Monday, 27 April 2015

The Consequences — Some Cosmic Laws

Killing is of little consequence for the human body—the atoms will be recycled. Nor for the Consciousness that inhabits it—It is immortal. There is a catch, however. Stealing is against the Law. Human and Cosmic Laws. Cosmic Laws don’t change.
This is how and why the Cosmos continues to function. Breaking the Law upsets the balance, which carries consequences. It is called Karma. This is not punishment. It is the only way, however, that balance can be restored to the energy fields at physical, emotional and mental planes. The perpetrator who upsets these fields initiates the process of restoration. He or she will be involved in its restoration.
Sir Isaac Newton got the gist of the idea. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Hence if you kill somebody, sooner or later you’ll experience being killed. In a similar fashion. Physically, emotionally, mentally, with all the peripheral consequences of pain inflicted on the family, friends, witnesses, and anyone else effected by the death for which you’re responsible.
The Law “Though shalt not kill” precedes, “Thou shalt not steal”. It stands to reason. You did not visualize the body, let alone made it, therefore you have no right to destroy it. Killing the body, making it unusable for the purpose for which it had been made, is also stealing the result of an evolutionary process.
There is nothing religious about this Law. It affects you whether you’re a sinner or a saint or even a confirmed atheist. Your beliefs are of no consequence. It is a Cosmic Law. Ask Sir Isaac.

Your physical body is, well… mostly empty space, but it was designed for a specific purpose. Every single atom and subatomic particle had been placed in a particular place, at a particular time, in very specific circumstances to serve a very unique purpose. They are all held in place by meticulously designed energy fields. The best scientists in the world are incapable of reproducing such a biological robot, let alone equip it with an emotional and mental attributes necessary to carry out its mission.  

Each body is the product of the “I AM” applying the creative process of ‘visualization’ beyond the confines of space and time. In other words, the end product must be conceived as an idea. By our, human, standards, each body is a miracle beyond compare. After all, for a short while it becomes one with its own Creator. It becomes the object through which the Individualized Consciousness of the Eternal finds Its expression.
Your body was an idea in search of a pattern, a mental image, before it became energized to become flesh and bones. …for I was fearfully and wonderfully made…  …my innermost being… …I was made in secret… (Psalm 139)
If you destroy a body, you kill an idea that was millions, perhaps billions of years in the making.
Beware. If you destroy something make sure it is yours to destroy. Again, ask Sir Isaac Newton.

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Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

In 1966 they made a movie (film) by that name. Clint Eastwood was the ‘Good’, the rest did not matter.  We should, however, define what stands behind the qualities assigned to those three men. After all, we often apply such adjectives to people we know hardly anything about. For instance, Clint was “good for whom”? If for himself then, surely, he might have been ‘Bad’ for others. He was. And ‘Ugly’ in whose opinion?
Later religions took up the idea and made it easy. God is good and Satan is bad. With that out of the way, they were left just with the Ugly.
The good, bad and the ugly is very reminiscent of the hot, the cold and the lukewarm of the Revelation of John. According to him, Yeshûa, later called Jesus, said, “because you are… neither hot nor cold, I’m about to spit you out of my mouth…”
Nasty that. I’d hate to be spat upon, let alone expelled from any orifice. Could hot or cold, mean good or bad? It looks like ‘lukewarm’ must be the Ugly one.

None of this makes any sense unless we define what is good or bad. Otherwise, the paradox is not solvable. An ethical enigma let alone dilemma.
In my previous blog I tried to define who we are and why we are here—in this transient, ephemeral, reality.

Ancient scriptures are compendia of knowledge accumulated over long periods of time about the nature of reality. The ancients already knew what our scientists only rediscovered in recent years—that the world we live in is illusory (Maya), and virtually empty space; and that we are temporary embodiments of the Single Consciousness (a quantum field?) that uses all means at its disposal to “gather experience of Becoming”.
The “hot or the cold” are the attributes of embodiments defining how they lend themselves for this purpose. If hot—they are suitable for exciting experiments, if cold—they present a challenge. Lukewarm, insipid, phlegmatic units are of little use. We must never forget that the Individualized Consciousness uses not just our physical bodies, but our mental and emotional potential to the full.
Hence hot or cold, exciting or challenging, are of much greater use, let alone fun.
For as long as we identify only with external envelopes we temporarily occupy, we miss the point of life. We miss also the teaching of the great scriptures which, though originally protected by priesthood, do not,  nor ever had, anything to do with any religion.
The quicker we rediscover this truth, the sooner we shall derive benefit from the millennia of observations, deductions, and conclusions contained in various scriptures, usually protected by a veil of symbolism against the ravages of time and misinterpretation.
 (“…casting pearls before swine…”, remember?)
In time we shall accept that Truth must be continuously rediscovered. This is the nature of life. Until we conquer the veil of symbolism, we shall tread water on the Wheel of Awagawan.  
Ancient knowledge is ours to decipher.

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

DELUSIONS — Ego v. Self

No matter what the mystics say, no matter how many scientists echo their words, most of us keep deluding ourselves. There is overwhelming evidence that the world, the ‘reality’, experienced by our senses is NOT real. Not only that, but that it continuously blinks in and out of existence. Einstein defined our world as “just energy”. Other scientists define it as virtually empty space; still others as holographic projection, (photons are the quanta of the electromagnetic field). In Eastern Religions our ‘reality’ is called illusion, or Maya. Could it be that they are all wrong?
Or are we…
When we go to a cinema and see a beautiful film—it too blinks in and out of existence. The industry standard projection formats (FPS) are only 24 frames per second. And yet this fact does not detract from our experience nor does it diminish our pleasure. And so it is with life. Yet we regard it as ‘solid’ reality.
We are not real, either. Try dreaming and see what you can do. What you can really do.

Yet we are the architects of the world we live in. We create it to experience ideas fulminating in our unconscious. We convert them into patterns, or convert ideas into words, ignite them with our imagination and emotions, and project them as holographic movies. We examine the results and, hopefully, learn. We draw on the Infinite Potential of ideas and try to adapt them to practical use. This incredible power lies dormant within us, until we discover it by an act of sublimation.
We must lose ourselves to find ourselves.
You must lose yourself to find yourself.
We are twin foci of awareness that vie for recognition. One is our real Self. And the other is an ego, created by our Self, in order to experience the illusions created for learning purposes. A sort of avocat du diable. Our true Self grants an illusion of freewill to the ego. We, the ego, have to become aware of this duality, and then decide how to deal with it. Self, the creator, is the observer, the ego is the practitioner of the Maya our Self creates. It is only when we lose our ego—our sense of alienation from the Whole—that we become aware that all along we were, are, and forever will be, Self. Self, in turn, is the individualization of the Single Consciousness that IS.

It’s not that difficult. The moment you lose yourself, you’ll become aware of your true identity—of your true Self. And then, for the first time you’ll say with absolute conviction, I AM that I AM. And all delusions will dissolve into the ephemeral ethers of illusory reality.
Ask any physicist. Or mystic. Or… a pragmatic realist.
This is the true reality. Welcome to the realm of the gods. Not religious or ecclesiastic gods, but perfect, immortal, indestructible individualizations of the Eternal.

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

David and Goliath — People and the Oligarchs

The little guy won the first round. David, an ordinary man beat a giant towering over him. David was not only a victor against tremendous odds, but he also symbolized Divine Love. Interesting?
Let us examine the odds. Goliath was unbeatable, a man of some 10 feet in height, massive and invincible in size, posture and reputation. So how could David possibly beat him? And with a single pebble?
There had to be more to the story.

Regardless of history, symbolic or real, we now face similar circumstances, only multiplied manifold. We now have the little men, the vast majority of humanity, facing the giants better known as the oligarchs, who tower over us in every manner imaginable—in size, resources, money and the ensuing power.
Davids and Goliaths?
But if the ancient David overcame the unbeatable odds, perhaps we also have a chance. So far the little men tried strikes, rebellions, sit-downs, blockades, even some horrible murders committed in the name of religion. So far, all to no avail.
Yet once a single man inspired his fellowmen to force the British Empire to pack their bags, and leave a whole subcontinent without casting even a single stone.
Can history repeat itself?

Some say that if you can dream it, you can do it. And dreaming doesn’t need money or power. Just faith. A lot of faith. Couldn’t we at least try it?

We know that the oligarchs own the world. They wield overwhelming power, and power… corrupts. The ultimate corruption is war.
We cannot all strike, not in all fields. We all need the items work produces. But… we do not benefit from wars. Only some oligarchs do. 
If we were to refuse any and all work connected to the production of any armaments, any weapons, guns, missiles, artillery, wars would soon cease. I can’t imagine a single oligarch picking up an out-of-date weapon to face his perceived enemy. No. They are much too busy counting their money. Hence by applying a form of passive resistance in this single field, we could eliminate wars.
Mahatma Gandhi has shown us the way. He, like David, was but one. A single man inspired many to take the path of peaceful resistance. Some oligarchs are experts at killing, torture, spying, cheating, exploitation, usurping, and even mass murder.
Yet we are many.
How could we do it? What could possible inspire the little guys scattered across the world?
The pixel.
If sufficient number of us would take over the electronic media to inspire ALL nations to refuse to partake in the production of arms, soon all wars, armed conflicts, all military interventions would fizzle out.
It’s up to us. The pixels are much smaller than David’s pebble, yet in sufficient numbers they could achieve the same victory. And remember, if you can dream it, you can do it.

The alternative is illustrated in my Aquarius Trilogy. I doubt that neither Davids nor Goliaths want to take that route. Let me know. Although…

Book Thee of the Aquarius Trilogy
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Saturday, 11 April 2015

My Dharma — Doing the Right Thing

There are many meanings of the word Dharma. Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism have their own interpretations. For me, Dharma means fulfilling the purpose for which I have entered this reality. For which I have been born to this world.
Some people may have a single purpose: to be a good mother, a father-provider, a physician, architect, musician… Yes, even politician. In each incarnation a different one. After all, we’re all immortal. It is not really a question of what we do, only how we do it.
The answer is twofold.

First, we must discover what our dharma is. We might be struggling for years fighting our destiny. Until we find it, we shall not be happy. My cousin said that you can’t always do what you like, but you can always learn to like what you do.
Perhaps. I prefer to have it both ways.
One thing, however, is certain. Until we begin to really enjoy what we are doing, we are not discharging our dharma. I am a born hedonist and I intend to remain one. I do not believe one can do one’s best unless one enjoys what one’s doing. It is of absolutely no consequence if others approve of our endeavours. Our job it to do what we like. After all, perhaps we’re paving the way for the future generations to benefit from our efforts.

Hence, never worry about results or appreciation. Appreciate yourself; the rest will come in its own good time—if you’re lucky, before you leave your present body. If not, who cares. You’ve done your job.
BTW, I am NOT preaching. I am sharing with you my philosophy of life. If you’d rather be miserable, that is your privilege. Good luck with that. I know people who keep making the same mistake expecting different results. Einstein called them insane. You be the judge.

So why do I write? Because it gives me pleasure. Hopefully I can share my joy with others, but it is not fundamental to my dharma. I love writing, period.
That is not to say that I do not derive pleasure from other things—like being read, receiving nice reviews, being flattered (my ego loves that, but, I repeat, it is not fundamental to my pleasure).
And then I wrote a blog: “The Third Party”. Not just “Peter and Paul”, but the overwhelming rest.  I realized that my audience is extremely limited. And then it finally dawned on me. There must be a few men and women, out there, who feel lost for not finding kindred souls. I knew immediately that I found my audience.
I know that my new job, my new dharma, is to let them know that they are not alone. I am in this phase now. I still love writing. I also love knowing that there are people out there, amongst the 7 billion of us, who will no longer feel alone. Not many, but some. Yet my pleasure is multiplied manyfold.
Hello there!

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Greatest Force in the Universe

Contrary to Hollywood assurances, sex is not love, but the consequence of love. Not that it doesn’t offer great pleasure, but, in the purest sense, it expresses the desire of two becoming one.
The same force controls the Universe. I’d written before about the centripetal and centrifugal forces which hold the Universe in a precarious balance. 
The centripetal force we call… Love.

“Male and Female created He them”, says the Torah, which many millions, possibly billions, of us recognize as the source of all esoteric wisdom.
To my knowledge, no one has ever questioned this statement. Everyone assumes that one would be a man, the other a woman. Yet, judging by the condescending attitude of some religionists, the latter are practically members of a different species.
But what if it means that we have been created androgynous, with both male and female characteristics? To be practically the same? Is this why loving thy neighbour as thyself was advocated?
Perhaps ‘gays’ know something the ‘straights’ have forgotten?
Most of the Bible deals with us not as reasonably intelligent apes, but as units of consciousness referred to as souls. I strongly suspect that Eve symbolizes the female aspect of an androgynous ‘human’, as well as his subconscious. In Hebrew ‘nephesh’ means animal soul, the subconscious, although it is translated as ‘soul’. Most animals have it, after all, they dream, but it seems that only ‘Adam’ became aware of it. All is a question of awareness, of being conscious of anything. If we are not conscious, we are not aware of the world around us—or as Buddha said, are still not awakened. Yeshûa called such people ‘dead’. Obviously he was not talking about their bodies.
So what has all this got to do with love?
I’m almost there.
Our brains consist of two hemispheres, connected by a bridge, the pons, or Corpus callosum.
The “left brain” deals with logic, numbers, analysis, lists, linearity and sequence. That’s the male part. The right brain is responsible for rhythm, spatial awareness, colour, imagination, daydreaming, holistic awareness and dimensions. The female part? Yet who amongst us would deny having access to the attributes of both hemispheres?
Hence the ‘pons’. It is the bridge of love. Of unification. It connects both halves making male and female One. A state of balance.
Have you read my novel The AVATAR SYNDROME ?
Love is the desire for this unity that lies at the root of male and female attraction. It is the centripetal force that draws us towards Oneness. Towards “Divine Singularity”.

Love is also the glue that holds the universes together. Without love we would all fracture into fragments wondering aimlessly through the infinity of space. Love gives us a sense of purpose, of belonging, of universal brotherhood. Even the lowest animals show predisposition towards friendship, which has been called the highest degree of love. To be one, all we need is to love each other. It’s that easy. 

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Friday, 3 April 2015

Free Will — Ultimate Potential

Probably as a consequence of sacerdotal assurances to the contrary, the concept of "free will" will be the last illusion people will be willing to give up. Not surprisingly, the only way to gain freedom and the resultant free will is to give up everything that ties us down to anyone, anything, or any place; also, strangely enough, to any beliefs. Unless we empty our mind of all the preconceived ideas, we cannot achieve true freedom, and thus have nothing impinging on our freewill. Or… what we think free will is.
Yet it seems that only when we become motivated by our Unconscious, (that silent voice), that we gain true freedom. The reason is that only then we stop identifying with the result, and turn our attention to the cause.
I am that I am, rather than… I am this I am.
A subtle difference, yet one that turns us into gods. We become virtually omnipotent, indestructible, immortal, unlimited in our potential. When the prophet of old said: “Ye are gods,” he had this very essence, this potential that resides within us, in mind.

Free will is an attribute of the Single Consciousness—of Perfect Balance. Once we place our attention in the socket, the juice flows through us and enables us to do what we previously regarded as impossible. We can heal our bodies, free our minds, be incredibly creative. Only it is not our bodies that become creative, or endowed with such wondrous attributes. Our bodies are the means through which our creative potential is manifested in the physical, transient, ephemeral, illusory reality we call our world—even as my computer is to writing this blog, your eyes to reading it.  
The path to freedom and the resulting free will is not easy. We must give up everything that ties us down—yes, even all our heritage.
To give up your home, your wealth, your country is truly a worthy endeavour. To give up your believes, your religion is even harder. Yet, as Jiddu Krishnamurti once said, “Religion is the frozen thought of man out of which they build temples.” We do that—we need something to lean on; some illusory protection? Nevertheless, with a tremendous effort, it has been achieved by a few. Very few.
Because the last step requires one to give up one’s ego—and that is a tremendous undertaking. Yet, to own nothing is to hold the key to everything. Even tiniest remnants of ego would limit our free will, our freedom. Even the tiniest links in the chains of ego we were dragging behind would slow us down.

We are indispensable components of the Whole. As you’ll see in Winston’s Kingdom, some of us must learn to run solar systems, some to balance energies that hold galaxies together; others to run universes. Others still have more humble missions. But, to quote Dalai Lama, “If you think you’re too small to make a difference… try sleeping with a mosquito in the room.”

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