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The phenomenal universe is an echo of energies reverberating at higher rates, of which we are not aware. Yet, ancient wisdom stipulates: “as above so below”. We can substitute “above and below” for “higher and lower” rates of vibrations. The reverse is also true. Whatever we observe in our universe is but a reflection of whatever happens ‘above’ or at higher rates of vibration.
And this takes us directly to Black Holes, the Event Horizon, and to the billions of stars, planets, and countless celestial bodies. The energy potential within a Singularity is unlimited, thus the diversity of the manifested universe is likewise.
Eventually, the Infinite Potential of the creative energy within a Black Hole is capable of absorbing whole galaxies, or even galactic clusters, before they explode forming a new universe. What may be of consolation to us is that such explosions take place rarely. Ours happened some 14 billion years ago and we have a long way to go before our diversification slows down to near absolute zero. At which time the kinetic energy which kept our universe active will be exhausted. We shall collapse into a magnificent Black Hole, and, in the fullness of time, offering the sum total of potential and experience acquired during our Universe’s lifetime, we shall explode again. Consciousness, the most primal and indestructible energy, will once again be spread over ever-increasing space. In time those seeds will individualize themselves into independent units, which will grow into entities capable of consciously supporting the Infinite Creative Potential emanating from the heart of the Black Hole.
After billions, trillions, quadrillions… perhaps centillion (10303) years, we shall contribute enough to initiate another experiment with Force that has gained new experience.
Thus, as you can see, that part of us which achieved oneness with the Initial Potential is indestructible, immortal, in fact, eternal, although eternity measured by centillion of years has little meaning to us, incipient participators of the Creative Process. Even our Ego can, eventually, unite with the Self, which is the initial unit or element of self-awareness of individualized Potential Energy. Hence, whether we are aware of it or not, we have all embarked on the eternal journeys of Becoming,  with the indefinable, elusive, yet seemingly almighty Potential ever vibrating in our Consciousness.

Paul didn’t know any of that, but Peter had an inkling. He was one of the Few. He suspected that the real world lies beyond whatever we can perceive with our senses. His Master, Yeshûa, gained full awareness of this truth. He and his Self merged into a Singularity.

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  1. One can but wonder if either Peter or Paul ever celebrated Christmas. I would have thought even an imaginary date would have been sad for them. They knew how the story would end.

  2. Please note the new ebook cover. The original cover (blue) remains on the paperback editions. Enjoy!