Sunday, 27 December 2015

The Creative Process

Human race reached the stage of no longer dismissing reality just because we find it inconvenient; perhaps not all of us, but a good many. We now accept that the Universe consists exclusively of energy.
It is imperative to note that all energies, which combine to create our phenomenal reality, are extant in an amorphous condition throughout the universes, throughout all realities. Those who know this can draw on its characteristics to further their ends. Hence, the amorphous energy is the source from which ideas, inspiration and fulfillment come from. It is our job to draw on its power.
And then, there is another oyster in this pot.
As mentioned in my novel NOW—Being and Becoming, there is neither time nor spacenot really. There is only NOW and but ONE intelligence, creative impulse, mind, and all other attributes most religions assign to God, or some Being who, they say, controls our life, while assuring us of being endowed with free will.
We do not have free will. We are controlled, quite strictly, though benevolently, by Universal Laws. Always. So is every reality which those controlled by religions call heaven. The Laws are impartial, yet always on the side of the just man. Hence, if we err, we bear the consequences.
However, we do have a job to do.  

Everything already exists in its potential form. Like the designs in an architect’s head. All we need do is to manifest the ideas in the phenomenal reality so that we can share them with others. We convert the subjective ideas into objective form.
It’s fun.
Every single one of us, i.e.: every Individualization of the Singularity of the Source, is assigned a specific job. No, we do not have to create universes, but we must partake in the metamorphoses of plethora of energies, all vibrating at different rates, to enhance realities in which we manifest our becoming. At present the vast majority of us are engaged in maintaining the reality of NOW.
Nevertheless, one day, in the infinity of the eternal NOW, we shall create a universe or two. We might start with building a house, a town, city, country, planet, solar system… an objective reality.
It goes on and on. Lately they call it Multiverse.
All those creative items do not vibrate at rates perceptible to our senses. Also, instead of atoms we might use photons, or neutrinos… or just waves combining to create symphonies generated by our creative impulse. After all, we are gods, remember? And there is infinity of time in the eternal NOW.
All things might be possible. Today we cannot even begin to imagine the range of our potential—not in our wildest dreams. But don’t worry. Being an integral, indivisible, indestructible component of the Omnipresent ONE, which consists of inexhaustible, Amorphous energy of Consciousness, we really are gods. Whatever we Visualize will, ultimately, come to us. Be careful. But also be brave.
Qui ne risque rien n'a rien.
And then step beyond…

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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Many and the Few

Around 626 B.C., in the days of Judah, prophet Habakkuk, stated that God cannot behold evil. His actual words (in Habakkuk 1:13) were:

“You are of purer eyes than to behold evil,
and cannot look on wickedness…”
In the NT, John (5:22) reiterates the axiom saying:
“For the Father judges no man,
but has committed all judgment to the Son,”

…and son, as we know, is every person who does the Father’s will. Psalm 82:6 assures us: “Ye are gods, and ALL OF YOU sons of the Most High”. On a good day, that’s you and me, and hopefully, a few others. We must pass judgment on our thoughts and the resulting actions. Nobody ‘upstairs’ will punish or reward us. We sow and we reap, according to Universal Laws. So said Yeshûa, one of His sons.
Unfortunately, most religions ensuing from the Judeo Christian doctrine state, or at last act, otherwise; yet did not ‘excommunicate’ Habakkuk (as they’d done later, Baruch Spinoza). They just ignore him, as they ignore most of the scriptures. We/they fornicate, we steal, we kill, we hate our enemies, etc, etc., but we continue to call ourselves Christians and Jews.

But I digress. This blog does not concern itself with the choices which Christians or Jews make in relation to the writings to which they refer as “The Word of God”.
No matter.
The point is that the concept of “good and evil” is an integral part or a dualistic reality. The Source, to which some refer to as YHVH, others as God, is a Singularity. IT is, one might say, what there was before the Big Bang. Still is. Or IT may be omnipresent. Always was and always will be, like the Potential with an inherent need to manifest ITS presence through infinite diversity.
It seems to me that we are integral components of this diversity. And once we develop our sense of awareness of being part of the Whole, we can, and some of us do, partake in the creative process. Here, on Earth, in Andromeda, in all other galaxies. Other Universes? We move around or we’d like to. Or, so it seems.

Divinity, however, remains at rest. IT is already omnipresent. Here, and elsewhere, ITS creative urge is sustained by the Few who balance not only the Many, but even those who are not aware of the Many or of the Few. The three groups consist of the Few who are “wide-awake”; of those who heard the truth but are not yet sure how to follow its precepts; and the vast majority who don’t know that there is such a thing as a waken state. Like the 1,645 billionaires spread around the world who have never heard about the eye of a needle, or a camel. Yet… they rule the illusory reality. Or they think they do.

“…a truly remarkable work by a remarkable author,” said Author Fred Schäfer on Amazon. (Thank you, Fred). Let me know what you think. Also, on Amazon.

An intuitive Sequel to
A Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus.

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Friday, 18 December 2015

The Hidden Truth

Once again, in just a few days we are going to celebrate the official birthday of a socialist Jew, who was bent on changing the world he lived in. No, not Bernie Sanders, but a man many, many years his senior. A man who lived some 2000 years ago. His name was Yeshûa, possibly originally called Yehoshûa ben-Yosef, though Christians would vehemently dispute his parentage, unaware that the biblical version of virgin-birth refers to the state of Consciousness and not the vessel, or body, it contains.
Yeshûa took his first opportunity to escape from the clutches of the Essenes. He wasn’t a rebellious child. Yet, by the age of thirteen, he simply felt that the wisdom of the ages had been lost in the quagmire of traditions. He decided that he must learn all he could to be able to recapture the inspired teaching of his forefathers. He knew he wouldn’t find it in books. The Essenes, his teachers, made sure that he was well versed in those. No. He decided that he must put some distance between the traditions and himself to free his mind of the conditioning, or as we’d say today of brainwashing, which had been imposed on him from his early years.
He ran away.
Edgar Cayce, the man people referred to as the Sleeping Prophet, divulged that Yeshûa, later known as Jesus, visited far lands in search of education. Apparently Jesus was not born “all knowing” as becomes a god, but with a deep hunger for knowledge which he pursued with passion. Later Luke (2:52) affirmed this with words:

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.”

It took a lot of learning, but most of all, it took incredible courage to breakaway from established norms and modes of behaviour imposed by scribes and Pharisees on their people. When he finally returned from his travels he was well aware of the dangers involved. In his day the usual punishment for blasphemy was death.
Yeshûa had learned that everything already exists in ‘heaven’, in potential form, and that his function was to make those forms objective in the phenomenal reality, so as to share them with others.
A paradigm too advanced for his day.
By the time he returned it was too late. His love for his people was such that he stood against many Hebrew teachings, traditions, and customs, to straighten the path of Israelites. We know how that story ended. What we don’t know how it came to be such as it was.

Here, searching through Edgar Cayce’s books and the Nag Hammadi Library, I managed to put together a probable, or at least possible, story how Yeshûa arrived at his conclusions. See if you agree. And if you do, please, let me know. Or better still share your thoughts with me on the Amazon. Other reader might well be interested also.

And for now, thanks to Yeshûa, I wish you a Very Merry Christmas. 

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Monday, 14 December 2015

The Threat of Zodiac

In April this year I wrote a blog entitled “David and Goliath”, subtitled “People and the Oligarchs”. Today I looked up the Forbes statistics. It was yet another record year for women on the new Forbes list of the World’s Billionaires. Of a total 1,826, up from 1,645 in 2014 billionaires, 197 are women, (up from 172 in 2014). That’s a nice gain, although women still account for just a small percentage of the list—11% of the total.
Still. The rich are getting richer.
When you read my book, the “Pluto Effect”, you’ll have to decide whether it is good or bad. For women, I mean.
 It is worth noting that together, the billionaires own, or control, an aggregate net worth of $7.05 trillion, up from $6.4 trillion a year ago. Now you can’t take that to the bank, but you can buy a few banks with it.
In addition, according to a report by New World Wealth, there are 167,000 people worldwide worth $30 million.
Population of the world is 7.3 billion.
That’s us. Over 6,000,000 of us. The ‘poor’ folk.

Guess who makes the decisions. Guess what makes them gods. There are the Many and the Few. We are the Many, if we count at all.

Below my prediction to where all of the above will lead us. It is a novel, yet, I should warn you, a number of my predictions had a pesky habit of coming true within very few years.
Please, read the intro to my book:

“Under the influence of Pluto, the world order is on the brink of total collapse. As hordes of frustrated people take over, the governments are no longer able to govern. Simon and Ambrosia find themselves drawn into international intrigues. Simon is desperately trying to make sense of the prevailing conditions. Even as our heroes escape to their beloved Greek Island Milos, all hell breaks loose.
It is well established among the students of the Zodiac, that the Age of Aquarius is initiated by the influence of Pluto, the ruler of the underground in Greek myths. In the Zodiac he also plays another role. He is the god who prepares Earth and humanity for the New Age, by eradicating the old to make room for the new.
Those who know about the ancient prophecies will escape with their lives. Those who do not… will have to face the consequences, which will change mother Earth forever, or for at least the next 2000 years.”

Read it carefully.
And hurry.
It might save your life.

PS. Remember it’s a Trilogy. You might enjoy it more is you start with  Wall—Love, Sex, and Immortality.

Aquarius Trilogy Book II

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Friday, 11 December 2015

Enigma and other Secrets

Emmet Fox, the late well-known mystic and interpreter of the Scriptures, suggested that the often quoted and invariably misunderstood event of the Second Coming would not be personalized by a return of Christ, but would occur in the hearts of men, the world over, as a gigantic step towards enlightenment.
But what if the great men of the past, great mystics, the Buddhas, the prophets, saints, and the Messiah Himself decided that the human experiment had failed? That it didn’t unfold as planned?
What then?
Would we be all left to our own devises, without any divine guidance, let alone intervention? After all, if we fail, who would imagine that the Second Time Round would be any better? It might turn out worse. This time we might really ruin our home, Mother Earth, beyond repair. A few well-placed H-bombs and our planet would become uninhabitable to biological life. Right? To any life?
What if….?

Heidi had her own problems. From her sanctuary in the Canadian Science Center, high in the Yukon, she faced two separate mysteries. The world was in upheaval, tectonic plates were shifting, planets were realigning. How was she to protect herself?
And then there was the Enigma peeking surreptitiously from behind Pluto. Could it be that it held the key to the higher affinity of the Universe? Could these be the sings of the long prophesied Second Coming? A time of renewal? 
A mystery.
Both Enigmas in their own right.

“A voyage from within and without, this novel transports us to the frontiers of an existence that knows no frontiers, where physics and metaphysics merge into a timeless, seamless whole. Enigma...” said J. Garwood, Ph.D.
“A love story, visionary fiction, mysticism, theology and a personal journey....” added B. Symonds.

Others said:

“Brilliant and Captivating!
“Challenges Conventional Mind!
“This author never lets me down!
“My favorite by this author (so far)!
“A State of Consciousness Can Open Up the Entire World…

There followed a slew of 5 star reviews in many quarters. Let me know what you think. And then, please, let others know on the Amazon.
We all want to know. 

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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Our Perennial Bestseller

No, it is not the 50th sequel to the Shades of Gray or any other dismal, insipid colour. It is my “Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism!” From a choice of 30+ books, 20 of them novels, they, the people, had chosen my Dictionary! My Dictionary simply states that it is an:

“Indispensable Tool for the Understanding of the
Hidden Meaning of Scriptures.”

The Amazon description tell us that:
“For more than 2000 years, over 3300 Hebrew and/or Ancient Greek words in the Bible remained not translated. By providing the translation and often the symbolic meaning of the "missing" words, the author gives us the opportunity to finally understand the real meaning of the teaching of Moses, the Prophets, Jesus and the Evangelists.
The Method of Application shows us how.”

We must be aware that words are symbols that have specific meaning. Languages change over time, and so do the meanings, which the words represent. In various Christian Churches, or Sects, the original meaning of symbols have been lost. What remained were symbols without meaning.
I’d spent many months of long hours, in the McGill University Library of Religious Studies, pouring over tomes of countless linguists and scriptural experts. They provided me their translation of the words, which for some reason remained not translated, to this day, in the King James, and other biblical versions. Perhaps the experts retained the original Hebrew or Ancient Greek words to protect the mystery of the scriptures? “Pearls before swine?” Perhaps they just didn’t understand them? 
I don’t know.
What I do now, however, is that if you also study the symbolic meaning of those words a new understanding of the Bible will broaden your horizons. I’d suggest that at the time the Bible had been written, people who read it understood exactly what my Dictionary enables us to understand today.
As the mysteries unfold, the original intent of the writers comes through as irrepressible truth. The unparalleled wisdom of the Bible is not about how to organize a religion and control the minds of people, but the very opposite. Through many generations it has been conceived and written by ancients to give their people freedom that was, and still is, their heritage, their birthright, from the most ancient times.
Perhaps people who buy AND use my DICTIONARY sense that. Perhaps that is why from the day it was published it remained, or hovered very close to being, our perennial bestseller. No, not by the standards of any number of Shades of Gray. It is a bestseller by the standards of my other 30+ books, which are still waiting to be discovered by “The Many”. Until they are stumbled upon, they too, will remain the staple literary nourishment of “The Chosen Few”. To them I also offer my thanks.
The DICTIONARY will NOT tell you what to think. It will NOT preach what you should or shouldn’t believe. It will set you free to think for yourself.
Good luck, and thank you. 

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