Monday, 27 April 2015

The Consequences — Some Cosmic Laws

Killing is of little consequence for the human body—the atoms will be recycled. Nor for the Consciousness that inhabits it—It is immortal. There is a catch, however. Stealing is against the Law. Human and Cosmic Laws. Cosmic Laws don’t change.
This is how and why the Cosmos continues to function. Breaking the Law upsets the balance, which carries consequences. It is called Karma. This is not punishment. It is the only way, however, that balance can be restored to the energy fields at physical, emotional and mental planes. The perpetrator who upsets these fields initiates the process of restoration. He or she will be involved in its restoration.
Sir Isaac Newton got the gist of the idea. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Hence if you kill somebody, sooner or later you’ll experience being killed. In a similar fashion. Physically, emotionally, mentally, with all the peripheral consequences of pain inflicted on the family, friends, witnesses, and anyone else effected by the death for which you’re responsible.
The Law “Though shalt not kill” precedes, “Thou shalt not steal”. It stands to reason. You did not visualize the body, let alone made it, therefore you have no right to destroy it. Killing the body, making it unusable for the purpose for which it had been made, is also stealing the result of an evolutionary process.
There is nothing religious about this Law. It affects you whether you’re a sinner or a saint or even a confirmed atheist. Your beliefs are of no consequence. It is a Cosmic Law. Ask Sir Isaac.

Your physical body is, well… mostly empty space, but it was designed for a specific purpose. Every single atom and subatomic particle had been placed in a particular place, at a particular time, in very specific circumstances to serve a very unique purpose. They are all held in place by meticulously designed energy fields. The best scientists in the world are incapable of reproducing such a biological robot, let alone equip it with an emotional and mental attributes necessary to carry out its mission.  

Each body is the product of the “I AM” applying the creative process of ‘visualization’ beyond the confines of space and time. In other words, the end product must be conceived as an idea. By our, human, standards, each body is a miracle beyond compare. After all, for a short while it becomes one with its own Creator. It becomes the object through which the Individualized Consciousness of the Eternal finds Its expression.
Your body was an idea in search of a pattern, a mental image, before it became energized to become flesh and bones. …for I was fearfully and wonderfully made…  …my innermost being… …I was made in secret… (Psalm 139)
If you destroy a body, you kill an idea that was millions, perhaps billions of years in the making.
Beware. If you destroy something make sure it is yours to destroy. Again, ask Sir Isaac Newton.

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