Friday, 9 December 2016


Give yourself a present for Christmas by creating a completely new Universe for yourself. It only takes seconds and the results are stunning. OK. It may take a few years of training, of daily contemplation, but once learned, the Universes wink in and out of existence in fragments of eternity. Try it.
You might want to start by reading my book.
Yes, that is a sneaky way to get $3.17 out of you for a year’s work, a year plus all those years of contemplation, but you will not know until you choose my book over a coffee at Starbucks. And my book will last a lot longer. With luck, it will stay with you for the rest of your life.
 Does it really work, you might well ask?
Well, 13 FIVE-STAR reviews speak for themselves. But form your own opinion, and let me know. And share it with others on Amazon and elsewhere. Your thoughts are important to me as is your happiness. I truly believe that we have been put on Earth to be happy. And, believe it or  not, this applies to everyone. Even those who appear to stumble under the perceived tribulations of daily routines will learn that overcoming those very problems are by far the fastest way of regaining the state of consciousness that has been, many-a-time,  likened to Heaven. Two thousand years ago, a Man said that “Heaven is within you”. You are now given the means to prove it. I did and so can you.
Heaven is a real, a truly real, State of Consciousness. Consciousness is the only reality. All else is transient, ephemeral; yes, even the phenomenal universe.
I can assure you of one thing.

This book will help you stand on your own feet with such confidence that nothing will ever upset your balance.

My publisher states: Stan Kapuscinski draws on his extensive experience to share with us his unique perspective on the world we live in. He asserts his Perception of Reality in terms of historical, sociological, religious, scientific and philosophical context.

I hope I can live up to such hype! Nevertheless, below a few blurbs from some 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Must read
Profound reading
A wonderful Read
Masterfully written!
Inspired and inspiring!
Become a Master of Your Domain
A great book on reinventing your life
Provides You With a Powerful Foundation
Fantastic insight on thought control and visualization

And others…

Let me know, or better still, say so on Amazon…
Reviews are gratefully appreciated.
And, please, remember. Your thoughts are important to me. Thanks. 

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