Sunday, 19 April 2015

DELUSIONS — Ego v. Self

No matter what the mystics say, no matter how many scientists echo their words, most of us keep deluding ourselves. There is overwhelming evidence that the world, the ‘reality’, experienced by our senses is NOT real. Not only that, but that it continuously blinks in and out of existence. Einstein defined our world as “just energy”. Other scientists define it as virtually empty space; still others as holographic projection, (photons are the quanta of the electromagnetic field). In Eastern Religions our ‘reality’ is called illusion, or Maya. Could it be that they are all wrong?
Or are we…
When we go to a cinema and see a beautiful film—it too blinks in and out of existence. The industry standard projection formats (FPS) are only 24 frames per second. And yet this fact does not detract from our experience nor does it diminish our pleasure. And so it is with life. Yet we regard it as ‘solid’ reality.
We are not real, either. Try dreaming and see what you can do. What you can really do.

Yet we are the architects of the world we live in. We create it to experience ideas fulminating in our unconscious. We convert them into patterns, or convert ideas into words, ignite them with our imagination and emotions, and project them as holographic movies. We examine the results and, hopefully, learn. We draw on the Infinite Potential of ideas and try to adapt them to practical use. This incredible power lies dormant within us, until we discover it by an act of sublimation.
We must lose ourselves to find ourselves.
You must lose yourself to find yourself.
We are twin foci of awareness that vie for recognition. One is our real Self. And the other is an ego, created by our Self, in order to experience the illusions created for learning purposes. A sort of avocat du diable. Our true Self grants an illusion of freewill to the ego. We, the ego, have to become aware of this duality, and then decide how to deal with it. Self, the creator, is the observer, the ego is the practitioner of the Maya our Self creates. It is only when we lose our ego—our sense of alienation from the Whole—that we become aware that all along we were, are, and forever will be, Self. Self, in turn, is the individualization of the Single Consciousness that IS.

It’s not that difficult. The moment you lose yourself, you’ll become aware of your true identity—of your true Self. And then, for the first time you’ll say with absolute conviction, I AM that I AM. And all delusions will dissolve into the ephemeral ethers of illusory reality.
Ask any physicist. Or mystic. Or… a pragmatic realist.
This is the true reality. Welcome to the realm of the gods. Not religious or ecclesiastic gods, but perfect, immortal, indestructible individualizations of the Eternal.

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  2. Greetings, Stan. I enjoyed reading this formulation, this sidestream of cosmic energy that forms your thoughts and awarenesses. Of course, all illusions and delusions are still part of objective reality, since objective reality is the One, all that is. And what a wonderful name you have, made of three words: Stan IS law. -- Kate, your objective realist.

  3. Said it before...say it again for all those who OUGHT to be reading this and buying this book to give away wholesale...has anyone thought about why this dogged and creative writer continues to write? Just asking...

    Well he said he loves to write ( and that I cannot doubt) but readers are the reason to frame thought and craft argument, and this post and this book are well married so invite both to the party of the mind?

    1. You'll give the nail a headache, Philippa!