Sunday, 27 December 2015

The Creative Process

Human race reached the stage of no longer dismissing reality just because we find it inconvenient; perhaps not all of us, but a good many. We now accept that the Universe consists exclusively of energy.
It is imperative to note that all energies, which combine to create our phenomenal reality, are extant in an amorphous condition throughout the universes, throughout all realities. Those who know this can draw on its characteristics to further their ends. Hence, the amorphous energy is the source from which ideas, inspiration and fulfillment come from. It is our job to draw on its power.
And then, there is another oyster in this pot.
As mentioned in my novel NOW—Being and Becoming, there is neither time nor spacenot really. There is only NOW and but ONE intelligence, creative impulse, mind, and all other attributes most religions assign to God, or some Being who, they say, controls our life, while assuring us of being endowed with free will.
We do not have free will. We are controlled, quite strictly, though benevolently, by Universal Laws. Always. So is every reality which those controlled by religions call heaven. The Laws are impartial, yet always on the side of the just man. Hence, if we err, we bear the consequences.
However, we do have a job to do.  

Everything already exists in its potential form. Like the designs in an architect’s head. All we need do is to manifest the ideas in the phenomenal reality so that we can share them with others. We convert the subjective ideas into objective form.
It’s fun.
Every single one of us, i.e.: every Individualization of the Singularity of the Source, is assigned a specific job. No, we do not have to create universes, but we must partake in the metamorphoses of plethora of energies, all vibrating at different rates, to enhance realities in which we manifest our becoming. At present the vast majority of us are engaged in maintaining the reality of NOW.
Nevertheless, one day, in the infinity of the eternal NOW, we shall create a universe or two. We might start with building a house, a town, city, country, planet, solar system… an objective reality.
It goes on and on. Lately they call it Multiverse.
All those creative items do not vibrate at rates perceptible to our senses. Also, instead of atoms we might use photons, or neutrinos… or just waves combining to create symphonies generated by our creative impulse. After all, we are gods, remember? And there is infinity of time in the eternal NOW.
All things might be possible. Today we cannot even begin to imagine the range of our potential—not in our wildest dreams. But don’t worry. Being an integral, indivisible, indestructible component of the Omnipresent ONE, which consists of inexhaustible, Amorphous energy of Consciousness, we really are gods. Whatever we Visualize will, ultimately, come to us. Be careful. But also be brave.
Qui ne risque rien n'a rien.
And then step beyond…

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