Tuesday, 26 January 2016

3300 Secrets Unveiled

Of late, unless one is in politics, ignorance is NOT bliss. Nor are many other maxims invented and oft-repeated to uphold the status quo. Yet Life is change, as eternal as the Potential is infinite, wherein it is had its birth.
There are many religions in the world, most of them teaching almost exactly the same maxim: “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. This sentiment is expressed in a thousand different ways, illustrated with countless examples, repeated to make sure that it CANNOT be misunderstood.
In addition, to make sure that some self-centered egomaniacs cannot twist the words beyond reason, the philosophy of life is protected extensively by symbolism. And yet there is more.

Although symbolism had been applied in all scriptures, my concern is principally with the Bible.
Our forefathers, in their, perhaps, dubious reason, allowed some 3300 words in both the Old and the New Testaments to remains NOT translated. Perhaps their intent was to protect the teaching still further, until the human species in general and people attesting to Judeo-Christian philosophy in particular, are sufficiently developed, or evolved  to understand the missing words. We might have to consider the possibility that we, en masse, are not evolving. That in fact departure from biblical precepts is an undeniable sign of devolution. After all, many were called, but only few seem to have heard the voice.
Perhaps, as in everything else in nature, there are cycles.
For those who advanced sufficiently, the missing words will unveil a most surprising truth. The Scriptures have nothing to do with any religion. They are simply a compendium of knowledge passed on from generation to generation of seekers, giving us the benefit of thousands of years of experience on how to live.
How to live in peace. How to treat your neighbour. How to make friends and influence people. How to be nice.

We have entered the Age of Aquarius, wherein each man and each woman are expected to water their own garden. And here’s symbolism again. Your garden is your state of Consciousness. Within your garden there is an abundance of thoughts which combine to create your reality. You, and you alone, created the state of consciousness you live in. It is your tiny, personal Universe. You can make it grow, expand, flourish.
It’s up to you. Finally the truth is unveiled.
Find out for yourself.

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