Friday, 3 April 2015

Free Will — Ultimate Potential

Probably as a consequence of sacerdotal assurances to the contrary, the concept of "free will" will be the last illusion people will be willing to give up. Not surprisingly, the only way to gain freedom and the resultant free will is to give up everything that ties us down to anyone, anything, or any place; also, strangely enough, to any beliefs. Unless we empty our mind of all the preconceived ideas, we cannot achieve true freedom, and thus have nothing impinging on our freewill. Or… what we think free will is.
Yet it seems that only when we become motivated by our Unconscious, (that silent voice), that we gain true freedom. The reason is that only then we stop identifying with the result, and turn our attention to the cause.
I am that I am, rather than… I am this I am.
A subtle difference, yet one that turns us into gods. We become virtually omnipotent, indestructible, immortal, unlimited in our potential. When the prophet of old said: “Ye are gods,” he had this very essence, this potential that resides within us, in mind.

Free will is an attribute of the Single Consciousness—of Perfect Balance. Once we place our attention in the socket, the juice flows through us and enables us to do what we previously regarded as impossible. We can heal our bodies, free our minds, be incredibly creative. Only it is not our bodies that become creative, or endowed with such wondrous attributes. Our bodies are the means through which our creative potential is manifested in the physical, transient, ephemeral, illusory reality we call our world—even as my computer is to writing this blog, your eyes to reading it.  
The path to freedom and the resulting free will is not easy. We must give up everything that ties us down—yes, even all our heritage.
To give up your home, your wealth, your country is truly a worthy endeavour. To give up your believes, your religion is even harder. Yet, as Jiddu Krishnamurti once said, “Religion is the frozen thought of man out of which they build temples.” We do that—we need something to lean on; some illusory protection? Nevertheless, with a tremendous effort, it has been achieved by a few. Very few.
Because the last step requires one to give up one’s ego—and that is a tremendous undertaking. Yet, to own nothing is to hold the key to everything. Even tiniest remnants of ego would limit our free will, our freedom. Even the tiniest links in the chains of ego we were dragging behind would slow us down.

We are indispensable components of the Whole. As you’ll see in Winston’s Kingdom, some of us must learn to run solar systems, some to balance energies that hold galaxies together; others to run universes. Others still have more humble missions. But, to quote Dalai Lama, “If you think you’re too small to make a difference… try sleeping with a mosquito in the room.”

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  1. A prolific mosquito these days! With a penetrating hum, and a itchy bite.