Friday, 1 January 2016

Strange Worlds Within

There are things we can see. Sometimes we can smell them, hear the noise they emit. Sometimes we can even taste them, or even hold them in our grasp. But none of them are real.
The physicists tell us that nothing perceptible to our senses is real. And yet, whatever we perceive within our mind does have its existence. Not as we perceive it, but it is there, wherever ‘there’ is. To simplify the issue I like to imagine that all things I am aware of exists in my mind. I strongly suggest that the same is true of you. Perhaps that is why you and I do not perceive things in the same way. That is why the Source individualized Itself through the attribute we call soul. Not the animal soul the Hebrews called nephesh, which is the way ancients referred to the Subconscious, or the sum-total of memory stored in every individualization of the Whole. No. I am referring to the Individualization Itself. To the I AM. To that Stranger within us who is using our bodies with all its attendant senses while enjoying the brief, transient experience in the phenomenal reality.
When the ancients referred to us as gods, they referred to that Entity, not to ego, which, while necessary for survival in the phenomenal reality, is as transient as the reality itself.
So what constitutes the ‘real’ reality?
It does not exist in absolute terms.
There are just two aspects to this term: the permanent, never-changing, eternally static Infinite Potential and… the ever-changing, transient, ephemeral, ‘unreal’, manifestation.
The Potential and the Manifested.
What joins them together into an inseparable Oneness is the ‘miracle’ we call Life. Life is action. It is the Creative Process itself. Nothing else. Just the Creative Process. It manifest as the creative energy of the mind, of emotions, imagination, and ultimately of our sensual perceptions. These energies are ever changing, metamorphosing, exuberant in their creative euphoria.

And that is why all concepts born within our minds, even those that never complete their creative journey to the finite manifestations in the phenomenal reality— are real. All my friends in my short stories, in my books, in my poetry—are real. They existed for that blessed moment of creation in my mind. And if you read about them, you’ll breathe life into them; you’ll resurrect them with the power of your mind. Sometimes they will reach even further and engage your imaginative powers, or energies, and they’ll become real to you also.
And sometimes they even reach objective reality wherein many, many people will share the same images which they’ll perceive with their inner senses, which in turn, if but for a transient, ephemeral moment will draw you into my world.
You’re welcome to share it. I’ve created it for you.
Enjoy them.

PS. Happy New Year!

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