Wednesday, 15 April 2015

David and Goliath — People and the Oligarchs

The little guy won the first round. David, an ordinary man beat a giant towering over him. David was not only a victor against tremendous odds, but he also symbolized Divine Love. Interesting?
Let us examine the odds. Goliath was unbeatable, a man of some 10 feet in height, massive and invincible in size, posture and reputation. So how could David possibly beat him? And with a single pebble?
There had to be more to the story.

Regardless of history, symbolic or real, we now face similar circumstances, only multiplied manifold. We now have the little men, the vast majority of humanity, facing the giants better known as the oligarchs, who tower over us in every manner imaginable—in size, resources, money and the ensuing power.
Davids and Goliaths?
But if the ancient David overcame the unbeatable odds, perhaps we also have a chance. So far the little men tried strikes, rebellions, sit-downs, blockades, even some horrible murders committed in the name of religion. So far, all to no avail.
Yet once a single man inspired his fellowmen to force the British Empire to pack their bags, and leave a whole subcontinent without casting even a single stone.
Can history repeat itself?

Some say that if you can dream it, you can do it. And dreaming doesn’t need money or power. Just faith. A lot of faith. Couldn’t we at least try it?

We know that the oligarchs own the world. They wield overwhelming power, and power… corrupts. The ultimate corruption is war.
We cannot all strike, not in all fields. We all need the items work produces. But… we do not benefit from wars. Only some oligarchs do. 
If we were to refuse any and all work connected to the production of any armaments, any weapons, guns, missiles, artillery, wars would soon cease. I can’t imagine a single oligarch picking up an out-of-date weapon to face his perceived enemy. No. They are much too busy counting their money. Hence by applying a form of passive resistance in this single field, we could eliminate wars.
Mahatma Gandhi has shown us the way. He, like David, was but one. A single man inspired many to take the path of peaceful resistance. Some oligarchs are experts at killing, torture, spying, cheating, exploitation, usurping, and even mass murder.
Yet we are many.
How could we do it? What could possible inspire the little guys scattered across the world?
The pixel.
If sufficient number of us would take over the electronic media to inspire ALL nations to refuse to partake in the production of arms, soon all wars, armed conflicts, all military interventions would fizzle out.
It’s up to us. The pixels are much smaller than David’s pebble, yet in sufficient numbers they could achieve the same victory. And remember, if you can dream it, you can do it.

The alternative is illustrated in my Aquarius Trilogy. I doubt that neither Davids nor Goliaths want to take that route. Let me know. Although…

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