all have our becoming. The truth lies beyond our senses.
There is a catch, however. In order to evolve, to make room for new knowledge, we must get rid of the old. Old concepts that hold us back.

In my novel, due to Pluto Effect, all hell breaks loose. Governments and social structures collapse. A few small groups of advanced beings gather in secret sanctuaries to protect and preserve the remnants of human heritage they deem worth saving. Our heroes escape to Milos, a fabulous Greek Island. Only there they have a chance to survive the apocalyptic global upheavals, caused by reversal of polarity of magnetic poles.
There are unexpected benefits to their survival.
Eventually Simon also becomes aware of the magnificent powers lying dormant within him.
This could be… you!
PS. Don’t ever forget that gods have an excellent sense of humour. I sometimes think that we are their best jokes.

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