Thursday, 1 December 2016


…if you suddenly feel an enormous weight pressing down on you, it’s probably too late. Your Umph is already inside the alien’s body. This should not scare you…
The other stories are about the love of life and the planet Earth. Yet they also reach out to the mysteries within and without of what we recognize as our reality. Whether the wonders happen without or within our reality, is usually up to us. They are both at our disposal. The only fuel we need is imagination.


“Absolutely brilliant! …a real classic, which leaves the reader wondering if we do really live on Planet Earth!” (Louisa Middleton-Blake, author, Wales, UK)

"Thirsty Work is absolutely hilarious! A weird and twisty tale the likes I have not seen in many a year. Reminds me of Ray Bradbury's early work before he got all dark and serious... I will be looking at more of your writing, sir!" (Thaddesus Howze, Author's Den)

Some blurbs from 5 STAR reviews on Amazon.

Great sci fi.
Superb writing.
Very, Very Good!
Highly Enjoyable!
Absolutely brilliant!
Excellent Collection!
I loved everything about this collection of stories!

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PS. There is a 2nd collection of stories, also on Amazon for 76¢ with TEN 5 STAR reviews. Tempting? Enjoy! The second book is called Sci-Fi Series 2.

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