Friday, 22 January 2016

Pons Varolii

This blog began as notes I made when writing Peter and Paul, the intuitive sequel to my best selling Yeshûa—Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus. While those two novels are “historical fiction”, now I return to “prophetic fiction”. I began this series with theAvatar Syndrome, which was followed by the Headless World. Both these novels dealt with human potential, with the powers latent within us, which manifest, mostly, through the miracle of our brain.
Recently I saw a movie called Lucy, written and directed by Luc Besson. It reminded me how my own, or rather Anne’s story began. Our brain is a miraculous computer, which metamorphoses ideas into realities, which we recognize with our senses. While the journey of the ideas travels through mind, emotions, imagination and finally gels into phenomenal form, they always begins with an idea. The original Source, to which I refer as omnipresent Amorphous Energy, travels through various rates of vibration, slowing down as it nears the end of Its journey in the transient, ephemeral, illusory reality we call the Universe.
The fascinating thing is as E=MC2 proves it, the reverse process is also possible. And this is where Anne Howell comes in, or at least her unique neurological anomaly of an enlarged Pons Varolii. The Pons is a band of fibers that bridge the two hemispheres of the cerebellum. It only happens in mammals.
In Anne, this anomaly already produced quite stunning results. What she didn’t suspect was that the Pons, once stimulated, would continue to grow new synapses that would eventually unify the two halves of her brain into a biological computer never experienced by a human being.
This idea when mangled and reconstituted by the usual creative process in my brain, will result in Book III of what now appear to be the Anne Howell Trilogy. I am as curious what will happen, to Anne, to her family, indeed—to the world. Anne never kept her gifts to herself.  She will not do so this time. As Einstein assures us that nothing in the world can be created or destroyed, in my books Anne is likely to revise the creative process. The title might be The Way Back…or Awakening, or well just wait and see. I’m interested myself.
Take a deep breath and wait.
For four or five months.

Book I, The Avatar Syndrome, and Book II, the Headless World are already available to you. By the time you finish reading them, my first draft will be ready. I’ll keep you posted.
And then… enjoy!

The Anne Howell Trilogy
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