Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Greatest Force in the Universe

Contrary to Hollywood assurances, sex is not love, but the consequence of love. Not that it doesn’t offer great pleasure, but, in the purest sense, it expresses the desire of two becoming one.
The same force controls the Universe. I’d written before about the centripetal and centrifugal forces which hold the Universe in a precarious balance. 
The centripetal force we call… Love.

“Male and Female created He them”, says the Torah, which many millions, possibly billions, of us recognize as the source of all esoteric wisdom.
To my knowledge, no one has ever questioned this statement. Everyone assumes that one would be a man, the other a woman. Yet, judging by the condescending attitude of some religionists, the latter are practically members of a different species.
But what if it means that we have been created androgynous, with both male and female characteristics? To be practically the same? Is this why loving thy neighbour as thyself was advocated?
Perhaps ‘gays’ know something the ‘straights’ have forgotten?
Most of the Bible deals with us not as reasonably intelligent apes, but as units of consciousness referred to as souls. I strongly suspect that Eve symbolizes the female aspect of an androgynous ‘human’, as well as his subconscious. In Hebrew ‘nephesh’ means animal soul, the subconscious, although it is translated as ‘soul’. Most animals have it, after all, they dream, but it seems that only ‘Adam’ became aware of it. All is a question of awareness, of being conscious of anything. If we are not conscious, we are not aware of the world around us—or as Buddha said, are still not awakened. Yeshûa called such people ‘dead’. Obviously he was not talking about their bodies.
So what has all this got to do with love?
I’m almost there.
Our brains consist of two hemispheres, connected by a bridge, the pons, or Corpus callosum.
The “left brain” deals with logic, numbers, analysis, lists, linearity and sequence. That’s the male part. The right brain is responsible for rhythm, spatial awareness, colour, imagination, daydreaming, holistic awareness and dimensions. The female part? Yet who amongst us would deny having access to the attributes of both hemispheres?
Hence the ‘pons’. It is the bridge of love. Of unification. It connects both halves making male and female One. A state of balance.
Have you read my novel The AVATAR SYNDROME ?
Love is the desire for this unity that lies at the root of male and female attraction. It is the centripetal force that draws us towards Oneness. Towards “Divine Singularity”.

Love is also the glue that holds the universes together. Without love we would all fracture into fragments wondering aimlessly through the infinity of space. Love gives us a sense of purpose, of belonging, of universal brotherhood. Even the lowest animals show predisposition towards friendship, which has been called the highest degree of love. To be one, all we need is to love each other. It’s that easy. 

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  1. Beautifully distilled, as always. The Avatar Syndrome was almost too close for comfort! You would understand that I think. Downloaded The Jewel last week, just to see what you do with a short story ( or three). It will do nicely for a bus ride to the London Book Fair. Intervals to notice the landscape, not so long as to miss my disembark.

    1. Not 3 but 15. I hope it's a long trip, you might enjoy all of them. I didn't know that you've read the Avatar. You don't tell me such details any more... boohoo. I remember when you used to write me great reviews. You could do it on the bus trip, instead of reading silly short stories.

  2. Comes a time when the sound of one hand clapping is silence. Find me an audience here and I might just be tempted to use two. Or come comment and be part of the necessary Jury required to condemn or acquit Involution...on the blog http://involution-odyssey.com/blogscribe/ I am tired of peddling alone ( as no doubt are you)!

    1. You misunderstood me. Will write.
      PS. To my knowledge nobody would ever dare to condemn Involution. They couldn't possible understand enough of it to do so.

  3. It hoped not so much to be understood as simply enjoyed, but the peril of the short line suggests 'difficult, demanding, hard work'. Maladjusted is probably closer to the truth! Even a professional poet gave up saying it was too 'elusive' and no sooner had he grasped it, when it slid away like the snake it is! That is the intellectual for you, the need to pin down and be sure! Yet a few have said what I hoped to hear...'it just felt right, and I knew I knew it anyway'.