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The phenomenal universe is an echo of energies reverberating at higher rates, of which we are not aware. Yet, ancient wisdom stipulates: “as above so below”. We can substitute “above and below” for “higher and lower” rates of vibrations. The reverse is also true. Whatever we observe in our universe is but a reflection of whatever happens ‘above’ or at higher rates of vibration.
And this takes us directly to Black Holes, the Event Horizon, and to the billions of stars, planets, and countless celestial bodies. The energy potential within a Singularity is unlimited, thus the diversity of the manifested universe is likewise.
Eventually, the Infinite Potential of the creative energy within a Black Hole is capable of absorbing whole galaxies, or even galactic clusters, before they explode forming a new universe. What may be of consolation to us is that such explosions take place rarely. Ours happened some 14 billion years ago and we have a long way to go before our diversification slows down to near absolute zero. At which time the kinetic energy which kept our universe active will be exhausted. We shall collapse into a magnificent Black Hole, and, in the fullness of time, offering the sum total of potential and experience acquired during our Universe’s lifetime, we shall explode again. Consciousness, the most primal and indestructible energy, will once again be spread over ever-increasing space. In time those seeds will individualize themselves into independent units, which will grow into entities capable of consciously supporting the Infinite Creative Potential emanating from the heart of the Black Hole.
After billions, trillions, quadrillions… perhaps centillion (10303) years, we shall contribute enough to initiate another experiment with Force that has gained new experience.
Thus, as you can see, that part of us which achieved oneness with the Initial Potential is indestructible, immortal, in fact, eternal, although eternity measured by centillion of years has little meaning to us, incipient participators of the Creative Process. Even our Ego can, eventually, unite with the Self, which is the initial unit or element of self-awareness of individualized Potential Energy. Hence, whether we are aware of it or not, we have all embarked on the eternal journeys of Becoming,  with the indefinable, elusive, yet seemingly almighty Potential ever vibrating in our Consciousness.

Paul didn’t know any of that, but Peter had an inkling. He was one of the Few. He suspected that the real world lies beyond whatever we can perceive with our senses. His Master, Yeshûa, gained full awareness of this truth. He and his Self merged into a Singularity.

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Historical fact dramatized.
We are all Spiritual Giants.
Historical Fiction Done Well.
Great feel for history and culture.
Fantastic exploration of early Christianity.
Excellent Look Into Peter and Paul's World.

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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Ego versus Self - YESHÛA

Many still think, that the Son of God was born with all knowledge. He, the Son, never said so. In fact it is a recorded fact that he went through the stringent tuition by an ancient Jewish ascetic sect of Essenes. It is indeed strange that having been brought up under conditions  characterized by the practice of severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence, suddenly, without any apparent reason, the youngster Yeshûa disappeared from any historical reference for eighteen years.
That’s a long time.
We have but one hint as to what was happening with him. Luke, the evangelist, states (2:52):

“And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”

No mention where, why, or wherefore, but at least we know that he wasn’t born “all-knowing” as becomes ‘a god’, let alone “The God”, as Allah is perceived by Islam. Paradoxically, Islam’s divine image is based on Hebrew tradition, and Elohim is a grammatically plural noun for ‘gods’.
As for his divinity, there is no argument there. In John’s gospel (10:34) Yeshûa confirms this himself.
Is it not written in your law, I said, You are gods?”
He repeated the words of the Psalmist (82:6): "You are gods, and all of you are sons of the Most High.”
That, dear friends, embraces you and me, and everyone who becomes aware of the fact that “the Father is in Heaven and Heaven is within you.” Yet, apparently, even for Yeshûa this concept was so difficult as to take him all of 18 years to accept it. To make it his own.

Perhaps, this was Yeshûa’s greatest challenge: how to restore the concept of divinity to its rightful place. Luckily for us, he did grow in wisdom and stature, even though both Islam and Christianity forgot about his teaching.
Edgar Cayce, the American mystic, who drew his knowledge from the Unconscious, reminded us of the Truth. To him I owe my book.

As the story unfolds Satia, the son of a wealthy caravan owner, meets the 12-year-old Yeshûa as the latter flees in rebellion from his Essenes teachers. The two become fast friends and stay that way for the 18 years not covered in the Bible.

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Give yourself a present for Christmas by creating a completely new Universe for yourself. It only takes seconds and the results are stunning. OK. It may take a few years of training, of daily contemplation, but once learned, the Universes wink in and out of existence in fragments of eternity. Try it.
You might want to start by reading my book.
Yes, that is a sneaky way to get $3.17 out of you for a year’s work, a year plus all those years of contemplation, but you will not know until you choose my book over a coffee at Starbucks. And my book will last a lot longer. With luck, it will stay with you for the rest of your life.
 Does it really work, you might well ask?
Well, 13 FIVE-STAR reviews speak for themselves. But form your own opinion, and let me know. And share it with others on Amazon and elsewhere. Your thoughts are important to me as is your happiness. I truly believe that we have been put on Earth to be happy. And, believe it or  not, this applies to everyone. Even those who appear to stumble under the perceived tribulations of daily routines will learn that overcoming those very problems are by far the fastest way of regaining the state of consciousness that has been, many-a-time,  likened to Heaven. Two thousand years ago, a Man said that “Heaven is within you”. You are now given the means to prove it. I did and so can you.
Heaven is a real, a truly real, State of Consciousness. Consciousness is the only reality. All else is transient, ephemeral; yes, even the phenomenal universe.
I can assure you of one thing.

This book will help you stand on your own feet with such confidence that nothing will ever upset your balance.

My publisher states: Stan Kapuscinski draws on his extensive experience to share with us his unique perspective on the world we live in. He asserts his Perception of Reality in terms of historical, sociological, religious, scientific and philosophical context.

I hope I can live up to such hype! Nevertheless, below a few blurbs from some 5 star reviews on Amazon.

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Become a Master of Your Domain
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Provides You With a Powerful Foundation
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Thursday, 1 December 2016


…if you suddenly feel an enormous weight pressing down on you, it’s probably too late. Your Umph is already inside the alien’s body. This should not scare you…
The other stories are about the love of life and the planet Earth. Yet they also reach out to the mysteries within and without of what we recognize as our reality. Whether the wonders happen without or within our reality, is usually up to us. They are both at our disposal. The only fuel we need is imagination.


“Absolutely brilliant! …a real classic, which leaves the reader wondering if we do really live on Planet Earth!” (Louisa Middleton-Blake, author, Wales, UK)

"Thirsty Work is absolutely hilarious! A weird and twisty tale the likes I have not seen in many a year. Reminds me of Ray Bradbury's early work before he got all dark and serious... I will be looking at more of your writing, sir!" (Thaddesus Howze, Author's Den)

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Great sci fi.
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I loved everything about this collection of stories!

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PS. There is a 2nd collection of stories, also on Amazon for 76¢ with TEN 5 STAR reviews. Tempting? Enjoy! The second book is called Sci-Fi Series 2.

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Since man climbed down from trees, and later emerged from a somber protection of caves, he kept gazing at the sky, wondering what Gods had in store for him. Our species is said to have formulated some 200,000 years ago, with the last 6,000 years being ‘fairly’ civilized. Yet we are babes in arms compared to the 3.2 million years during which the dinosaurs ruled the Earth.
Nevertheless man, undeterred, continued to raise his eyes towards the sky. There lay a mystery beyond the stars that kept nagging him. Mysteries that stretched its beguiling fingers and tugged at the strings of his imagination.
Today, man is preparing to take his first tentative steps towards Mars. Only a few hundred years later, man will, no doubt, reach out towards the other planets of our solar system. But it will not be enough. The mystery will continue to beckon. 
And then, one day, it will happen…

A 243-year young astronaut and a beautiful lieutenant step out beyond their home. They traverse the Void of Cosmos at 85% of the velocity of light. They meet a race of people advanced many thousands of years beyond our level of evolution. In fact they are some 150,000 years more advanced than the human race.
You will laugh and cry, but most of all, you will be amazed. Perhaps, flabbergasted! Their interstellar trek will stretch your imagination to outer limits, and beyond.
The astronauts will not be sure what will their search uncover. What unknown beckons them. Perhaps they would be searching for knowledge, perhaps immortality?

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Awakened Sci Fi
Mind-blowing fun
Metaphysical Sci-Fi
Thrilling and Enlightening!
My Favorite Book So Far!!
Raising the bar of Science Fiction
Another awesome read by Stan I.S. Law
Science fiction with a philosophical message
Great science fiction that will take you to a new world

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

ENIGMA—Of the Second Coming

In spite of scriptural assurances that “nothing is secret that shall be made manifest; neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad,” (Luke 8:17 et al.), various churches have created mysteries so as to become indispensible to us in their interpretation. Well, you can believe the churches or the scriptures.
Your choice.
What stands in the way is that fundamentalists on both sides of the equation of common sense, those who insist that they are right no matter what. There are certain mysteries that occurred since the scriptural assurances had been written. This is because the Universe is in a state of constant movement, in constant flux, which in fact is an irrefutable evidence that we and the Universe is vibrantly alive. Only absolute zero on Kelvin scale (equivalent to –273.15°C or –459.67°F) the lowest temperature that is theoretically possible, would slow us and the Universe down. And yet, even then, there would be a minimal motion of particles that constitute heat. Motion is life, and life is change. Only in the heart of a Black Hole the kinetic energy might be converted to infinite potential. This, among a few others, remains a mystery.
I strongly suspect that eventually, even in the Black Hole, the horrendous pressures of collapsing energy, no matter at what rate of vibration, would once again cause the Black Hole to explode, spreading its potential energy throughout the new vastness of expanding space.

As for the Second Coming? Well, Emmet Fox claims that is it already taking place in the hearts of many people.
Another mystery is unfolded in my book ENIGMA. Full title, “Enigma of the Second Coming.” A love story, visionary fiction, mysticism, theology and a personal journey... From her sanctuary in the Canadian Science Center high in the Yukon, Heidi is faced with two apparently separate mysteries. The world is in upheaval, tectonic plates are shifting, planets are realigning. And then there is the Enigma that holds the key to the higher affinity of the universe.
This novel is a romance spanning across the stars. It is a memoir of life that was and that is still to come. It is a mystery filled with action, yet also with poetry held in suspense. It is science, and fiction, and fantasy. But most of all, it is great fun!

A voyage from within and without, this novel transports us to the frontiers of an existence that knows no frontiers, where physics and metaphysics merge into a timeless, seamless whole.
Jeremy Garwood, PhD, author

A few blurbs from some 5 STAR reviews on Amazon.

Brilliant and Captivating!
This author never lets me down!
My favorite by this author, so far…
Another amazing story from Stan Law
Challenges Conventional Frames Of Mind
A State of Consciousness Can Open Up the Entire World

…and more…

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