Thursday, 14 January 2016

A Single Multiverse

For some reason people find it hard to shed their egos. Pity. Ego is what sets us apart, what denies our unity. Yet, ultimately, every energy of higher rate of vibration experienced by any intelligent being in the entire Universe is accessible to every other being. In order to multiply in diversity of the Creative Principle we are individualized, but at the highest level of awareness we are ONE.
It’s the only way to get back to the source. To get back home as Sacha’d say in one of my books.

I recall a story of a man who was ready to cross the river to enter heaven. The monk who owned the boat agreed to take him across. Halfway through, the man was shocked to see a corpse floating down the lazy current. Who can it be, he wondered.
“It is you,” replied the monk.
Only then the man understood the price he had to pay to enter heaven. The corpse represented his ego.

Some people find it difficult to reconcile the concept of our reality being constructed, or made up, of energies at different rates of vibration. This is particularly surprising as the concept of the theory originates not in some foreign religious sect, but from hard science. It was Albert Einstein who proposed this idea, which has since been proven by many physicists as valid. As, according to the same group of physicists, nothing can be created nor destroyed in the world, the ongoing metamorphoses of various energies is an unavoidable must.
To arrive at other realities, we must simply accept that those energies which are imperceptible to our senses, do in fact exist. It is also self-evident that as only the slowest rates of vibrations are perceptible to our physical senses, re reverse must also be true. By that I mean that energies which we cannot see, feel, smell, hear, or touch, must consist of faster rates of vibration.
It is interesting to note that those higher rates also demonstrate a longer shelf-life. Imagine a house. Physical object may last a few hundred years. Our memory of them can last much longer. Finally, our emotional connection to them, like a family heirloom can last for many generations. Also, it may have belonged to a single person, it might be remembered by may more, and been loved by a still greater number.
The ramification of this is that as we increase the rates of vibrations, we also extend its existence, and it spreads over a greater number of people.
Ultimately, we discover things like music, or poetry, or philosophical concepts that unite thousands, perhaps million into a singularity of mind and/or emotions.  
Don’t get me wrong. We need ego to survive in the phenomenal reality, no matter how illusory, ephemeral, unreal in might be. No matter how unreal it is.

Some of the experiences Alexander had in the course of his adult life reached beyond time, space, and individuality. We gradually grow in knowledge that at the essence of all realties we are all ONE, experiencing diversity of events in the eternal NOW. Alexander must have known that.

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